OMG! Open Carry is Legal, and I Saw Someone Actually Doing It! OMG!

H/T Guns In The News.

I was confronted by a lady from England when I was open carrying she told me about how restrictive England’s gun laws were.

She also said that she felt safer seeing people armed she asked about Indiana’s gun laws on carrying a firearm.

I told her that Indiana’s laws were mute on open carry vs concealed carry so either way was legal.

She thanked me and asked if she could take my picture to show her friends in England I said no problem.


All I see when I see someone wearing a gun while running errands is fear and paranoia, which is a bad combination when mixed with a deadly weapon. Imagine if someone had a machete sticking out the back of their pants everywhere they went. How insane would that look? How is a loaded handgun any different, other than being able to kill more people more quickly and efficiently with it?

This element of American culture causes people in other developed nations to look at us in utter bafflement. Heck, it baffles me, and I grew up here. We have a gun problem in the U.S. That fact is indisputable. And it’s not just because criminals have guns. States with higher gun ownership rates have higher gun death rates. States with stricter gun laws have lower gun death rates. Ideology aside, the math favors fewer guns and stricter laws, not the free-for-all gun culture gripping a decent portion of the country.

Additionally, how can we truly say we’re a great nation if people feel like they can’t leave the house unarmed? I can’t wrap my brain around the mindset. What kind of warped version of “freedom” is that?

— Annie Reneau in People parading guns through grocery stores does not make them, or America, great

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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