Delivery Driver’s Death Captured On Video, His Killers Were A 13 and 15-Year-Old Girl Attempting To Steal His Vehicle

H/T Concealed Nation.

Put these two rabid animals in a cage for the rest of their natural lives.

WASHINGTON, DC – Two teen girls have been charged with the death of a man who died during their attempt to carjack him with a stun gun.  DC police say the incident happened Tuesday afternoon near the Nationals Park in the Navy Yard neighborhood.

The girls have not been identified by authorities because they are minors; however, police did say that the 13-year-old is from the southeast section of DC and the 15-year-old is from Fort Washington, Maryland, about 10 miles south of the incident scene.

The victim has been identified as Mohammad Anwar, 66, of Springfield, Virginia, a 20-minute drive from where he died.  Anwar was working as an UberEats delivery driver when the two girls assaulted him with a stun gun in an attempted carjacking. The assault caused the man to lose control of the car and resulted in a crash which took his life.

The video below may be disturbing to some viewers.

Mr. Anwar immigrated to the United States from Pakistan in 2014 and was described by family members as “a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one. He leaves behind a family, near and far, who cherish, love, and miss him dearly. Anwar was the main provider for his family, and a GoFundMe page has been established.


UberEats released the following statement following the incident, “We are devastated by this tragic news and our hearts go out to Mohammad’s family during this difficult time. We’re grateful the suspects have been arrested and thank the Metropolitan Police Department for their diligence with this investigation.”

A carjacking can typically be grounds for the use of deadly force, but some factors come into play based on the location in which you live. Would someone draw a firearm and shoot two early-teen girls? Of course. The majority, however, might be hesitant to do so.

But in the end, it can be a case of your life or theirs.

Another option would have been for Mr. Anwar to leave the vehicle and give it up to the teen thugs, but I can see why this 66-year-old man didn’t want to let them intimidate him.

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