Joe Biden to Ban New Fracking Leases on Federal Lands Despite Promise Not To

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Not only does the fracking ban hurt the people that does the fracking but other people also like truck drivers etc.

President Joe Biden will announce a ban on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters on Wednesday, according to several reports.

Biden’s decision bars any new fracking on federal lands despite his campaign promise not to ban the practice.

I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking,” Biden said in August 2020 during the presidential campaign. “No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.”

Despite multiple promises to end fracking and fossil fuels during the Democrat primary or end “new fracking,” Biden clarified while campaigning in Pennsylvania ahead of the presidential election that he would only ban new fracking on federal lands.

“No, I would not shut down this industry. I know our Republican friends are trying to say I said that,” Biden said about fracking in an interview with Pittsburg’s KDKA News.

“I said I would not do any new leases on federal lands,” Biden continued. “Ninety percent of the leases are not on federal land, to begin with. I would make sure … the water is not being contaminated. But I would not shut it down, no.”

The issue of a fracking ban was prominently featured in the final presidential debate when Biden falsely stated that he never said he would ban fracking.

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From the transcript:

Welker: All right. Let me allow Vice President Biden to respond–

 Biden: I have never said I oppose fracking.

Trump: You said it on tape.

Biden: I did? Show the tape. Put it on your website.

Trump: I’ll put it on.

Biden: Put it on the website. The fact of the matter is he’s flat lying.

Welker: Would you rule out banning fracking?

Biden: I do rule out banning fracking because the answer we need– We need other industries to transition to get to, ultimately,  a complete zero emissions by 2025. What I will do with fracking over time is make sure that we can capture the emissions from the fracking. Capture the emissions from gas. We can do that and we can do that by investing money into– It’s a transition to that.

Welker: I have one more question–

Trump: Excuse me. He was against fracking. He said it.  I will show that to you tomorrow. ‘I am against fracking’, until he got the nomination, went to Pennsylvania then he said– You know what, Pennsylvania? He’ll be against it very soon because his party is totally against it.

Biden: Fracking on federal land, I said. No fracking or oil on federal land.

President Trump followed through on his promise, publishing a campaign video highlighting Biden’s discussion of eliminating fracking and fossil fuels.

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He played the highlight video at several of his rallies in Pennsylvania.


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Outrageous: California Teachers Told to Claim to Be Health Workers to Skip Line for COVID Vaccine

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This school board should be penalized in some way for telling the teachers to lie so they can get vaccinated ahead of seniors and real healthcare workers.

Both of my parents are in their 70s and in high-risk groups for COVID-19. My mother has been trying to get an appointment for a vaccination on her city’s website, which keeps crashing. My father doesn’t even bother trying to jump through the hoops.

That’s in New Jersey. In Florida, WFLA-TV reported that seniors have been waiting in line overnight to get the vaccine. In Delaware, according to WHYY-FM, there were five-hour waits for the shot and appointments were nearly impossible to get.

In one California Bay Area community, however, teachers in a wealthy district were told they could skip to the front of the line, all thanks to a hospital willing to bend the rules for a school district that had fundraised for them.

Now, the hospital’s chief operating officer is gone — and one suspects that if top school administrators are still going into the office, they’re not bringing any green bananas in.

According to the San Jose Spotlight, the Los Gatos Union School District in the wealthy San Jose suburb of Los Gatos, California, had done some fundraising for Good Samaritan Hospital. Good Samaritan wanted to repay the favor, Los Gatos Union School District Superintendent Paul Johnson seemed to imply.

“We have had an exciting development in getting the vaccine for our LGUSD staff,” Johnson wrote in an email to faculty and staff.

“If you recall, last year at the beginning of the pandemic, we launched the ‘Feed Our Heroes’ program to raise funds to provide frontline workers meals at Good Sam and El Camino Hospitals. (Over 3,500 meals!),” he wrote.

Well, the folks at El Camino Hospital apparently just thanked them and went along their merry way, the ungrateful wretches. Good Samaritan, however, was willing to pay it forward; in Johnson’s email, he said their “kindness” hadn’t been forgotten by the hospital, which is why Good Samaritan said it “would like to offer vaccines” to the district’s teachers.

“The COO of the hospital says we can access the appointments through here and has cleared LGUSD staff to sign up under the healthcare buttons,” Johnson wrote in the email. “This is a wonderful gesture by our Good Sam neighbors and I encourage you to take advantage of this within the next few hours.”

Not everyone thought this was such a wonderful gesture, however. This isn’t just because it’s clear there’s a quid pro quo at play, but also because Santa Clara County, where Los Gatos is located, isn’t yet at the phase where they’re inoculating teachers.

California uses a tiered system to distribute the vaccines. In Phase 1A, health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities are given the shots. In the first tier of Phase 1B — where Santa Clara County is at — educators who are “at risk of exposure at work” can get the vaccine, as well as those 65 and older.

There are two problems with this, though. The first is that Santa Clara County, a relatively populous area of the state, is only vaccinating those 75 and older right in Phase 1B right now, not teachers.

The second is that Los Gatos’ teachers aren’t “at risk of exposure at work,” since Los Gatos hasn’t resumed in-person learning yet.

“The district has plans to open once cases in Santa Clara County fall below 25 cases per 100,000 residents,” the Spotlight reported. “According to the state’s COVID-19 dashboard, the county averaged 67 cases per 100,000 this week.”

The Spotlight reported Los Gatos teachers definitively skipped in the line, though they provided no concrete evidence.

The Western Journal reached out to the hospital but didn’t immediately get a response. What we do know from the Spotlight’s reporting, however, is that both the school district and the hospital appear to acknowledge teachers could receive the vaccine even though they shouldn’t have been able to get it unless they were over 75.

“My understanding is Good Sam was cleared for the next tier, so teachers didn’t jump in line,” Superintendent Johnson said to the Spotlight.

“You would have to talk to Good Sam about offering to other districts outside of Los Gatos.”

Johnson’s understanding, inasmuch as you believe it, was wrong. So was Good Samaritan’s understanding of how the vaccine distribution rules worked.

“We had some open time slots to fill and welcomed 65 Los Gatos teachers into the clinic to receive their vaccines, following county guidelines,” Good Samaritan spokeswoman Sarah Sherwood told the Spotlight. “Now, with no additional open time slots, we need to continue to vaccinate the population of 75+.”

To quote the immortal Jeannie Bueller, dry that one out and you could fertilize the lawn.

On Tuesday, the San Jose Mercury News reported the chief operating officer of Good Samaritan Hospital was axed over the vaccine scandal, a day after the Santa Clara County District Attorney announced he was looking into the matter — particularly since it involved teachers affirmatively saying they were health care workers to get the vaccine.

“When people come for vaccinations … we’re not requiring in the county’s health system and other health systems are not requiring, any extensive documentation. But we are requiring people to attest — that means under penalty of perjury — to affirm their eligibility,” Santa Clara County Counsel James Williams said, according to the Spotlight. “And that system relies [on] people being truthful.”

“So yes, it is very concerning that someone is suggesting people should affirmatively select a category that does not represent who they are,” he added.

Meanwhile, the hospital isn’t getting any more vaccine doses until it proves it can play by the rules.

“Good Samaritan’s actions are inconsistent with both the letter and spirit of the State’s direction on vaccine eligibility,” Santa Clara County COVID-19 testing officer Dr. Marty Fenstersheib wrote in a letter to hospital leadership dated Jan. 22.

“The county will provide Good Samaritan with sufficient vaccine doses to complete vaccination of those people who Good Samaritan has already administered a first vaccine dose for,” he wrote, but unless the hospital can prove it has safeguards in place to make sure the vaccine goes to who it’s supposed to go to, the spigot has been turned off.

As of Tuesday, no plan had been submitted to the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

Meanwhile, during a Jan. 21 Los Gatos Union School District board meeting, officials were assailed over the plan, with one teacher demanding Johnson rescind the “unethical” offer.

“So this tumultuous episode in LGUSD history has reached its climax,” middle school teacher Jim Fredette said, according to the Spotlight. “While my 75-year-old Vietnam veteran father and 71-year old mother with metastatic breast cancer wait at home for appointments, district leadership has found a back door for Los Gatos teachers to receive vaccinations.”

Johnson, meanwhile, explicitly denied that the quid pro quo he talked about in the first email was actually a quid pro quo.

“In my email to you, I mentioned the service opportunity last year. [Feed Our Heroes] We did that out of the sincerity of our hearts for the medical frontline workers as part of a Los Gatos community-wide effort,” Johnson wrote.

“We did not ‘give’ to ‘get.’ The Good Sam vaccination efforts are not tied to our service, and I’m sorry if this was miscommunicated.”

“Miscommunicated” is an interesting way to put it. Sorry if you thought he said exactly what he was saying, Los Gatos teachers. That’s not what he actually meant.

But before you expend all your outrage on Superintendent Johnson’s stoat-like behavior, let’s not forget Good Samaritan’s excuse that they had some appointments and vaccines just lying around unused in one of the most populous counties in America’s most populous state.

As Fenstersheib noted in his letter, “Good Samaritan has not begun to broadly vaccinate persons 65 years of age and older, much less made focused and appropriate efforts to reach that group.”

If those efforts had been made, those vaccine slots would have been filled, not apportioned to teachers in a school district that had done fundraising for the hospital (not that they were linked, nudge nudge, wink wink) and hasn’t begun in-person learning again.

At a time when we’re wondering why the vaccine distribution system is so broken, the Los Gatos Union School District is an object lesson in the multifarious little ways it gets wrecked.

People could die over this quid pro quo. If you’re over 75 and at-risk — or have parents who are, like me — you know how hard it is to get an appointment and to wait hours in line to get vaccinated.

This is a slap in the face to all of us in that boat.

AZ, WV, The Filibuster, the Second Amendment, and the Supreme Court

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Will Senator Kyrsten Sinema(D-AZ)and Senator Joe Manchin(D-WV)hold up under the leftist attack to eliminate the filibuster?

We need to encourage them to hold the line in opposition to eliminating the filibuster.

Images from wikipedia, combined, cropped, scaled and text added by Dean Weingarten

U.S.A. –-( Much of the Bill of Rights may hang on the resolution of two Democrat senators, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Both states are noted as being strong supporters of the Second Amendment. Both senators have stated they will vote to uphold the Senate filibuster rule. Their votes may determine the future of the Republic.



“Kyrsten is against eliminating the filibuster, and she is not open to changing her mind about eliminating the filibuster,” a spokesperson for Sinema told the Washington Post on Monday.


Manchin, speaking to reporters in the Capitol, reiterated that he does not support going “nuclear” to gut the 60-vote legislative filibuster and indicated that there was no timeline where, if Republicans blocked legislation, he would change his mind.

“I do not support doing away with the filibuster under any condition. It’s not who I am,” Manchin said.

The filibuster is a Senate rule which requires 60 senators to vote to end debate. This creates a requirement for 60 votes to pass legislation in the Senate.

The filibuster makes it difficult to get radical legislation through the Senate.

An exception to the filibuster exists for reconciliation votes on pending matters with the House. Obamacare was passed using the reconciliation process, which many consider an illegitimate use of the process.

The Democrats eliminated the filibuster for judicial appointments during the Obama regime. The Republicans extended the elimination to Supreme Court appointments, and to limit debate on the appointments of judges.

With 50 Republican and 50 Democrat senators, many leftists are calling for the elimination of the filibuster rule to allow them to force as many radical bills through the Congress as they can, as fast as they can, while they control both chambers of Congress with slim majorities.

The proposed changes include:

  • Adding additional states to the Union to ensure Democrat control of the Senate
  • Packing the Supreme Court with far-left judges to prevent the court from striking down unconstitutional legislation
  • Extending citizenship to millions of illegal aliens
  • Taking congressional control of national elections to facilitate leftist control of the national vote through mandatory mail-in ballots, elimination of identification for voter registration, mandatory voter registration, perhaps mandatory voting, perhaps extending the vote to 16-year-olds.

Massive numbers of untracked and mail-in ballots would make voter fraud difficult to find and prosecute, which many claim happened in Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. With the partisan leftist Media and Tech Oligarchs having effective control over which elections are investigated, this would bias national elections even more in favor of Democrats.

With the Media and the Tech Oligarchs exposed as far-left partisans, there is movement in the states to preserve voting integrity. The left sees this as a threat. Many Leftists believe their slender control of the Senate is their last chance to pass radical changes through the legislature. The Democrat majority in the House is also slender, with only 10 votes separating the 232 Democrats and the Republicans.

Democrats may lose control of both the House and the Senate in 2022 if the radical changes proposed by the Left are prevented from happening for two years.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema has become a sort of “McCain” of the Democrats, being willing to “reach across the aisle” to conservatives from time to time. She has been gaining a reputation for independence from the Democrat herd. Senator Sinema maintains offices at three locations. Comments can be left on answering machines at all three locations.

  • 3333 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 200
    Phoenix, Arizona 85018
    Phone: 602-598-7327
  • 20 E. Ochoa St. Tucson, Arizona 85701
    Phone: 520-639-7080
  • 317 Hart Senate Office Building Washington D.C. 20510
    Phone: 202-224-4521

Senator Manchin has occasionally sided with conservatives as well, but is not considered as independent as Sinema. He maintains offices in four locations.  Comments can be left on answering machines at all four locations.

  • 900 Pennsylvania Ave., Ste. 629
    Charleston, WV 25302
     Phone: 304-342-5855
    Fax: 304-343-7144
  • 261 Aikens Center, Ste. 305
    Martinsburg, WV 25404
     Phone: 304-264-4626
    Fax: 304-262-3039
  • 230 Adams Street
    Fairmont, WV 26554
     Phone: 304-368-0567
    Fax: 304-368-0198
  • 306 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington D.C. 20510
     Phone: 202-224-3954
    Fax: 202-228-0002

There are 20 Republican senators up for election in 2022 and 14 Democrats.

The entire House of Representatives is up for election every two years.

Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives in 2020, indicating any voter fraud could be overcome at the House of Representative level.

Senators Sinema and Manchin should be encouraged to uphold the long tradition of the Senate filibuster. Their support may be the tenuous string to uphold the Republic, the consent of the governed, and the Bill of Rights over the next two years.

Full Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Theodore Haas


Holocaust Survivor Denounces Anti-Gun Movement


Unlike many interviews with Holocaust survivors, this one conducted by Aaron Zelman, founder, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (12500 NE 10th Pl Bellevue, WA 98005. Phone: (800) 869-1884; one year membership $25) with Theodore Haas, a JPFO member and a former prisoner of the infamous Dachau concentration camp, is a clear warning to all freedom loving peoples to keep our guard up against arrogant politicians who are hell bent to create governments that control our lives.

In pre-Nazi Germany, the good, law-abiding citizens dozed while government passed laws (all purported to be for the public good) that paved the way for tyranny to flourish. Haas, who survived years of Nazi persecutors, is speaking out to Americans who are now dozing while our government, at the strong urging of leftists in the media and others in society they influence, passes laws (again supposedly for the public good) to ban and severely restrict firearms ownership. Theodore Haas believes ‘gun control’ is a prelude to totalitarian rule

Q.) How did you end up at Dachau? How old were you?

A.) November 9th, 1938 was Kristalnacht — The Night of Broken Glass — The night Synagogues were ransacked and burned, Jewish owned shops destroyed; I guess you could call it the night the fires of hell engulfed the soul of humanity. I was arrested November 10th, “for my own personal security.” I was 21 years old. My parents were arrested and ultimately died in a concentration camp in France. I was released from Dachau in 1941, under the condition that I leave Germany immediately. This was common procedure before the “Final Solution.”

Q.) What did you think when you were sent to Dachau? What did you know about Dachau beforehand?

A.) My first thoughts were those many others: “The world has gone mad.” I knew that the life expectancy at Dachau was relatively short. I knew beforehand that inmates were abused. The horror of Dachau was known throughout Germany. People (Germans) use to frighten their children, “If you do not behave, you will surely end up at Dachau.” A famous German comedian, Weiss Ferdl, said “Regardless how many machine gun towers they have around K.Z. Dachau, if I want to get in, I shall get in.” The Nazis obliged him; he died at Dachau.

Q.) How did you accept the fears of Dachau?

A.) Due to the constant hunger and extreme cold weather, one becomes too numb to even think of fear. A prisoner under these conditions becomes obsessed with survival; nothing else matters.

Q.) What were the living conditions like in Dachau?

A.) We were issued one quarter of a loaf of bread. That was to last three days. In the morning, we picked up, at the kitchen, a cup of roasted barley drink. There was no lunch. At dinnertime, sometimes we got a watery soup with bits of tripe or some salt herring and a boiled potato. Our prison clothes were a heavy, coarse denim. They would freeze when they got wet. We were not issued hats, gloves or underwear.

The first night, about 500 prisoners were stuffed into a room designed to hold 50 (Believe me, it is possible). Later on, we were forced to sleep on straw. As time went on, the straw disintegrated and we became louse infested. The guards delighted in making weak and ill clothed prisoners march or stand at attention in rain, snow, and ice for hours. As you can imagine, death came often due to the conditions.

Q.) Do you have residual fears? How do you feel about German re-unification?

A.) I have nightmares constantly. I recently dreamed that a guard grabbed me. My wife’s arm touched my face, and I unfortunately bit her severely. German re-unification, in my opinion, will be the basis for another war. The Germans, regardless of what their present leadership says, will want their lost territories back, East Prussia, Silesia, and Danzic (Gdansk). My family history goes back over 700 years in Germany. I understand all too well what the politicians do not want the people to be thinking about.

Q.) You mentioned you were shot and stabbed several times. Were these experiments, punishment or torture?

A.) They were punishment. I very often, in a fit of temper, acted “while the brain was not in gear.” The sorry results were two 9 mm bullets in my knees. Fortunately, one of the prisoners had a fingernail file and was able to dig the slugs out. In another situation, I was stabbed in the washroom of room #1, Block 16. Twice in a struggle where I nearly lost my right thumb. A German prisoner Hans Wissing, who after the war became mayor of his home town, Leinsweiler, witnessed the whole situation. We stayed in touch until a few months ago, when he died.

Q.) Do you remember some of the steps taken by the Nazis to de-humanize people and to make them feel hopeless? How were people robbed of their dignity?

A.) If you had treated an animal in Germany the way we were treated, you would have been jailed. For example, a guard or a group of them would single out a prisoner and beat him with canes or a club. Sometimes to further terrorize a prisoner, the guards would form a circle around a prisoner and beat him unconscious. There were cases of a prisoner being told to report to the Revier (“Hospital”) and being forced to drink a quart of castor oil. Believe me, this is a lousy, painful, wretched way to die. You develop extreme diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and severe dehydration. If the Nazis wanted you to live and suffer more, they would take measures to rehydrate to victim.

Q.) What was the routine like at Dachau?

A.) Three times a day, we were counted. We had to carry the dead to the square. Each time, we had to stand at attention in all kinds of weather. We stood wearing next to nothing, had weak bladders, while our tormentors had sheepskin coats and felt boots. The bastards really enjoyed watching us suffer. I remember how the guards had a good laugh when one of them “accidentally” let loose with a machine gun, killing about 30 prisoners.

Q.) What did people do to try to adjust to Dachau? Keep up their spirits up?

A.) There were some actors, comedians, and musicians among us. Sometimes they would clandestinely perform. One of the musicians got hold of a violin and played for us. To this day, it remains a mystery how he got his hands on a violin. I still keep in touch with other prisoners. I am a member of the Dachau Prisoners Association. Each year I go back to Germany to visit.

Q.) Did people ever successfully escape? Do you remember acts of bravery?

A.) Nobody escaped, only in the movies does the “hero” escape. Guards received extra leave time for killing prisoners that got too close to the fence. I do, however, think all prisoners were heroes in their own way. Especially the German prisoners, for they would not acquiesce to the Nazis. They suffered greatly too.

Q.) Did the camp inmates ever bring up the topic, “If only we were armed before, we would not be here now”?

A.) Many, many times. Before Adolph Hitler came to power, there was a black market in firearms, but the German people had been so conditioned to be law abiding, that they would never consider buying an unregistered gun. The German people really believed that only hoodlums own such guns. What fools we were. It truly frightens me to see how the government, media, and some police groups in America are pushing for the same mindset. In my opinion, the people of America had better start asking and demanding answers to some hard questions about firearms ownership, especially if the government does not trust me to own firearms, why or how can the people be expected to trust the government?

There is no doubt in my mind that millions of lives could have been saved if the people were not “brainwashed” about gun ownership and had been well armed. Hitler’s thugs and goons were not very brave when confronted by a gun. Gun haters always want to forget the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which is a perfect example of how a ragtag, half starved group of Jews took up 10 handguns and made asses out of the Nazis.

Q.) Did you have any contacts with the White Rose Society (mostly German students against Hitler)? Did anyone try to hide you from the Nazis?

A.) I did not, but my local friend, Richard Scholl, had two cousins or nephews who were members. Both were executed in Munich (I believe) for standing up for decency and freedom. Not enough people knew about the White Rose Society. There were many non Jews who were not anti Semitic and were very much opposed to Hitler. It was impossible to hide people from the Nazis in Germany — it is so densely populated and food was rationed. Another point that many people fail to understand is that in Germany, you had a situation where the children were reporting to their teachers if their parents listened to the BBC on the short wave radio, or what they were talking about at home. If a German was friendly to a Jew, he was warned once. If he failed to heed the warning, he would disappear and never be heard from again. This was known as “Operation Night and Fog.”

Q.) Do you think American society has enough stability that Jews and other minorities are safe from severe persecution?

A.) No. I think there is more anti-Semitism in America (some of it caused by leftist Jewish politicians and organizations who promote ‘gun control’ schemes) than there was in Germany. This may stun some people, but not all Germans hated Jews. My best and devoted friends in Germany were Christians. I perceive America as a very unstable society, due to social tinkering of the Kennedy/Metzenbaum-type politicians. When I first came to this wonderful country after World War II, America was vibrant, dynamic and promising society. There really was an American dream, attainable by those who wanted to work. Now, due to the curse of Liberalism, America is in a period of moral decline. Even worse, corrupt criminals hold high political office, and you have police officials who don’t give a damn about the Bill of Rights. They just want to control people, not protect and serve. When you study history, you see that when a country becomes an immoral manure heap, as America is rapidly becoming, all minorities suffer, and ultimately, all the citizens.

Q.) What words of warning would you like to give to young people who will soon be eligible to vote?

A.) Vote only for politicians who trust the people to own all types of firearms, and who have a strong pro-Second Amendment voting record. Anti-gunownership politicians are very dangerous to a free society. Liberty and freedom can only be preserved by an armed citizenry. I see creeping fascism in America, just as in Germany, a drip at a time; a law here, a law there, all supposedly passed to protect the public. Soon you have total enslavement. Too many Americans have forgotten that tyranny often masquerades as doing good. This is the technique the Liberal politicians/Liberal media alliance are using to enslave America.

Q.) What message do you have for ultra-Liberal organizations and individuals who want America disarmed?

A.) Their ignorance is pitiful — their lives have been too easy. Had they experienced Dachau, they would have a better idea of how precious freedom is. These leftist should leave America. These Sarah Brady types must be educated to under-stand that because we have an armed citizenry, that a dictatorship has not yet happened in America. These anti-gun fools are more dangerous to Liberty than street criminals or foreign spies.

Q.) Some concentration camp survivors are opposed to gun ownership. What message would you like to share with them?

A.) I would like to say, “You cowards; you gun haters, you don’t deserve to live in America. Go live in the Soviet Union, if you love ‘gun control’ so d— much.” It was the stupidity of these naive fools that aided and abetted Hitler’s goons and thugs. Anti-gunownership Holocaust survivors insult the memories of all those that needlessly perished for lack of being able to adequately defend themselves.

Q.) It appears the Liberal left in America is tolerating, and sometimes espousing anti-Semitism. Why do you think so many Jews still support the leftist form of Liberalism?

A.) It is for this very reason that I firmly believe that we harbor more stupid and naive people in our midst, than any other group of people. It amazes me how Liberal Jews have such short memories that today, they would be so supportive and involved in setting up the mechanics of ‘gun control’, so that a Holocaust can happen again. All they’re doing is playing into the hands of the very clever communists who are masters at conning Americans.

Q.) Why did you join JPFO?

A.) I feel every Jew should be armed to the teeth, as should every American. I joined JPFO because as a group, we can stand up up Liberal Jewish gun haters and also to Gestapo minded anti-gun police who want total control of the people. I wish JPFO was in existence years ago. I believe the Jewish involvement in gun control would not be anywhere close to what it is today, but better now than never.


To deny that an unarmed citizen could benefit from being well armed in a predicament such as this,
is to Love a Lie, more than to love the truth!

Kansas Firearms Company Unveils, 9mm “Smart Gun”

H/T Bearing Arms.

Will this latest smart gun be hacked like the previous smart gun?

At 2,495 dollars plus tax I do not think gun owners are to be beating a path to any gun shop that has it.

Kansas Firearms Company Unveils 9mm "Smart Gun"image from

Gun control activists from Michael Bloomberg to Joe Biden have been demanding the introduction of “smart guns” into the civilian market for years now, but the technology has proven to be much easier to use in concept than in the real world. That might change now that Kansas-based firearms manufacturer SmartGunz has announced the release of a 1911-style 9mm “smart gun” later this year.

The SmartGunz 9mm Sentry uses an RFID chip which is contained in a glove that must be worn by the shooter in order for the gun to fire. In order to use the pistol, the operator not only has to wear the special glove, but must depress a “safety activation switch” before the gun is ready, which the company says “ensures each SmartGunz firearm fires each and every time when it is supposed to AND ONLY when it is supposed to fire.”


I have nothing against “smart guns” in theory, but I’m absolutely opposed to any mandate that would require all non-smart guns to be pulled from store shelves, which is actually what Joe Biden has proposed. From Biden’s campaign website:

  • Put America on the path to ensuring that 100% of firearms sold in America are smart guns. Today, we have the technology to allow only authorized users to fire a gun. For example, existing smart gun technology requires a fingerprint match before use. Biden believes we should work to eventually require that 100% of firearms sold in the U.S. are smart guns. But, right now the NRA and gun manufacturers are bullying firearms dealers who try to sell these guns. Biden will stand up against these bullying tactics and issue a call to action for gun manufacturers, dealers, and other public and private entities to take steps to accelerate our transition to smart guns.

Nobody’s bullying firearms dealers who try to sell these guns, because these guns haven’t gone to market. The only previous “smart gun” that was offered for sale was the Armatix iP1 pistol, a .22-caliber handgun that also used RFID technology to unlock the gun before use. Given the high price tag and the fact that the gun was apparently able to be “hacked” with just a few simple magnets, there are good reasons why the iP1 never caught on.

The new SmartGunz pistol is also going to be pricey, with a suggested retail cost of $2,495. The cost alone is going to make the pistol a non-starter for many gun owners, but there are also plenty of folks like me who just don’t see that the supposed benefits of a so-called smart gun outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Adding any additional steps to make the firearm functional also adds additional potential points of failure for the firearm. What happens if you can’t find your glove as someone’s breaking into your home? What happens if you need to use your off-hand to hold the gun or become incapacitated and need someone else in the household to use the gun in self-defense? What happens if the battery fails when you actually need to use your firearm in self-defense?

Guns can already jam or misfire, but a so-called smart gun adds even more potential problems to the mix. Again, I’m not opposed to the idea in theory, though I wonder how the release of the SmartGunz pistol is going to go over in New Jersey, where every gun store in the state may be required to keep the gun in stock once it’s released to the public.

If someone wants to spend $2,500 on a smart gun, more power to them. Personally, I don’t see that the benefit outweighs the cost or the potential problems, but that doesn’t mean that I think no one should be able to purchase one if it comes to market.

Biden’s idea to mandate smart gun ownership, on the other hand, is a non-starter. It’s my body that’s being protected, and it’s my choice on how to protect it. I don’t want a smart gun, I don’t need a smart gun, and I won’t abide by any demand that I give up my “dumb guns” and replace them with a Biden-approved model.

Oldest living Marine, Dorothy ‘Dot’ Cole, Passes at age 107

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R.I.P. Dorothy”Dot”Cole. Semper Fi.


One of the first ladies to enlist as a Marine Reservist, Dorothy’ Dot’ Cole, has passed away at the fabulous age of 107.  Last September, her 107th birthday was widely celebrated. She was lauded as being the oldest living Marine in the United States.


Dot lived with her daughter, Beth Kluttz (67), for the past 20 years, but sadly she passed away in Kannapolis from a heart attack on Thursday ….

Shortly after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941, she responded to the call to enlist. At 28years old, Dorothy Schmidt, as she was then, set off on a 150-mile bus ride from Warren, Pennsylvania, for Pittsburgh. Her objective was to enlist in the Navy.

Dorothy was bitterly disappointed when the recruiter told her that she did not meet the Navy’s enlistment standards. She had always had the nickname ‘Half-Pint’ due to her short stature, as she was only  4 feet 11 inches tall.

A Marine Corps Women’s Reserve recruiting poster from World War II.
A Marine Corps Women’s Reserve recruiting poster from World War II.

But where there is a will, there is a way, and Dorothy came up with a new plan. Returning to Warren, she decided to learn to fly and then do all she could to persuade the Marines to let her fly planes for them.

This was a bold idea as, from 1918, the Marines had only permitted females to fulfill clerical positions, but Dorothy’s plans and the war effort were to mesh.

In July 1942, with the war escalating, in both Europe, Africa, and the Pacific, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the law enabling the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve to plug the gaps. These were in the administration, supply, and training at Marine bases.

The Marine Corps dragged its feet in setting up the Women’s Reserve, and it did not come into being until February 1943. Five months later, on the 12th July 1943, Dorothy enlisted at age 29, one of the first ladies to do so.

When she enlisted, she was the owner of a private pilot’s license and had over 200 hours logged on a Piper Cub. Much to her disgust, this was not enough to tempt the Corps to let her fly.

After completing her basic training, she was assigned to a typewriter instead of an airplane. Still, her cheerful personality shone through, and she loved her uniform, especially the hat she was issued.

Dorothy spent the next two years at Quantico, responsible for typing up correspondence for the firing range officers. She remembers that this was a difficult time as the ladies were not welcomed by all the men.

She met her future husband, Wiley Cole, a 6 foot 2-inch sailor. Wiley served on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet in the Pacific. In October 1942, the USS Hornet was torpedoed and sunk.



Dorothy was discharged honorably from the service in December 1945 and moved to San Francisco to join Wiley, where they married. Both went on to work at Moffett Field, Silicon Valley, for the Ames Research Centre, which was incorporated into NASA in 1958. Wiley was employed as an aerial photographer, and Dorothy was taken on as a secretary.

Their only child, a daughter Beth, was born in 1953, and Wiley died two years later from a heart attack.

Dorothy was lauded later in life as she became the oldest living female Marine. At age 107, as of September 2020, she was the most senior living Marine of either sex. With this accolade, she became a minor celebrity and took part in several interviews.

Today, the ladies who enlist in the Marine Corps have a plethora of opportunities to take advantage of. Still, it is the pioneering spirit of the ladies like Dorothy Cole that has enabled this transformation.  However, it is just as well that Dorothy did not hold out for a pilot’s position as women were not permitted to fly aircraft for the Marines until 1995.

Prosecutor or Persecutor? Gardner Appeals for Power to Prosecute McCloskeys

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Far-left St. Louis Circuit Attorney (prosecutor) Kimberly Gardner  has crossed the line between prosecutor and persecutor.

U.S.A. –-( On Sunday, 28 June, 2020, the property of a married couple of Saint Louis lawyers was invaded by a screaming, unruly mob. Under Missouri law, the couple had a right to defend themselves and their home. From a previous article on AmmoLand:

Section 563.031 specifically allows the use of deadly force, not just showing a weapon, against people who have entered private property unlawfully. In order to be justified, the person using the force must reasonably believe such force to be necessary to defend themselves or a third person from the unlawful use of force.

(3) Such force is used against a person who unlawfully enters, remains after unlawfully entering, or attempts to unlawfully enter private property that is owned or leased by an individual, or is occupied by an individual who has been given specific authority by the property owner to occupy the property, claiming a justification of using protective force under this section.

Far-left St. Louis Circuit Attorney (prosecutor) Kimberly Gardner, started demonizing the couple which had dared to defend themselves against her political allies. She threatened prosecution. She referenced the case in her political literature, using inflammatory language.


After the McCloskeys, through their attorney, objected, she and her office were removed from the case under Missouri law.

Ordinarily, the slap on the wrist would be enough. Most prosecutors would simply allow another prosecutor to work the case.

Not Kimberly Gardner.  She used the resources of her office to claim she was the victim, so as to preserve her power to prosecute/persecute the McCloskeys. She appealed her removal from the case to the Missouri Court of appeals. The Court of appeals upheld the lower court. From

The Missouri Court of Appeals struck down Gardner’s plea Wednesday, siding against her claim that she should not have been disqualified from the case by Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer in December.

The prosecutor was removed from the McCloskey case after it was determined she raised the appearance of initiating a “criminal prosecution for political purposes” following reports that she used the charges to circulate fundraising emails for her reelection bid, Circuit Judge Thomas Clark said at the time.

Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner has been embroiled in a series of controversial, political cases.

In a previous case against Gardner, the appeals court upheld a lower court ruling against her in Gardner v. Carmody.


Based on the foregoing, we affirm the trial court’s grant of judgment on the pleadings in favor of Gerard T. Carmody on Gardner’s petition in quo warranto.

Gardner prosecuted Governor Greitens in a case rife with politics. Her conduct in the case remains under investigation.

In January of 2020, Gardner sued St. Louis City for Civil Rights violations. The lawsuit was dismissed on 30 September, 2020. From wikipedia:

The judge wrote that: wrote: “Her 32-page complaint can best be described as a conglomeration of unrelated claims and conclusory statements supported by very few facts, which do not plead any recognizable cause of action” and continued that “Gardner presents no specific material facts, circumstantial or otherwise, to show that defendants acted with each other for the purpose of depriving her – or anyone else – of a constitutional right to equal protection. Her complaint is nothing more than a compilation of personal slights – none of which rise to a legal cause of action.”[39]  Judge Ross is a federal judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. He was nominated by President Barack Obama in December 2010.

Kimberly Gardner will now appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court in an attempt to hold on to the power to prosecute the McCloskys.  From

The appeals court rejected Gardner’s challenge on Wednesday. 

Gardner now needs the Missouri Supreme Court to reinstate her office to the case.

A spokesperson for Gardner says her office will appeal the latest decision.

Kimberly Gardner won the election and has kept her office with substantial donations from far-left political organizations, funded in part by George Soros.

In 2020, Saint Louis had a record-high homicide rate. Kimberly Gardner has been accused of failing to issue charges in the majority of felony arrests made by police. From

Of the 68 homicide cases police sent to the Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office for prosecution, far fewer have actually gone to court and resulted in convictions — bolstering the message of impunity to criminals. The year started off with Hayden accusing Gardner of failing to issue charges in the majority of felony arrests made by police. Gardner sued the city and the police union, alleging a racist conspiracy against her.

State prosecutor’s offices have limited resources. Kimberly Gardner appears to believe the priority of her resource use should be to reclaim the power to prosecute people for political reasons rather than to preserve order and the rule of law.

Kimberly Gardner was re-elected on 3 November 2020 with 74% of the vote. Saint Louis City consistently votes in the upper 70’s Democrat.

Biden Administration Hit with First Major Lawsuit as Texas Warns of ‘Irreparable Harm’ on the Horizon

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Hopefully this Executive Order signed by Joe Pee Pads Biden will be overturned.

Less than a week into President Joe Biden’s term, the administration has been hit with a major lawsuit over a flurry of executive orders issued shortly after the Inauguration Day ceremonies.

The legal action, brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, specifically seeks to stop an “unconstitutional, illegal, and bad” freeze on deportations of illegal immigrants from the state.

Paxton revealed the lawsuit Friday, stating that it was brought only after Biden refused to undo an order issued by his Department of Homeland Security halting the removals.

“I told [the Department of Homeland Security] and [Biden] last night to rescind its deportation freeze, which is unconstitutional, illegal, and bad for Texas and the nation,” Paxton wrote in a Twitter post. “They didn’t budge.”

According to Paxton, the executive order’s abrupt halt to deportations would lead to major financial harm against the state and an even higher burden for its legal residents.

“A higher number of illegal aliens in Texas leads to budgetary harms, including higher education and healthcare costs,” Paxton wrote in the lawsuit.

“This unlawful reversal will cause Texas immediate and irreparable harm if it is not enjoined.”

A slew of DHS officials in their official capacity are named in the massive legal action, as well as a number of immigration and customs agencies.

The Biden order marked a sharp reversal of former President Donald Trump’s policies, which saw a strengthening of border security and equipped immigration enforcement agencies to conduct their work with remarkable efficiency.

Now, the immigration crisis threatens to engulf Texas and other border states once again.

Thankfully for those living along the border, it looks like Paxton is digging in for a fight.

“Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation,” Paxton said in a statement. “Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel.”

“I am confident that these unlawful and perilous actions cannot stand,” he later continued. “The rule of law and security of our citizens must prevail.”

Before the current push to defeat the Biden administration’s rollback on immigration enforcement, Paxton fought to overturn the former vice president’s victory and deliver the win to Trump.

Shortly after his election integrity fight began, Paxton was hit by allegations of criminal acts including accusations that he participated in bribery and abused the influence of his office.

Days later Paxton reportedly became the target of an FBI subpoena, hinting that an investigation against him may be ongoing.

While there may be federal action brewing against the state attorney general, it seems that isn’t stopping his fight to protect Texans against the damaging effects of illegal immigration.

Eugene Bullard, the World’s First Black Fighter Pilot

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R.I.P. Eugene Bullard.

Eugene Bullard made aviation history.
Eugene Bullard made aviation history.

Eugene Bullard survived some of the deadliest battles in military history, became the world’s first Black fighter pilot, and even had his own monkey sidekick—and all before the age of 30. He went on to spy on Nazis and fifth columnists, rub shoulders with Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and earn the nickname “Black Swallow of Death.” More than that though, Bullard was a pioneer who laid the groundwork for Black servicemen everywhere.


Bullard was born on October 9, 1895, in Columbus, Georgia, to a former enslaved Haitian man and a Muskogee Creek woman. Slavery had been abolished in the South only 30 years prior and still cast a long, dark shadow. Bullard was no stranger to discrimination, hardship, and outright violence. At 10 years old, he witnessed his father narrowly escape a lynching; not long after, his mother died unexpectedly.

Bullard ran away from home when he was 11. By chance, he found a group of Romani in Atlanta, Georgia, known as the Stanley Clan. They took him in as one of their own. But after spending six years tending to horses and living a nomadic lifestyle, Bullard was ready for a change. He hoped to head to France—a place his father had never visited, but spoke of often.

At 17, Bullard stowed away on the Marta Russ, a German merchant ship bound for Europe. Shortly after departing the ship at port in Aberdeen, Scotland, he joined a vaudeville troupe where he performed as a boxer and quickly became one of Great Britain’s most beloved prizefighters. But he still yearned for France.

Bullard would soon reach his goal. After some time with the troupe in Great Britain, he was booked for a fight in Paris in 1913. “When I got off the boat train in Paris, I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Here I was in the place I had wanted to be and to see all my life. And it was wonderful,” he wrote in his journal.

Because of his Haitian roots, Bullard was fluent in French. This, combined with Paris’s liberal lifestyle, made him decide to stick around the City of Love for a while. But the start of World War I quickly changed his plans.




When France joined the war, Bullard wasted no time enlisting in the French Foreign Legion. He served in the 170th Infantry Regiment and fought in many of the Great War’s deadliest battles, though his service in the Great War came to a halt when he was wounded at the Battle of Verdun. After recovering in Lyon, he was given leave and went back to Paris, where he’d make a wager that would forever change the plight of Black servicemen.

Bullard bet a friend $2000 that despite being Black, he would join the French Air Service. He made good on his bet when the Aeronautique Militaire accepted him in the fall of 1916 and awarded him his wings the following May, making him the world’s first Black fighter pilot.

After the U.S. entered the war, Bullard attempted to join the U.S. Air Force. However, despite his French military honors and extensive trench experience, he was unable to enlist. He continued to fight in France, where, thanks to his fighting skills and unbreakable spirit, he was given the nickname “The Black Swallow of Death.” Bullard was quoted as saying, “The United States is my mother, and I love my mother, but as far as France is concerned, she is my mistress and you love your mistress more than you love your mother—but in a different way.” Flying with Jimmy, his rhesus monkey co-pilot, Bullard served until his discharge in October 1919.


With his military days behind him, Bullard became a staple of Paris’s nightclub scene—first as a drummer at Zelli’s, then as the manager of Le Grand Duc, a popular jazz club in post-war Paris that included Langston HughesJosephine Baker, and Louis Armstrong among its patrons and performers (not to mention friends of Bullard). In the late 1920s, Bullard was able to purchase Le Grand Duc. He later opened Bullard’s Athletic Club, a gym that offered everything from massages to ping pong. But as the ‘20s rolled into the ‘30s, Bullard’s Jazz Age days of partying with the likes of Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald drew to a close.

Thanks to his time in the first World War, Bullard had picked up a semi-fluency in German. This, along with his French and English skills, made him a great candidate for spying on Nazi sympathizers and French fifth columnists who frequented Le Grand Duc.

When World War II began, Bullard found himself back at the forefront of France, serving as a machine gunner in the 51st Infantry. After some time, he was severely wounded by an artillery shell. Evading capture by the Nazis, he was smuggled across the Pyrenees to neutral Spain. In the 1940s, Bullard sold his clubs in Paris and used the funds to go back to the U.S. “I can never forget how thrilled I was at the sight of the Statue of Liberty,” he recalled.



Bullard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris.USAF, WIKIMEDIA COMMONS // PUBLIC DOMAIN

Bullard settled in Harlem, New York. Over his first few years back stateside, he shuffled through odd jobs until landing as an elevator operator at Rockefeller Center. His life in New York was mostly quiet, apart from some media buzz generated after he was interviewed on the Today Show. To most people, he was just the man who pressed buttons in the elevator.

France, however, never forgot him. Over the next several years, the French showered Bullard with military honors. In 1954, he was chosen as one of only three men to relight the everlasting flame at Paris’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In the fall of 1959, he was made a Knight of the Legion of Honor, the highest French decoration, and Bullard’s 15th honor. French president Charles de Gaulle even paid him a personal visit the following year while traveling the States.

On October 12, 1961, Bullard died of stomach cancer. He was 66 years old. It would be more than 30 years before the U.S. would recognize his bravery. In 1994, the U.S. Air Force made Bullard an honorary Lieutenant and acknowledged its mistake in denying his efforts to serve his country.

“Static Line” 11th Airborne newspaper

Pacific Paratrooper

“Static Line”
Static Line staff

On 7 January 2021, I ran a post about the L-4 Grasshopper, the plane that most think of as a Piper Cub.  This note was included…

“While some of the men were confined to fighting up in the mountains, the division’s newspaper called the Static Line, used a piper cub plane to drop bundles of the publication down to the men.  This was the only news of the outside world that the troopers could receive.  One day, a roll of the papers was dropped with a note attached addressing it: “To the girls, with the compliments of Art Mosley and Jack Keil, Phone Glider 3.”  It was discovered later that the WAC camp received the roll meant for the 11th airborne.”

I located an issue of “Static Line” on the internet and wanted to share it.  News included kept the men up to date on…

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