Gun Stores Turning People Away As Rush For Purchases Flood America As Biden Takes Office

H/T Concealed Nation.

It is going to be a long dark and hard four years under Joe Pee Pads Biden and Kalama Knee Pads Harris.

Fears of pending gun control legislation are making Americans line up at gun stores to make purchases in large numbers. Shops all across the Country have reported high volumes of sales, running out of inventory, and having to turn customers away because there is simply nothing left.

Firearm sellers in states such as California, Virginia, Tennessee, Montana and Florida have seen lines stretching out the doors of some stores with some buyers camping out from 2am to beat out the crowds before supplies run out.

Many sellers are reporting shortages of firearms and ammunition as manufacturers bump up prices to profit from the demand, and restrictions are placed on sales to prevent stocks from completely drying up.

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President Biden has insisted that when he took office, he would be implementing gun control laws, including the banning of online sales of firearms and ammunition.


His entire outline on gun control can be viewed here.

With an industry already experiencing shortages of ammo and harder to find firearms, it’s an even tighter thing with a Democrat taking over as President.

And it’s not likely to slow down anytime soon.

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