Booker Talks Urban-Rural Divide, Ignores Role Of Gun Control

H/T Bearing Arms.

Senator Cory Booker(Delusional-NJ)is to blind or too stupid to see gun control dividing urban areas from the rural areas.

Sen. Cory Booker grew up just outside of Newark, NJ and was born in Washington, D.C. He’s a city boy, born and bred. In fact, I haven’t seen anything to suggest he’s really spent a lot of time outside of the city or suburbs. Sure, he represents an entire state, but that doesn’t actually mean he understands much about rural America.

Yet he recently spoke about the urban-rural divide in the United States and also about his stance on gun control.

The thing is, he doesn’t really seem to get that for many in rural America, his gun control position is all the evidence they need that he doesn’t know anything about them.

“If I’m President of the United States, I’m bringing a fight to this issue like the [National Rifle Association] or the corporate gun lobby have never seen before,” Booker says. “What I know is that there is so much more agreement on this issue than disagreement. Over 90 percent of gun owners believe that we should have universal background checks. Over 80 percent of Americans believe that we should have gun licensing. There are things we could do if we have a president that is going to make this a major priority of their administration… This is a mission for me.”

For Booker, that may be a message that resonates in Southern Nevada, home of the worst mass shooting in modern American history. However, in rural parts of the state where some counties have declared themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries — an attempt to buck a universal background check law passed by lawmakers earlier this year — that message may not work for traditionally conservative voters. He says that’s partly because leaders have not done enough to work with rural voters.

“The challenge we have right now in this country is I just do not think rural communities have had the right vision in a president,” Booker says. “The things that are going on in rural America [are] not fait accompli, the decline in population you see from so many rural counties. What we need to do is start to have a vision and see the worth of all of our communities, and begin to actually have a plan. I think we need, for example, infrastructure. We need a rule Marshall Project to make sure we are focusing on everything from health care delivery all the way to critical infrastructure like broadband access.”

Booker speaks as if he thinks he understands the rural voters.

He doesn’t.

The truth is, regardless of what he offers the rural parts of the country–be it infrastructure, subsidies, or pots of gold for every man, woman, and child–he’s never going to win them over. Broadband access won’t do them a damn bit of good when they’re forced to wait 45 minutes for the one deputy working in the middle of the night to make it across the whole county while some punk is trying to kick the door in. Health care delivery is all fine and good unless the reason you need it is because your daughter was raped and you were powerless to do anything about it.

The rural-urban divide exists not because of a lack of certain features but because legions of his fellow Democrats have demonized rural voters for years simply because they have different priorities when it comes to political candidates.

If Booker really gives a damn about rural voters–no, I know he doesn’t, but roll with me here–if he really wants to understand them, then he needs to sit down with some of them who don’t support him and listen to what the problems are.

I don’t think he’s got the stones to actually do it, though.

He can talk about working with rural voters, but let’s also remember that his party has spent the last few years demonizing those same voters as backward, racist hicks. He’s vowing to inhibit their right to keep and bear arms, an issue that’s near and dear to rural voters’ hearts. That’s not exactly the way to win elections. If he wants to undermine that narrative, he’s got to start with himself. That would mean, though, knocking off the gun control push.

Again, I don’t think he’s got the stones for it.

Disaster: Truckers Stranded as Transportation Giant Folds, Shuts Off Fuel Cards

H/T Western Journal.

Let’s pray all of the drivers that lost their jobs find new ones.

It’s an absolute disaster in the trucker community.

Transportation giant Celadon filed for bankruptcy Monday, leaving 3,000 truckers without a job just weeks before Christmas. Many of these hardworking Americans are now stranded on U.S. highways as the company shuts off fuel cards, The Washington Post reported.

“I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. I just wasn’t expecting it of this magnitude,” former Celadon driver Isabella Mills told WTHR.

According to Mills, things weren’t always this bad.

Earlier this year, Mills was driving about 4,000 miles per week. She had no problem earning money by taking as much work as she could with the company. Now, things have taken a turn for the worst.

There’s a lot of trucks broken down,” Mills said. “I know about 20 trucks out of fuel. Many are sitting at truck stops waiting for a load who is now stranded because of everything that’s going on.”

Company leadership has already instructed many truckers on what to do with their equipment and loads. Without functioning fuel cards, however, those responsible for the trucks may have to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money for the diesel to make it to their final destination.

Although Celadon is offering drivers bus tickets home after the trucks have been returned, for those who lease their equipment, this is a major blow to their careers.

“Mad is not the word. Pissed is not the word,” driver Melinda Lindsey told WTHR. Lindsey, along with her husband, leases their truck.

If we lose our truck we’ve got to start all over. I’m 50 and he’s 53. We can’t afford to pay $80,000 again.”

The collapse of Celadon comes after the announcement of indictments against former company officers. A former COO and a former CFO have both been charged with securities fraud and other high-level financial crimes for taking part in falsely inflating the company’s value.

After allegedly cooking the books, the officers’ scheme came crashing down and cost shareholders tens of millions of dollars.

Although Celadon is soon to be no more, drivers who once traveled the country for the company may soon find themselves in high demand.

Trucking and logistics companies appear to be scrambling to grab drivers now left unemployed by the collapse of Celadon. Though the company’s folding leaves thousands of people unemployed, it comes amidst a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry.

Several companies are now trying to lure former Celadon drivers with sign-on bonuses.

Despite receiving the worst career news possible, it looks like former Celadon drivers could soon be back on the road again.











Leftist Hacks In Full Panic Over Trump’s Transformative Judicial Appointments

H/T Clash Daily.

President Trump with his appointments to the federal courts is slowly making the courts more Constitution friendly.

I can’t wait to see the courts especially the Supreme Court after President Trump leaves office in 2024.

The opening lines sound an alarm to her fellow leftists. “In less than three years as president, President Trump has done nearly as much to shape the Courts as President Obama did in eight years.”

While our readers reading that line would want to raise a glass or pop a cork, the Dems see it as a prophecy of a dark dystopian future.

Trump hasn’t simply given lots of lifetime appointments to lots of lawyers. He’s filled the bench with some of the smartest, and some of the most ideologically reliable, men and women to be found in the conservative movement. Long after Trump leaves office, these judges will shape American law — pushing it further and further to the right even if the voters soundly reject Trumpism in 2020.

Let’s start with some raw numbers. Both Obama and Trump appointed two justices to the Supreme Court but Trump’s impact on the highest Court far exceeds Obama’s, because Trump replaced the relatively moderate conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy with the hardline conservative Brett Kavanaugh (that was after appointing conservative Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s vacant seat). Obama’s appointees — Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — largely maintained the balance of power on a conservative Court, while Trump has shoved that Court even further to the right.
Source: Vox

No, dear. Anyone NOT to the left of Lenin would easily recognize it wasn’t a ‘conservative’ court that passed Obamacare and Obergefell. But let’s continue.

On the courts of appeal, the final word in the overwhelming majority of federal cases, more than one-quarter of active judges are Trump appointees. In less than three years, Trump has named a total of 48 judges to these courts — compared to the 55 Obama appointed during his entire presidency.

At this point in the Obama presidency, Obama had appointed only 24 court of appeals judges, meaning that Trump is appointing appellate judges twice as fast as Obama.
Source: Vox

So, what you’re saying is that despite record obstruction in the name of ‘resistance’ Trump and his Senate are getting the job done? Good to know.

Here’s some actual footage of the left’s reaction to these numbers:

But deep into the article is one quote that is absolute gold. It must absolutely kill her to write this:

In other words, based solely on objective legal credentials, the average Trump appointee has a far more impressive résumé than any past president’s nominees.
Source: Vox

And that’s what scared her. He’s picked good, highly talented people, young enough that they’ll make a difference for a long time to come, and there are a lot of them.

Even in a hypothetical scenario where Dems were to take Congress, Senate and Presidency, the Vox writer is concerned that the courts would ‘sabotage’ the fictional new president’s agenda.

Of course, what she doesn’t acknowledge is that a group of hyper-qualified candidates really should NOT be the nightmare scenario she would most fear.

Or if it is, then what she really fears is that people who will uphold the Constitution might ‘sabotage’ any of the Socialist-left’s attempts to subvert the Constitution with their wild ‘transformative’ promises.

And if THAT is what Trump’s appointees stand in the way of, that’s one more reason to celebrate four more years.

Pelosi Hands Trump A Win, Announces Plan To Pass NAFTA Replacement

H/T Flag And Cross.

I will believe it when it hits President Trump’s desk and gets signed into law.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a few minutes away from the impeachment fever gripping the House of Representatives to announce that a breakthrough was made on Tuesday concerning negotiations for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade.

The House will vote on a trade deal put together by President Trump that he has been lobbying for Congress to pass for quite some time now.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

“It is infinitely better than what was originally proposed by the administration,” said Pelosi, a California Democrat.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, a Massachusetts Democrat, said Democrats are entering the “final stages of text sharing” with other lawmakers “before there is any expedited period of bringing it to the floor.” Neal did not indicate specifically when the House would vote on the deal.

The House is set to adjourn for the year on Dec. 20 and lawmakers typically want ample time to review trade deals.

Democrats said the accord came after provisions were added addressing labor law enforcement, environmental standards, and prescription drugs, satisfying their members.

Neal, the lead Congressional negotiator, stated, “This is a transformative agreement. Our constant emphasis was on enforceability, enforceability, and enforceability, we fixed that.”

Democrats went on to say they won the removal of several provisions that would have led to an increase in drug prices.

This trade deal is set to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement that was passed back in 1993. This is a major win for the president who has said for years the old agreement was a bad deal for the United States.

The new version of the agreement says that 75 percent of a car’s parts must be manufactured in North America to be duty-free, up from the previous 62.5 percent. The deal also says that 40 to 45 percent of a vehicle’s component parts must be made by factory workers making at least $16 an hour.


H/T Guns InThe News.

I hope this bill becomes law.

Earlier this year, U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) introduced a bill that would protect persons lawfully carrying firearms under state law, including in those states that do not require a carry permit, from being snared by a confusing provision of federal criminal law. This week U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK) introduced a companion measure in the House.

Federal law generally bans the carrying of firearms in a “school zone,” which includes not just the grounds of the school itself but a zone that extends 1,000 feet in all directions beyond the school grounds.

This federal law contains a number of exceptions, however, including for those transporting secured and unloaded firearms by vehicle or for those with certain firearm licenses (including carry permits) issued by the state or locality in which the school is located.

Since the federal law was passed, however, a number of pro-gun states have recognized the right to carry a firearm for lawful purposes without a license or permit (provided, of course, the individual is not otherwise prohibited from firearm possession).

Nevertheless, those acting lawfully under these sorts of state laws could still accidentally run afoul of federal law, should they accidentally cross the invisible threshold of a school zone. This could include simply driving by a school on a public road while carrying a holstered handgun or with a loaded handgun in a vehicle’s center console or glove compartment.

Particularly in densely populated areas, where school zones may overlap, it might be impossible to travel through certain parts of cities or towns without crossing through a school zone. The federal law could therefore criminalize harmless conduct which is recognized as lawful by the state and locality in which it occurs.

The bills filed by Sen. Rounds and Rep. Hern would solve this problem and protect law-abiding gun carriers. Under either measure, the fact the firearm was being carried “in compliance with the law of the State and political subdivision in which the school zone is located” would become a defense to a prosecution under the federal law.

Americans should be able to exercise their rights confidently and without fear of being entrapped by the potentially complicated interplay of state and federal law. The NRA applauds these commonsense measures and commends them for swift action by Congress.

Northam Tweaks Gun Ban In Response To 2A Sanctuary Movement

H/T Bearing Arms.

Gov.Ralph “Blackface” Northam(Delusional-VA)is trying to put the genie back in the bottle by saying he favors a grandfather clause for the assault weapon ban.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is hoping to take some of the wind out of the sails of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in the state by proclaiming that he backs a grandfather clause in a pending ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

More than fifty counties, towns, and cities have passed resolutions vowing not to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws that are assured of passage in the next legislative session, and Northam’s statement is the first response we’ve seen from the governor’s office in regards to the movement. From the Virginia Mercury:

“In this case, the governor’s assault weapons ban will include a grandfather clause for individuals who already own assault weapons, with the requirement they register their weapons before the end of a designated grace period,” Northam spokeswoman Alena Yarmosky said in a statement Monday evening. “Additional details on this and all other bills will be announced prior to the start of the upcoming session.”

Though legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session is still being written, gun-rights supporters have directed a wave of outrage at an early draft of a bill filed by incoming Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, D-Fairfax. Saslaw’s legislation would have made it a felony to possess a pistol, rifle or shotgun that falls under its “assault weapon” definition after the bill takes effect and didn’t appear to make any exceptions for gun owners who already have them.

In a brief phone interview Monday night, Saslaw said the bill he filed won’t be the main assault weapon proposal and will be amended at a later date. Asked about the governor’s support for grandfathering in existing weapons, Saslaw said “that would make sense.”

“I’m not going to lock up a large part of Virginia,” Saslaw said.

Color me unimpressed. If Saslaw wasn’t interested in locking up a large part of Virginia, then why did he introduce SB 16 without a grandfather clause?

This is just an attempt by anti-gun politicians to appear “reasonable” in the face of the wave of opposition to their gun control proposals, but I have bad news for Northam, Saslaw, and their allies in the legislature: it won’t work.

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement isn’t a response to one particular piece of legislation, nor will gun owners be mollified by a law that “allows” them to maintain possession of their legally owned firearms as long as they register them with the state.

In an email to supporters Monday, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the staunchly pro-gun group fueling the gun sanctuary movement in the state, said Saslaw’s bill was  “a bridge too far” and was likely to be swapped out for something that included a grandfather clause. But the group made clear that it will continue to oppose any assault weapon ban and reject anything presented as a compromise.

“Who are WE to negotiate away the right of future generations to own AR-15s, or their equivalent, and magazines of whatever capacity they want?,” the VCDL email said. “Who are WE to give away the right of future generations to protect themselves from criminals or from a government that’s gone tyrannical, just so we can selfishly have our guns and magazines now?”

We also know that once gun control advocates put a gun ban on the books, they have a tendency to revisit the law in later legislative sessions to make it more and more restrictive. California, for instance, has revised their “assault weapons ban” multiple times since it was first put on the books in the late 1990’s, and every time the law has made it more difficult for residents to legally own the most commonly sold rifle in the country today.

Northam’s gun ban is just one of several proposals that gun owners are concerned about. Senator Saslaw’s SB 22 rations gun purchases to one-per-monht, while SB 18 would make it a crime for a parent to allow their 17-year old daughter to access a firearm in self-defense without direct adult supervision.

Then there’s the so-called “red flag” law that will be introduced in the next session of the legislature, requiring sheriffs to confiscate firearms from individuals deemed to be a danger to themselves or others by a judge, though the individual in question will not be allowed to present their side of the case before an order is issued. We haven’t seen specific “red flag” language introduced yet for the 2020 session, but the red flag legislation that was voted down earlier this year by the Republican-controlled legislature would have allowed for the seizure of firearms based on a low standard of “probable cause”, as well as seizing guns a full two weeks before an individual subject to an “Emergency Substantial Risk Order” gets their day in court.

Virginia’s governor and his anti-gun allies in the legislature are clearly concerned about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement sweeping the state, but gun owners aren’t going to be satisfied with their rights being slightly less infringed than they expected. The only thing that’s changed as a result of Northam’s proclamation about a grandfather clause is his public stance, not the hearts and minds of Second Amendment supporters in the state.