Truckers Call for Second Amendment Right Nationwide During Emergency

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The Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) has a valid argument.

U.S.A. –-( A group of small business truckers has sent an email to the Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. The email asks that, as part of the national emergency involving the Chinese virus, the federal government declare the Second Amendment overrides state law and federal regulation forbidding truckers from exercising their Second Amendment rights.


The 15,000-member SBTC is calling on federal authorities to preempt state and local laws regarding the right to carry a firearm.

Therefore, in accordance with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, we hereby request the U.S. Department of Transportation please issue a preemption order nullifying any and all state and local laws that restrict truck drivers from carrying firearms across state lines throughout America in order to enable them to protect themselves and their cargo as they engage in interstate commerce.

As this is now a matter of life and death, please issue same forthwith.

“The SBTC through its TRUCKER LIVES MATTER campaign has sought the unfettered ability of drivers to carry firearms for self protection nationwide since its inception in 2014,” Lamb tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN).  “We have pointed to Department of Labor statistics that show the unusually high rates of murders on the road for workers in interstate transportation.”

This is a valid argument.  It is vital that trucks keep delivering everything society needs to keep operating during the emergency. During social unrest, there will always be an element attempting to take advantage of the situation.

One argument between those who want the population disarmed and those who believe the population should have easy access to arms is a small scale, utilitarian one.

People who are voluntarily unarmed have a psychological interest in promoting the idea that having a gun makes a person less safe, and that having a gun has no utility in preventing crime. It reassures them they have made the correct decision by deciding to be unarmed.

It is a difficult argument to make rationally persuasive. Weapons would not exist if they did not provide the possessor with an advantage over the disarmed.

The fallback position, for those who wish the population to be disarmed, is to claim only intensely trained and supervised individual, such as, supposedly, police and military personnel, can gain benefit from being armed.

However, people who have passed through the legal hoops required to obtain carry permits, commit far fewer crimes than do the police. Police tend to train more with firearms than do most military (as difficult as that is to believe).

Commercial truckers go through a similar background check process as do most concealed carry permit holders. Truckers are especially vulnerable to violent crime because of their vocation.

It would be a good test case for the Trump Administration to declare, during this emergency, the exercise of Second Amendment rights by commercial truckers (whose licenses are federally supervised) overrides state powers to regulate firearms. This argument would be bolstered by the power of the federal government to regulate interstate commerce, as granted by the Constitution.

Those who have lived by the abuse of the interstate commerce clause for decades would be feeling the other side of the blade.

It would be a good policy. It would be good politics.

It would be immediately challenged in court. It would send a good message to the appeals courts, and the Supreme Court.

It combines utility, emergency powers, the Second Amendment and the Commerce Clause. It would be nearly irresistible for activist district court judges. It would be difficult for the appellate courts to ignore. Such a combination would be very difficult for the current Supreme Court to ignore.

It would not be perfect. Perfect is the enemy of the good, because, those who insist on perfect prevent the good from ever happening.

Such an emergency proclamation would be a double-edged dagger pointed at the heart of the arguments against the exercise of Second Amendment rights.

Will it happen? I suspect not. It is not on the radar of the Trump administration.

Delaware Governor Backs Off, Allows Gun Stores To Stay Open

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Governor John Carney(Delusional-DE)made the right call in allowing gun stores to stay open.

A lot of anti-gun governors have looked at the COVID-19 outbreak as all the reason they needed to shut down gun stores. Since these are typically people who want to shut down the stores anyways, it’s entirely likely that the disease is nothing more than a pretext. After all, considering the number of stores still open to the public right now in a lot of “shelter in place” jurisdictions, shutting down gun stores is especially petty.

Unfortunately for many of these governors, they’re finding a much bigger backlash than they expected.

The most recent to learn this lesson? Delaware’s Gov. John Carney.

Firearms stores in Delaware can now accept customers by appointment only, the state said Thursday.

An emergency order from Gov. John Carney to close nonessential businesses was amended to allow the change, following in Pennsylvania’s footsteps.

It comes less than two days after Delaware State Police began issuing cease-and-desist orders to businesses that remained open. By mid-afternoon Thursday, troopers had delivered four letters: three to firearms stores and one to a vape shop.

Gov. John Carney’s modification came at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

“I applaud (Carney) for listening to the store owners and the people and being reactive to the wants and needs of the community and doing the right thing,” said Mitch Denham, founder of Delaware Gun Rights, a 21,000-member Facebook group. “I’m glad to hear that this happened.”

The classification of firearms stores as “nonessential” elicited uproar from gun rights advocates, who said the forced closures were a “direct infringement” on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 1, Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution.

Both grant citizens the right to bear arms.

In truth, this isn’t the ideal scenario, but Carney and many other governors are trapped in a vicious loop of trying to balance public health with individual liberties. It’s not an enviable position to be in. Allowing them to remain open for appointments at least keeps them open and people working while also providing their communities with the opportunity to buy firearms during this very difficult time.

Like I said, it’s not ideal, but at least the stores are open and people can get guns and ammunition. They just have to have an appointment rather than just being able to pop on over.

The important thing is that Governor Carney is just the latest anti-gun governor to be forced to back off on his desire to shut down gun stores during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hell, Illinois had the good sense to not even try this kind of thing. That ought to tell you something.

Maybe it’s just me, but if this kind of backlash over temporarily closing gun stores is so severe, maybe it’s time to harness this degree of backlash for the rest of the anti-gun stuff governors like Carney try to inflict in their states. It seems as if there are enough people in these states to have an impact at a time like this, so why not the rest of the time?

Well, it’s possible that some of this is due to new gun buyers and those who are trying to buy guns. I can especially see the latter being a factor. Imagine buying a gun and waiting for it to arrive, only to find out you can’t pick it up when you need it because the governor ordered the stores closed. That would make me pretty angry, that’s for sure. To spend that kind of money on something because you feel like you need it, only to be blocked from taking possession until after the emergency is over?


Regardless, this is a good win for the Second Amendment and I’m damn glad to see it. Now, to see it everywhere else.


Biden Openly Believes Obamacare’s More Important Than Every Single Constitutional Right

H/TWestern Journal.

It is sad to see Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden embarrass himself like this.

 I think he is in the early stages of dementia.

Joe Biden held a “virtual happy hour” for young people this week on social media.

It was problematic for a few reasons — and not just because of what he said about Obamacare, which was truly mindblowing.

First off, the attendance — “2800 simultaneous viewers throughout the chat,” according to CBS News reporter Bo Erickson — was really rather sad.

Any major party presidential candidate who had so few people show up to a video happy hour during the middle of a period of social distancing in which we’re all trapped at home watching “Tiger King” would fire his social media team for utter incompetence.

That number wouldn’t have been acceptable in 2000, much less 2020. I doubt, too, that it was because Biden was hosting a happy hour and he doesn’t drink. This is a clear sign that his campaign is having trouble generating excitement, particularly in the midst of the most serious pandemic in a century.

And yet, according to Erickson, the whole thing was “#lit.”

Bo Erickson CBS


.@JoeBiden wrapping up his first virtual happy hour w/young Americans. There were about 2800 simultaneous viewers throughout the chat.

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This is possibly one of the most #unlit things ever:

Bo Erickson CBS


.@JoeBiden wrapping up his first virtual happy hour w/young Americans. There were about 2800 simultaneous viewers throughout the chat.

In the time of corona@SeePvnk

There is a guy living on the beach that streams himself catching dirt crabs that gets 3k

See In the time of corona’s other Tweets

For most people who don’t want to attend a virtual happy hour with a teetotaler, which seems to be a lot of people, there was a bit of news made by Biden — namely, that he thought Obamacare is “maybe, the most important human right that anyone should have.”

“One of the proudest days of my career in the United States vice presidency was the day we passed Obamacare,” Biden said.

“You know, there’s over 100 million people with pre-existing conditions,” he continued.

“Whatever it may have been. A woman who had breast cancer. A child with Crohn’s disease. A whole range of things,” he said. “They weren’t able to get insurance before; now they cannot be denied insurance.

“Also, there’s 20 million people who never had health insurance before that have it now,” he added.

“You’re able to stay on your parents’ policies now until you’re 26 years old, which is vitally important to a generation that got kicked in the teeth” by the 2008 financial crisis.

“And so to me, it is, maybe, the most important human right that anyone should have and that is to be able to take care of your own.”

He’s going to “restore all the cuts” Republicans have made to Obamacare, in addition to “further subsidiz[ing] it.”

He also said he will “significantly drive down drug prices, significantly drive down costs.

This was a basic sketch for which he didn’t provide specifics, but anything else “is just criminal, in my opinion.”

But yes, there you go — Obamacare is apparently more important than any other right that we have.

Freedom of speechFreedom of the press? The right to privacy? The right to bear arms? Ending slavery? Anything else in the Constitution?

Health care is a service and a commodity, not a right. Obamacare was one of the worst things that’s happened to our ability to obtain it cheaply, and now Joe Biden wants to preserve the worst parts of it and augment it.

And he believes that’s a human right.

I understand Joe Biden is having a rough time of it. It isn’t just that he’s out of the spotlight right now and that his “shadow briefings” have more or less been disasters.

Watching this “virtual happy hour,” you get the impression of someone who was engaging in desperate impulses to rap with the kids despite the fact that younger liberals — much like older liberals, or in-between ones — are only supporting him because they have no better alternatives left.

That said, stuff like that doesn’t make anyone want to take him more seriously.

No “rights” were conferred by Obamacare. If anything, it took rights away — the right to not buy or not buy a service without being taxed.

You have no right to a service. To state anything else is arrant nonsense. Decidedly #unlit.

Confusion Reigns Over Gun Store Shutdown Orders

H/T Bearing Arms.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the courts.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has joined New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy in ordered his state’s gun stores to close, declaring them non-essential businesses that must shut down temporarily during the state’s declared emergency.

At, Seattle talk show host Jason Rantz says the governor’s move is a major mistake.

During his address, Inslee noted that the media would remain open during the shutdown. Of course, we provide necessary information to inform the public about the coronavirus pandemic. But our speech is also constitutionally protected and there should be a high bar before taking a move that could silence us.

That principle should apply to gun shop owners. Qualified customers who don’t currently own a gun can’t go to a gun shop for the next two weeks to legally purchase one and enjoy their rights as a citizen. That is a problem.

The governor’s office noted in an email to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that these closures are temporary and that goods can still be purchased online. This is an important note as the gun restrictions aren’t across the board.

And, obviously, if you own a gun already, you face no restrictions beyond future purchases and transfers. But keep in mind, Seattle Public Schools, prior to the closures, refused to offer digital classes out of equity concerns: Not everyone has internet or a laptop. A digital-only option would keep kids from their right to an education.

Well, not everyone in the market for a gun has internet or a laptop, either.

To be fair to the governor, I don’t think this is nefarious in its intent. I simply think the unique purpose gun shops serve isn’t being considered. If there were a more pro-gun governor, perhaps we would have a different classification.

Perhaps. While every governor who has ordered gun stores to close is a Democrat, not every Democratic governor has ordered gun stores to close. Connecticut’s Ned Lamont, Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker, and Kentucky’s Andy Beshear have all mandated that gun stores should remain open, and on Tuesday afternoon Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf revised his orders to specify that gun stores can remain in operation as long as they follow specific guidelines on social distancing.

That announcement came Tuesday afternoon, hours after local law enforcement in East Earl, Pennsylvania visited The Sportsman’s Shop and ordered them to close. Jessica Keffer, the store’s marketing manager, revealed the news to customers in a post to the store’s Facebook page.

Jessica was able to join me on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co to reveal the good news that the store is officially back in operation, and says State Rep. Dan Zimmerman reached out to the East Earl police to let them know that the shop is allowed to operate under the governor’s emergency declaration.

Keffer says the conditions imposed by the governor aren’t ideal, but at least they can continue to serve their customer base via appointments. The store is still receiving shipments of firearms and ammunition, though not as much as need, but Keffer says that’s the situation for virtually every gun store in the country right now that is open for business.

In Los Angeles, meanwhile, Sheriff Alex Villanueva caused massive amounts of confusion, and probably increased panic as well, when he declared on Tuesday that he would be sending deputies out to gun stores in the county and telling them to lock up and shut down, citing any who remained open. Then, Tuesday evening, Los Angeles County Counsel Mary Wickham released an opinion stating that firearms retailers were in fact essential and did not have to close. Late Tuesday evening, Villanueva backed off his order and stated that he would no longer attempt to shutter the stores, unless or until Gov. Gavin Newsom specifically states that gun stores are considered non-essential businesses.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas is riding out the pandemic in Los Angeles, and he also joins me on today’s show to talk about Sheriff Villanueva’s order and the confusion that resulted.

My advice to any of these anti-gun politicians who believe that a state of emergency is the perfect time to enact sweeping restrictions denying people the ability to legally acquire firearms for self-defense: don’t do it. You’ll be sued, but even if you find judges willing to uphold your unconstitutional power grab, you will pay a political price for preventing law-abiding residents from exercising their rights as American citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones during this perilous time.

As we point out in today’s armed citizen story, police may need to depend on armed citizens in the short-term, just as citizens may find their departments understaffed and perhaps overwhelmed as the coronavirus peaks and shut down orders persist. No one that I know is calling for more crime or civil unrest, but that doesn’t mean that either of those things are unthinkable when we try to look even a few weeks into the future. It is entirely reasonable for Washington residents to want a firearm for their protection at the moment, and it’s completely unconscionable for Gov. Inslee to try to deny them of their right to acquire one legally.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Townhall Media on YouTube or the Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co podcast on Apple Podcasts, and thanks as always for watching, listening, and spreading the word. Tune in tomorrow when we’ll be speaking with Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation about several lawsuits the organization is involved in challenging the closure of gun stores.

Florida Alert! Dozens of Gun Control Bills Died In Florida This Session

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Common sense saved the day in Florida for gun owners.


U.S.A. -( It was another very tough Legislative Session in Florida this year. Anti-gun Democrats were emboldened by Michael Bloomberg’s money. His money had been strategically placed to help pass another major gun control bill.

Democrats filed so many gun ban, gun control, ammo and magazine ban bills this year that one had to wonder if they were filing the worst bills they could think of in order to attract some of Bloomberg’s money for themselves.

Thanks to strong Second Amendment supporting legislators, who are true Republicans, and are committed to protecting constitutional rights, none of those bad bills passed.

We look forward to real Republican leadership in the Florida Senate next Session.

Below is a list of some of the worst bills that we worked to keep from passing this past session. In all, we dealt with a list of over 125 bills that could have spelled trouble for gun and hunting rights. It is worth noting that the Florida House leadership and Governor Ron DeSantis were standing tall to protect Second Amendment rights the whole Session.


HB-117 CW License/ Requires Psychiatric/Mental Health Exam – by Rep. AI Jacquet (D) Requires a mental health evaluation by a licensed psychiatrist & a letter attesting that the applicant is of sound mind and competent to carry a firearm for CW License Applicants . DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-245 Firearms Prohibited – by Rep. Cindy Polo (D) Prohibits concealed weapon or firearm license holder from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into any
child care facility. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-289 Background Check to Purchase Ammo – by Rep. Dan Daley (D) Requires background checks for sale or transfer of ammunition. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-451 Universal Background Checks – by Rep. Margaret Good (D) Requires a background check on all persons involved with the sale or transfer of any and all firearms. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-627 Ban of Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines – by Rep. Carlos G. Smith (D) Bans sale, transfer and possession of a long list of so-called “assault weapons” and bans sale, transfer and possession of any magazine that holds or is capable of holding more than 10 rounds. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-885 Gun Control by Local Governments – by Rep. Cindy Polo (D) to specifically allow local governments to regulate firearms and ammunition and impose gun control. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-809 Fingerprint Database of CW License Holders – by Rep. Javier Fernandez (D) Creates a Permanent Fingerprint Database of CW License Holders; Decreases the number of years that CW Licenses are valid. Requires PROOF of NEW training at every license renewal. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-923 Mandatory Storage of Firearms – by Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil (D) Mandating specific storage requirements for firearms by licensed importers, manufacturers, & dealers. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-6009 Repeal of Firearms Preemption – by Rep. Dan Daley (D) Repeals the firearms preemption law to specifically allow cities and counties to regulate firearms and ammunition and impose gun control. DIED IN COMMITTEE


SB-94 Universal Background Checks by Sen. Lauren Book (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-134 Repeal of Firearms Preemption / Sen. Annette Taddeo (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-266 Mandatory Firearms Storage by Sen. Gary Farmer (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-270 Universal Background Checks by Sen. Gary Farmer (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-310 Ban of Three-dimensional (3-D) Printed Firearms – by Sen.
Linda Stewart (D) Prohibits a person from printing, transferring, importing into this state, distributing, selling, possessing, or giving to another person certain 3D-printed firearms; requires persons in possession of a 3-D firearms to turn them in to a law enforcement agency or to FDLE or to destroy them before a deadline. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-398 Firearms Prohibited by Sen. Lori Berman (D) (Identical to HB-245) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-428 Prohibited Places for Firearms by Sen. Oscar Braynon II (D) Prohibits CW license holders from carrying a firearms into any performing arts center or legitimate theater. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-460 Background Checks on Ammo by Sen. Lauren Book (D) Requires a background check on the sale or transfer of ammunition. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-548 Excessive Data Collection on Firearms Purchasers by Sen. Jose Rodriguez (D) Requires the Department of Law Enforcement to create a standard form to collect additional data on firearms purchasers. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-558 Ban of “Large-capacity” Magazines by Sen. Randolph Bracy (D) Defining the term “large-capacity magazine” as more than 10 rounds. Prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of large-capacity magazines. DIED IN COMMITTEE

S8-586 Private Sales of Firearms by Sen. Jose Rodriguez (D) Prohibits private sale or transfer of firearms EXCEPT sales or transfers between two CW License holders. Requires such a seller or transferor to retain a copy of the buyer’s or transferee’s concealed weapons or firearms license and the serial number of the firearm sold, etc. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-634 Prohibiting the Lawful Ownership, Possession, and Use of Firearms – by Sen. Bobby Powell (D) Prohibiting a person from owning, possessing, and lawfully using firearms and other weapons, ammunition, and supplies for hunting, fishing, or camping within 1,500 feet of the real property which comprises any school, any house of worship, any government building, or any guarded beach. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-794 Bans Large-capacity Magazines by Sen. Linda Stewart (D) Prohibits POSSESSION or the importing, distributing, transporting, transferring, selling, or giving of large-capacity magazines (1more than 10) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1208 Ban of Assault Weapons and Large-capacity Magazines by Sen. Gary Farmer, Jr. (D) Bans the sale, transfer, possession of any assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazine . DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1248 Mandatory Firearms Storage by Sen. Vic Torres, Jr .(D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1300 Assault Weapons Ban by Sen. Linda Stewart (D) Bans sale, transfer, possession of semi-automatic firearms. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1566 Fingerprint Database of CW License Holders by Sen. Oscar Braynon (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1622 Confiscation of Firearms and Ammunition by Sen.Lauren Book (D). Authorizes Law Enforcement and the Courts to confiscate firearms and ammunition under certain circumstances. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-7028 by Sen. Bill Galvano (R) Massive Gun Control Regulations. DIED IN COMMITTEE

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)


Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

Head Scratcher: David Hogg Said Something Most Conservatives Can Get Behind

H/T Town Hall.

Stop the presses, David Camera Hogg, the anti-gun nut actually makes sense about the Chi-Coms denying Hong Kong freedom.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor David Hogg has become a household name. He’s continually pushed the progressive agenda and, in particular, gun control measures. In fact, he co-founded the “March for Our Lives” organization, a student group that’s sole focus is on advancing so-called “common sense” gun control measures, like an “assault weapons” ban and “high capacity” magazine ban.

Pro-gun advocates frequently turn their nose up at Hogg’s suggestions. Something amazing happened on Wednesday. He actually said something that conservatives could agree with: TikTok, the new social media platform, should be used to slam the Chinese government for their atrocities. In particular, Hogg cited the Chinese regime’s refusal to allow Hong Kong to have any form of democracy.

David Hogg


Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

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David Hogg


Another reason I will not be going on there is because they censor activists voices in Hong Kong and around the world that call out the CCP for their atrocities.

I refuse to be complicit in the death of democracy in Hong Kong by supporting Tik Tok. 

Reflections on TikTok and Data Privacy as National Security

What is behind CFIUS’s probe into Tik Tok?

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Conservatives were shocked to say they agreed with Hogg. After all, we’re typically worlds apart on things, especially on guns.

Allie Beth Stuckey


David Hogg is……right?? 

David Hogg


Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

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Greg Price


I never thought I’d ever say this, but David Hogg is correct 

David Hogg


Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

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Carmine Sabia


I cannot believe it. I agree with David Hogg.

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Ian Miles Cheong


You are absolutely correct.

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Beth Baumann


David Hogg actually said something intelligent. I never thought I’d say that. 

David Hogg


Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

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Jessica Fletcher


The world really might be ending. David Hogg is trending because he actually had a good take.

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Harry Khachatrian


This is by far — by a trillion miles — the most intelligent and correct thing ever tweeted from this account. Never thought I would be saying this, but David Hogg is correct and you should absolutely listen to him here. 

View image on Twitter
David Hogg


Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

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Jeff B, fightin’ the COVID one bootleg at a time


Holy guacamole I 100% agree with this thread from David Hogg. 

David Hogg


Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y’all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.

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2020 is turning out to be a really, really strange year… and it’s only March.


Nolte: Nevada’s Democrat Governor Outlaws Antimalarial Drugs for Coronavirus Sufferers

H/T Breitbart.

Gov. Steve Sisolak(Delusional-NV)needs to know hydroxychloroquine is also used to treat arthritis.

I know I have been taking it four years for rheumatoid arthritis in my hands without this drug my hands would get stiff and not function.

I read somewhere that hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax Z-Pak had helped 350 people with the Coronavirus.  

Nevada’s Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak signed an order Tuesday outlawing the use of antimalarial drugs for sufferers of the coronavirus.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the “governor’s order prohibits the prescribing and dispensing chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for a COVID-19 diagnosis[.]”

“At this point in time, there is no known cure for COVID-19 and we must not withhold these drugs from those who need them,” the governor said in his statement. “The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home for Nevada, not to stockpile these drugs.”

Sisolak said he signed the emergency order after receiving a request from the Pharmacy Board, which claims the effectiveness of these drugs to treat the Chinese virus has “not been established,” and that “an emergency exists due to the hoarding and stockpiling” of these antimalaria drugs: chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

This order makes no sense, especially in a world where another Democrat governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York, has ordered trials of the malaria drug. Saying he agrees with the president, Cuomo announced last week: “We’re also implementing the trial drug:”

We have secured 70,000 hydrocloroquin; 10,000 zithromax from the federal government. I want to thank the FDA for moving very expeditiously to get us this supply.

The President ordered the FDA to move and the FDA moved. We’re going to get the supply and the trial will start this Tuesday. The President is optimistic about these drugs and we are all optimistic that it could work.

I’ve spoken with a number of health officials and there is a good basis to believe that they could work. Some health officials point to Africa, which has a very low infection rate and there’s a theory that because they’re taking these anti-malaria drugs in Africa, it may actually be one of the reasons why the infection rate is low in Africa. We don’t know, but let’s find out and let’s find out quickly. And I agree with the President on that and we’re going to start and we’re going to start Tuesday.

While Sisolak is correct that the FDA has not approved the drug for coronavirus sufferers, the FDA has approved the drug for a number of other ailments, which means it is safe for human consumption — as long you consult with your doctor and follow the prescription orders.

In other words, what you don’t want to do is look for something that might have hydroxychloroquine in it and gobble it down, like some poor fool did this week with his fish tank cleaner.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support giving these drugs a try… This includes studies… Again, we’re a long way from FDA approval through clinical trials,  and the Africa correlation Cuomo spoke of might indeed have nothing to do with the malaria drug and have everything to do with Africa’s heat. Scientists believe the Chinese virus doesn’t fare well in warm weather.

Nonetheless, if someone I loved was in throes of the Wuhan virus and I lived in Nevada and was not allowed to try everything reasonable to save this person, I’d be furious. And this malaria drug *is* reasonable. What’s more, how can there be hoarding going on in Nevada when 1) you can only acquire this drug through a prescription, and 2) there are only around 300 coronavirus sufferers throughout the entire state?

As far as I know, the only “hoarding” going on is by those who can write a prescription to themselves, meaning doctors and the like. But the shortage is a worldwide shortage, and for obvious reasons: countries all over the world want  the drug to help their own coronavirus sufferers.

It would make perfect sense for Sisolak to outlaw doctors prescribing these drugs as a preemptive prescription, as a “just in case” prescription. But to deny it to those already suffering with the coronavirus is a gross violation of human rights, and an infringement of the relationship between patient and doctor.

This stinks of partisan politics, of an anti-science governor putting the trolling of Trump over the well-being of his own citizens.