Birds of a feather DO flock together


Does “Positive Racism” Exist in America?

Schools are trying to “unlearn” racism, is that even possible?

Blacks LIKE each others’ company, so do Jews—and that’s OK.

Enforced diversity is a bad plan. Inclusion must be voluntary. Leftism is inherently flawed.

“The people charging racism typically are the racists, and evil.”

While leftists (also formerly known as socialists, communists or generically Marxists) try to disarm Americans, the goal is to coalesce power solely into the hands of government, so it can enforce its will on the public. They want people with guns—armed government agents—empowered “by law” to take your guns. That is not law, that is tyranny—brute force used against liberty. They charge “racism” as a ruse to justify disarming peaceful innocent people who have done nothing wrong.

The president frontally assaulted the Second Amendment while saying he wasn’t, and legacy media basically cheered, confirming their status as corrupted sycophants. This is the nature of our battle. Democrats have lost The American Way. Our public is armed to prevent rule by a powerful central government. We Jews know better than anyone what happens when power is allowed to gather in the halls of the elites. Been there, done that. Disarming the public is specifically banned here. It is why we are the great magnet to the world’s oppressed masses—our public remains fully armed.

Traditional Marxist class war, widely recognized as an abominable failure, even by the intellectual class, has morphed into race war at the hands of clever activist progressive socialists. Using concocted ideologies like inclusion, diversity, equity and other enforced anti-social tools, incessant brainwash detergent is convincing people that anything Democrats hate is racist and bad. This is false. All Black dance clubs, Irish-named bars, White-dominated country music, these are fine, even if legacy media says otherwise. “The people charging racism are the racists,” leading experts affirm.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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