Biden ☭ Center CAUGHT Concealing Tens of Millions $$ From CHINA

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Pamela Geller

Comment by Jim Campbell

Nothing much to say other than what a guy.

By Pamela Geller

February 2, 2021

According to Campus Reform, GOP lawmakers have demanded that the University of Pennslyvania Biden Center release foreign donation records.

Three House Republicans sent a letter to the University of Pennsylvania, asking that they reveal the source of anonymous foreign donations from China.

The lawmakers referenced concern over links between China and President Joe Biden. Quick note: Tech giants are snuffing us out.

You know this.

Facebook, Twitter, Google et al have shadow banned, suspended and in some cases deleted us from your news feeds. They are disappearing us.

But we are here.

The Biden Center Caught Concealing Massive Amounts Of Money Coming From China

By Red Right Daily,

February 2nd, 2021:

Move over Tara Reid we have a new scandal that is starting to take shape, the Biden…

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