Journalists Brazenly Give Biden Cover


Joe Pee Pads Biden will lie and the drive-by media will swear he told the truth.

Of course his gun plan infringes on the Second Amendment,”
civil-rights group observes. “It’s self-evident.”

Gun-rights reductions on Holocaust Remembrance Day added tone-deaf offense to deliberate injury.

“What a dark, bald-faced lie to say he’s being, ‘totally consistent with the Second Amendment,’ ” said Alan Gottlieb, Chairman and CEO of the 30-year-old civil-rights group.

Allowing lies to pass unchallenged is as bizarre as letting him openly run an open-border policy. Biden floods the nation with foreigners and infringes our sacred right to arms. Legacy media and the White House display immorality.


A reporter got in touch with me recently asking, “Are you available for a Zoom interview today regarding red-flag laws, what they are, and if they can pass in Arizona? That kind of thing.”

Is the reporter seeking to define Biden’s corrupt left-wing proposal we’ve described for years? Biden’s entire gun talk—who do you suppose wrote it for him? Is there any presumption those are his words and thoughts? C’mon man! Who’s in charge, aren’t you curious? Many of Biden’s antique gun statements were flatly untrue—isn’t that a story? Is accuracy no longer an issue?

BIDEN STATED: “The only industry in America — a billion-dollar industry — that can’t be sued — has exempt from being sued — are gun manufacturers.”
Four Pinocchios, completely untrue

BIDEN STATED: “Everything that’s being proposed today is totally consistent with the Second Amendment.”
Five Pinocchios, brazenly false and dangerous

Someone must have told him to say that, or is the suggestion he came up with it on his own? His understanding is that flawed? That is the question that needs an answer but as we can see, “reporters” are wont to even broach it.

For Joe Biden to begin an unconstitutional gun-grab of our specifically enumerated gun rights on Holocaust Remembrance Day was hurtful and insulting as well as illegal. In the 1930s this same shameful tactic was used by a tyrannical German regime that led directly to the Holocaust. On this sacred day, even a preliminary gun-grab was unmistakably offensive—a blind eye to history and all living Jews, the memory of our six million lost, and all lovers of freedom, liberty and peace regardless of faith.

His proposed red-flag laws are virtually immaterial in light of our president reading statements like those, written by an unknown someone, not understanding the truthiness of this. Why didn’t that light up the airwaves—and his Rose Garden guests? Why would Biden even read such a thing, or be asked to?

We can see that gun control and crime control are not related any longer.

The proposals are not aimed at crime or criminals, who are already governed by tons of strict (but unenforced ) laws. The places where the bulk of crimes take place—”bad neighborhoods” in inner cities populated with people in poverty in Democrat-run states—won’t be affected, and police know it. Congress knows it too. Parallel proposals to defund police and force out veteran officers will affect crime, by increasing it. This make-believe feel-good do-nothing window dressing ignores reality, and some people deep inside know this as well as the informed public.

When people ask why can’t we pass common-sense gun laws, it’s because the party of the Democrats aren’t proposing any.

Alan Korwin, Editor
The JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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