The Washington Post’s Anti-Thanksgiving Screed

This is from The Truth Revolt.

A mental midget from the left sounding off.

The Washington Post on its best day is a bird cage liner.

It should come as no surprise that the left is inherently anti-gratitude. As an anti-human, redistributionist world-view, it derives its power by instilling in people gratitude’s antithesis: Entitlement.

The Washington Post’s Monday column by Brian Palmer, “The Environmental Costs of a Thanksgiving Meal,” is a case study, attacking the traditions enjoyed by Americans for centuries as a reminder that what we receive at the hands of our Creator is often more than we deserve.

Of course, that was before climate change.

Or, to quote Palmer:

Fossil fuels changed that equation.

What follows is a loosely annotated analysis of the supposed greenhouse gas emissions required to bring you your Thanksgiving dinner.

In total, a 3 1/2-ounce serving of turkey is responsible for approximately 2.4 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents, which is about the same as you produce by driving a car three miles. Of course, you’re not really going to limit yourself to one serving of turkey, so the actual footprint is likely to be larger. I’ll put you down for two servings, or the equivalent of six miles of driving.


One cup of mashed potatoes will release approximately 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents. … Again assuming that you go for seconds, that means the equivalent of driving 3.7 miles.

Dish after dish, the article proceeds to instill doubt and guilt where previously were found only gratitude and humility.

When you add up the turkey, potatoes, vegetables and wine, your Thanksgiving meal might be responsible for emitting more than 10 pounds of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. If you’re traveling fewer than 10 miles, there’s a good chance you’ll emit more carbon dioxide eating than driving to and from your meal.

When Dan Savage declares “there’s too many goddamn people on the planet” and that abortion should be mandatory for population control, it is a peak behind the curtain, where leftism masquerades as compassionate, tolerant, and equitable, to the true motives that underlie its foundation – the desire of power, control, and destruction.

What Palmer does here, while less obvious, is really more of the same for the anti-human ideology.

H/t: John Nolte

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