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I prefer milkshakes from old fashion ice cream parlors.

The history of this beverage is just as sweet as it tastes

We all know what milkshakes are. They come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours, flavours… and most of the time give you brain freeze. This sweet and cold beverage is enjoyed by people around the globe, whether it’s children, adults or even grandparents. But what is the history behind the milkshake?

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Well, why don’t we find out? In the 1800s, the word ‘milkshake’ wasn’t the family friendly drink we all know and love today. Instead, back then it was a type of eggnog made with whiskey, which added flavour. That meant it was definitely not child friends.

However, by the 1900s, it had become the tasty, mouthwatering drink that is world famous today. The alcohol was replaced with syrup, ice cream and milk all mixed together, making it safe for children to drink.


However, they weren’t exactly easy to make, so in 1911, Hamilton Beach invented a drink mixer that made milkshakes easier to make and prepare.

In 1922 was when milkshake started taking on its modern day form, all thanks Steven Poplawski when he invented the blender. In the same year Steven created the blender, Walgreens employee Ivar “Pop” Coulson invented the first malted milkshake by adding vanilla ice cream to their usual malted milk drink.

Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

By the 1950s, milkshakes were everywhere, sprouting up at every corner of the globe. Whether it was diners, lunch bars, drive-throughs or any food stall, you would most likely find a milkshake being drunk, ordered or sold in tall glasses, with straws, an umbrella or strawberry sticking out of it.

There were even a few odd ones made here and there in the United States. One of which was called the “Concrete”. It earned that name for a very good reason: the drink was so thick it could be held completely upside down and it wouldn’t spill a single drop. Cool, right?

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

From there onwards, the milkshake has now grown into what you will probably drink today at your local store, restaurant or diner. Over the past few years things have got even bigger and better with the invention of freakshakes and hard milkshakes made with alcohol, just like the good old days of the 1800s! Who knows where milkshake will go next!


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