An Open Letter to Sen. Joe Manchin: How One Brave Man Can Save America and Change the Course of History

H/T Town Hall.

This is not your father’s Democratic Party. These people are certified insane. Either that or they’re hardcore, radical socialists and communists hellbent on turning America into Cuba, Greece or Venezuela. I believe it’s a combination of both.


Every move President Joe Biden and his socialist/communist cabal makes takes us one step closer to the destruction of the greatest country and economy in the history of civilization.

Former President John F. Kennedy would never be accepted in today’s Democratic Party. JFK believed in all the same things I do: He was pro-business; he supported lower taxes; he believed in strong borders; he loved the military (he was a war hero); and, most of all, he hated communists (he was willing to risk World War III with the Cuban missile crisis to prevent communists from building a military foothold near America’s borders).

JFK is rolling over in his grave. The communists he fought are now running today’s Democratic Party. By the standards of today, JFK is clearly a Republican.

By those same standards, United States Sen. Joe Manchin is a Republican, too. Manchin 100% represents the God-fearing, conservative values of the anti-open borders, pro-fossil fuel coal country of West Virginia. Today’s Democratic Party has passed Joe by, and it no longer represents his constituents.

Joe Manchin is a reasonable, moderate, pro-business, Blue Dog Southern Democrat. West Virginia Joe has to be sick to his stomach watching Joe Biden and the Democrats open the borders, turn the whole country into a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens, let the whole world in to take away American jobs, kill coal and destroy America’s global energy dominance.

Sen. Manchin, don’t you find it insulting, bizarre and tragic that Biden calls states that reopen their economies during the pandemic “reckless” and “Neanderthal” at the exact same time he opens the country’s borders, invites in illegal immigrants who could be carrying COVID-19 and Third World diseases, and drops them off — even the sick ones — at bus stations?

Who’s the real superspreader? It’s not Texas; it’s Biden.

It sure seems like Biden and the Democratic Party are trying to kill middle-class Americans, doesn’t it? Who would encourage sick foreigners to come to America during a pandemic and risk killing our citizens?

Is this what you stand for, Manchin? Is this what your West Virginia constituents stand for? You think they want to see every coal mine and coal plant shut down in the name of “global warming” while China builds hundreds of new coal plants?

You think your voters want transgender women playing women’s sports? You think your voters want boys who think they’re girls in bathrooms and locker rooms with their daughters?

Here’s what I think: I think Joe Manchin is scared to death. He knows he’s in bed with crazy people. He knows he’s surrounded by communists, socialists, economic suicide bombers and racists who hate rural white people from places like West Virginia.

But I have the solution to save America, the people of West Virginia and Joe Manchin’s career. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Flip Joe Manchin and we flip the world.

Sen. Joe Manchin needs to flip to the Republican Party. Now. Today. The Senate will instantly go from a 50-50 split to a 51-49 split with a GOP majority. Biden will be blocked. Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote will become meaningless.

Wit that, we instantly save America. We instantly save the U.S. energy industry. We save millions of American jobs. We instantly checkmate the entire crazy, communist Biden agenda. We instantly change the course of history.

With that one simple move, Joe Manchin will become the most famous, most powerful and most beloved politician in America. Sure, Democrats hate you, Joe. But who cares? You only answer to the conservative and Christian people of West Virginia. They’ll make you into a folk hero. And 74 million Trump voters will build a statue of you next to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and JFK.

Joe Manchin can change the course of history. He will single-handedly stop the socialist/Marxist/transgender takeover of America. In the bargain, Joe Manchin will save his own people of West Virginia.

Here’s your chance, Joe. Find the courage. You will go down in history. We will never forget.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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