Vic’s Ice Cream Parlor

H/T Atlas Obscura.

A stop at Vic’s is a trip down memory lane.

At this 1940s-era neighborhood favorite, you can still drink a cherry phosphate.

TUCKED AWAY IN THE TREE-LINED Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento, Vic’s has been a community favorite for generations. Opened in 1947, this ice cream parlor and diner retains its original post-war atmosphere.

When you take a seat at the counter, it’s easy to imagine you’re on a movie set, complete with a black-and-white checkered floor and a row of milkshake blenders. In addition to handmade ice cream, malts, and sandwiches, they serve phosphates. A phosphate is a soft drink, but instead of using carbonated water, it has a bit of acid phosphate to give it a tangy zip. Originally promoted as health tonics in the 1860s, phosphates fell out of favor with the decline of fountain drinks and the advent of bottled soda. Vic’s is one of the few places that still serves this beverage.

While retro-themed diners have been around for decades, Vic’s is the real deal. So don’t be surprised to find a line of people outside waiting to cool off with some old-school refreshments.


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