JPFO condemns the Columbia Journalism Review manifesto. Attempt to dictate news coverage to American Media is horrific.


JPFO’s position is clear—no individual or organization should ever dictate terms of writing to any journalist or editor. Creating a document that reporters or editors are expected to sign and obey is the hallmark of a totalitarian dictatorship, and such thinking has no place in our free society. We condemn all the parties involved in creating this nefarious scheme in the most unambiguous terms. How dare they.

By holding a “summit” of the most dedicated anti-rights factions in America, who have repeatedly exhibited disdain and outright hatred for the Bill of Rights, and its Second Amendment, the perpetrators of this fraud have relinquished any claim to legitimacy they may have once held. Pretending that this exercise in rights denial is anything but a bold power grab and sign of mental instability is grounds for removal from any position of influence. Locking out all other voices nails the coffin closed.

Columbia Journalism Review and its cohorts has shown extremely racist, non-inclusive behavior by excluding more than half of the American public in its dictates. They have ignored the enormous social utility of firearms ownership, extant since the nation’s founding, and crucial to the peace, prosperity and stability this nation enjoys, making us a magnet for oppressed masses worldwide. Shame on these bigoted elites for even contemplating such a thing, let alone attempting it under the imprimatur of the free press, placing them among history’s most egregious tyrants.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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