19 Facts about the Creamsicles You Never Imagined Were True

H/T Food Truck Empire.

I love creamsicles

Part of the original Popsicle Brand, the Creamsicle is one of four related products, which includes the Fudgsicle and the Yosicle. These treats contain fudge and yogurt respectively. The original Popsicle has been around since 1905, but didn’t get a rebrand until 1922. The Creamsicle was born in the late 1930s, along with the Fudgsicle, originally named the Fudgicle.

The Creamsicle remains a favorite for its creamy consistency and delicious flavor today. Nearly 100 years old, here are some amazing facts about the famous Creamsicle that are hard to believe. But they are true! Stick around until the end of the article and we’ll test your knowledge of the timeless frozen dessert.

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