That’s just through June 2021—mass media
promotes these like sport scores!

•  Prosecutors seem to be in hiding—little activity reported—perps still at large

•  One shooting of a White girl gets the “Nancy Grace breathless treatment” fast

•  If any officer shoots any Black person—criminal or otherwise, anywhere—the entire nation gets non-stop saturation coverage for the rest of our lives, by every “news” outlet; Pundits falsely call this balanced, fair reporting

•  The public is no longer fooled—criminals are bad, guns are inanimate

The White House has responded to the alarming increase in daylight murders, gang activity and brazen violent street crime by threatening to crack down on federally licensed firearms dealers and historically run gun shows. What’s the point with 300 million guns already owned? Most of this violence occurs in specific urban areas—not even “democrat-run cities,” as right-leaning media prefers to call it. Reporting on the types, ages and race of murderers and victims, sources of weapons and other salient details, which would be informative, is suspiciously absent from reports.

JPFO calls this suspicious because the thrust of reports seems aimed at vilifying guns and disarming the innocent. Little effort at identifying criminals and enforcing the law is apparent. Hard police work, considered by experts to be needed to control crime, especially when society is fraying as it currently is, has been met by state and federal legislators calling and acting to defund police. Even useful idiots can see crime, fear and lack of official response is being used for control, not of criminal activity, but of the public the government seeks to dominate. An armed public is a threat to those in power, a classic and well understood basic government principle. Government seeking control over its subjects has no interest in preventing crime.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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