You—the public—have been literally brainwashed.

“Enforced Diversity” Is Seriously BAD

“Forced Inclusivity” Creates Numerous Problems

Outlawing Guns, While Government Keeps its Guns, BAD

“Hate Crime” Is Thought Crime, and Orwellian, BAD

Using Brainwash Detergent on the Public, BAD

Requiring Kids to Get Federalized Education, BAD

Elected Officials Ignoring the Bill of Rights, BAD

BOTTOM LINE: Government Interference with Freedom: BAD

The Democrats’ drive to weaken or eliminate our Right to Arms
is directly tied to a majority of the nation’s difficulties.

With leftists in large-scale control of news media and electro-communication, these truths are hidden. The president sought support for these travesties in his speech to Congress and legacy media cheered. A government determined to disarm the public—incrementally or in large-scale grabs—puts our balance of power and American freedom at serious risk. The Jewish people know what an armed government and disarmed public leads to, and you do too, and it’s not good.

Marxists, our mortal enemy now falsely clothed as progressives, BLM, antifa, Mothers against things and more, are determined to take control of the levers of power. They have done a good job of misleading the public and installing people, narratives and tools to defeat individual liberty and rights. If free speech were still robust, people would understand that guns are good, guns save lives, guns stop crime, police must be armed, self-defense must be sacrosanct and guns are why America is still free. America is attracting people away from intolerable tyranny worldwide, not just Central America, because we’re armed, though this is media-hidden (foreign nationals from 60 countries have invaded our southern borders under the new regime). Puppets reputed to control the White House and bureaucracy have become public enemies (the deep state), as our former president observed and warned. “Hate crime” is a deceptive tyrant’s tool: Crime and punishment must be based solely on harm, not thought.

While Marxists have changed their basic debunked tune from financial struggle—workers vs. owners (in classic terms, proletariat vs. bourgeoise), their switch to race-based class struggle is no better. It’s perfectly OK for Black people to prefer the company of other Black people and speak Ebonics with each other, it simply is. Catholics seek the company of other Catholics and inject Jesus constantly into conversation, the same for Cubans with Cubans, Jews with Jews, Mexicans with Mexicans… In fact, what the legacy media and their basement ghostwriters foist on us as “Latinos” is in reality a wildly complex conglomeration of individual distinct ethnic interest groups who know each other, relate separately, and resent and refuse the idea that they are one homogenous group. They are certainly not a single voting bloc, as Democrats believe (and would like you to believe). So-called “gun owners” are equally diverse, and naturally so.

There is nothing wrong with GIRL scouts, BLACK dance clubs, JEWISH study groups, PROTESTANT retreats, COUNTRY music, NASCAR or any other non-diverse, non-inclusive, anti-affirmative action gathering. Birds of a feather is nature’s way, the natural way. FORCE is what’s wrong. Any attempt by “our betters,” race baiters, diversity trainers, inclusivity experts or other government-endorsed specialists seeking to forcibly overturn the natural order of things, it is they who are politically incorrect. They seek to disarm the public and then use the brute power of their powerful arms with endless ammunition to enforce their way. They violate The American Way, which is freedom to associate. THEY are the problem, not the solution. They earn punishment—for their ACTS, and rebuke for their psychotic sociopathic thinking—which they exhibit at every turn. Medical attention is in order, for their hoplophobic anti-social behaviors.

To the extent they believe disarming the public serves anything but a nefarious purpose, THEY are your enemy. Blaming White people, or any ethnic or racial group is classic Marxist divide-and-conquer dialectic. CLING to your guns and Bibles. We at JPFO are not afraid to say it, where so many others have been terrorized into silence. Jews have suffered under the mass-hysteria jackboot before. Act before it totally infects the United States. Speak out. Reject so-called correctness. It is anything but correct. Press for marksmanship training at your children’s schools. Get some yourself. Join JPFO, or simply contribute. Start a discussion group near you. jpfo.org.


Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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