NYC cops ‘declaring war’ on Mayor de Blasio, union says, following ‘assassination attempts’ on officers

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Little Billy DeBlasio is about as anti-cop as you can be and the attacks are his fault.

police union says the men and women of New York City’s finest are now “declaring war” on Mayor Bill de Blasio following a pair of shootings targeting officers in the Bronx over the weekend.

The fiery rhetoric directed at the Big Apple’s Democrat leader — who has implemented several measures critics say are hostile to police – comes as the NYPD filed charges against suspect Robert Williams in both attacks.

Mayor De Blasio, the members of the NYPD are declaring war on you!” the Sergeants Benevolent Association wrote in a tweet. “We do not respect you, DO NOT visit us in hospitals. You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you.

“NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you,” the tweet added. “This isn’t over, Game on!”

New York City police officers work the scene of a police-involved shooting outside the 41st precinct on Sunday. (AP)

New York City police officers work the scene of a police-involved shooting outside the 41st precinct on Sunday. (AP)


Police say Williams first ambushed two officers from the 41st Precinct on Saturday night, who had been sitting in a marked patrol van. One officer was wounded as a result of that attack when a bullet grazed his chin and neck.

Williams then walked into the precinct’s station house the next morning and opened fire with a 9mm handgun, injuring a lieutenant, police added. Only after running out of bullets did the 45-year-old Bronx native lay down on the ground and surrender.

The two officers wounded in the attacks are expected to survive – while Williams has been charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest.

De Blasio’s office ripped Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins on Monday, telling Fox News that his “comments are absolutely reprehensible.

“He clearly has forgotten his oath to protect and serve,” spokesperson Freddi Goldstein said. “While he threatens violence, the mayor remains focused on the safety of our officers and communities.”

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan also took a swipe at Mullins, telling Pix 11 in an interview that “none of the other unions follow his lead.

“The men and women that are out on the street right now, they care about keeping people safe. They care about keeping themselves safe,” Monahan added. “And that’s what this is about. This isn’t politics. This isn’t grandstanding.”

De Blasio himself, in a series of tweets Sunday, hailed the “heroism and extraordinary skill” of the NYPD’s officers for de-escalating the situation.

“This vicious assassination attempt is the second one we’ve seen in 24 hours — and an attack on our NYPD officers is an attack on ALL New Yorkers,” he said. “This despicable hatred is an attempt to divide our city and undermine our safety. We cannot and will not let that happen.”

The charges filed against Williams add to his already lengthy rap sheet, which the NYPD tells Fox News includes prior arrests dating back to 1994 for crimes such as robbery and criminal trespass.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday that Williams also had been paroled in 2017 after an attempted murder conviction in 2002.

In that incident, Williams shot a 23-year-old man several times in the back and leg before carjacking a 30-year-old woman’s vehicle, the NYPD tells Fox News. His bid to escape came to an end when he crashed the car and traded gunfire with New York City police officers, Shea noted.

Since his parole more than two years ago, Williams has one recorded arrest – a 2018 case of resisting arrest — for which he was already scheduled to appear in court, the commissioner added. Williams has an arraignment hearing in Bronx Criminal Court for the latest incidents this afternoon.

“It is a double miracle that we are not preparing for two funerals right now,” New York City Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said in a statement following the weekend shootings. “These targeted attacks are exactly what we have warned against, again and again. The hatred and violence directed at cops continues to grow.”

Police say Williams first ambushed two officers from the 41st Precinct on Saturday night, who had been sitting in a marked patrol van.

Police say Williams first ambushed two officers from the 41st Precinct on Saturday night, who had been sitting in a marked patrol van.


Williams’ grandmother, in an interview with the New York Post on Sunday, said he was “depressed at times because his son got shot in the street” in 2018.

The newspaper, citing police records, reported that an 18-year-old Robert Williams died in the Bronx that year in what officials classified as an accidental shooting that happened while the teen was playing with a friend’s gun.

“That was his only child,” Mary Williams said.

When asked by New York Post if she has a message for her grandson now, Williams said she would “tell him to get his life straight and don’t [do] things like that, because I love him and God loves him.”

The motive for this past weekend’s shootings is unclear, but Shea on Sunday criticized criminal justice reform activists who have demonstrated in recent months against excessive force by police, including a large protest in Grand Central Terminal. The protests, he suggested, helped create an anti-police environment.

“These things are not unrelated. We had people marching through the streets of New York City recently,” Shea said. “Words matter. And words affect people’s behavior.”

Williams walked into this precinct station house the Sunday morning and opened fire with a 9mm handgun, injuring a lieutenant, police say. (AP)

Williams walked into this precinct station house the Sunday morning and opened fire with a 9mm handgun, injuring a lieutenant, police say. (AP)

Yet, Shea didn’t offer any evidence that Williams knew of those protests or was influenced by them.

De Blasio, who won office partly on a promise to reform policing of minority communities, also suggested that anti-police sentiment had gotten out of hand.

“Anyone who spews hatred at our officers is aiding and abetting this kind of atmosphere; it is not acceptable,” he said. “You could protest for whatever you believe in, but you cannot vilely attack those who are here to protect us. It creates this kind of dynamic.”

The weekend attacks recalled other unprovoked assaults on New York City police officers sitting in their patrol vehicles.

In 2017, a gunman killed Officer Miosotis Familia as she sat in her patrol vehicle in the Bronx. In 2014, two officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, were shot dead in their patrol car in Brooklyn by a man upset about recent police killings of unarmed black men.

The killings of Ramos and Liu had also followed large protests. Some officers blamed de Blasio for expressing solidarity with the demonstrations and turned their backs on the Democrat at the funerals.

“Every time there is a funeral, the mayor shows up and guess what happens, every single officer turns around 180 and turns their back to the mayor of this city,” Eric Trump, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, told ‘Fox & Friends’ on Monday.

“He’s been so anti-law enforcement, and it shows,” Trump added. “He doesn’t stand with the men and women out there. He just doesn’t.”


Behar Admits She’s Falling Apart After Acquittal, Says ‘I’m Crazy,’ Trump’s Winning, ‘I’m Getting Nuttier’

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As Rush calls her Maude Behar has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and she is getting worse.

President Donald Trump may have been a billionaire real estate mogul before ever foraying into national politics, but it certainly is hard to believe the man ever owned more real estate than he does now.

Such a shame the majority of Trump’s largest recent acquisitions were all made in the uninhabitable space between the ears of progressive activists, pundits and cultural personalities.

But perhaps Trump knows something about the value of all that real estate that we do not because, after being acquitted Wednesday by the U.S. Senate on both impeachment charges leveled against him, the president went all in on a fistful of new properties — the most notable of which is situated right smack in the center of Joy Behar’s prefrontal cortex.

Seemingly in the works for nearly three years now, Behar finally confirmed Trump’s rent-free acquisition of the property Friday on ABC’s “The View,” admitting the president’s celebratory acquittal news conference had driven her to drink.

By the way, acquitted doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a crime,” Behar railed, shaking her head dramatically as the panel opened up for discussion.

“Three words: O. J. Simpson.”

Pausing for a moment, the host went on to yank an unknown object from her ear.

“Is that your earpiece?” conservative co-host Meghan McCain asked.

“I’m crazy today. I’m crazy today,” Behar said. “He’s made me crazy this week. I mean, I’m really getting — he’s winning, because I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.”

“This weekend, I’m not watching the news. I’m not go– I’m turning it off,” the host added.

“I’m going to get a massage and I’m going to … drink.”

And assuredly, the only thing more uncomfortable than reasonable members of the audience hearing that statement was the forced laugh that followed from McCain.

I mean, re

All this over one good day for all over a man you hardly know and deeply dislike?

Is It Time to Call Democrats ‘Evil’? You Decide

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It is way beyond time to start calling DemocRats evil.

I’ve tried in my career as a conservative commentator to rarely use the word “evil.” Disagreements over policies and agendas don’t make your opponent “evil.” As a matter of fact, most reasonable, common-sense Americans want compromise.

But what if I were to report that Democrats are extreme, radical Stepford wives trying to destroy America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, the U.S. Constitution and the middle class? Some of you might say, “Wayne, you’re exaggerating.”

Nope. I’m not.

I’m going to play the role of Paul Revere. I’m going to expose a bill in Congress championed by congressional Democrats called H.R. 5383: the New Way Forward Act, introduced in December. It’s so extreme, radical, hateful and offensive toward American citizens that its only possible goal is the end of America.

I believe it represents evil. But I’ll report. You decide.

The New Way Forward Act — which supporters say is intended to “advance racial justice for immigration communities” — says anyone and everyone in the world can come to America — no laws, no papers, no background check required. It eliminates illegal immigration.

And it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to ever again be deported, for any reason. Being here illegally will never again result in deportation. Neither will committing serious crimes. This bill brags about ending the “prison to deportation pipeline.”

No criminal can be deported for drug offenses, fraud or felonies. Not for depraved acts of moral turpitude, such as sexual assault, child abuse and sex crimes against children. Any crime that carries a sentence of less than five years will no longer result in deportation. In many cases, this includes manslaughter.

But even if you are convicted of a crime with at least a five-year sentence — such as murder, rape or kidnapping — this bill gives liberal judges complete discretion to allow anyone to stay in the country.

The bill even eliminates the statute that bars anyone from immigrating here if convicted abroad of drug crimes, or any crimes involving moral turpitude. So, rapists, child molesters, and MS-13 and Mexican drug cartel gangsters: Democrats welcome you to America.

But I’ve saved the worst for last. The bill is retroactive. It allows anyone and everyone ever before deported to come back — as long as they would have been eligible under the provisions of the new law.

Worse, some critics argue that language in the proposal would force the Department of Homeland Security to pay for deported criminals to come back with your tax dollars. The list of dangerous illegal alien criminals who have been deported numbers in the hundreds of thousands. They’re all invited back, and American taxpayers are on the hook for their plane tickets.

And, of course, once here, they’ll get free health care. Remember, every Democrat running for president raised his or her hands in support of free health care for illegals.

Now you know I’m not being harsh or exaggerating. Democrats really are extreme, radical, Kool-Aid drinking, America-hating Stepford wives. Democrats are intent on destroying America and your way of life. And there is no way to compromise with people who believe in the end of America.

From this day forward, every Democrat running for president and every other office in the land must be asked by the media where they stand on the New Way Forward Act. And if they support it, you are looking at evil.

The Era of Limbaugh

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Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is a giant in the Conservative World.

Column: Why Rush Limbaugh matters.

Rush Limbaugh
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Florida governor Ron DeSantis spoke to Rush Limbaugh last fall at a gala dinner for the National Review Institute. The radio host was there to receive the William F. Buckley Jr. award. “He actually gave me one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever had,” Limbaugh told his audience the next day. “He listed five great conservatives and put me in the list.” DeSantis’s pantheon: William F. Buckley Jr., Ronald Reagan, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Limbaugh.

Good list. No media figure since Buckley has had a more lasting influence on American conservatism than Limbaugh, whose cumulative weekly audience is more than 20 million people. Since national syndication in 1988, Limbaugh has been the voice of conservatism, his three-hour program blending news, politics, and entertainment in a powerful and polarizing cocktail. His shocking announcement this week that he has advanced lung cancer, and his appearance at the State of the Union, where President Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, are occasions to reflect on his impact.

It’s one thing to excel in your field. It’s another to create the field in which you excel. Conservative talk radio was local and niche before Limbaugh. He was the first to capitalize on regulatory and technological changes that allowed for national scale. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 freed affiliates to air controversial political opinions without inviting government scrutiny. As music programming migrated to the FM spectrum, AM bandwidth welcomed talk. Listener participation was also critical. “It was not until 1982,” writes Nicole Hemmer in Messengers of the Right, “that AT&T introduced the modern direct-dial toll-free calling system that national call-in shows use.”

Limbaugh made the most of these opportunities. And he contributed stylistic innovations of his own. He treated politics not only as a competition of ideas but also as a contest between liberal elites and the American public. He added the irreverent and sometimes scandalous humor and cultural commentary of the great DJs. He introduced catchphrases still in circulation: “dittohead,” “Drive-By media,” “feminazi,” “talent on loan from God.”

The template he created has been so successful that the list of his imitators on both the left and right is endless. Even Al Franken wanted in on the act. Dostoyevsky is attributed with the saying that the great Russian writers “all came out of Gogol’s ‘Overcoat.'” Political talk show hosts came out of Limbaugh’s microphone.

Limbaugh’s success prefigured more than the rise of conservative radio. His two bestsellers, The Way Things Ought to Be (1992) and See, I Told You So (1993), were the leading edge of the conservative publishing boom. And his television program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, produced in collaboration with Roger Ailes, was a forerunner of the opinion programming on Fox News Channel. “I had to learn how to take being hated as a measure of success,” he told a Boy Scouts awards dinner in 2009. “Nobody’s raised for that. And the person that taught me to deal with this and to remain psychologically healthy was Roger Ailes.”

Limbaugh is not fringe. His views fit in the conservative mainstream. He idolizes Buckley. “He was a fundamental individual in helping me to be able to explain what I believed instinctively, helping me to explain it to others,” Limbaugh said last year. The ideas are the same but the salesman is different. Limbaugh is Buckley without the accent, without the Yale credentials, without the sailboat and harpsichord. Limbaugh is a college dropout from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, who spends Sundays watching the NFL and speaks in plain language. His background connects him to the audience—and to the increasingly working-class Republican voter.

Limbaugh entered stage right just as Ronald Reagan made his exit. He took from Reagan the sense that America’s future is bright, that America isn’t broken, just its liberal political, media, and cultural elites. “He rejected Washington elitism and connected directly with the American people who adored him,” Limbaugh said after Reagan’s death. “He didn’t need the press. He didn’t need the press to spin what he was or what he said. He had the ability to connect individually with each American who saw him.” The two men never met.

Limbaugh assumed Reagan’s position as leader of the conservative movement. In a letter sent to Limbaugh after the 1992 election, Reagan wrote, “Now that I’ve retired from active politics, I don’t mind that you have become the Number One voice for conservatism in our Country. I know the liberals call you the most dangerous man in America, but don’t worry about it, they used to say the same thing about me. Keep up the good work. America needs to hear ‘the way things ought to be.'”

In a long and evenhanded cover story in 1993 by James Bowman, National Review pronounced Limbaugh “the leader of the opposition.” Bowman quoted R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., editor of The American Spectator. “We need to have people who can dramatize ideas,” Tyrrell said. “You need that literary spark. Luigi Barzini had it; Buckley has it. And, though he’s a great talker rather than a great writer, Rush has it too.”

More than a decade later, after the Republican defeat in 2008, Limbaugh once again stepped into the breach. The media likened Barack Obama to FDR. Republicans wavered. Should they cooperate with President Obama in building a “New Foundation” for America? Limbaugh gave his answer on January 16, 2009. “I’ve been listening to Barack Obama for a year and a half,” he said. “I know what his politics are. I know what his plans are, as he has stated them. I don’t want them to succeed.” Limbaugh said he hoped Obama failed. “Liberalism is our problem. Liberalism is what’s gotten us dangerously close to the precipice here. Why do I want more of it?” The monologue, and the speech he delivered to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., a month later, became a sensation. They set the tone for the Tea Party and Republican victories in 2010 and 2014.

Limbaugh did not mock Trump when the businessman announced his presidential campaign in June 2015. “This is going to resonate with a lot of people, I guarantee you, and the Drive-Bys are going to pooh-pooh it,” he said. He spent the primary reminding listeners of the importance of defeating Hillary Clinton. Trump was not an ideological candidate, he said. Trump was a missile aimed at the establishment. If ideology matters, then you should vote for Ted Cruz. “If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote,” Limbaugh said in February 2016, “there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz, because you are exactly right: This is the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan.” But, Limbaugh added, the feeling in the country might be so anti-establishment that Trump’s unusual coalition could win the presidency. It did.

To say that Limbaugh supports the president would be an understatement. Last December he introduced the president at a Turning Point USA summit. He mentioned a recent encounter on a golf course. Someone told him it is hard to defend President Trump. “I said, ‘What? Hard to defend the president? It’s one of the easiest things in the world to do.’ President Trump does not need to be defended.” The crowd cheered. A few seconds later Limbaugh said, “How do you defend Donald Trump? You attack the people who are attempting to destroy him. They’re trying to destroy you. They’re trying to transform this country into something that it was not founded to be.”

Bold, brash, divisive, funny, and amped up, President Trump’s style is similar to a shock jockey’s. His presidency is another reminder of Limbaugh’s staying power. The American right has been molded in his anti-elitist, grassroots, demotic, irreverent, patriotic, hard-charging image. Rush Limbaugh is not just a broadcaster. He defines an era.

Maxine Waters Boycotts Trump’s SOTU—But Attended Castro Speech Shrieking ‘VIVA FIDEL!’

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Can we deport this idiot to Cuba?


“10 Democrats Boycott Trump’s State of the Union Address,” declared a Voice of America article. “Another Trump critic, California Democrat Maxine Waters, said she would not attend, calling Trump a “dishonorable president.” 

“Rep. Maxine Waters, another Democrat who made early calls for impeachment, applauded the senators who voted to remove Trump from office, acknowledging Republican Mitt Romney… Waters accused the other senators, all Republicans, of being “enemies of the rule of law and the Constitution,” BuzzFeed reported.

A  Martian, briefly visiting earth, (or a “Woke” person reading the Fake News Media) would surmise that Maxine Waters cares deeply about “honor” and “the rule of law,” right? Well:

“VIVA FIDEL!…FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” The very rafters of Manhattan’s Riverside Church shook with thundering chants honoring the racist war-monger who came within a whisker of nuking the Riverside Church (and everything for miles around it)–some years earlier.

“FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FIDEL! –VIVA FIDEL!” The overflow crowd (which included Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel) could hardly control their excitement at finally seeing – in the flesh! – the mass-murderer who craved to nuke their nation and denounced it as “a vulture preying on humanity!”

Shortly the delirious ovation (from the mostly black crowd) rose to the level of an earthquake – to a hurricane. The very walls of the Riverside Church shook with shrieks of “FIDEL! VI-VA FI-DEL!!” in honor of the jailer and torturer.

“VIVA FIDEL!…FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” continued chanting the relentlessly “progressive” crowd at America’s most notoriously “progressive” church—in honor of the jailer and torturer of the most black, women and gay political prisoners in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere.

When the Beatles played at nearby Shea Stadium in 1966, the hysterical adulation was called Beatlemania. Then what to call this (mostly Black tumult) for the dictator whose sidekick Che Guevara sneered at blacks as “lazy, frivolous and averse to baths”?

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” the enraptured crowd (which included Maxine Waters) added in honor of the racist, terror-sponsoring mass-murderer’s birthday a week earlier.

“I came to Harlem,” deadpanned the smiling mass-murderer as the welcoming tumult finally waned on that memorable Harlem evening of Sept. 8, 2000, “because I knew it was here that I would find my best friends.” Sadly, no cameras were focused on Maxine Waters’ face at that moment. But if you recall Ann Margaret’s face while gazing at Conrad Birdie—you probably get the picture.

(Don’t miss this video clip of the jailer and torturer of the longest suffering BLACK political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere acknowledging his absolutely RAPTUROUS welcome in Harlem, which he almost nuked.)

Astoundingly, two years prior to her whooping-hollering, hand-clapping, foot-stomping participation at Riverside’s Fidel-Castro-Worship Service, Rep. Maxine Waters seemed to suffer a teeny-tiny lapse in her adulation for the mass-murdering terror-sponsor whose lifelong dream was to nuke her homeland:

Two years prior to joining Manhattan’s Castro adoration rite, you see, Maxine Waters had voted in favor of a congressional resolution calling on Castro to kindly refrain from harboring fugitives from U.S. law, (the law she claims to revere, remember?) including convicted cop-killer Joan Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur.)

Then, OOOPS! Maxine Waters caught herself in the nick of time! This idolizer of “rule of law,” this current Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, had apparently not read the actual House resolution she was voting on! 

“Dear President (all emphasis mine) Castro,” she wrote on September 29, 1998, “I am writing to clarify my position on a resolution recently passed by the United States House of Representatives on September 14, 1998. I, and some of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, mistakenly voted for House Concurrent Resolution 254 which called on the Government of Cuba to extradite to the United States Joanne Chesimard and all other individuals who have fled the United States from political persecution and received political asylum in Cuba. Joanne Chesimard was the birth name of a political activist known to most Members of the Congressional Black Caucus as Assata Shakur. For the record, I am opposed to the resolution. I unequivocally stated that a mistake was made and I would have voted against the legislation.”

The New Jersey police department explains Chesimard’s “political activism” here: “On May 2, 1973 New Jersey State Troopers James Harper and Werner Foerster were patrolling the New Jersey Turnpike in the area of East Brunswick and stopped a car with three occupants. The Troopers were questioning the occupants when the driver and female passenger suddenly came up with semi-automatic pistols and opened fire. Trooper Foerster was struck twice in the chest, and Trooper Harper was hit in the shoulder. The female (Joanne Chesimard) then proceeded to take the service weapon from the injured Trooper Foerster. She pointed it at the wounded Trooper and shot him twice in the head, execution style. The thirty-four-year-old trooper with just three years on the road died soon after. He left a wife and family behind.”

The New Jersey police department also explains the proceedings of Chesimard’s “political asylum”: “In 1977 the female shooter was convicted and sentenced to life plus 26 to 33 years in prison. On November 2, 1979 in the daylight hours this convicted murderer was serving her time when she was taken from her cell to the visitor’s area to meet with four people who had come to see her. It was a setup. The four visitors took a Corrections Officer hostage. They then took a prison driver hostage. Using the hostages, the visitors helped her escape. She eluded capture for several years until 1986 when she made her way to Cuba. There she was granted political asylum. She has been there ever since.”

At last count, The Castro-Family-Fiefdom provides safe haven for 40-50 fugitives from U.S. law (which Maxine Waters professes to revere), including several on the FBI’s most wanted listed. Along with convicted cop-killer Chesimard, Cuba harbors convicted cop-killer Charlie Hill, along with Victor Gerena, responsible for a $7 million heist of a Wells Fargo truck in Connecticut in 1983 as a member of the Puerto Rican terrorist group Los Macheteros. Guillermo “Willie” Morales, who bombed Manhattan’s Fraunces Tavern in 1975, which killed four Americans, also lives like a celebrity in Cuba. For decades all requests by U.S. authorities for these criminals’ extradition have been laughed-off by Maxine Waters’s terror-sponsoring friends.

But according to Maxine Waters, this stickler for “honor” and “U.S. rule of law,” some of these aren’t criminals at all. Instead, they’re mere “political activists.”

What Rush Means To Us, And To Me

H/T Town Hall.

Every Conservative in the United States owes more to Rush Hudson Limbaugh III that we can ever repay.  

So make sure when you say a prayer include one for Rush.

I first learned of Rush in 1988 when a vendor to the store where I was working called me a ditto-head.

I at first go a little upset as I thought he called me a dope-head.

He said No a ditto-head then he explained and he gave me the station information.

I tuned the radio in to hear Rush and have never stopped listening.

It’s a tribute to the great Rush Limbaugh that the reaction to his cancer diagnosis by the tens of millions of people he inspired was not to be devastated but to focus and to resolutely offer their thoughts and prayers in his fight. And he will fight – he’ll fight this like he has fought everything and everyone else that tried to take him out over the last third of a century. He is the archetypal conservative brawler, a no-apologies, no-excuses conservative who never submitted, never allowed himself to be domesticated and neutered by the elite. At the same time, he is gracious and a charity juggernaut. We love him for his strength and wit, and the left – to judge by its vicious, hateful glee over the news – has never forgiven him for either.

But then, the glory of Rush is that he doesn’t ask to be forgiven.

Here’s how I learned about Rush. I was back from the Gulf War in mid-1991, out of the Army and staying with my parents for a few weeks before I went to LA to start law school. One day, a guy I grew up with who lived across the street told me, “You gotta hear this Rush guy!”

“What’s a Rush?”

“Rush Limbaugh!”

That’s when this all began for me. Sure, I was conservative already, but I was kind of on my own. Lots of us were – millions of us thought we were the only ones who thought like we did. Back then, being a conservative meant you waited for the National Review and maybe the American Spectator to show up in your mailbox. That was it. That was the whole conservative media. You social media cons are spoiled. We were the conservative diaspora. 

And conservatism was still nice. Nice worked for Ronald Reagan, but he had a spine of steel. Nice did not work for George H.W. Bush. He would dive bomb a Japanese destroyer and send me and half a million others off to war, but get into an undignified political brawl? Oh well, I never! He got pummeled.

But Rush was not interested in submission. He was interested in conservatism, raw and undiluted. And he gathered us together and demonstrated that we were not alone.

For me, Rush was preaching to the choir, but then the choir needs preaching to too. Yet, his most vital function is to create new conservatives out of mushy libs who were that way purely out of habit. I can’t count how many other conservatives I’ve met who were liberal until they heard Rush. The lies the liberals told about him were often the first liberal lies these converts noticed – they tuned in expecting a monster and got a good natured, funny but uncompromising conservative who won millions of people over through the power of the common sense of his message. People wondered that if liberals were lying to them about Rush, what else were they lying about?

My friend Andrew Breitbart, the other great non-governmental conservative visionary of the last 50 years, wrote about how he was converted and inspired by Rush. That’s the importance of Rush to our movement – he generates conservatives out of liberals and moderates, all by talking to them like they are adults.

But while freedom and the Constitution sell themselves, don’t underestimate Rush’s technical skills as an entertainer. Today, I occasionally substitute for incredible radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt and Larry O’Connor – every conservative host traces his lineage to Rush. And doing that job gives you an appreciation of what it takes and what Rush does. You stare at that mic looming in front of your face and realize you have 11 minutes until the next hard break to fill with coherent thoughts that will keep hands off that dial. But Rush has done that for decades, making it look easy (it’s not) and without the crutch of guests. It’s all him.

There has never been anyone like him on radio, and never will be again. But there will be many who were mentored by him whether Rush knew them or not.

People say there would be no Trump without Rush, but it’s more than that. There would be no conservatism without him. Our movement could have been strangled in the cradle, but Rush nurtured and grew it off in what had been the abandoned wasteland of AM radio where the smart set never bothered to venture.

He started in the three-network era and singlehandedly busted that liberal monopoly on discourse. Rush ignored the gatekeepers and simply tore down the whole gate. Oh, they tried to stop him. They tried to force him off the air, because they feared the unstoppable combination of unparalleled talent promoting the ideology of human freedom backed with the courage to never quit. He could have walked away years ago. He could have taken his money and retired. But he’s there, every day, working in the cause of freedom.

How they hate him. His announcement was met by determination and faith from his friends and vile delight by his enemies on the left. Did you see a single major Democrat take to social media to wish him well? Keep that in mind when they invite you to disarm.

Remember, they hate Rush not for anything he did, but simply for articulating American freedom effectively and without equivocation. They want him to die, literally, because they disagree with what he thinks, so how do you think they feel about you? Again, consider that the next time a Democrat tells you to give up your guns.

I think back on the countless hours I spent with Rush in my car and smile. It seems like he’s always been there, a voice of sanity during the Clinton years, the Bush 43 years, Obama years, and the Trump era. He’s been there pretty much my whole adult life. A lot of you younger cons never knew a time before Rush. He was always there when you turned on the radio, doing his unique thing, not part of any other network or organization, entirely sui generis.

He’s Rush.

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Woman Pleads Guilty to Beating Child to Death for Eating Cupcake

H/T Breitbart.

While LaShirley Morris was sentenced to life in prison she should have been beaten to death with a baseball bat just like this three-year-old child was.

A woman pleaded guilty in December to fatally beating a child after he took a cupcake from her kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia.

On October 21, 2017, LaShirley Morris beat the three-year-old boy, Kejuan Mason, with a baseball bat as punishment for eating the cupcake, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The report continued:

A child inside the home witnessed the attack, according to a Division of Family and Children Services report. Her sister, Glenndria Morris, was also charged in Mason’s death because she did not intervene during the fatal beating. Her case is still pending, the Fulton DA’s office said.

Kejuan lived with Glenndria Morris, who was also his legal guardian at the time of the alleged killing.

“Police were later called to the ‘roach-infested’ home in southwest Atlanta after a 911 call that said he wasn’t breathing. Paramedics arrived and performed CPR, but the child died at the hospital,” according to 11 Alive.

Following the incident, the two sisters reportedly claimed the boy had choked on the cupcake, resulting in his death.

However, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said Kejuan had bruises all over his body and that he died of blunt force trauma.

“A copy of LaShirley Morris’ final disposition says she pleaded guilty to murder, two felony murder counts, aggravated assault, cruelty to children in the first degree and cruelty to children in the third degree,” the report stated.

At a 2018 bond hearing, Kejuan’s grandmother, Xavier Upshaw, said the suspect told her the child had been beaten, according to the New York Post.

“I have five grandbabies. I had six. It is unfair. He was 3 years old. What can a baby do, 3 years old, to make you beat him to death?” Upshaw commented.

Following Morris’s guilty plea in December, she was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.