House Democrats Introduce ‘No Glory for Hate Act’ to Prevent Trump Name from Being Displayed on Federal Projects

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 19th, 2021

Those who have jumped on this train to nowhere have either never read the U.S. Constitution or intentionally forgotten what is in it.

As each took their oath tho become members of the House of Representatives, they swore to protect the U.S. Constitution and Bill of rights.

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on September 14, 2015. AFP PHOTO/LAURA BUCKMAN (Photo by LAURA BUCKMAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read LAURA BUCKMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

LAURA BUCKMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Breitbart News Consortium

Kyle Morris

Feb.19th, 2021

Democrats in the House of Representatives have introduced legislation that would prevent former President Donald Trump from having his name displayed on federal projects, buildings, statues, lands, or other type of commemoration.

According to the bill’s text, which was provided late last month, the legislation would “prohibit the use of Federal funds for the commemoration of certain former Presidents.”

While Trump is not mentioned by name in the proposed legislation, he is the only president to have been impeached twice by the House.


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