AZ, WV, The Filibuster, the Second Amendment, and the Supreme Court

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Will Senator Kyrsten Sinema(D-AZ)and Senator Joe Manchin(D-WV)hold up under the leftist attack to eliminate the filibuster?

We need to encourage them to hold the line in opposition to eliminating the filibuster.

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U.S.A. –-( Much of the Bill of Rights may hang on the resolution of two Democrat senators, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Both states are noted as being strong supporters of the Second Amendment. Both senators have stated they will vote to uphold the Senate filibuster rule. Their votes may determine the future of the Republic.



“Kyrsten is against eliminating the filibuster, and she is not open to changing her mind about eliminating the filibuster,” a spokesperson for Sinema told the Washington Post on Monday.


Manchin, speaking to reporters in the Capitol, reiterated that he does not support going “nuclear” to gut the 60-vote legislative filibuster and indicated that there was no timeline where, if Republicans blocked legislation, he would change his mind.

“I do not support doing away with the filibuster under any condition. It’s not who I am,” Manchin said.

The filibuster is a Senate rule which requires 60 senators to vote to end debate. This creates a requirement for 60 votes to pass legislation in the Senate.

The filibuster makes it difficult to get radical legislation through the Senate.

An exception to the filibuster exists for reconciliation votes on pending matters with the House. Obamacare was passed using the reconciliation process, which many consider an illegitimate use of the process.

The Democrats eliminated the filibuster for judicial appointments during the Obama regime. The Republicans extended the elimination to Supreme Court appointments, and to limit debate on the appointments of judges.

With 50 Republican and 50 Democrat senators, many leftists are calling for the elimination of the filibuster rule to allow them to force as many radical bills through the Congress as they can, as fast as they can, while they control both chambers of Congress with slim majorities.

The proposed changes include:

  • Adding additional states to the Union to ensure Democrat control of the Senate
  • Packing the Supreme Court with far-left judges to prevent the court from striking down unconstitutional legislation
  • Extending citizenship to millions of illegal aliens
  • Taking congressional control of national elections to facilitate leftist control of the national vote through mandatory mail-in ballots, elimination of identification for voter registration, mandatory voter registration, perhaps mandatory voting, perhaps extending the vote to 16-year-olds.

Massive numbers of untracked and mail-in ballots would make voter fraud difficult to find and prosecute, which many claim happened in Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. With the partisan leftist Media and Tech Oligarchs having effective control over which elections are investigated, this would bias national elections even more in favor of Democrats.

With the Media and the Tech Oligarchs exposed as far-left partisans, there is movement in the states to preserve voting integrity. The left sees this as a threat. Many Leftists believe their slender control of the Senate is their last chance to pass radical changes through the legislature. The Democrat majority in the House is also slender, with only 10 votes separating the 232 Democrats and the Republicans.

Democrats may lose control of both the House and the Senate in 2022 if the radical changes proposed by the Left are prevented from happening for two years.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema has become a sort of “McCain” of the Democrats, being willing to “reach across the aisle” to conservatives from time to time. She has been gaining a reputation for independence from the Democrat herd. Senator Sinema maintains offices at three locations. Comments can be left on answering machines at all three locations.

  • 3333 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 200
    Phoenix, Arizona 85018
    Phone: 602-598-7327
  • 20 E. Ochoa St. Tucson, Arizona 85701
    Phone: 520-639-7080
  • 317 Hart Senate Office Building Washington D.C. 20510
    Phone: 202-224-4521

Senator Manchin has occasionally sided with conservatives as well, but is not considered as independent as Sinema. He maintains offices in four locations.  Comments can be left on answering machines at all four locations.

  • 900 Pennsylvania Ave., Ste. 629
    Charleston, WV 25302
     Phone: 304-342-5855
    Fax: 304-343-7144
  • 261 Aikens Center, Ste. 305
    Martinsburg, WV 25404
     Phone: 304-264-4626
    Fax: 304-262-3039
  • 230 Adams Street
    Fairmont, WV 26554
     Phone: 304-368-0567
    Fax: 304-368-0198
  • 306 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington D.C. 20510
     Phone: 202-224-3954
    Fax: 202-228-0002

There are 20 Republican senators up for election in 2022 and 14 Democrats.

The entire House of Representatives is up for election every two years.

Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives in 2020, indicating any voter fraud could be overcome at the House of Representative level.

Senators Sinema and Manchin should be encouraged to uphold the long tradition of the Senate filibuster. Their support may be the tenuous string to uphold the Republic, the consent of the governed, and the Bill of Rights over the next two years.

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