Report: Chief of Border Patrol Says No Way to Biden, Will Not Endorse Ban on Using ‘Alien’

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When you do not know how to fix the problem you created you change the language.

Instead of focusing on the border crisis fueled by his own policies, President Joe Biden has spent his time attempting to ban certain language related to the crisis. However, a new report suggests U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott is standing up to him.

According to Breitbart, Biden issued a policy change prohibiting both Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement from using terms including “alien,” “unaccompanied alien children,” “undocumented alien,” “illegal alien,” and “assimilation” in any communication.

Instead, the policy, which went into effect on April 19, mandated the use of the terms “noncitizen,” “noncitizen unaccompanied children,” “undocumented noncitizen,” and “civic integration.”

This policy change is absurd for multiple reasons. First, the fact that Biden has chosen to focus on banning language instead of fixing the actual border emergency he helped create is completely nonsensical.

According to The New York Times, the number of migrant children arriving in Mexico in an attempt to enter the United States increased by over 900 percent between January and March of 2021.

“The number of migrant children reported in Mexico rose to 3,500 at the end of March from 380 at the start of the year, according to the Children’s Fund, or UNICEF,” The Times reported.

“The number includes data from Mexico’s National Migration Institute and other official sources, and provides a detailed look into the crisis.”

That has led to deteriorating conditions for children being held at the border, an issue Democrats seemed deeply concerned with during the Trump administration. That concern has mysteriously disappeared while their party occupies the White House.

Biden and his administration have continually downplayed the situation at the border as they ignore the facts of the situation.

It’s clear Biden wants to politicize the border crisis, which brings us to the second problem with the policy banning words like “alien.”

According to Breitbart, Scott said the U.S. Border Patrol Agency has always been an apolitical agency, and maintained it needs to stay that way. In his estimation, the new policy change threatens that apolitical stance.

“This memorandum serves as my official nonconcurrence to the proposed updated terminology for U.S. Customs and Border Protection communications and materials. I will not undermine this effort; however, I cannot endorse it,” he said in the memo obtained by Breitbart Texas.

“Despite every attempt by USBP leadership to ensure that all official messaging remained consistent with law, fact, and evidence, there is no doubt that the reputation of the USBP has suffered because of the many outside voices,” he continued.

“Mandating the use of terms which are inconsistent with law has the potential to further erode public trust in our government institutions.”

Scott’s April 16 memo was addressed to Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Troy Miller. Scott advised Miller not to enforce the changes “until the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 is enacted.”

In other words, Scott is not going to cave to pressure from Biden to endorse something that is not backed by law. Until the law actually changes, “alien” is a legally defined term under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Breitbart said that even though the policy went into effect on April 19, it “will not … impact official reports and legal documents that must contain the terms codified in the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

This policy change is a useless partisan proposal. If Biden really wanted to work together to fix the border crisis, he has plenty of avenues to explore.

For example, The Texas Tribune reported Thursday that Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas and Democratic Sen. Krysten Sinema of Arizona introduced a bipartisan bill in the Senate aimed at addressing the border crisis by establishing four new migrant processing centers.

“Other provisions would include expanding and improving legal and translating services in asylum cases, focusing on protections for unaccompanied children to eliminate placement with sex offenders and child abusers, and increasing the number of judges, asylum officers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement staff, and Customs and Border Patrol workers near the border,” The Tribune reported.

This legislation presents actual solutions that could at the very least be a starting point for Democrats and Republicans to work together toward some sort of solution.

Sadly, as of now, it appears the Biden administration has much more interest in banning terms than they do addressing the real problems at the southern border.

275 Sheriffs Sound Alarm on Border Crisis, Send Letter with Demands to Biden

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Sadly Joe Pee Pads Biden does not give a Damn about the crisis at the border.

A large group of sheriffs signed a letter addressed to President Joe Biden this week asking him to take urgent action to stop the border crisis.

Apprehensions at the southern border in recent months have shattered past records, creating significant strain on law enforcement working to keep track of migrants coming into the country.

“America’s Sheriffs are deeply troubled about the dangerous impacts your administration’s border policies are having on our citizens, legal residents and communities,” the bipartisan group of 275 wrote Tuesday.

“You must act now before our nation’s public safety resources are overwhelmed with the criminal side effects of unchecked illegal immigration, including transnational gangs, guns, dangerous drugs and human trafficking.”

The sheriffs from 39 states pointed out that despite the situation at the border being unprecedented, the Biden administration has taken no responsibility.

“In a myriad of ways, you and your administration are encouraging and sanctioning lawlessness and the victimization of the people of the United States of America, all in the name of mass illegal immigration,” they wrote.

“We, the undersigned sheriffs, like you, took oaths and made promises to the American people that we would uphold and enforce the rule of law,” they continued. “America’s Sheriffs believe that the citizens we serve have an absolute expectation that our efforts will be rooted in public service rather than political self-service.”

“These local law enforcement officials have been dealing with the impact of unsecured borders for decades, as criminal cartels have taken root in their communities,” Federation for American Immigration Reform President Dan Stein said in a news release. “Every day, as the Biden administration releases people we know nothing about, into communities all across the nation, the threats to public safety and public health grow evermore grave.”

“President Biden has the obligation and the ability to restore policies that were in place when he took office that had checked the flow of migrants crossing our borders. He has a moral and constitutional obligation to do so immediately,” Stein continued.

The sheriffs asked Biden to immediately change his policies and revert to certain policies of former President Donald Trump’s administration.

“In the interests of ending the undermining of our laws and the increased risks to the safety and security of the people of the United States of America, we respectfully request that you immediately reverse course on your pro-illegal immigration policies, resume the border wall construction, and embrace the common-sense, public-safety-supporting border policies of the previous administration,” the sheriffs wrote in their letter.

“America’s Sheriffs stand ready to work with you and your administration if you are willing to move in the right direction. Until that time, all of us will continue to uphold our oaths, enforce our sovereign authorities, fight for public safety, and keep our promises to the American people who have placed their trust in us.”

After Biden halted the construction of the border wall and reversed many of Trump’s immigration policies, such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, migrants felt it was a signal they could start coming in large numbers.

As crossing the border without documentation is illegal, migrants — thousands of which are unaccompanied minors — have to be detained in order to be processed.

In March, 18,890 children crossed the border, a 100 percent increase from February, according to Customs and Border Protection data.

It makes sense sheriffs even outside border states signed the letter, as migrants may be sent to many different places throughout the country.

Unfortunately, the administration seems to have no urgency to take decisive action to stop the crisis.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas indicated this week that border wall construction may resume soon, but there do not seem to be plans to reinstate any of Trump’s protocols.

In addition, Roberta Johnson, who has been a key leader in efforts at the border, will be stepping down at the end of this month, adding to the lack of leadership during this time of peril. Even so, Johnson believes the crisis will be left in good hands.

“They continue to drive toward the architecture that the president has laid out: an immigration system that is humane, orderly and safe,” she told The New York Times. “I leave optimistically. The policy direction is so clearly right for our country.”

As law enforcement is strained without any clear course of action, Biden’s legacy will certainly be tarnished.

Furious Lindsey Graham Threatens to ‘Shut the Senate Down’ Over Border Chaos, Issues Challenge to ‘Liberal Hypocrites’

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This will be interesting to see if Lindsey Graham keeps his word about shutting down the Senate.

If the Biden administration isn’t convinced it has a crisis with illegal immigration, maybe Lindsey Graham can change some minds.

The South Carolina senator, one of the most vocal of the Senate Republicans when it comes to the unfolding disaster at the southern border, is planning a trip to the region with colleagues this week.

And if he doesn’t get cooperation there, he’s going to make it known in Washington.

Biden Admin Sets Aside $86 Million to House Migrant Families

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Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of Texas is correct in saying it incentivizes people to flood across our southern border.

Joe Pee Pads Biden hung out an $86 million dollar welcome sign.   


Illegal immigrants who are flooding the border in numbers beyond what government facilities can hold will be housed in hotels in Arizona and Texas.

The Biden administration will spend $86 million on the plan through a six-month contract with Endeavors, a nonprofit based in Texas, according to Axios.

The so-called “family reception sites” will be established at seven different brand-name hotels, according to Reuters, which cited two unnamed sources.

The hotel sites will open in April, Reuters reported, and will offer  COVID-19 testing, medical care, food services, social workers and case management officers. It is unclear if those put up at the hotels will be monitored.

The contract could be extended depending upon circumstances at the border, where numbers of migrants who crossed illegally in family groups rose from 7,000 in January to 19,000 in February, according to Axios.

Since January, more than 13,000 family members have been allowed to stay in the U.S., with many released into communities, Axios reported.

The scope of the crisis at the border was recently categorized by The Washington Post as the Biden administration “scrambling to control the biggest surge in 20 years, with the nation on pace for as many as 2 million migrants at the southern border this year — the outcome Biden said he wanted to avoid.

The Post noted that, “The situation at the border — which Biden and his advisers steadfastly refuse to call a crisis — is the result of an administration that was forewarned of the coming surge, yet still ill-prepared and lacking the capacity to deal with it. Administration officials have been plagued by muddled messaging, sometimes making appeals that seem directed more at liberal activists than the migrants they need to dissuade from coming to the country.”

“The administration also took several steps — including saying it would allow unaccompanied minors into the country — that increased the flow of migrants and encouraged more to try their luck,” The Post reported.

Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of Texas criticized the messaging, according to The Post.

“When you create a system that incentivizes people to come across, and they are released, that immediately sends a message to Central America that if you come across you can stay,” said Gonzalez told the newspaper.

“It incentivizes droves of people to come, and the only way to slow it down is by changing policy at our doorstep. If they don’t change the policy, the flow of continued migration traffic isn’t going to stop or slow down,” he said.

Chad Wolf, who was the acting DHS secretary during the Biden transition, said Biden administration officials were made aware of the likely ramifications of their actions, according to The Post.

“It’s one thing to hear it from political appointees, but career folks were telling them the same thing. They should have been better prepared,” Wolf said. “And I know they were briefed in detail by CBP.”

Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas said he also tried to warn the White House of what was taking place along the border.

“I said, ‘Hey, I just want to let you know what’s going on. We need to get a handle on this before it gets out of hand,’” he said. “Even within a week, I was already calling the White House to say, ‘Hey, guys, you’ve got to take a look at it.’ ”

The dissonance between the administration’s actions and words was fodder for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in discussing the administration’s decision to send the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the border.

“So either this is the first time FEMA has been deployed just to admire a situation that is going smoothly, or the administration is not being straight with the American people,” McConnell said.


Republicans Blast Biden for Ignoring Border Crisis

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Joe Pee Pads Biden wants open borders so when illegals’ swarm in many of them will go on welfare and become part of the DemocRat Plantation and they will vote DemocRat.

Former acting ICE director: Biden ignored warnings about illegal immigration from Trump team.

House Republicans criticized President Joe Biden for failing to acknowledge the crisis on the southern border after they visited immigration facilities on Monday.

The Republican delegation, led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), surveyed multiple immigration facilities on the border in New Mexico and Texas. Rep. August Pfluger (R., Texas), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, blasted the administration’s response after speaking to immigration officials. He said the conditions on the ground are deteriorating and potentially undermining national security.

“It’s such a shame that the Biden administration won’t call it a crisis … but they’re signaling it [is a crisis] with all the resources that they’re putting into it,” Pfluger told the Washington Free Beacon. “Anybody who cares about the security of this country should be doing something, regardless of partisan lines.”

In the first two months of the Biden presidency, thousands of aliens have attempted to illegally enter the United States, including unaccompanied minors and families. The Biden administration has revoked Trump-era immigration policies, including the “remain in Mexico” policy that made asylum-seekers wait in Mexico before their immigration hearing. Biden also revoked proposed worker protections that would prevent illegal immigrants with deportation orders from gaining legal employment.

Pfluger said the immigration crisis is making Americans less safe. Sparse resources for border patrol authorities have left holes in border security for human traffickers and other dangerous criminals to exploit. McCarthy said border officials told him they have already detained illegal entrants on federal terror watchlists.

“The number one job of the president is to keep the citizens of this country safe,” Pfluger said. “The secretary of state has come out and said that we will be judged on our progress on keeping Americans safe and secure…. You have to ask yourself, are we meeting that metric? I don’t think so.”

“There are people who would do bad things in this country and they are incentivized by the lack of strong policy and rhetoric to keep the border and this country safe,” Pfluger added.

The White House referred the Free Beacon to comments Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made Tuesday, which offered several policy solutions for the influx at the border but neglected to call the situation a crisis.

“The situation we are currently facing at the southwest border is a difficult one,” Mayorkas said. “We are tackling it. We are keeping our borders secure, enforcing our laws, and staying true to our values and principles. We can do so because of the incredible talent and unwavering dedication of our workforce.”

Mark Morgan, the former acting ICE director and a Heritage Foundation fellow, told the Free Beacon that Biden’s crisis was completely avoidable. Morgan said he briefed members of the Biden transition team about the ongoing situation at the border, and his recommendations were met with little interest or attention.

“We warned them not only with our words but also with extensive briefings with the transition team. We gave them the facts, the data, the historical analysis, and we told them: If you do what you are saying you are going to do, you are going to create a crisis,” Morgan said. “And they ignored it and did it anyway…. It’s a joke.”

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R., Tenn.), the ranking member overseeing homeland security appropriations, said the aversion to calling the situation a crisis is costing American taxpayers. He said an inability to conduct en masse coronavirus testing, limited resources for border security, and ongoing humanitarian problems have led to a disaster on multiple levels.

“This is a crisis on multiple levels. It’s a humanitarian crisis, a national security crisis, and a coronavirus crisis,” Fleischmann said. “It’s unfathomable…. I don’t know what the Biden administration is thinking. They’re either oblivious or they just want it to happen.”

Here’s the Horrific Scene at the Border as Biden Crams Detention Facility to 729% Capacity

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Under Joe Pee Pads Biden the border crisis will only get worse.

The human toll of President Joe Biden’s failed border policies is staggering as a report claims that a child migrant center in Texas is at 729 percent capacity while children are forced to sleep on the floor.

Biden, whom Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently called the “migrant president,” according to Reuters, has taken what was a stable region on the border under former President Donald Trump and transformed it into an outright humanitarian crisis.

His administration, of course, avoids using the word “crisis” when describing the situation.

But things are unraveling down south as wave after wave of adults and unaccompanied minors enter the country, now that Democrats have made it clear that the border is more or less open.

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas, who became a Fox News mainstay last year amid the Democrat-created and supported riots across the country’s major cities, summed up the magnitude of the border crisis in a single tweet on Friday night.

“Just spent three hours right on the U.S.-Mexico border and I’m still in shock at how many people illegally crossed during that time. I knew it was happening, but it’s different when you see it up close. Story to come on what I saw. I will say this is definitely a crisis,” wrote Rosas.

Naturally, most of those people crossing will end up in a community near you, while the children are apparently being placed in overflowing detention centers. These facilities are definitely no longer “cages,” as they were called after Trump inherited the facilities from the Obama/Biden administration in 2017.

The mainstream media and Democrats excoriated Trump for four years over minors being held after crossing the border illegally and without guardians. What does the situation look like less than two months into Biden’s presidency? CBS News took an in-depth look at one facility in Donna, Texas, near McAllen.

A lawyer named Neha Desai, who represents the kids being housed in cramped facilities, said some kids are only being allowed to shower once a week after interviewing some of them. The situation is tragic.

“Some of the boys said that conditions were so overcrowded that they had to take turns sleeping on the floor,” Desai said. “They all said they wanted to shower more and were told they couldn’t.”

“One of them shared that he could only see the sun when he showered, because you can see the sun through the window,” Desai said.

The attorney added that kids are “hysterically crying, wanting to talk to their family,” and noted they were being denied phone calls.

CBS News reported that the facility was built to house only 250 kids, but as of March 2, there were 1,800 people being housed there. That’s an increase of 729 percent in recent weeks and months.

This is what “compassionate” Democratic leadership looks like.

Amid a global pandemic, people are crossing the border in record numbers, thanks to the administration opening the floodgates. Children, many of whom likely didn’t come here willingly, are “caged” and sleeping on floors while living in squalor.

The adults who abandoned them after crossing, meanwhile, are being bussed across the country now that catch and release policies are back.

Biden’s America: Record Number of Kids in Border Patrol Facilities Similar to Jail Cells

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Joe Pee Pads Biden has over 3,200 unaccompanied minors detained but yet the drive-by media is silent.

Remember “kids in cages?” They’re back, and in record numbers.

According to CNN, internal Border Patrol documents reviewed by the network reveal that the number of unaccompanied minors being held in U.S. Border Patrol facilities designed for adults, which are more equivalent to jail-like conditions than mere detention centers for minors, has reached “dramatic highs.”

The numbers, dated Monday, show that over 3,200 unaccompanied minors were in Customs and Border Protection custody, with 2,600 of them supposed to be transferred to shelters meant for minors.

The problem with that? Only 500 beds are available there.

The news comes as U.S. officials reveal that the numbers at the border could reach highs not seen in 20 years and a plan to turn family detention centers into rapid processing facilities for families and unaccompanied minors might still not be able to alleviate the problem.

And that problem is getting worse. Only a week ago, 1,700 children were in Border Patrol custody, CNN reported. That number has almost doubled in just seven days.

CNN reported that the data “comes on the heels of a trip to the US-Mexico border by senior administration officials to assess the situation on the ground amid an increasing number of arrests and indicates a rapidly increasing trend of unaccompanied children coming into the US.”

It’s not just unaccompanied children, either.

In January, The Washington Post reported, 78,000 individuals were detained or arrested along the southern border, the most in over a decade and double the number apprehended last year.

When those numbers were reported Feb. 1, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that it would take a while “to put in place a humane, comprehensive process for processing individuals” and said potential migrants considering making the trek should put off the journey.

“Now is not the time to come, and the vast majority of people will be turned away,” she said, according to The Post. “Asylum processes at the border will not occur immediately. It will take time to implement.”

This has been a consistent message from the Biden administration and it’s been consistently ignored by throngs of aspiring border crashers. Even before the inauguration, administration officials were telling migrants that it would take time to set up a system that could deal with a potential influx of asylum-seekers from Central America, the current hotspot for illegal immigration

If this messaging has worked at all — which is questionable — it’s still left the country stuck with an extralegal human migration that’s large enough to swamp the systems we have in place to deal with it.

And, as CNN reports, it’s leading to overcrowding in the midst of a pandemic.

“The numbers are overwhelming. To compare, at the peak of the 2019 border crisis — when there were overcrowded facilities and children sleeping on the ground — there were around 2,600 unaccompanied children in Border Patrol custody, a former CBP official told CNN,” the network reported.

That pandemic also complicates matters, since many of these shelters are keeping beds unoccupied for social distancing reasons.

To be fair, there are reasons for the overcrowding that don’t have to do with the change in administrations. Two hurricanes have hit Central America in recent months and the region’s economies have been decimated by the same pandemic that’s played havoc with the U.S. economy.

However, as CNN pointed out, there’s also “a perception of relaxed enforcement by the Biden administration.”

One area in which the Biden administration is relaxing enforcement, alas, is in social distancing. On Friday, according to CNN, the administration said that detention facilities could open back up to pre-pandemic levels of occupancy, citing “extraordinary circumstances.” This risks transmission of COVID-19, of course — after all, these facilities are essentially jail-like in nature — but the crush at the border is significant enough that the administration feels it’s worth the risk, apparently.

But then, for Biden and his backers, this was always worth the risk. The Biden administration has made it clear it’s going to be doing, if not a U-turn from former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, at least a sharp left turn.

An immigration bill with amnesty attached was going to be one of the administration’s first priorities. Refugees and asylum-seekers would be approved in greater numbers from Central America. And then, apparently, the Biden White House realized there were real-world logistical consequences to these promises and — if they could even be met in the future — they certainly weren’t going to be met on day one, or anywhere near day one.

The latest plan, The Washington Post reported Friday, is for the Department of Homeland Security to “convert its immigrant family detention centers in South Texas into Ellis Island-style rapid-processing hubs that will screen migrant parents and children with a goal of releasing them into the United States within 72 hours.”

The article cited an email from Richard Hott, a senior official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who wrote that the number of families and unaccompanied minors attempting to migrate to the United States in 2021 “are expected to be the highest numbers observed in over 20 years.” Even a rapid processing procedure of 72 hours “may not be sufficient to keep pace with apprehensions,” he wrote.

Thus, welcome to the return of “kids in cages,” that all-purpose euphemism for minors being kept in detention facilities. It’s back — and all thanks to the guy I bet a lot of angry liberal voters thought was going to ensure we never had to hear it again.


Former ICE Chief: Joe Biden Is Creating ‘Welcoming Centers’ for Illegal Immigrants

H/T Western Journal.

Joe Pee Pads Biden has not been in office two months and we have lost control of our southern border.

The Biden administration’s apparent plan to end the policy of family detention has been denounced by former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan.

On Friday, ICE said in a court filing that it will transform family detention centers to short-term centers that release illegal immigrants after no more than 72 hours, according to NBC. As such, that would spell the end of the family detention policy first adopted by former President Barack Obama in 2014.

The Washington Post reported that draft plans developed by the Department of Homeland Security mean that “The Biden administration is preparing to convert its immigrant family detention centers in South Texas into Ellis Island-style rapid-processing hubs that will screen migrant parents and children with a goal of releasing them into the United States within 72 hours.”


Homan ripped into that plan on Saturday during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“They are changing these detention centers to what they call ‘reception centers,’” Homan said.

“They are actually welcoming centers because they get them in there quickly, they don’t test them, they release them and when they release them, they release them on an NTA, Notice to Appear … which means as they get to their destination they qualify for work authorization,” Homan said, according to the Daily Caller.

“So not only are they pushing back against our public health crisis by having COVID being released, they are competing for the same scarce jobs that many Americans are competing for right now with the unemployment crisis,” he said.

The Post reported that an email from Russell Hott, a senior ICE official, said unaccompanied minors and families crossing the border “are expected to be the highest numbers observed in over 20 years.”

Hott said that at the current pace of than 500 family members per day, the Texas facilities “may not be sufficient to keep pace with apprehensions.”

If that happens, he said, ICE will look at housing illegal immigrant families in hotels in McAllen, Texas, El Paso and Phoenix, Arizona.

Homan said the Biden administration could have kept families in “an ICE family residential center that had doctors, nurses, children’s doctors and they had keeping people with diseases separate from other people,” but is more concerned with “how quick we can release them.”

Homan voiced concerns over the coronavirus running rampant among illegal immigrants and said 6.3 percent of migrants tested positive for the virus in Brownsville, Texas and 13.8 percent in Cameron County, Texas.

“Any of these percentages would have shut down New York … but the Biden administration is choosing to release them into our communities. It’s incompetence,” Homan said.

He said he is “not confident about this administration doing anything that’s right when it comes to immigration enforcement or the safety and security of this country.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have voiced concerns that the crisis has grown out of control.

“Our country is currently unprepared to handle a surge in migrants in the middle of this pandemic,” Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas tweeted. “I urge the Biden administration to listen and work with the communities on the southern border who are dealing with this influx. Inaction is not an option.

Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer was blunt about the issue.

“There is no question there’s a crisis at the border,” he said, according to The Post, “It’s Joe Biden’s fault. Joe Biden has signaled to the world that he’s not going to take border security seriously.”

Democratic Texas Rep Can’t Keep Quiet Anymore, Warns We Are Possibly Days Away from a Full Crisis on Our Southern Border

H/T Western Journal.

It has to be getting bad on the border if a DemocRat is sounding off about it.

Not all Democrats are fond of President Joe Biden’s immigration fumbles.

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, a centrist Democrat, spoke about his concern for what he sees as an impending immigration crisis on Thursday.

“We are weeks, maybe even days, away from a crisis on the southern border,” Cuellar said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The representative continued to express his concern in a Thursday tweet, stating that the country is “currently unprepared” to handle the current immigration surge.

“Inaction is not an option,” Cuellar wrote.


Cuellar reportedly released statistics that showed Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley region had arrested 10,000 immigrants in the last week and over 2,500 in the last few days.

The representative, whose county covers a large section of the Texas-Mexico border, told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, “The numbers have been increasing.”

“The number of unaccompanied kids, the number of families that are coming in are just increasing every day. In my district, just a couple of days ago, 166 people [crossed the border] … So it’s not a crisis yet, but it’s going to get there very soon.”

This isn’t just a local issue, either. Jessica Bolter, an analyst for the Migration Policy Institute, told the Houston Chronicle, “We are approaching the numbers that have characterized past peaks or surges.”

According to Customs and Border Protection statistics, the fiscal year 2021 has seen one of the largest numbers of unaccompanied minors coming through the southern border.

In total, since October 2020, nearly 20,000 unaccompanied minors were reportedly encountered on the southwest border. In January alone, the highest figure was reported at over 5,700 minors encountered.

At the same point in FY 2019, a year that showed a massive immigration spike, about 5,100 minors were encountered.

Axios reported that Biden officials project 13,000 unaccompanied minors will cross the southern border in May alone. According to government documents obtained by CBS News, Border Patrol apprehended 1,500 migrant children two weeks ago, with federal bed capacities at 90 percent of the 8,000-bed limit.

If the Biden administration predictions come to pass, that number will beat out FY 2019’s May figure of over 11,400 encounters.

Bolter told the Houston Chronicle, “Whether or not it’s a crisis is determined by how the government manages it.”

How the government will decide to manage this crisis, or “challenge” as Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas puts it, remains to be seen.

A migrant “influx care facility” reopened last week in Carrizo Springs, Texas, which was previously open under Trump as a detention center for unaccompanied minors. The Biden administration received flak from its own party, and the administration recently determined that detention centers will be converted to rapid processing hubs, according to KTRK-TV.

The effects of Biden’s actions have not come to light as of yet.

However, the combination of Biden’s anti-border security policies, including stopping construction on the border wall, his slow conversion of detention centers and his rescinding of Trump’s national emergency at the border will likely not bode well at all for the thousands of families along the southern border.

Arizona Sheriff: Thanks to Biden Mexican Smugglers Now Have Their Own High-Speed Roads in America

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Joe Pee Pads Biden needs to import illegal and then give them amnesty so him and the DemocRats have a permanent under class that will always vote DemocRat.

Roads across the southwestern United States are becoming drug-trafficking highways, according to an Arizona sheriff.

After President Joe Biden’s executive order in January halting construction of the southern border wall, workers “just built roads for the cartels,” Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told The Washington Times.

Throughout the Trump administration, alongside the border wall itself, high-speed roads were built for use by the Border Patrol to better police America’s southern border.

However, when Biden stopped construction, workers had to put down their tools and leave a lot of still-unconstructed border wall — making the entire area not only less secure but much easier for illegal drug cartels to traverse.

That’s what Dannels is concerned about, as his county covers just over 80 miles of the border area.

“One area that’s wide open right now, we’re getting five to six groups a day,” he told The Times. “It’s almost worse than it was before. We just built them infrastructure.”

According to the sheriff, most feedback on the wall comes from county residents and is positive, with “the majority saying it works — it really works.”

Former President Donald Trump also commented on the halt on construction in his speech Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida.

“Joe Biden defunded the border wall and stopped all future construction, even on small open sections that just needed to be finished up routine little work, it’s already been bought,” he said.

Wait until the contractors get to them. And they say, ‘No, it costs us much more money not to finish this small section than if we finished it.’ That’s going to be nice. Wait until you see those bills start pouring in.”

Even lawmakers from Biden’s own party are beginning to recognize the crisis.

Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose district includes a long stretch of border in southern Texas, told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that the number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the southern border has continued to increase.

“The number of unaccompanied kids, the number of families that are coming in are just increasing every day. In my district, just a couple of days ago, 166 people [crossed the border]. … So it’s not a crisis yet, but it’s going to get there very soon,” Cuellar said.

As much as the Biden administration may attempt to play it off, an immigration crisis is looming at America’s southern border, and it is certainly in no condition to handle one.

CBS News reported that more than 1,800 unaccompanied minors were apprehended by Border Patrol agents two weeks ago, with the 8,000-bed capacity of government agencies directed to house those minors at nearly 90 percent capacity.

Even some Biden officials project a massive influx of migrants, with one staffer reportedly projecting “a peak of 13,000 unaccompanied children” to cross the border in May alone, according to Axios.

According to documents obtained by the outlet, an average of 321 children per day were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection last week alone.

The New York Post reported that the current rate at which unaccompanied minors are entering the country is on pace to “exceed an all-time record … by 45 percent.”

How is this not a crisis? One briefing with the president specifically outlined the need for 20,000 beds for unaccompanied minors at the border. Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed it’s not a crisis but just a “challenge” the administration will need to overcome.

In just the 2021 fiscal year alone, CBP has had more than 300,000 encounters resulting in arrests and apprehensions.

The fact is, the border is not secure. Between his incognito abolition plan for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, his reopening of migrant facilities and his halting construction of the border wall, “disaster” is an understatement to describe Biden’s immigration policy.