So, Is China Listening in on Biden White House Calls?

H/T Town Hall.

The Chi-Coms own Joe Pee Pads  Biden body and soul so why not listen in to see what your puppet has to say.

So, is Beijing listening in on calls and meetings from the Biden White House? It’s an interesting question, given the Biden family’s ties to China. The family’s ties to Beijing were revealed at the tail end of the 2020 election, which should have raised national security issues regarding whether sleepy Joe was compromised, but that was never brought up. The media did their job in protecting their own that cycle. Right now, the Biden White House has rehashed this security concern as they continue to use Zoom, which has been alleged to be heavily infiltrated by Chinese intelligence services. Of course, Zoom says there are “measures” taken to ensure data security, but as long as the data center remains in China — questions will remain. The Daily Caller has more:


The White House is using the teleconference platform Zoom for unclassified government meetings, but lawmakers and experts warn the Biden administration is ignoring the national security risks of partnering with a platform linked to China’s government.

Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, recently sent a letter to White House chief of staff Ron Klain asking the administration to disclose what government meetings were being held on Zoom and whether any classified information was included in those meetings.

“Why is Zoom being used, rather than alternatives, given the history of Zoom meetings being infiltrated by agents of the Chinese Communist Party?” Banks asked in the letter, which was obtained by The Washington Post.


Senior Biden administration officials told The Washington Post the White House uses Zoom for Government, a more secure variant of the platform with oversight from the Homeland Security Department and FedRAMP.

According to its website, Zoom for Government “operates in a dedicated, secure infrastructure” that meets federal cybersecurity standards and stores all user information in continental U.S. data centers.

One human rights group told Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin their video conference about human rights in China was disrupted with footage of Chinese Communist Party propaganda and hardcore pornography.

The China story was the real October surprise last year, which was buried by the media — and for good reason. This selling of access arrangement with CEFC China Energy was hashed out when Joe Biden was vice president; he was heavily involved in the deal and set to net a 10 percent stake. It was all revealed when Hunter Biden’s emails detailed a sordid web of access deals last year. The China deal was corroborated by Biden’s former associate, Tony Bobulinski, who turned over all documents and devices relating to the deal to the FBI. The deal fell through, but the Biden family still got $5 million from China.

And we’re still using Zoom, so go figure.


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