Skating through History


A look back at skating.

It’s no surprise that the staff at Skate World is crazy about skating. Chanel grew up roller-skating, celebrating anything from birthday parties to church fellowship and community growth with the Skate World family. But the roller-skating industry has gone through quite a few changes to get where it is today. Here are our favorite fun facts and tidbits about the history of roller-skating.

History of Roller-Skating

vintage roller skatingRoller-skating was invented in 1735 by John Joseph Merlin, a Belgian who famously introduced his new wheeled shoes at a party in London and promptly crashed into a mirror. (That’s why moms always insist their kids wear helmets when learning how to skate!) Monsieur Petitbled patented the roller-skate in 1819. His skates were inline, with only three wheels and no way to turn! Until James Leonard Plimpton came along. He reinvented the wheel, patenting a four-wheeled roller-skate that let wearers pivot as needed.

Skating fell out of favor in the 1900’s until the waitresses at drive-ins started wheeling meals to customers. Roller-skating quickly rose in popularity, hitting its peak in the roller-disco era of the 70’s and 80’s. Inline skates took over in the 90’s, but quad skating has once again hit its stride.

Fun Facts about Skating

  • The first public skating rink opened in 1866.
  • Did you know there’s a National Museum of Roller-Skating? It’s in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Plenty of celebrities have gotten into roller-skating. Skating is featured in several famous music videos, from Cher’s 1979 hit to Beyonce’s 2013 chart-topper.
  • There’s even a music video set at Skate World!

Roll into another year of fun with summer skating in Lakeland. Call Skate World to learn more about family fun, roller-skating birthday parties, and community skating events.

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