Teal McDonald’s Arches

H/T Atlas Obscura.

The world’s only teal arches exist in a city that cares more about its aesthetic than an Instagram influencer.

IF YOU THINK THE GOLDEN Arches were an immutable part of the McDonald’s legacy, you’d be wrong.

In 1993, the city of Sedona allowed McDonald’s to open in their town under one condition: They change the color of their logo. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the red rocks in the area and keep the overall aesthetic of the town (because that’s something people thought about in the ’90s), local officials required that McDonald’s change their famous yellow logo to teal. Sedona representatives were concerned the giant golden M would clash with the tones of the surrounding landscape.

The teal arches, along with teal welcome signs, still stand there today. They’re the only teal McDonald’s arches in the world.

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I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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