Donald Trump Warns Illegal Immigrants Released in the U.S.: ‘You Will Be Leaving Soon!’

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Get them out of America as soon as possible Mr.President.

President Donald Trump warned Friday that migrants and illegal immigrants released into the United States should not get comfortable.

“Please do not make yourselves too comfortable, you will be leaving soon!” he wrote on Twitter.

Trump commented as border officials are daily releasing thousands of immigrants apprehended at the border into the United States as part of the catch and release loopholes in U.S. immigration law.

The Department of Homeland Security revealed that about 9,000 border crossers and illegal immigrants have been released into the United States in just eight days.

But Trump argued that the immigrants released by border officials were only in the United States temporarily.

“All people that are illegally coming into the United States now will be removed from our Country at a later date as we build up our removal forces and as the laws are changed,” he wrote.

Trump praised border law officials for record numbers of apprehended migrants and illegal immigrants at the border, as the wave of migrants from Central America continues into the United States.

“Border Patrol is apprehending record numbers of people at the Southern Border,” he wrote. “The bad “hombres,” of which there are many, are being detained & will be sent home.”

Trump again called for Democrats to work with Republicans to fix the existing asylum and security laws to help defuse the national emergency at the border.

“The Democrats now realize that there is a National Emergency at the Border and that, if we work together, it can be immediately fixed,” he wrote. “We need Democrat votes and all will be well!”


Donald J. Trump


The Democrats now realize that there is a National Emergency at the Border and that, if we work together, it can be immediately fixed. We need Democrat votes and all will be well!

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Donald J. Trump


Border Patrol is apprehending record numbers of people at the Southern Border. The bad “hombres,” of which there are many, are being detained & will be sent home. Those which we release under the ridiculous Catch & Telease loophole, are being registered and will be removed later!

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Donald J. Trump


All people that are illegally coming into the United States now will be removed from our Country at a later date as we build up our removal forces and as the laws are changed. Please do not make yourselves too comfortable, you will be leaving soon!

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FEDS: Previously Deported Sex Offenders Hiding In Migrant Groups

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These sex offenders are another reason we need a border wall to be built.


Two previously deported sex offenders hiding in migrant groups.

El Paso Sector Border Patrol officials: “This is an ongoing situation that Border Patrol Agents face in southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Hundreds of parents and children are being encountered by agents after having faced a dangerous trek north while convicted criminals attempt to avoid detection by circumventing agents who are occupied detaining large family groups.”

🇺🇸 #Trump2020 🇺🇸 JIM@WorldTvlr

Crisis continues! Seems the ONLY people that care about are Conservatives & our POTUS Donald Trump; not to mention those of us that live on the front lines.

Previously Deported Sex Offenders Hiding in Migrant Groups, Say Feds  via @BreitbartNews

Previously Deported Sex Offenders Hiding in Migrant Groups, Say Feds

El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two previously deported sex offenders who tried to sneak back into the United States.

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El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two previously deported sex offenders who tried to sneak back into the United States. The criminal aliens attempted to use groups of migrants crossing the border in New Mexico, officials stated.

In the early morning hours of May 2, agents patrolling the border near the Santa Teresa Port of Entry tracked down a group of migrants who illegally crossed the border. The agents tracked the group’s footprints as they attempted to disappear into the desert after crossing the border. The group consisted of two Guatemalan males and two men from China, according to information provided by El Paso Sector Border Patrol officials on May 8.

The agents transported the migrants to the station where they underwent a biometric background investigation. The agents determined one of the men to be a previously deported illegal alien with a criminal history in Colorado. A Colorado court handed down a two-year prison sentence after the Arvada Police Department arrested the 44-year-old Guatemalan national for “first degree sexual assault.” Immigration officers deported the man following the completion of his prison term.

Agents placed the migrant in detention pending prosecution for illegal re-entry after removal as a sex offender. More

If anyone of the Democrats, who support this lawlessness had a family member victimized by one these illegal deviants. they would be singing a completely different tune.


this is the type of “migrant” we have coming across the US Southern border in hordes. We have to urge the US Govt to STOP the illegal immigration, catch & release, etc. These are criminals that we have coming into the country in droves! 

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Luana H.@LuanaMacLac

SO ONE WAS CAUGHT-HOW MANY MORE SNEAKED IN? Previously Deported Sex Offenders Hiding in Migrant Groups, Say Feds  via @BreitbartTexas

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Civil Libertarian@Libertarian_Z3

@DNC @GOP @CNN @foxnation

Previously Deported Sex Offenders Hiding in Migrant Groups, Say Feds

2 months now of over 100,000 illegal alien apprehensions at the border.

Illegal criminals are in these caravans.

How is this a manufactured crisis? 

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Oh My: NYT Editorial Board Concedes Trump is Right on Border Crisis, Urges Congress to Fulfill New WH Budget Request

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Holy smoke the drive-by media tells the truth about the border crisis.

Everyone knows the old sayings about broken clocks and blind squirrels, but I’ll confess to being genuinely surprised by this one.  The editors of the New York Times, one of the most reliably liberal mainstream publications in America, are no longer able to ignore or abide the ongoing chaos at the Southern border.  In a new house editorial, they acknowledge reality and urge Congressional Democrats to get serious about the problem — including a call to fulfill the Trump administration’s latest budget request on this front:

Arthur Schwartz


New York Times Editorial Board: “President Trump is right: There is a crisis at the southern border.”

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The piece includes some throat clearing and shots at the president, but its overall message is at least somewhat constructive.  And it’s a far cry from Democrats’ bogus “manufactured crisis” rhetoric of recent months:

President Trump is right: There is a crisis at the southern border. Just not the one he rants about…But as record numbers of Central American families flee violence and poverty in their homelands, they are overwhelming United States border systems, fueling a humanitarian crisis of overcrowding, disease and chaos. The Border Patrol is now averaging 1,200 daily arrests, with many migrants arriving exhausted and sick…On Wednesday, the White House sent Congress a request for $4.5 billion in emergency funding to help manage the surge. In a letter to lawmakers, the acting director of the White House’s budget office, Russell Vought, sought to convey the scope of the challenge. “In February, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered more than 76,000 illegal border crossers and inadmissible aliens, and in March that number exceeded 100,000 — the highest monthly level in more than a decade,” Mr. Vought wrote. He described what he said were “alarming numbers” of women and children jammed into Border Patrol stations never intended as long-term shelters.

Funding for vital services is not expected to last through the fiscal year, Mr. Vought said. Most urgently, the program that deals with unaccompanied minors is expected to run dry next month, requiring resources to be diverted from other programs and leading to a further deterioration in conditions…Nearly three-quarters of the funds, $3.3 billion, would be earmarked for humanitarian needs, with much of it flowing to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the agency responsible for unaccompanied minors. None of the money would go toward Mr. Trump’s border wall. Several hundred million dollars would, however, go toward shoring up border security operations, including increasing the number of detention beds overseen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. This, for Democrats, is a nonstarter…The Democratic chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, Nita Lowey of New York, said that the administration was seeking billions of dollars to “double down on cruel and ill-conceived policies” and bail out ICE for locking up more migrant families than it could humanely accommodate. But until better policies are in place, Democrats need to find a way to provide money for adequate shelter.

Consider how extraordinary it is that the Times feels compelled to describe any effort to enhance border security — even excluding ‘the wall’ — or to provide additional detention beds as ‘nonstarters’ for Democrats.  Both of these priorities are urgently needed.  The editorial rightly tells Democrats that “until better policies are in place,” they need to “find a way to provide money for adequate shelter.”  Unfortunately, a significant portion of the Democratic Party is overtly or effectively in favor of “catch and release” policies that inexorably increase the number of illegal immigrants living inside the United States.  A number of them have even proposed decreasing border security and enforcement mechanisms, even as this undeniable crisis is playing out.  Meanwhile, we see verifiable evidence of traffickers creating false families to exploit our broken status quo, which creates an incentive to illegally enter US territory with children in tow:

Greg Abbott


ICE is Cracking Down on ‘Fake Families’ Using Children as ‘Pawns’ at Border. I can’t believe some people say the border is not an emergency issue.
Texas is about to spend almost a billion dollars in state money to do the federal government’s job. 

ICE to crack down on “fake families” using children as “pawns” at border

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is committed to “protecting children by ensuring they are not used as pawns by individuals attempting to gain entry to the U.S. through fraud,” ICE acting

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Embedded video

The Daily Signal


Does our immigration system incentivize child trafficking?@DanCrenshawTX shares a chilling story to raise awareness to a crisis few understand.

“People of good intentions don’t want to believe our system incentivizes this terrible behavior…”

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So what are the chances of Congress adopting a sensible, Ron Johnson-esque approach to these acute and unrelenting policy challenges?  One can always hold out hope, but consider the political backdrop of House Democrats being unable to rally behind a bill to implement the sort of “clean” DREAM Act they’ve been demanding for years.  Why?  They’re fighting amongst themselves about whether or not that sort of amnesty (which I generally favor) should be extended to illegal immigrants with criminal records.  Yes, really:

House Democrats have shelved plans to advance legislation protecting “Dreamers” next week, delivering a setback to the caucus on a top legislative priority. The bill is stalled because of an intraparty fight over providing citizenship to undocumented immigrants with criminal records, multiple lawmakers and aides said Thursday, and a likely committee vote is now delayed…Democrats are worried the bill as currently written couldn’t even survive a committee markup and have privately fretted about the potential amendments Republicans will offer. Senior Democrats are also concerned that Republicans could weaponize the Dreamers bill on the floor and force immigration votes on amendments that could be tough for swing district Democrats to oppose…The bill, authored by Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.), would allow undocumented immigrants to commit three misdemeanors before they’re disqualified from seeking citizenship. But some Democrats worry the language in the bill is too broad and want to consider changes so that committing only certain misdemeanors would allow people to remain on the path to citizenship.

I’ll leave you with a question for every Democratic presidential candidates: How many crimes should an illegal immigrant be allowed to commit while maintaining his eligibility to become a citizen?

Border Agents Find “Recycled” Migrant Child

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This is why children are being separated from the adults at the border.

Most of these children do not belong to the adult they crossed the border with.

President Trump, we need to Build the Damned Wall.

Customs and Border Protection reported at least one case of a child being “recycled.” That’s a child being used more than once in fraudulent cases.

Customs and Border Protection says it happened Wednesday in El Paso when the agent processing the child, and the adult they crossed the border with, had several inconsistencies in their story. That lead investigators to believe the child and the adult were not related. Investigators say agents were able to prove that the same minor had been recycled at least twice. 

Greg Abbott


Border Patrol reveals scam by illegal immigrants to recycle children back & forth across the border to pose as children of family units seeking asylum. Jail time sends the right message for child trafficking to enter illegally. 

Border agents find ‘recycled’ migrant child in El Paso

Officials with the U. S. Border Patrol said they found a “recycled” migrant child while family groups in custody were being processed on Wednesday. Agents said they found a family group with several…

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IOW: Illegal immigrants are recycling children back & forth across the border to pose as children of family units seeking asylum.


Officials with the U.S. Border Patrol said they found a “recycled” migrant child while family groups in custody were being processed on Wednesday.

Agents said they found a family group with several inconsistencies that led agents to suspect that the child and alleged parent were not related.

Officials were able to get enough evidence to determine that the child had been “recycled” in at least two prior instances. More


Thanks, Dems, for creating this danger for kids.
Border agents find ‘recycled’ migrant child in El Paso 

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The practice of Cartels recycling children for their own nefarious purposes is a real human rights crisis on our border. Pelosi isn’t lifting a finger to help these poor children because it would mean admitting she was completely wrong. 

Pam Smith@lynxlaughing

According to the Democrat Party, there is no crisis on the border.
This is the child that was rescued.
Dozens and dozens more out there.
Border Agents Find ‘Recycled’ Migrant Child In El Paso  via @weaselzippers

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❌🥓Gaburf 🥓❌@Gaburf1

THIS IS OK WITH DEMS FOR SOME REASON…NOT ME…Border Agents Find ‘Recycled’ Migrant Child In El Paso  via @weaselzippers

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Pentagon Prepares for Border Duty Amid Swelling Crisis

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We need troops on the border ASAP to hopefully to regain control of the border.

America is calling in the cavalry for a helping hand down on the border.

As the humanitarian crisis on the border continues to intensify, a new playbook is being written by the White House.

Where there once was a trickling stream of daring border crossers, we now have a firehose.  Or perhaps a deluge would be a better metaphor.  In either case, the occasional undocumented migrant has given way to organized, well-funded caravans who are pushing our ports of entry to their extremes.

President Trump has, on several occasions, attempted to engage the democrats on the subject of border security, only to be rebuffed at every turn.  Trump has even gone so far as to declare a national emergency in order to free up funding for the endeavor.

The latest ally in the battle to secure our border is the Department of Defense, who are preparing for down-south duty as we speak.

The Pentagon is preparing to loosen rules that bar troops from interacting with migrants entering the United States, expanding the military’s involvement in President Trump’s operation along the southern border.

Senior Defense Department officials have recommended that acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan approve a new request from the Department of Homeland Security to provide military lawyers, cooks and drivers to assist with handling a surge of migrants along the border.

The move would require authorizing waivers for about 300 troops to a long-standing policy prohibiting military personnel from coming into contact with migrants.

Just days ago, the leader of an American militia was arrested by federal authorities after his organization detained and delivered a group of undocumented migrants to the waiting arms of US Customs and Border Patrol.

Dear Dems: Heavily Armed Smugglers Escort Family To U.S. Border — Is It A Crisis Now?

H/T Clash Daily.

Even when the armed smugglers start shooting at border agents and even kill some the Dumbass DemocRats will not call it a crisis at the border.

It appears that some human smugglers are now carrying AK-47s. Will the Democrats in Congress do something about illegal border crossing now?

This dangerous change in the way human smugglers escort would-be migrants was caught on video by Customs and Border Patrol on Saturday night near Lukeville, Arizona.

On the video, four to five smugglers appear to be wearing full tactical gear and masks while carrying long guns and AK-47s as they escort a Guatemalan woman and her 8-year old son across the border. One of the armed escorts assist the pair under a vehicle barrier and then cross back into Mexico.

A dozen or so CPB agents responded once the group was spotted on camera. The woman and her son are in custody.

Increasingly, illegal aliens have been boldly crossing the border during the day but this heavily armed escort at night is a shift in tactics. That has been easier with the use of technology like drones.

Their nighttime entry under the cover of darkness contrasts with the bold daytime illegal crossings that have become common since migrants realized the U.S. is seemingly powerless to prevent “catch and release.” It also took advantage of forces spread thin along the border due to the surge of Central American unaccompanied children and families. Recently, border patrol cameras have captured video of cartel-operated drones monitoring their movement.
(Emphasis added)

This is a lucrative business that smugglers are determined to protect.

Many of the “open borders” Democrats insist that there is no crisis despite the CBP report citing “unprecedented numbers of illegal alien apprehensions” this fiscal year. 

The breach underscores what officials have been telling an indifferent Congress for months about being overwhelmed by the surge of asylum seekers crossing the border.

Border officials said the incident represents how criminal organizations are behind the lucrative surge of Central American immigrants. Guatemalans are paying roughly $7,000 to smugglers for transport from their home to the U.S. border.

“This is highly unusual and highly concerning to the agency,” said a border official who briefed Fox News. “These armed individuals along the border represent an escalation of tactics. This is not mom and dad and kids deciding to head to the border. This is a no kidding, orchestrated effort to bring individuals to the US. It is not just the numbers. It’s who is running this enterprise.”
Source: Fox News
(Emphasis added


The “open borders” Democrats don’t seem to take the violation of our immigration laws, the risk to our CBP officers, or the exploitation of Central American migrants by criminal organizations very seriously.

They need to.

We need a wall before a dangerous confrontation on the border occurs.