Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto, Lowers Age for Concealed Carry to 18

H/T The Truth About Guns.

Bravo to the Kansas Legislature for over riding the veto of Governor Laura Kelly(Delusional-KS).

Last month, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly vetoed a bill that would have extended concealed carry to all adults in the state. The governor had been a big opponent of campus carry and didn’t want to see the number of guns legally carried on Kansas’s college and university campuses increased.

In announcing the veto, Kelly tried to let Kansas’s gun owners know she’s really on their side by proclaiming that “I have always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but . . . .” ‘Nuff said.

Yesterday the legislature let the Governor know what they think about age discrimination where enumerated civil rights are concerned. They overwhelmingly overrode the governor’s veto, lowering the age for legal concealed carry to 18 years of age.

From the Epoch Times . . .

After a short discussion, the House voted 84 to 39 to override the Democratic governor’s veto of HB 2058 that proposes to let more people carry guns if they have a proper permit. The Senate also voted to override the veto 31 to 8. …

“The governor in her message indicated that she has always supported the Second Amendment,” Rep. John Barker (R-Abiline) said of Kelly’s decision to veto the bill last month. “Well, I find that hard to believe sometimes because we already have 18-year-olds that can carry a gun [openly] in the state of Kansas.”

It’s another welcome win securing equal gun rights for all adults, no matter their age.

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