Divorce Up Date

I went to my attorney’s office yesterday and signed some more papers to end this whole Damned mess.

I will get physical custody of our daughters and the divorce becomes final on Monday.

It has been pure Hell since March the pysco bitch has tried to get my guns taken away from me and tried twice by lying to get me locked up.


More Winning: US Worker Pay Hits Highest Level in a Decade, Consumer Confidence Nears 18-Year Peak

H/T Town Hall.

In spite of the drive-by media and their lies President Donald J.Trump is making America Great Again.

In spite of the DemocRats the Never Trumpers and the RINO’s President Donald J. Trump is Making America Great Again.

Meanwhile, the economy keeps on ticking.  On the heels of consecutive, excellent jobs reports and a very strong quarter of GDP growth, CNBC flags another hopeful sign of economic health.  One of the metrics on which the US economy has lagged for years is wages.  Democrats have been zeroing in on that issue in recent months, arguing that the tax reform law has failed to increase pay for the American workforce, in spite of robust hiring, growth, and the tax relief provided to families and businesses.  But the latest numbers point to an encouraging incline on this front, too:

Andrew Clark


AP report on fastest wage growth since 2008: “…a sign that the low unemployment rate is forcing employers to raise pay to attract and keep workers.” http://www.startribune.com/pay-gains-for-us-workers-slowed-in-second-quarter/489623991/ 

Annual US worker pay gains rose at fastest pace since 2008

U.S. workers saw their annual wages and benefits rise in the second quarter at the fastest pace in nearly a decade, a sign that the low unemployment rate is forcing employers to raise pay to attract…


Compensation for workers rose to a nearly 10-year high in the second quarter as inflation pressures continued to percolate in the U.S. economy. The employment cost index increased 0.6 percent for civilian workers in the three-month period ending in June, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics release Tuesday. That brought the 12-month rate up to 2.8 percent, the highest level since 2.9 percent in the third quarter of 2008…However, the ECI has been on a steady rise over the past year and a half.The index had struggled to stay above 2 percent for most of the period following the recession as the Federal Reserve kept interest rates low and inflation stayed well below historical norms. However, the index has been climbing steadily from the 2.2 percent level just prior to President Donald Trump taking office…Wages and salaries rose 0.5 percent for the quarter and 2.8 percent for the 12-month period, while benefits costs increased 0.9 percent and 2.9 percent, respectively…The release comes ahead of Friday’s closely watched nonfarm payrolls report. Economists expect a gain of about 190,000 and a 2.7 percent increase in average hourly earnings. It also follows last Friday’s robust GDP release, which showed the economy grew 4.1 percent in the second quarter.

Americans are feeling pretty good about the economy in general, with the consumer confidence index again approaching an 18-year peak.  Republicans are happily sharing this news, which dovetails nicely with their “better of now” messaging push heading into the midterm elections:

Paul Ryan


Great news→ Worker pay rates have risen to the highest level since 2008. This morning’s @BLS_gov report shows that worker compensation has been on a steady rise over the past year and a half. America’s workers are .https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/31/worker-pay-rate-hits-highest-level-since-2008.html 

Worker pay rate hits highest level since 2008

Compensation for workers rose to a nearly 10-year high in the second quarter as inflation pressures continued to percolate in the U.S. economy.


Over on the Senate side, Mitch McConnell is also touting the string of good news, while attacking Democrats for universally opposing the pro-growth tax reform law that has helped spur so much of the recent progress. “Not a single one of our colleagues across the aisle voted in support of the historic tax reform that’s helping make these developments possible. So for them, these data are telling an inconvenient truth,” he said in a floor speech Tuesday morning:


Many Democrats have excused their ‘no’ vote by citing a misleading, unrealistic (and fact-checked as such) talking point about “the rich,” and by pretending to care about the national debt. May I remind youthat even after the tax cuts, government revenue levels (as a percentage of GDP) remain above the modern era average. Letting people keep more of their money is not “spending,” but spending is the problem. And how many of the Democrats who feigned concern about a $2 trillion tax cut will sign onto a healthcare scheme that will cost at least $32.6 trillion. Nearly 140 in Congress already have. I’ll leave you with a note on the November elections from earlier in the week:

Guy Benson


New Senate polls:
Scott (R) +3 in FL
Heller (R) +1 in NV

Logan Dobson@LoganDobson
Replying to @LoganDobson

link to NV survey: https://www.suffolk.edu/documents/SUPRC/7_31_2018_marginals.pdf 

link to FL survey: https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000164-ed7b-d428-a7fe-fdffcb280001 

The lefty media is spinning the Nevada number as something of an outlier, and noting that hovering in the low 40’s is a very bad spot for an incumbent. But they’re also arguing that the Florida survey is actually good news for the longtime Democratic incumbent who’s polling in the low-40’s because he’s “only” trailing by three points, despite being heavily outspent. Part of the reason he’s being heavily outspent is because Rick Scott is running an energetic campaign that’s attracting tons of donations; meanwhile, Floridians don’t know who Bill Nelson is, even though he’s represented them for multiple Senate terms.




NFL Attempts To Silence Jerry Jones’ Hard Stance on Anthem Kneelers

H/T Right Wing Folks.

I have but one thing to say about the NFL trying to silencing Jerry Jones that is Piss on you I am still going to boycott your games and the Super Bowl.

As a Gold Star family member, I am offended by these whiny bastards and they kneeling during the national anthem.

They are disrespecting my late uncle and every man and woman that has lost their lives to protect our freedom.

They are also slapping every man and woman that have and are serving to protect our freedom.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear last week that his organization won’t tolerate protests during the national anthem.

Now the NFL, which has hemorrhaged fan support as it’s mishandled the anthem controversy, has responded — by putting a muzzle on Jones

“You know where I stand, our teams know where I stand. That is where we are,” Jones said Wednesday during a press conference to open training camp in Oxnard, California. “Our policy is you stand during the anthem, toe on the line.”

Jones’ son Stephen, the team’s executive vice president, went further in a radio interview the next day. When asked whether he was confident players would follow the rule, the younger Jones said, “If they want to be a Dallas Cowboy, yes.”

“There’s one way to do it right in our mind, and that’s go toes on the line and stand for the anthem,” he said Thursday on KTCK-FM.

“That’s not an ‘I’ or ‘me’ thing. This is an organizational thing,” Stephen Jones said. “We feel strongly about it. We don’t think it’s a controversy. We just think that’s the way we do it. Jerry feels strongly about it.”

The NFL, however, doesn’t care how strongly the Cowboys feel about the anthem. Jerry Jones said the league told him to clam up about the issue.

The Fort Worth News-Telegram reported that Jones told several local TV stations he couldn’t answer questions about the anthem or his team’s policy.

That prompted one station, KDFW-TV, to cancel its interview with him Sunday night.

It’s curious that the league has ordered Jones to shut up about the anthem issue while protesting players continue to speak freely.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, one of the most outspoken protesters, called Jones a “bully” for his anthem policy, and he apparently hasn’t been silenced by the NFL.

Jones isn’t the only NFL owner to be muzzled on the anthem question. According to ESPN, Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown said last week that all the owners have been told to keep quiet about the issue.

“The league and the union are talking on this and we’re instructed to stand down while that’s ongoing,” Brown said. “I’m not going to sit here and stir the pot.”

The NFL issued a new policy in May under which players on the field would be required to stand for the anthem, but those who chose not to could stay in the locker room. On July 20, however, the league said it had agreed to a “standstill” of the policy with the NFL Players Association.

“Our shared focus will remain on finding a solution to the anthem issue through mutual, good faith commitments, outside of litigation,” the league and the union said in a statement.

What that “solution” will be is anybody’s guess, but the league’s actions suggest there’s a good chance it will allow the protests to continue during the upcoming season — and a lot of fans will continue to turn away.

New York man arrested for leaving threatening voicemails for Scalise and second congressman

H/T The Advocate.

This is the kind of crap Crazy Maxine, Corey Booker, and all of DemocRat crazies are stirring up.

Every one of these silly bastards should be held responsic=ble for any harm that comes to any Republican.

Federal authorities arrested an upstate New York man accused of leaving menacing voicemails on the office phones of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, and another congressman.

Carlos Bayon, 63, used the phone in his Grand Island, New York, home to leave the threatening messages in English and Spanish, federal authorities told The Buffalo News. He was arrested Wednesday on counts of making threats across state lines.

Federal officials did not identify the congressmen by name Bayon called — instead indicating only their home state — but a spokeswoman for Scalise confirmed the Jefferson Parish Republican was the recipient of one of the calls.

“Hey listen, this message is for you and the people that sent you there. You are taking ours, we are taking yours. Anytime, anywhere. We know where they are. We are not going to feed them sandwiches, we are going to feed them lead,” Bayon said in a June 30 message left at Scalise’s office, according to WKBW-TV in Buffalo.

“Make no mistake, you will pay,” Bayon added. “Ojo por ojo, diente por diente (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth).”

Gary Loeffert, special agent in charge of the FBI in Buffalo, told the local newspaper that agents seized evidence from Bayon’s home suggesting the threats may have been credible.

Scalise was shot in June 2017 by a gunman targeting Republican lawmakers. The shooter, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Illinois, opened fire at an early morning congressional GOP baseball practice and carried a list of conservative politicians with him, though Scalise’s name was not on it.

In Washington suburb, Steve Scalise critically hurt and nerves frayed over a massacre averted

Three others were wounded in the shooting as well. Police officers returned fire and killed Hodgdkinson.

“Scalise is grateful to law enforcement for their actions. He will never forget how their heroism saved his life and those of his colleagues last year,” said Lauren Fine, a spokeswoman for Scalise, in reaction to Wednesday’s arrest. “As he has said before, there is absolutely no place in our political discourse for violent threats.”

Unchanged views, ‘bigger national profile’: How Steve Scalise has grown stronger after near-fatal shooting

Melania Finally Responds to Politician Calling Her a Prostitute — Scorching Hot

H/T Right Wing Folks.

Melania Trump is the prettiest and classiest First Lady in my lifetime.

Mark Roberts is a despicable sexist pig.

Mark Roberts, a congressional candidate running in Oregon, made national headlines on Monday when he launched a nasty attack on First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter, comparing her to a prostitute.

Charlie Kirk


Did you know:

There are thirty-nine fewer staffers dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) than under Obama

There are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. forty-four staffers who served Michelle Obama

Mark Roberts


US House candidate, OR-2

Did you know the First Lady works by the hour?

Responding to a flattering tweet about Melania Trump from Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, Roberts responded, “Did you know the First Lady works by the hour?”

Roberts included two hashtags, including #thinkdirty and #hoebag.

On Wednesday, Melania Trump’s team finally responded to the vile attack.

FLOTUS spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham provided a statement to Glamour Magazine blasting Roberts for the sexually charged insult.

“This is just more hypocritical intolerance from those who oppose her husband’s administration,” Grisham said. “To say such ugly words about a mother, wife, and our First Lady is not just a pathetic attempt at getting himself in the news; it is disturbing and despicable.”

Roberts’s original tweet was harshly condemned by people on both sides of the aisle.

“It’s one thing to dislike the President, but calling the First Lady a prostitute is too much and this congressional candidate should apologize,” Erick Erickson tweeted.

Erick Erickson


It’s one thing to dislike the President, but calling the First Lady a prostitute is too much and this congressional candidate should apologize.

Mark Roberts


US House candidate, OR-2
Replying to @charliekirk11 @sonyacsa

Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag

Tom Bevan, co-founder and president of Real Clear Politics, responded, “Delete your candidacy.”

Tom Bevan


Delete your candidacy. https://twitter.com/RobertsforCD2/status/1023977572315451392 

Mark Roberts


US House candidate, OR-2
Replying to @charliekirk11 @sonyacsa

Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag

Sarah Palin


LINE CROSSED: Melania Trump Likened To A Prostitute By Congressional Candidate, Is Called A ‘Hoebag’ https://www.chicksonright.com/youngcons/2018/08/01/line-crossed-melania-trump-likened-to-a-prostitute-by-congressional-candidate-is-called-a-hoebag-2/?utm_source=anh 

LINE CROSSED: Melania Trump Likened To A Prostitute By Congressional Candidate, Is Called A ‘Hoebag’

Some anti-Trump folks really don’t like First Lady Melania Trump. For a first lady who spends a lot of time reaching out to people, to sick children, to the military and to people affected


President Trump had yet to comment on the matter, but Roberts should expect a scathing rebuke if the president decides to address the attack on his wife.


H/T The Daily Caller.

I can not figure out if the DemocRats are just ignorant of the immigration laws or if it is a case of willful ignorance.

Democratic Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono received a quick lesson on U.S. immigration law from ICE official Matthew Albence during a hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.


“Would you send your child to [the Family Residential Center]?” Hirono asked.

Albence appeared to be losing his patience with the senator’s line of questioning and perceived lack of understanding of the issue, saying, “Again, I think we’re missing the point. These individuals are there because they have broken a law. There has to be a process.”

The senator, not liking where Albence’s answer was leading, interjected: “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the president,” she said.

“No, ma’am. They’re there for violation of Title 8 of the immigration of the U.S. and Nationality Act. OK? They’re 8 USC 1325 — that’s illegal entry — is both a criminal and civil violation,” Albence retorted. “They are in those FRCs pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They have broken the law,” he concluded.

Hirono, now visibly both flustered and frustrated, tried to draw a distinction between civil and criminal proceedings, but was again quickly shot down by the ICE representative.

“There were criminal proceedings when the border patrol prosecuted them, but at the conclusion of that process, once the individual came into ICE custody, they would go through administrative proceedings,” Albence told the Senator.

Albence’s answer appeared to be too much for the Senator to handle, as she responded by simply saying, “I’m confused.”

CNN Host: If You Oppose Mueller’s Russia Probe, You’re Not Patriotic

H/T Town Hall.

In spite of what Jake Crapper of the Communist News Network says the people that oppose Mueller’s, Witch Hunt are very patriotic.

Of all the hosts on CNN, I don’t really mind Jake Tapper. He’s pushed back on liberal nonsense before, even placed top Democrats in the hot seat for past ties to…known anti-Semites. There is one huge negative though that doesn’t relate to politics: he’s a Philadelphia Eagles* fan. Yet, back to the point, he has a new book out, The Hellfire Club, so he’s doing some late night television hits. On July 27, he stopped by CBS’ Stephen Colbert’s show, where he said, more or less, if you oppose the Mueller investigation, you’re not being patriotic (via Washington Times):


Here’s the bottom line: the United States was attacked. The United States was attacked by Russia. No, it wasn’t like Pearl Harbor, it was a cyber attack. It was a disinformation campaign, but we were attacked. And there’s this investigation to find out what happened. Now, part of the investigation has to do with Donald Trump and whether or not anybody in his orbit cooperated but there’s this larger investigation about what happened and how can we prevent it from happening again. And there are a whole bunch of people in Washington who are trying to prevent the investigation from going forward. I mean, imagine if somebody tried to prevent the investigation into how Pearl Harbor happened from going forward, you would say that person is not being not patriotic.”

Well, I guess there’s something to be said for the fact that he feels that this isn’t like Pearl Harbor. The liberal news media was frothing at the mouth trying to paint the Russian interference, which really wasn’t successful, as akin to the 9/11 terror attacks and Pearl Harbor. Folks, take a valium and shut the hell up: Hillary Clinton losing an election because she was a terrible candidate isn’t Pearl Harbor, not even close, and it shows once again how liberals have of grasp of history. How many bourbons, or possibly lines of cocaine, would you have to consume to honestly go on live television and say election night 2016 was just as bad as when we lost 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Were families shattered on election night? There was disappointment, no doubt—but cut the crap. It’s so hyperbolic that those who aren’t of this stripe politically think you’re nuts. They’re not wrong. Also, investigation into Pearl Harbor? I think the Japanese Mitsubishi Zeros and the U.S.S. Arizona being sunk were ample evidence that, you know, Japan attacked us. Also, there were thousands of witnesses: the surviving crew of the Pacific Fleet.

Second, can we stop acting like this is the first time we’ve been cyber attacked (of sorts). In 2015, China infiltrated the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and stole the personal data of 20 million government workers. It was so bad that we reportedly pulled our intelligence operatives in China out of fear they could be compromised. Where was the freak out then? Oh, wait, Hillary was supposed to win, right? Trump’s win upset the apple cart, so blame Russia. The thing with the investigation, for me, is that it’s yielded nothing. Zip. Zilch—concerning whether the Kremlin colluded with the Trump campaign in 2016. We would have known. This is the 21stcentury, nothing stays a secret for long, especially something like this. After a year or more of investigations, we have Russian intelligence operatives being indicted by the Department of Justice. Yeah, great—nothing will come of this. Russia won’t extradite these people, so the evidence the DOJ has on these individuals will never be subject to scrutiny. There will be no trial. It will almost be as effete as the Obama administration’s response to the Russian interference, which they knew about and decided to pretty much sit on their hands.

Everyone from sitting Democrats to CNN said Obama either choked or fumbled the ball on this event. Former intelligence officials, like former CIA Director Michael Morell said that the response the administration took was a disaster, too light, a slap on the wrist that will not deter the Russians from trying this again. We are dealing with a slice of the political class who thinks that drinking Stoli vodka or even talking with Russia is akin to treason. One could argue that a neo-McCarthyite mindset has taken over the Democratic Party; irony in the extreme for a party that mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting Russia was our biggest geopolitical foe in 2012. Well, they have nuclear weapons, so that should put them on the list; brain-dead liberals never got that, but since Hillary Clinton lost—Russia is the bedrock of Satan.

So, excuse us, sir if we’re a bit skeptical of an investigation that has yielded zero evidence of collusion, while fanning and flames of a Russophobic frenzy engulfing the Democratic Party, energizing them for the upcoming elections. When nothing arises, maybe it’s time to close shop and save the taxpayer’s money. Also, concerning some aspects of the cyber activity reportedly conducted by Russia; can we really say John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair, had his email hacked? He fell for a fake password reset phishing scheme. That’s hardly something you’d see from any unit resembling the Impossible Mission Force.

*I’m a die-hard New York Giants fan. Y’all know the rivalry.