Be Careful If You Decide To Stop A Mass Murder – CHP Holder Shot By Police

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Every concealed carrier needs to know who the bad guy is before drawing their weapon.

The police have no way of telling the good guys from the bad guys so you could be killed.

Virginia – -( A CHP holder in Alabama made the fatal mistake of thinking everybody knew he was a good guy trying to stop a mass murderer when the CHP holder drew his gun.

Unfortunately, an off-duty police officer didn’t know the CHP holder was trying to help and shot him to death.

Such events are not limited to CHP holders. It has also happened to off-duty and undercover police. But the root problem is almost always the same: assuming that arriving police know your intentions when you are holding a gun.

I do have to wonder if the off-duty officer told the CHP holder to drop his gun and the CHP holder didn’t comply or did the officer shoot without warning?

Remember, as a legally armed citizen; you are under no obligation to stop a crime against a third party, including stopping a mass murderer. No one will blame you for being a good witness instead. However, if you do decide to get involved, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. I would only draw my gun once I have found the criminal and decided to engage him. I wouldn’t be running around with a gun in my hand. Once the bad guy is neutralized, I would then immediately holster my gun.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr
Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr

If I should run into the police unexpectedly, I will immediately comply with instructions, while advising the officers of my CHP status. IF I GET CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS, I WILL STAND DEAD STILL WITH MY HANDS OVER MY HEAD UNTIL THERE ARE NO CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS and then I will comply.

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This danger sparks a lot of questions. What would you do?

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OSS Pierre Ortiz: French Legionnaire, US Marine, Hollywood Actor, German Nightmare

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R.I.P. Colonel Pierre (Peter) Julien Ortiz OBE July 5, 1913 – May 16, 1988

World War II had many heroes, but few had the flair and elan of Pierre Julien Ortiz, known to his friends (and his enemies) as Peter.

The New York-born Ortiz was educated in France and signed up to the French Foreign Legion in 1932 when he was just 19. He made his way through the ranks quickly, becoming first corporal then sergeant just two years later.

His bravery earned him the Croix de Guerre – twice – and also the Medaille Militaire. Although he was offered a commission and French citizenship for his services to France, he declined. He elected to return stateside in 1937.

Initially, he became an advisor on Hollywood films, giving input to producers who wanted their military-themed movies to have an aura of authenticity. But when war erupted again in 1939, Ortiz wanted to serve, so he headed back to France.

His boat was struck by the Germans, but he was picked up by a passing luxury liner. He re-enlisted in 1940.

Free French Foreign Legionnaires assaulting an Axis strong point at the battle of Bir Hakeim, 1942.

He fought in the Battle of France in 1940 but was wounded while sabotaging a fuel station. The Germans caught him, but he escaped and was able to get back to America. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in December 1941, he was asked to serve in the CIA’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

While waiting to hear back from them, he chose to enlist in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) instead, in 1942. In addition to his experience and training, Ortiz spoke ten languages, including German and Arabic, making him an enormous asset to the Allies.

He was sent to the North African front. His orders were to find out all he could about the enemy – just the kind of assignment he relished.

American troops on board a Landing Craft Assault heading into Oran, November 1942.

Ortiz finally did become a member of the OSS in 1943 and fought in the Battle of Kasserine Pass.

He wasn’t slowed by an injury to his right hand and tossed hand grenades at a German vehicle to disable it. Although he had to go back to America to have surgery on his hand, Ortiz remained committed to the fight.

Men of the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division march through the Kasserine Pass and on to Kasserine and Farina, Tunisia, February 26, 1943.
An M3 Lee tank of U.S. 1st Armored Division advancing to support American forces during the battle at Kasserine Pass.

When the Allies began organizing Operation Overlord (Normandy), men were needed to train the French Resistance fighters. Ortiz volunteered, so he and two others were parachuted into the Rhone-Alps in early January 1944.

Over several months, the trio sabotaged rail cars, blew up patrols, and did anything else they could to inhibit the Germans’ progress. Though they staged some risky and even foolish moves, they evaded capture. His mission was halted just long enough for Ortiz to be given a Navy Cross and promoted to Major.

A volunteer of the French Resistance interior force (FFI) at Châteaudun, 1944.

In August 1944, Ortiz and a crew of seven others were back in the French Alps, but this mission did not go as smoothly. The Germans were on their trail. One of the men was hurt and had to be pulled out, and another was killed during the parachute drop.

But Ortiz and his men were determined to keep morale up and even wore their Marine uniforms at all times to prove they were unafraid.

It wasn’t just the soldiers who needed their spirits lifted; civilians did, too. So one night, in a cafe packed with soldiers and civilians alike, Ortiz pulled a stunt that would make him famous until the end of his days.

This particular cafe was teeming with German soldiers, all of them uttering their distaste for the war and how their country was faring. It was also filled with ordinary French folks who were depressed about the fighting in which their country was mired.

German military and résistants, July 1944. Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-J27289 / Koll / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Suddenly, the Germans fell silent. A man had stood up, taken off his coat, and revealed a U.S. Marine uniform. A 45 caliber pistol was pointed straight at them. The man ordered the German men to make a toast to the American president, Theodore Roosevelt, and they complied – they had no choice.

Pushing his luck, Ortiz then insisted on another toast, this time to the U.S. Marines. Once again, the Germans obeyed. The “mystery man” bowed in a grand, sweeping gesture, and before his audience could react, he was gone.

Ortiz was known to the locals, but stunts like that rapidly made him a legend. Yet his grandest stunt still lay ahead, on August 16. He and his men were making their way through a small village called Centron. It was here that they were attacked by a German unit.

Member of the FFI (French Forces of the Interior), hiding behind a truck, during the Battle for Paris (August 1944). Unknown CC BY-SA 3.0

Wildly inflating the number of men he had, Ortiz told the Germans that he would quietly surrender his “entire garrison” if the Germans would just let the townspeople live. Miraculously, they agreed, and Ortiz was sent to a German prisoner of war (POW) camp while the town was spared.

In the spring of 1945, not long before the war was formally over, he and three other men escaped.

In spite of all Ortiz had done and witnessed throughout the war, when he got home, he offered to go and fight the Japanese in the Pacific. Before he could do so, the Japanese surrendered.

Peter J. Ortiz, U.S. Marine Corps.

In addition to the medals he earned in France, Ortiz earned two Purple Hearts, the Order of the British Empire, and many other honors.

Once settled stateside, he resumed his career as an advisor to movie producers. If anyone could guide Hollywood movie makers about what really happened during World War II, and how to make it all seem like a grand adventure, it was Pierre (Peter) Ortiz.

‘Gun Control’ Fails New Jersey


The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Two thugs chased a 19 year old woman across the street, into a store, and then executed her by shooting her 20 times. She died on a weekday afternoon in broad daylight. She was killed in front of witnesses in Trenton, the state capital of New Jersey. The murder was caught on security cameras. Jersey politicians and the news media told us time and again that this could never happen. We were supposed to be safe since the rigorous gun-control laws in New Jersey have disarmed the criminals. That obviously isn’t true and Jersey politicians and the news media lied to us. In fact, honest law abiding people were disarmed while the criminals still have guns. ‘Gun control’ failed again and today, honest people pay with their lives. Have we had enough?

Gun Control Jersey Style

New Jersey has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. The Giffords law center funded by Michael Bloomberg gives New Jersey an A- rating for gun-control. I quote,

“New Jersey has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation.. The state requires the licensing of all firearms dealers and their employees, and requires a permit to purchase any handgun.”

Unfortunately, criminals don’t obey gun laws and they don’t buy their guns from federally licensed dealers.

New Jersey requires a permit to purchase any handgun, rifle, or shotgun. All purchases require a background check. You won’t get your concealed carry permit in New Jersey unless you are a politician or a judge. Honest law abiding citizens can only buy one gun per month, but it takes months to get police permission to buy a handgun. Add a state mandated seven day waiting period on top of those delays. Ammunition magazines are limited to a maximum capacity of ten rounds. Jersey gun owners can be charged with a crime if they are late reporting a stolen gun, and honest gun owners can be held liable for the actions that criminals take if the stolen gun is used in a crime.

Jersey gun laws didn’t stop the murderers who shot the 19 year old woman from getting a gun and carrying their guns in public.

Those laws didn’t stop criminals. It can take an honest person at least half a year to get a firearm legally in New Jersey. A criminal buys a new one in an hour off the street.

Crime in Trenton

One horrific story is not the same as data. Unfortunately, this story is repeated day after day across the city. Trenton is the 32nd most a dangerous city in the US, though even that does not qualify as the most dangerous city in New Jersey. (That would be Camden at #4.) 94 percent of US cities are safer than Trenton. Your chance of being a crime victim in Trenton are 1 in 26 each year. Even with all the gun laws in New Jersey, the number of crimes in Trenton increased by 9 percent last year. When we look at only violent crimes, Trenton is 249% more dangerous than the US taken as a whole.

Gun Control fails New Jersey

If that is what gun-control looks like, then I don’t want any of it. The reason gun control fails is obvious. In the criminal justice system, only the first crime is expensive: all the other crimes are free. You don’t care if you use a stolen gun or a stolen car once you are going to commit murder. There is no deterrent, no incremental penalty that changes your behaviour, once you’re the gang hitman. That is why gun control only disarms honest people..which is what the Dirty Jersey politicians wanted all along.

Gun control works for Jersey politicians, but fails for New Jersey. Honest people die because of it.

Have you had enough?


NYT’s Charles Blow: ‘If Trump Were Black…Y’all Would Have Called for a Lynching’

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We did not lynch Bathhouse Barry Obama’s sorry ass for all of the shit he did when he was in office.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow said on Friday that if President Donald Trump were black, “y’all would have called for a lynching on the White House grounds”for “all of the things he is alleged to have done.”

Blow tweeted: “If Trump were black and had done all the things he is alleged to have done y’all would have called for a lynching on the White House grounds. Yes, I said it, and I MEANT IT!!! #WhitePrivilege.”

Charles M. Blow


If Trump were black and had done all the things he is alleged to have done y’all would have called for a lynching on the White House grounds. Yes, I said it, and I MEANT IT!!!

Charles M. Blow


I’m so exhausted by American raisins and white privilege that I don’t know what to do any more.

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Blow tweeted his remarks after Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort broke his plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and questions emerged about Trump’s business interests in Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“I’m so exhausted by American raisins and white privilege that I don’t know what to do any more,” he added.

Blow, who also appears on CNN, has repeatedly called Trump a “racist” and even suggested that Trump’s supporters were so racist that his approval ratings would go up with his base if a tape in which Trump is heard saying the N-word ever emerged.

“I think that if you found the tape of him using the N-word, it might actually increase his support among the people who support him,” Blow said on CNN earlier this year.

FL Gov. Scott Drops the HAMMER on Corrupt Dem Elections Official Brenda Snipes

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I hope Brenda Snipes sorry ass gets nailed to the wall and she losing her pension.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Friday issued an executive order to remove embattled elections supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Scott’s order cites “misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty” following significant vote-counting problems in Broward County during the midterm elections.

In a statement, Scott said Snipes’s job performance was “inexcusable.”

“After a series of inexcusable actions, it’s clear that there needs to be an immediate change in Broward County and taxpayers should no longer be burdened by paying a salary for a Supervisor of Elections who has already announced resignation,” Scott said.

Jake Tapper


INBOX: “Following widespread issues with voting in Broward County, Governor Rick Scott today issued Executive Order 18-342 to immediately suspend Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes from office for misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty.”

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The governor, who is heading to the U.S. Senate soon, appointed Peter Antonacci to take her place. Antonacci currently runs a company called Enterprise Florida.

“I know that Pete will be solely focused on running free and fair elections, will not be running for election and will bring order and integrity back to this office.”

“Snipes oversaw the recount efforts in Broward County and came under intense criticism, including from President Donald Trump and other GOP officials, who made unsubstantiated allegations against Snipes of voter fraud,” NBC News reported. “Snipes was also criticized for not providIng up-to-date information on how many ballots remained uncounted and for processing 22 voided ballots that were accidentally mixed in with valid ones.”

Marc Caputo


“A long time coming’

Gov. Rick Scott suspends Broward County’s controversial election supervisor, Brenda Snipes, from office for incompetence before she can quit early 

Scott suspends Broward’s controversial election chief before she can quit early

Snipes, an elected official whose term ends after the 2020 elections, will be replaced by Scott’s longtime fixer, attorney Pete Antonacci.

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President Donald Trump recently mocked Snipes from his massive Twitter account.

“Brenda Snipes, in charge of voting in Broward County, Florida, was just spotted wearing a beautiful dress with 300 I VOTED signs on it,” he tweeted. “Just kidding, she is a fine, very honorable and highly respected voting tactician!”

Donald J. Trump


Brenda Snipes, in charge of voting in Broward County, Florida, was just spotted wearing a beautiful dress with 300 I VOTED signs on it. Just kidding, she is a fine, very honorable and highly respected voting tactician!

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Clearly, he was being sarcastic.

This time, in Florida, someone was held accountable for the disgrace that occurred during the elections.

TOTAL BS: ‘Lawmakers’ Want To BAN Fast Food Joints From Offering ‘GENDER-SPECIFIC’ Toys

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It is nice to know that Michigan has fixed everything wrong in the state including crime in Detriot that they need to pass legislation to have Mickey D’s stop having boy and girl toys for gender-neutral toys.

This is governmental overreach at its finest — or most pathetic. Take your pick.

It’s a good thing that the crisis with the contaminated water supply in Flint is over so that Michigan can focus on the realissues.

Over a dozen Michigan lawmakers have decided to legislate whether fast food chains should offer ‘boys toys’ and ‘girls toys’ with their kids’ meals because some academic studies have ‘highlighted the harmful effects of gender-classified toys‘.

Remember, kiddies, these social science studies are so ridiculous that several journals were duped by three academics to publish bogus studies which they couldn’t tell were made up.

A House Resolution introduced Wednesday, Nov. 28 urges food establishments and franchises to stop gender classification of kid’s meal toys.

State Rep. Leslie Love, D-Detroit, is the primary sponsor. The resolution has 14 co-sponsors.

There is no penalty for a business that is offering ‘sexist’ toys, and if it passes, it will be merely a ‘suggestion’ that fast food chains to adopt gender-neutral options.

“Often, the designated ‘boy toys’ are action figures or building toys; typically in primary colors, whereas ‘girl toys’ are often stuffed animals and are usually in a pastel color scheme,’’ the resolution states.

“This is a significant issue as billions of these meals are sold every year and this practice can influence and limit children’s imaginations and interests by promoting some toys as only suitable for girls and others only for boys.’’

That’s utterly ridiculous.

Girls and boys play with each others’ toys all the time.

I have three kids, two boys, one girl. The boys were older, so didn’t really play with their sister’s toys, but she used to love having the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures join her dolls for tea, much to the consternation of her older brother. Then again, I now recall the boys having their Playmobil knights storming the Playmobil dollhouse and laying siege to it with their grappling hooks and battering ram.

Ah, good times.

Boys and girls are simply different. That’s the part that nobody is admitting. Studies of Rhesus monkeys and Chimpanzees reveal that there is a biological, not just a social reason that primates choose the toys that they do.

Céline Dion can introduce repulsive ‘gender neutral’ clothing lines with about as much originality as a hyphen, and it ain’t gonna do a dang thing to change who boys and girls fundamentally are. Sorry, hun, but to paraphrase Lady Gaga, they’re just ‘born that way’.

But that’s not going to stop leftists from attempting to deconstruct gender norms.

The resolution states that restaurants should not classify the toy options by gender, but rather ask something like, ‘Would you prefer the Transformers or My Little Pony toy?

That’s literally compelling speech, which, until recently was frowned upon in the United States. The issue of compelled speech in the form of Bill C-16 adding nebulous terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ as grounds for discrimination is actually what shot Professor Jordan Peterson into the international spotlight.

This isn’t the first time that this sort of nonsense has come up. It’s happening with more frequency now and the ‘woke’ leftists are pushing it.

A 2016 petition drive asked McDonald’s to stop promoting gender stereotypes through Happy Meal toys.

The broader movement is not limited to toys. Department stores are being called on the carpet for having pink and blue walls in toy aisles, because the walls “immediately insinuate that there are ‘boy toys’ and ‘girl toys,’’’ according to the website.

“It has been proven that not only is this bad for our childrens’ self-esteem and intellectual prowess, but also contributes to bullying and ostracism,’’ the website states.

Source: Detroit Free PRess

It has been ‘proven’ by whom exactly?

The left demands that you cave and change your definitions because of ‘studies’ by some partisan leftist hacks in a gender studies department that say that girls choosing to play with dolls and boys opting to play with trucks is somehow ‘problematic’ and ‘harmful’.

Um… no.

Leave the 99.4 percent of boys and girls alone, you deconstructionist monsters!

BUSTED: This ANTIFA Soy Boy Maced U.S. Marines – What Should His PUNISHMENT Be?

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I think that a squad of Marines should get ten minutes alone with his fat ass.


Oh, we’ve got a real ‘badass’ here, do we?
Not so tough now that he’s been identified, is he?

A group of Antifa rabble-rousers took it upon themselves to decided (1) that American Marines, a group that paid with their lives while fighting the Fascist Axis powers in WW2, are somehow ‘Nazis’.

If THAT weren’t stupid enough, they proceeded to (2): deciding that these ‘Nazis’ needed to be assaulted and robbed. In the name of ‘Justice’ of course.

Because a mob of masked people attacking strangers for no apparent reason is what ‘Justice’ looks like in America, right?



Last week, Tom Keenan, a 33-year-old man believed to be a member of the Antifa movement in Philadelphia, turned himself over to police in connection with the attack.

“On Saturday, November 15, 2018, at approximately 3:20 pm, the complainants, who are United States Military Reservists, were on the 100 block of S. Front Street, when they were approached by numerous males and females,” said the Philadelphia Police Department. “The group of suspects called the complainants ‘Nazis’, and ‘White Supremacists’. The suspects then maced the complainants, and then proceeded to punch and kick them. During the assault, one of the complainant’s had his cell phone stolen from him by one of the male suspects.”

The Marines were attacked down the road from a “We the People” rally, though it’s unclear if they were associated with the rally at all.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, Kennan has been charged with two counts of criminal conspiracy, two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of terroristic threats, two counts of simple assault, and two counts of reckless endangerment.
Source: DailyWire

So, what should be done to punks who target the very people defend our liberty?

The normal punishments are some combination of serving time or community service. But what should these punks do?

Change the dressings at a VA burn unit?

Help someone who had his legs blown off learn to walk with his prosthetic?

Complete basic training, and spend a week in the same accommodations in the sweltering heat that our soldiers overseas do?