Biden labels Trump a ‘clown’ during campaign stop in South Carolina

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Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden calling President Trump a clown is rich.

After all, this is the same Joe Biden that said British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher called him and expressed concern about President Trump.

The problem is the former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher passed away in 2013 and has not been Prime Minister since 1990.

Former Vice President Joe Biden took a page out of President Trump’s playbook on Saturday when asked at a South Carolina fundraiser if he had a nickname for the president.

The 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner said he didn’t want to get down in the mud with Trump, but if he had to choose a moniker for the current White House occupant it would be a “clown.”

“There’s so many nicknames I’m inclined to give this guy,” Biden said, according to Politico. “You can just start with clown.”

Trump, who, during his 2016 presidential run, famously began doling out nicknames like “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, “Lyin” Ted Cruz and “Low Energy” Jeb Bush – has labeled Biden as “Sleepy Joe” when the former vice president declared his White House bid in April.

At the private fundraiser on Saturday, Biden said Trump’s nicknames were part of his war of words with his political rivals that are meant to keep the discussions away from the issues.

“On every single issue and on every demeaning thing he says about other people, I have no problem responding directly,” Biden said. “What I’m not going to do is get into what he wants me to do. He wants this to be a mud wrestling match.”

The president has recently stepped up his attacks on social media – blasting everyone from the media reporting on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report to social media for being an alleged partner of the Democratic Party.

Biden said that Trump’s behavior – both on and off social media – has worried his fellow world leaders and that “at least 14 world leaders” have called him during Trump’s tenure to express their unease.

Biden said British Prime Minister Theresa May asked him directly for reassurance that the U.S. and the United Kingdom “still have a special relationship.”

Biden said the U.S. under Trump “is about to squander alliances” built over generations. He noted that he’s “spent my entire adult life” in foreign affairs, first with 36 years in the Senate then eight years as President Barack Obama’s vice president.

The former vice president’s comments came on the same day that he lambasted Trump and the Republicans for pushing for stricter voter identification laws and charged that Jim Crow is “sneaking back in.”

Biden will continue his trip Sunday by worshipping at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia.

The 2020 candidate’s trip to the Palmetto State comes after Biden opened his latest run for president with explicit appeals to white, working-class voters across the Midwest, pledging his support for unions and promising to rebuild the middle class. Now, Biden is trying to gauge whether his message will resonate among more diverse electorates. Black voters accounted for a solid majority of Democratic presidential primary ballots in 2016.

Queer Feminist Mermaid’ Surfaces to Challenge Susan Collins

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All I can say about this is YGTBFKM.

Bre Kidman is first Democrat to file in Maine senate election.

Bre Kidman

Sensing the lack of a Democratic candidate willing to challenge Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine), a “queer feminist mermaid” named Bre Kidman—politically mobilized by the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight—has filed to enter the race.

Collins has represented Maine in the Senate since 1997, and each of her three reelection fights have ended with double-digit margin victories. But Democrats responded to her deciding vote to confirm Kavanaugh by vowing to make her run for a fifth term a real challenge, expecting a crowded field of candidates to step up to the plate.

That hasn’t materialized.

The first Democratic candidate to file for the race is Kidman, currently a part-time attorney and active artist in the community, and it was a bit of an accident.

“My launch came out from under me—I didn’t realize people were watching the filings so closely,” Kidman told the Washington Free Beacon after the filing was reported by the local Sun Journal.

The first-time politician decided to run after training from the Victory Institute, which runs programs for potential LGBTQ candidates. Kidman hopes to be the first gender nonbinary queer elected to the U.S. Senate.

On Facebook, Kidman is described as a “criminal defense attorney by day and radical fat queer/performance artist/model/musician/activist most other times.” On Spotify, Kidman is “Bee Kay Esq.” and the biography is the same. Five songs with collaborator Mr. Gadget use “inhuman instruments to give voice to human vulnerability with beats that invite just enough dancing to feel slightly less dead.”

On the website for the Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (MESH), Kidman is described as a “queer feminist lawyer, mermaid, writer, activist, and artist.”

Mermaid is “an artistic identity, not a serious identity,” Kidman said. “I’m a playful person, I’m not going to pretend I’m all serious all the time, because I’m not. I’m mermaid-esque in nature.”

Kidman decided not to erase traces of work done outside the legal field from the internet and is proud of it.

“I could have deleted the MESH page, I could have deleted my Spotify account, but I didn’t because I’m proud of the work that I’ve done,” Kidman said. “Building a better culture has been my passion project for years, and I’m going to continue doing that for the rest of my life.”

“I’m not the kind of person you’d expect to see running for office,” Kidman said. “I want people to look at the election and see that the type of person that’s always running for office doesn’t always have to be one type of person.”

Kidman’s work at MESH includes putting on Rocky Horror Picture Show performances to teach consent, a body positive fashion show, and sex education through burlesque.

“I’m not hiding them for a reason,” Kidman said. “All the work I’ve done has been in the interest of helping people make their life work better, and I don’t think that’s in contrast with a run for office.”

Kidman’s work to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign is just getting started, but a meeting with the Democratic Party of Maine is on the schedule.

Kidman says there hasn’t been any communication with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, but Kidman would be open to a meeting despite philosophical disagreements.

“I haven’t reached out on a national level—some of that is strategic and some of that is frustration,” Kidman said. “I’m running as a Democrat, but that’s not without frustration with the two-party system and how it’s been run.”

“It’s a balance between how much do you want the resources this party can give you and how much do you want to take a stand for what you believe in? We’re seeing a trend of partisanship over people, and that’s what motivated me to do this,” Kidman said.

On the resources front, Kidman is counting on millions of dollars in already-raised crowdsourced funds that will automatically go to whoever wins the nomination to face Collins.

“I do think I can be competitive in the primary and the general, and party support would make it easier, which is why I decided to join the party system,” Kidman said. “Maine is in a unique situation, because a lot of people donated to a crowd-fund that will go to the Democratic nominee.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D., N.Y.) goal to gain control of the upper chamber may hinge on his ability to compete in Maine. Republicans grew their Senate majority in 2018.

The DSCC did not respond to an email with inquiries on Kidman.

Biden says Trump, GOP, are letting Jim Crow make comeback

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I have a news flash for Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden it is his party the DemocRats that are responsible for Jim Crow and not the GOP.

Jim Crow is not making a come back under President Donald J. Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden charged Saturday that Jim Crow is “sneaking back in” as he emphasized voting rights at his first presidential campaign stop in South Carolina, where black voters play a key role in the South’s first presidential primary.

In criticizing Republican efforts to adopt more stringent voting rules, including identification requirements and curtailing early voting hours, Biden recalled the racial segregation laws of the past.

“You’ve got Jim Crow sneaking back in,” he said, referring to the era before the civil rights movement. “You know what happens when you have an equal right to vote? They lose.”

Biden centered much of his trip around the need to restore decency to the White House. “Your state motto is, ‘While I breathe, I hope,'” he said at the rally after continuing his full-throated denunciation of President Donald Trump. “It’s not a joke. We’re breathing, but God, we have got to have hope.”

He kept up that theme at a private evening fundraiser, telling several dozen donors that he expects a nasty race from Trump.

“This guy is going to go after me and family,” Biden said, recalling his grandchildren telling him before his announcement that they expect Trump and others to bring up family details including his son Hunter Biden’s divorce.

Biden said there “are so many nicknames I want to give this guy,” and he drew laughter when he joked that he’d “start with clown.” But he added that he doesn’t want to respond in kind.

“The only place he has any confidence is in the mud,” Biden said, because the president “doesn’t understand how to respond to issues.”

Biden said he will answer Trump “directly” in the future without name-calling. He recalled saying in 2016 that in high school he’d have “taken him behind the barn and beat the hell out of” Trump. “Guess what? I probably shouldn’t have done that,” Biden said. “The presidency is an office that requires dignity and reestablishing respect and standing.”

Biden will continue his trip Sunday by worshipping at a black church in Columbia.

Milestone: Senate Confirms 100 Trump Judges, More to Come

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It seems the Federal Courts will be on the proper course for many years thanks to President Donald J.Trump.

We are getting judges like the late Antonin Scalia.

WASHINGTON, DC – Senators on Thursday confirmed the 100th judge nominated by President Donald Trump, marking a major milestone in the president’s pledge to replenish the federal courts with judges like the late originalist icon Antonin Scalia.

The full Senate on Thursday confirmed Rodolfo Ruiz to be a district judge on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. While that name does not ring a bell with most Americans – and while that  court might not seem like a major national concern – Ruiz’s confirmation to that federal trial court represents something big regarding one of the top reasons voters sent President Trump to the White House.

Supreme Court picks have been a major topic of presidential elections for decades, but for some voters the topic seemed a bit abstract, not knowing which justice would retire from the Court at what time and therefore what would be at stake over the upcoming four-year presidential term.

With the sudden passing of Scalia in February 2016, the future of the Court went from abstract theory to crystal-clear fact. Whether it was the Supreme Court’s recognizing the Second Amendment right to bear arms as an individual right or upholding Obamacare’s individual mandate as a tax, people could study a host of historic cases decided by a 5-4 split vote, look at how Scalia voted, do the math, and understand the stakes.

Candidate Trump made clear that he wanted judges who would interpret federal law according to the text of the laws Congress passes, and interpret the Constitution according to the original public meaning of its words. He even published a list of potential Supreme Court picks from which he would choose new justices.

Polls showed that half of voters considered judicial appointments when casting their vote for president, and that one voter in five made it their top issue. President Trump won those voters by a 16-point margin.

The president has had two Supreme Court picks: Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But while the Supreme Court is the highest court in the nation, less than one percent of federal appeals make it to the Supreme Court. The lower courts matter tremendously.

President Trump has appointed 37 judges to the U.S. courts of appeals. These include several judges now on the president’s list for the Supreme Court, such as Judge Amul Thapar of the Sixth Circuit and Amy Coney Barrett of the Seventh Circuit. They also include several other judges who have distinguished themselves with their judicial opinions, while experts uniformly expect that number of newsworthy judges to increase.

The president has also appointed 60 judges to the U.S. district courts, where trials are conducted. New Senate procedures have sidelined Democrats’ obstruction efforts to block trial judges, so that number is expected to increase quickly as well.

Someone might say it is premature to spike the football for judge 100, pointing out that one judge appears on both lists. Judge Marvin Quattlebaum was confirmed to a district judgeship in South Carolina in 2018, then elevated to the Fourth Circuit appeals court only months later.

Not to sorry. The Senate this week also confirmed Joshua Wolson to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. So no matter how a person chooses to count, President Trump is now into the triple digits on installing judges to lifetime appointments, with another year and a half to go in this presidential term.

WaPo Fact Checker Gives Biden ‘Four Pinocchios’ for Claiming Tax Cuts Only Benefitted Wealthy

H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

Four Pinocchios for Slow Joe the Gaff Machine Biden is an upgrade for a pathological liar like he is.

The Washington Post‘s fact checker gave former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden a “Four Pinocchio” rating for comments he made about President Donald Trump’s tax cuts only benefitting the rich.

“There’s a $2 trillion tax cut last year. Did you feel it? Did you get anything from it? Of course not. Of course not. All of it went to folks at the top and corporations,” Biden said during a campaign rally in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Glenn Kessler, the Post’s fact checker, started his analysis of Biden’s false claim by saying, “Here we go again. Democrats have long attacked President Trump’s tax cut in misleading ways,” adding that Biden’s comment is a “whopper.” He went on to say the biggest problem with Biden’s claim is his “sweeping declaration” that all of the tax cuts benefitted the wealthy.

As we have explained before, any broad-based tax cut is going to mostly benefit the wealthy because they already pay a large share of income taxes. According to Treasury Department data, the top 20 percent of income earners paid 95.2 percent of individual income taxes in 2017. The top 10 percent paid 81 percent. The top 0.1 percent paid an astonishing 24.1 percent of taxes.

Because there are far more people in the middle class, there are fewer dollars to share per taxpayer when the savings from a tax cut are divvied up. The nonpartisan Joint Committee of Taxation estimates that 572,000 taxpayers will file returns with an income category of more than $1 million, compared with more than 27 million in the $50,000 to $75,000 category and almost 70 million in the under-$50,000 category.


In terms of just individual tax cuts — which we should consider given that Biden was addressing union workers and other campaign supporters — the Tax Policy Center found 65 percent of taxpayers would get tax cuts. In the $50,000 to $75,000 range, 82 percent would get tax cuts, with people who got a tax cut ending up with an average of almost $1,000.

“As he told the Teamsters Local 249 yesterday, Joe Biden is committed to reversing the Republican tax plan because it is overwhelmingly a giveaway to the wealthy and big corporations that hard-working families can’t afford,” said Biden’s spokesman Andrew Bates. “Forty percent of Americans can’t withstand a $400 emergency and 60 percent of our largest corporations are paying no taxes at all, which is exactly why Joe Biden is fighting to rebuild the middle class and ensure that we reward work — not just wealth.”

“This is a good example of how precise words and context matter in a fact check. We’ve previously given Democrats and Republicans Two Pinocchios for failing to make clear whether they are talking about the long-term or short-term tax-cut estimates for the law,” Kessler wrote. “But Biden, with his loose language, ends up in the Four-Pinocchio territory. He asserts that no Americans but those at the top received any tax cut in 2018, which is clearly false.”

“Most Americans received a tax cut. They may not have noticed it, but that’s no excuse for saying they never got one,” Kessler added.

WATCH: Sleepy Joe Shows His Age SLURRING His Way Through His 1st Campaign Speech

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I think Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden like San Fran Nan is in the early stages of dementia.

What exactly is going on with Old Joe? Did he have dental work done? A stroke? The guy is making Pelosi look like Pericles!

Normally when Old Joe leaves us scratching our heads it’s because we can’t believe the stupidity that rolls off his tongue.

But in this speech, the problem isn’t that he’s spitting out dumb ideas (which, of course, he was, they’re not even worth debunking here) so much as the fact that he was barely able to spit out the words at all.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


If he’s trying to sound like an able contender to lead their team’s attempt to unseat DJT, he’s going to need to work on his presentation.

It sound’s like he put in somebody else’s dentures.

Or like he has taken up day drinking.

Or … who knows what?

Maybe our readers have some ideas.

Whatever he might sound like, what he is NOT sounding like is a competent political rival.

Not that we mind, really. Watching the wheels fall off the various floats in this parade of Democrat clowns will keep us busy for months to come.

Whoever makes it to the starting gate may think they’ve got Trump’s number. But plenty of others have underestimated him… only to crash and burn in the process.

Election 2020 is going to be a blast!

Standing up to the bullies was the one response the Left’s political machine was completely unprepared for… and Trump knew it. It’s why we elected him in the first place.

Poll: 75 Percent Oppose Sanders on Letting All Prisoners Vote

H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

This is not good news for Crazy Bernie Sanders.

A large majority of Americans disagree with Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I., Vt.) stance that all prisoners should be allowed to vote in the United States, even those behind bars for violent crimes like the Boston Marathon bomber.

Business Insider poll found 75 percent of respondents opposed enfranchising all inmates, with just 15 percent saying they supported it. The poll found about 35 percent supported giving the vote to incarcerated persons in some capacity. Twenty-four percent said violent felons should lose their right to vote permanently.

Sanders said at a CNN town hall last week that even “terrible people” should have the right to vote from prison, after being asked if people like convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be given back the franchise.

“If somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they’re going to be punished,” Sanders said. “They may be in jail for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole lives. That’s what happens when you commit a serious crime, but I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. Yes, even for terrible people.”

He’d made the point previously on a Fox News town hall to less attention, saying even murderers and rapists in prison for life shouldn’t lose that right.

Other Democratic presidential candidates backed off Sanders’s stance. Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) initially said she would be open to a “conversation” on the topic before quickly backtracking the next day. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he opposed Sanders.

The Republican National Committee released an ad ripping Sanders for his views on prisoners voting, calling them “just wrong.”

Sanders has repeatedly boasted that his views that were considered “radical” when he ran in 2016 now dominate the mainstream of the Democratic Party. He is one of the top contenders for the 2020 nomination, currently jockeying with former Vice President Joe Biden at the top of early polls for primary voters.