Mass media won’t face the truth—staring in its face for decades:

Reporters losing their minds over skyrocketing crime

“What can we do about gun violence?” pundits deceitfully ask

“Gun violence” is not a thing. Journalists are hiding behavior issues and increasing CRIME

Question: Why are members of society increasingly willing to commit crime?

Answer: 1. Lack of punishment.

2. Removal of police from the equation.

3. Courts that do not prosecute or mete out fair penalties.

4. Criminals who understand this.

5. Amoral upbringing.

Every time authorities focus on guns, criminals get a green light to proceed

300 million guns circulate—only useful idiots think the gun count motivates murderers

When will Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo confront Tucker Carlson and Grant Stinchfield on air? Dueling talking heads from FOX, CNN and Newsmax continuously ask no one in particular rhetorical questions, as if the answers are unknown and unknowable—when the answers stare them in the face. Why don’t they interview each other? Now THAT would be a show! Is it illegal?

Decades of so-called “gun control” and background checks have had no effect on crime and criminals. The public sees it. Cartels and drug lords know it. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, knows it and has been shouting it from the rooftops for decades. Wake up! Crime and its motivating factors has nothing to do with gun legislation and so-called “gun control.” Every time any news outlet speaks of “gun violence” they hide the issue and make things worse. There is no gun violence. There is crime, and criminals. Don’t avoid it. Why are people increasingly willing to commit crime, of any kind, with anything? Mass media avoids root causes to perpetuate crime, for pernicious reasons, face it, get over it, change it.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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