South Carolina General Assembly Sends Open Carry Bill to Governor


If Governor Henry McMaster(R-SC)signs this bill it will be a big win for South Carolinians.

Today, the House voted 83-34 to concur with the Senate on House Bill 3094, the open carry and free CWP bill. It will now go to Governor Henry McMaster for his signature. This is a big advancement for Second Amendment rights benefitting law-abiding citizens. NRA congratulates bill sponsor Rep. Bobby Cox on this win and also thanks him for his tireless work guiding his bill through the legislative process.

House Bill 3094 allows citizens who hold a CWP to carry a handgun in the manner they choose. At the moment, South Carolina is just like New York and California in not allowing open carry of handguns. Self-defense situations are difficult to predict and everyone has different circumstances. It is unreasonable for the law to impose a one-size-fits-all method of carrying a handgun for self-defense.

It also eliminates the $50 application fee for a CWP. This is especially important following the economic turmoil of the past year, ensuring that all law-abiding citizens can have their right to self-defense regardless of financial ability and without having to buy it back from the government.

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Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

One thought on “South Carolina General Assembly Sends Open Carry Bill to Governor”

  1. It was NOT an open carry bill. It was another infringement on our Right to keep and bear arms.
    You need yet another nanny-state permit to carry your weapon after you get permission to buy it. Wait, you need a permission slip to conceal carry it. THEN you can request (and be denied) permission to open carry.
    Of course, the government collects mandatory fees (aka TAXES) for each permission slip.
    And since it is a privilege not a Right, it can be revoked at any time.
    Care to rewrite your headline?
    SC RINO’s again FAIL to support the Right of the people to keep and bear arms without infringement


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