Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner, With Your Lib-Left Relatives

H/T We The People.

Want to have a better time for one and all?

Don’t invite them and have a better Thanksgiving for all concerned.

All of my relatives are essentially dead.

I do have a sister who lives in Bend Oregon.

She’s a former grade school teacher and all she would bring to the table is her desire to pay more taxes for our woeful school system.

Of course, she never made the cut! 😉

The Canada Free Press


November 23, 2017

The last thing that GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly), whose latest headline is: “It’s Your Civic Duty to Ruin Thanksgiving by Bringing Up Trump ,  can lay any claim to is being “gentlemanly.”

If Toxic Progressive women ruled the would this is what we would likely see.

Sodden with ‘Snowflake’ tears and feeling sorry for themselves, GQ advises:

This Turkey Day, Consider Making Life HELL for a Few of Your Relatives.

It’s late-November 2017, and you know what that means: Every man you’ve ever seen on TV for any reason has just been unmasked as a woman-hating sewer ghoul.

Also, it’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving — for America!” (Rush Limbaugh, Nov. 22, 2017)

Bring this chart to Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh, Brother!

Says El Rushbo: “Here’s a piece from GQ, Gentleman’s Quarterly.

They just put Colin Kaepernick on their cover as Citizen of the Year, a guy who’s never voted has become Citizen of the Year at GQ, a supposed men’s fashion magazine.

In fact, the way to lead into this is to share with you a tweet from Chuck You Schumer.

We were talking about this earlier this week.

Turns out that first off the mark in taking up GQ’s advice was Inauguration Day Boo-Hoo’er Chuck Schumer with a markedly sour-puss Tweet:

“Bring this chart to Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll come in handy when that family member who always talks politics tells you the Republican tax bill helps the middle class.

“And he’s got a chart here from the Joint Committee on Taxation, which is a bunch of caca, showing that the Republican tax bill, House and Senate version, only cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans.

Pelosi and Schumer are lying through their teeth.

The Republican plan they are whining about hasn’t been decided yet. (Source)

One thing that is absolutely certain is that progressive/democrats are for wealth distribution and would do well to come out like Bernie Sanders and admit they are socialists if not hard-core Marxists.

Two people obviously on drugs.

It’s nowhere near the case.

The wealthiest Americans are not gonna get a tax cut.

Well, they’re not gonna get a rate reduction. In fact, they’re going to pay a special rate of 46% in order to make sure they don’t get a tax rate reduction.

But, anyway, it’s how the leftists ruin Thanksgiving, how they seek to ruin Thanksgiving.

Here’s Chuck Schumer printing out a chart in a tweet, you’re supposed to print it out, take it with you to Thanksgiving dinner and provoke an argument among any Republicans at your Thanksgiving dinner and then throw this chart in their face to show them how wrong they are and how the Republican tax reform bill is only again benefitting the rich.”

“Thanksgiving is a celebration of community and gratitude, where we reconvene in our nostalgia-drenched hometowns and perform time-honored traditions such as almost sleeping with your high school crush and going around the table to say what you’re most thankful for and where you were on 9/11.” (GQ)

“It goes on and on to talk about what happens at Thanksgiving dinner.

And then offers a few suggestions for how to ruin Thanksgiving.

“Don’t show up. For some parents, your absence will speak louder than any sodden arguments over the density of pumpkin pie.”

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