Democrats Really Are the Worst People on the Planet

H/T Town Hall.

Anyone with an IQ higher than a gnat knows the DemocRats are despicable.

You can always count on a Democrat to take something on which everyone agrees and twist it, lie about it, bastardize it to the point that any chance of common ground is destroyed. They did it with George Floyd, when uniform outrage that could have easily led to policing reforms was wasted by calls to defund the police and an embrace of rioters to score political points. It was the greatest squandering of goodwill, perhaps, in forever. Or at least until Wednesday.


What happened at the US Capitol this week was disgusting. When it happened, I was pissed off and said as much. By the next morning, the disgust was still there, but it had been surpassed by repulsion for the hypocritical frauds who make up the Democratic Party. They really are the worst people.

CNN and MSNBC, in the persons of Van Jones and Joe Scarborough, started spreading the Democrat Party’s talking point on the issue – that if the idiots who rioted had been black, the police would never have allowed it to happen. From their mouths to the minds of fellow travelers, this lie was belched out by everyone from Gayle King to resident MSNBC racists, like the ironically named Joy Reid.

That was to be expected. They’re highly paid idiots who’ve been promoted beyond their talent and educated beyond their intelligence. They know what their job is – to keep their angry, well to do and largely white, left-wing audience angry. Anger ensures they’ll be back to find out what the people they hate will do next, if they change the channel at all.

You’d expect this from media Democrats and random House Members so dumb they’re lucky breathing is a reflex or they’d forget to do it – looking at you, Ted Lieu, Maxine Waters, and traitorous spy-banger Eric Swalwell. But the next day the lie was repeated by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It wasn’t really surprising from Harris, who’d actively fundraised to bail out violent BLM-ANTIFA looters and rioters earlier in the year while saying they should not stop on national television. But Biden likes to portray himself as some kind of moderate and healer, and a Capitol police officer was murdered defending the legislative branch – the branch in which he served the majority of his adult life. He was protected by these officers, and while one of them lay dying, he called them all racists.

That’s what this stupid charge really is – a smear of racism. “They would have shot them, if they were black” is saying they let them loose in the building because they were mostly white.

Putting aside the fact that one of the mob was shot and killed, implicit in this political point-scoring is the idea that police should have opened fire on an unarmed group of Americans. Maybe they should have – I blame the people milling about as BLM-ANTIFA mutants throw Molotov cocktails and bricks trying to kill police last summer just as much as those trying to commit murder. When the riot starts, and you don’t leave, you’re a rioter. Rioting is not a spectator sport.

But no such denunciation of left-wing violence and murder has ever been made by a Democrat against their mob. If it had, that person would’ve been excommunicated from the party. Even Biden’s months-late condemnation of political violence, which only happened because he could no longer ignore it and it was hurting him in the polls, “both sided” the issue by saying all political violence is wrong. He did what he falsely accused President Trump of doing when he lied and said (repeatedly) the president had called white supremacists “very fine people,” and never specifically denounced the actual people committing the violence, only the concept.  

The truth is, a strong case could be made that Capitol police were not harsh enough against rioters, and discharging a couple of weapons might have stopped the whole thing before it started. But a definite case exists (though it will never be made) that fundraising for bail, cheering on rioters and would-be cop killers encouraged more of it for seven months.

Billions of dollars in damage done, and hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed elicited no harsh response from any of these people because the perpetrators – largely wealthy, white suburbanites – were on their team. While some arrests were made, the charges were mostly dropped by liberal prosecutors.

Democrats wanted that energy; they needed it. And denouncing the lie under which banner they were acting – that the country is fundamentally racist and police were murdering black people – would risk turning down the only energy they had going into the election. You can’t build Utopia without breaking a few eggs.

There isn’t a Republican who didn’t condemn what happened Wednesday. There isn’t a Democrat who has condemned the months of riots from BLM-ANTIFA. One side is consistent, and the other is a bunch of hypocrites.

So, to hell with these people. Yet another opportunity was squandered in the left’s pursuit of power. How far will they go? There is no bottom for people willing to call a murdered police officer “racist.” They’re simply the worst people ever.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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