Clint Eastwood Gives Hollywood the Middle Finger, Will Shoot Movie In Georgia Despite Abortion Boycott

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Thank you, Clint Eastwood, for standing up to the Hollywierd whackos and standing up for life at shooting your movies in Georgia.

How about them apples!?

Numerous celebrities have decided to boycott Georgia over their new pro-life bill.

Legendary actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood couldn’t care less about those blowhards.

He’s going to the Peach State, anyway!

From CNS News:

Despite the boycott of filming in Georgia launched by Hollywood liberals angry over the state’s new pro-life “Heartbeat” law, legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood will be making his latest movie, “The Battle of Richard Jewell,” in Atlanta this summer, reported NBC Charlotte and other media.

“Clint Eastwood will perform new film in Georgia despite abortion bill boycott,” tweeted NBC Charlotte on June 25. The movie is about Richard Jewell, a police officer and security guard who discovered a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Ga., and saved countless lives. Jewell was initially hailed as a hero and then was viewed as a suspect.


The liberal media criticized Jewell relentlessly and essentially practiced “trial by media.” Eventually, however, Jewell was completely exonerated and the real bomber, Eric Rudolph, was captured. Jewell sued NBC, CNN, and the New York Post for libel and won large settlements. His lawyer, L. Lin Wood, is the same lawyer now representing the Covington Catholic kid Nicholas Sandmann in defamation lawsuits against CNN and the Washington Post.

The heartbeat bill in Georgia prohibits abortion once a baby’s heartbeat starts, which is usually six weeks into pregnancy. The bill, signed into law in May, allows exceptions in the cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is at serious risk.

John Cusack has starred in a number of solid Hollywood films over the decades.

However, Cusack now seems more concerned about being remembered as just another anti-Trump Hollywood star.

John is now saying that democracy is dead unless President Trump “rots in prison.”

From Breitbart:

Actor and left-wing activist John Cusack warned that democracy in the United States will not survive unless President Donald Trump is forced to “rot in prison.”

John Cusack


Fuck that pathological liar /criminal 

Julia Ioffe


Can we publicize the fact that he cited your father and your friend, Candace Owens, as inspiration? 

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John Cusack


Fuck that pathological liar /criminal 

Julia Ioffe


Can we publicize the fact that he cited your father and your friend, Candace Owens, as inspiration? 

John Cusack


The only way democracy survives him – is if he rots in prison
Let’s get on with it 

John Cusack


Fuck that pathological liar /criminal 

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Cusack clearly suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. There’s no way around it.

A person in their sane mind does not wish a duly-elected president sent to prison unless a notable crime has been committed.

In Trump’s case, obviously, nothing bad has been done. Heck, there isn’t even any proof of Russia collusion – not that that would even be a crime.

What a mess.


Of Unborn Sea Turtles and Unborn Human Beings

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We have our priorities out of wack you can murder an unborn baby yet you can not harm an unborn turtle.

Kill an unborn baby you get applauded kill and unborn turtle you go to prison. WTF?

Proverbs 6:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

You can not get any more innocent blood than the blood of a baby.

One of the things the Bible teaches is the total depravity of unredeemed man. “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God” (Romans 3:10). If enough people believe the lies of the devil, eventually their entire culture becomes depraved.

Witness what happened last week in Miami Beach, Florida. There, a 41-year-old woman – her motive is unknown – was spotted stomping on the nest of a sea turtle, and jabbing at it with a wooden stake. She was summarily arrested and charged with the crime of “turtle egg molestation or harassment.”

Sea turtle eggs have been welcomed in life and protected in law since 1973 when they found shelter under the Endangered Species Act. Paradoxically, 1973 was the very same year in which abortion was “legalized” by the infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

A sea turtle egg is an unborn sea turtle. A “fetus” is an unborn human being. Thus, in a monstrous act of utter depravity, unborn sea turtles gained the full legal protection of the law in the same year in which unborn human beings lost theirs.

I do not know what penalties the sea turtle woman faces, but I do know that Planned Parenthood receives $500 million a year, dollars yanked by force from your wallet and mine, to kill unborn babies. They kill these babies by pulling their limbs off one by one while they are in the womb and then disposing of them as medical waste, the moral equivalent of stomping on them and jabbing them with stakes.

Speaking of the sea turtle, the Miami Beach police said, “thankfully, it appears the eggs were not damaged.” The same can’t be said for unborn babies.

This is not at all to say that we should urge people to go around destroying the nests of sea turtles. No, quite the opposite. We shouldn’t stomp on turtle eggs or skewer them with stakes. But we shouldn’t do that to unborn babies either.

If you need one singular illustration of America’s descent into moral darkness, this is it. The bottom line: kill unborn sea turtles, go to jail. Kill unborn babies, get rich.

May God convict us of our cruel inhumanity, reduce us to weeping for our sins, forgive us, renew us, and restore us. In Jesus’ name.

Thanks to Democrats, Most Dangerous Place in America is the Womb

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Proverbs 6:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

You can not get more innocent blood than the blood of a baby.

There is a growing dichotomy in America between right and wrong. There is one sector in America that seems to believe that they do not have to abide by the Constitution, laws or ethics to accomplish whatever they want to do. On the other side are those who try to uphold the Constitution, laws and ethics but are accused and blamed for even the slightest hint of anything wrong by the first side who lives by doing wrong.

I’m not talking about criminals versus law-abiding citizens. Rather, I’m speaking about Democrats and conservatives.

Barack Obama violated the US Constitution when he instructed then Attorney General Eric Holder to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, a full year before the Supreme Court gutted the act.

Barack Obama violated the US Constitution when he opted to not fully enforce federal immigration laws because only Congress can change a law that originated and was passed by Congress.

Barack Obama violated the US Constitution when he made multiple changes to the Affordable Care Act since it also originated in and was passed by Congress.

Barack Obama violated the US Constitution when he bypassed Congress to free funds and a weapons sale to Egypt’s terrorist regime the Muslim Brotherhood, after Congress had frozen the assets and sale of F-16 fighter jets.

The Obama administration interfered with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private unsecured email server for official State Department business, which clearly constitutes obstruction of justice.

The list goes on and on, but realize that nothing was done about Obama’s many violations and only now is Trump’s DOJ and some Republicans pursuing the issue of obstruction of justice in the Clinton email issue.

Yet, Democrats and the sewagestream media are busy pointing fingers of blame at President Donald Trump for alleged obstruction of justice and other allegedly illegal and dangerous actions – thus, examples of Democratic hypocrisy.

So, consider this issue.

Democrats are busy declaring their cities, counties and states as sanctuary cities to protect illegal aliens from federal immigration officials. Democrats are intentionally violating federal immigration laws (misdemeanors) and obstructing federal law enforcement officers from performing their duties (felonies).

By protecting illegal aliens, Democrats are ignoring the safety, needs and welfare of the American people. They don’t care that thousands of American citizens are victimized by illegal gang members, criminals and those who are addicted to the illegal drugs that are brought across the border by many illegals.

In fact, consider this hypocrisy – Democrats are complaining about the opioid epidemic and trying to lay all of the blame on the legal pharmaceutical companies while it has been revealed that the Mexican drug trafficking business makes more money than Walmart.

While Democrats are busy violating laws to protect illegal aliens, they are passing laws that allow for the legal murder of babies up to the moment of birth. Not only are they passing laws to keep abortion legal but are adding infanticide to their list of legalities by allowing a baby who was just born to be killed. In New York, they even lit up the Empire State Building to celebrate the passage of the baby murdering law.

I recently saw a statement saying that one of the most dangerous places to be for any human being here in the United States is in the womb.

Additionally, Democrats oppose the death penalty for convicted murderers, saying it is cruel and inhumane, and yet the brutal dismemberment of a living baby is perfectly humane.

The bottom line is that Democrats protect illegal aliens, of which includes criminals, terrorists and violent gang members, along with convicted murderers and then turn around and celebrate their ability to openly murder innocent unborn babies, even at the time of birth.

And these are people that want to run America!

Politics Louisiana abortion law: Fury as Democratic governor says he will sign bill banning terminations into law

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It is good to see Governor John Bel Edwards(D-LA)standing up for the unborn instead of just wanting to murder them.


Louisiana abortion law: Fury as Democratic governor says he will sign bill banning terminations into law

Missouri’s last abortion clinic says it may lose its license this week

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It is good to hear Murder Inc AKA Planned Parent Hood maybe going out of business in Missouri.

St. Louis, Missouri — The last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri says it expects to be shut down this week, effectively ending legal abortion in the state.

In a statement Tuesday, Planned Parenthood said Missouri’s health department is “refusing to renew” its annual license to provide abortion in the state. If the license is not renewed by May 31, Missouri would become the first state without a functioning abortion clinic since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit requesting a restraining order against the state, hoping to restore the license and avoid service disruption. A circuit court judge will hear arguments on Wednesday.

Planned Parenthood would still be able to provide non-abortion health services for women in Missouri.

Planned Parenthood said it plans to sue the state “in order to try to keep serving Missouri women.”

“This is not a drill. This is not a warning. This is a real public health crisis,” said Dr. Leana Wen, president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Lisa Cox, a spokesperson for The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, told CBS News on Tuesday morning via email that Planned Parenthood’s license was “under review,” and did not respond to additional questions.

Representatives for Planned Parenthood told CBS News that the upcoming deadline follows weeks of back-and-forth with state health officials.

On May 20, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services notified Planned Parenthood of three issues that could impact license renewal, according to documents reviewed by CBS News and provided by Planned Parenthood.

On May 22, Planned Parenthood said it would address two of them: adjusting who at the clinic provided the state-mandated counseling and adding an additional pelvic exam for abortion patients.

But it said a third request was out of its control. According to Planned Parenthood, the health department said it was investigating “deficient practices,” and needed to interview seven physicians who provide care at the clinic. Planned Parenthood said it could offer interviews only with two who are its employees. The other five physicians working at the facility are residents in training and not employed by Planned Parenthood, a spokesperson for the clinic said via email on Tuesday. The state has indicated that the result of those interviews could be “board review” in addition to “criminal proceedings,” the spokesperson said. The medical residents declined to be interviewed for the state’s investigation.

In its letter, the Department of Health wrote that it could not “complete our investigation until it interviews the physicians involved in the care provided in the potential deficient practices,” and that “the investigation needs to be completed and any deficiencies resolved before the expiration of [the clinic’s] license on May 31, 2019.”

Dr. Colleen McNicholas, a Planned Parenthood physician in St. Louis, said the agency hasn’t shared details of the investigation or the potential concerns. She expected to be interviewed by the health agency Tuesday afternoon, an apparent compromise from the state, which had initially requested that interviews be conducted in a specific order with other physicians going first.

“We are 100 percent committed to the best care that we can provide for patients. So certainly if there is an issue with the care we’re providing we want to know about it,” she said. “We want to be able to address that. But we can’t do that when we’re being attacked.”

A clinic escort outside Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri.CBS NEWS

In 2019, six states — including Missouri — have passed laws banning virtually all abortions. In each case, the laws have not yet been enacted and face court challenges.

But now it appears Missouri would be losing its last clinic as a result of state regulations, not a new law.

Clinics that can’t comply with the regulations may be forced to shut their doors, something that happened to several clinics in Missouri when the state began requiring pelvic exams for medical abortions, a method administered by pill, according to McNicholas.

Although Planned Parenthood, in this year’s negotiations with the state, agreed to administer an extra pelvic exam for surgical abortions, the group wouldn’t budge on pill-administered ones.

“When I say an unnecessary pelvic exam what I mean is that the state is forcing me to put my fingers in somebody’s vagina when it is totally medically irrelevant,” McNicholas said. “That is really bordering on harassment… I am really proud of our clinicians for taking a stand and saying you know we just won’t do that to patients.”

In 2008, Missouri had 5 abortion clinics.

“This a chilling warning for all of us that we are in a public health crisis,” said Dr. Wen in an email to CBS News.

“Today it’s Missouri, tomorrow it could be all of America.”

Abortion-Loving Democrat Party Cancels Fundraiser for Pro-Life Democrat — They are Fully the Party of Death

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The pro-abortion DemocRats are driving the pro-life DemocRats from the party just like the leftist DemocRats did the Blue Dog DemocRats.

The Abortion-loving Democrat Party has canceled a fundraiser for a Democrat Congressman who is openly pro-life, proving that the party is 100 percent the party of death.

The cancellation proves that you cannot value human life AND be a Democrat at the same time.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairwoman Rep. Cheri Bustos (D., Ill.) canceled a planned fundraiser for fellow Illinois Democrat Rep. Dan Lipinski because he is one of the last Democrats who is openly pro-life.

Bustos bowed to pressure from hate-filled, death-loving progressives who were furious that the party would support anyone who loves babies.

The DCCC chair would not explicitly say that Lipinski’s fundraiser was cancelled because of his pro-life stance, but her other comments pretty much proved that was the case.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

“I’m proud to have a 100 percent pro-choice voting record and I’m deeply alarmed by the rapidly escalating attacks on women’s access to reproductive care in several states,” Bustos said in a statement released by the DCCC.

“While Congressman Lipinski and I do not agree on women’s reproductive health care, this does not change how I will work as DCCC Chair to protect our big tent Democratic caucus,” she added.

There is other evidence that the party cancelled the fundraiser because Lipinski is pro-life.

WFB added that left-wing activist Marie Newman, who tried and failed to topple Lipinski in the 2018 primaries, stirred the hard-core left-wing against the party for the fundraiser.

During her 2018 campaign, Newman received the endorsement and support of numerous progressive political action committees including EMILY’s List, MoveOn, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. She was quick to criticize Bustos last week when news broke that Bustos would be holding a fundraiser for Lipinski.

“The day after Alabama voted to restrict a woman’s right to choose, it’s shocking the DCCC is fervently supporting a representative who is anti-choice, anti-birth control, and anti-health care for all,” Newman said in a tweet.

After the fundraiser was cancelled, Newman was thrilled.

“It’s wonderful to watch our Democratic party unify over shared values,” Newman tweeted. “Yes, we’re a big tent party, but Rep. Lipinski does not represent the priorities of our community.”

So, let’s recap: The Democrat Party is rejecting one of its own members — who got elected to Congress — because he is not pro-death enough for them and is bowing to the will of a death cult leader — who COULD NOT get elected to Congress.

WALSH: Pro-Abortion Zealots Are Sending Me Death Threats And Wishing Rape On My Children. Here Are The Messages.

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There are some sick hate filled bastards on the left.

I have been outspoken this week (and every other week) in my support of the pro-life position. As I have explained many times, I am opposed to abortion in all cases, at all stages, for any reason, no matter the circumstances or manner of the child’s conception. My reason, as I’ve extensively outlined, is that unborn people are people. All people, in my view, have inherent human rights. The right to life is first and foremost and can only be forfeit if a person becomes an active threat to another person, or commits a particularly heinous and violent crime. Since there can be no such thing as a punitive abortion or abortion in self-defense, all abortion is evil because all abortion kills innocent and defenseless people. That’s my case, and the case of every staunch pro-lifer.

You can disagree with our case but if our “don’t kill people” position sends you into a blind rage, that should tell you something about your own psychological state. Speaking of questionable psychological states, this week I have been inundated with hate mail from abortion supporters who are upset in general about my pro-life views, and in particular that I have the gall to suggest that the children of rape victims should not be executed for the crimes of their fathers. I have also pointed out that rapists use abortion to cover their tracks, which is a documented, self-evident, but apparently completely taboo fact .

Of course, I get hate mail all the time. Anyone who shares their opinions online gets hate mail. I won’t bother sharing the hundreds of messages containing vile, vicious, but unfortunately run-of-the-mill insults directed at me. Instead, I want to show you some of the absurdly and graphically violent messages, not only threatening me, but threatening and wishing death and rape on my wife and small children. Please go to my Twitter to see the screenshots and the names and faces of some of these people. Here are some of the lowlights:

-“I’ll rape your daughter and your wife then you tell me what you wanna do. You piece of shit…”

-“Wish I could punch your dumbass face in you f****n mook I wish rape upon every female in your family so they are FORCED to have a child.”

-“Hope you daughter gets raped g”

-“I hope your wife and daughter are both brutally raped”

-“You f*****g idiot!!!! I hope you get raped up the a**”

-“I hope your dad rapes you so your opinion can be valid”

-“You are a f*****g retard. Wish your mom aborted you… hope your daughters have a million abortions”

-“You are the best reason for abortion I have ever encountered. It is a crime that your mother failed to exercise her right…One can only hope that by some happening that error in judgment is remedied. This is not a threat but a hope, a wish, that you, and all who think like you do, are permanently silenced.”

-“You’re a f*****g piece of s**t. I hope I get to meet you one day and show your face how I feel.”

-“Absolute f*****g idiot tw*t… Abort all three of your already born children.”

-“Well you are the exact reason for abortion… feel bad for your kids they are going to turn out like scum just like their dad.”

-“Come to Reading you’re getting slashed g”

-“…I’ll have you clapped mate”

-“Kill yourself”

-“Kill yourself. Your family would be better off.”

-“You should jump off a bridge… You don’t deserve to walk the planet you piece of s**t.”

-“I’m not going to tell you to kill yourself but if I read an article headlined “Blogger Matt Walsh dead by apparent suicide, let’s just say I’d have a beer.”

There are plenty more where these came from.

A few points about these messages:

1) A few of these people made the mistake of wishing or threatening harm to my family while using their real names and photographs. They may have just caused life-altering problems for themselves. Since I chose to publish their names and messages, it will now live forever in the annals of the internet and any future or current employer who googles Taylor Nowicki (the guy who threatened to rape my five-year-old daughter) or Jeff Fahey (the guy who wished rape on every female member of my family) will see what kind of sick and disturbed people they are. The girlfriend of the author of one of the above messages reached out to me this morning. She was not aware that her boyfriend is the sort of person who treats people this way. She did not seem pleased with the revelation. I wonder if Jeff’s and Taylor’s families know that they like to wish rape on children? I suppose now they do.

I am not always a fan of public shaming, but neither am I always against it. Anyone who says any of the things quoted above should not be given the privilege of remaining anonymous. If you think it is okay to wish sexual violence on children or tell your ideological opponents to kill themselves, you should be expected to stand by those words publicly. If you can’t stand by them, if you would be ashamed to have your girlfriend or your mother or your employer find out what sorts of things you say to people from the comfort of your keyboard, then maybe you shouldn’t be saying them at all. That is the lesson that Taylor, Jeff, and company will learn the hard way.

2) When Ilhan Omar was getting death threats, we were told that it is “dangerous” and “irresponsible” to criticize her. It “puts her life at risk,” the media breathlessly insisted. Well will the media and the Left show the same concern for the safety of my wife, my children, and myself?

I would never be so absurd as to suggest that criticism endangers my life. But if we’re worried about reckless and irresponsible rhetoric that may lead crazy people to do crazy things, what about all of the people who have accused me of “defending rape” or being a “rape apologist” because I oppose the murder of babies conceived in rape? Tom Arnold actually implied that I am a rapist myself and then accused me of “blogging a lot of pro-rapist stuff.” If legitimate criticism of Omar endangers her life, then what about being libelously and falsely labeled a rapist by a public figure?

3) My experiences here are not unique. Pro-lifers encounter this kind of thing all the time. Stand outside of an abortion clinic with a sign sometime and you’ll hear all of this and worse. If vicious and violent rhetoric from pro-aborts was rare or aberrational, I could maybe expect to get one or two “kill yourself” messages in response to my pro-life opinions. But this is not one or two. This seems to be a pattern. Defile the altar of death upon which these people worship, and they will come after you with their fangs out. This is what abortion advocacy looks like with the mask off. An ugly, ugly creature indeed.