Even the simplest meals we eat today were made possible by major innovations in food history. Take the oven for example: Roughly 30,000 years ago, early humans got the idea to line pits with heat-conducting stones and fill them with hot coals or ash. These earth ovens were able to cook meat slowly and break down tough muscle tissues. The method made it easier for people to absorb nutrients, and it opened the door for the development of cooking instruments that were more sophisticated than an open flame.

In the latest episode of Food History, host Justin Dodd shares the stories behind 10 inventions that shaped the culinary world. In addition to major breakthroughs like the oven and the refrigerator, the list includes kitchen staples many of us take for granted. If you’ve ever wondered how Saran wrap got its name or who we have to thank for sliced bread, check out the video below.

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