The Old Negro Space Program: Blackstrownauts

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By Jim Campbell

August 11th, 2020Blackstronauts as they became know, had to raise their own money for their own uniforms and space ships.

African American History presentation

FILE – In this June 30, 1967 file photo, Maj. Robert H. Lawrence Jr., the first black astronaut in the U.S. space program, is introduced at a news conference in El Segundo, Calif. (AP Photo)

Not a Ken Burns Production.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name Ken Burns, he is a movie producer who puts a far leftist spin on his productions.


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The Wreck of the IJN Chokai

Pacific Paratrooper

IJN Chokai, 1942 -by: Paul Wright

Chokai was the last of the four-strong Takao class of heavy cruisers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 1920s. Imperial Japanese designers worked for several years under the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty to make warships that were superior in quality to their American and British opponents, but the tonnage limitations imposed by the treaty made designs that would satisfy the General Staff almost impossible.

In WWII,  Chokai participated in several of the early operations in Southeast Asia, including convoy escort, assisting in the Hunt for Force Z, and the destruction of ABDA forces.

In March 1942, the IJN made a raid into the Indian Ocean with impressive results. The British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, the heavy cruisers Cornwall and Dorsetshire, and the destroyers Tenedos and Vampire were all sunk. Additionally, several ports were raided on the…

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When was the last time you saw a real slave not counting any U.S. Taxpayer?

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By Jim Campbell

August 7th, 2020

These are slaves today. Not 150 years ago.Muslims in Libya selling these black slaves less than 3 blocks from the United Nations building.

Where are the Left-wing Do Gooders?

Where’s BLM? DNC? NAACP?


Where is “a smidgeon’ of media outrage?

They are all Godless communists.

They don’t give a damn.

H/T Joe Dan, Intellectual Froglegs


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Defund Hollywood

The O.K. Corral

Believe me, I am painfully aware you are sick and tired of reading defund the police stories, but this report is more infuriating than most.

Hollywood hates you. I mean, they hate me much more, but despite all the cutesy talk show interviews and their “heartfelt” commercials for charity, these people care only about themselves. They certainly couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your safety.

More than a dozen of the world’s most famous celebrities are financing left-wing organizations that openly seek the defunding of America’s police departments, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.

Actors, models and singers have donated large sums to left-wing organizations including Color of Change, Black Lives Matter Global Network and the Movement for Black Lives, all of which are open about their desire to defund police departments across the country.

To be brutally honest, I’m going to stop caring about this the second I…

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Current News – 75th Anniversary of the end!

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The 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II Commemoration, which includes events in Washington, D.C., and Honolulu, Hawaii, will continue with adjustments and safety precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to organizers.

The events in Hawaii – which will include aerial parades and a dinner – will begin Aug. 29 and end Sept. 2, the anniversary of the official end of World War II. A ceremony will be held on the USS Missouri, the ship on which the official surrender documents were signed in 1945.

“Commemoration events are in place to pay tribute and thank our veterans of World War II, the Greatest Generation, for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States,” Mike Carr, president and CEO of the Battleship Missouri Memorial, said in a press release. “We have worked very hard to ensure this important anniversary would not go unnoticed and…

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Finally: Our Government is Workning for us not Against U.S.

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Comment by Jim Campbell

August, 3rd, 2020

Please Pay very close attention to Maria as she interviews U.S. Senator Ron John from WI.

When ODNI James Clapper walked into the oval office on January 4, 2017, with “tech cuts” (transcript excerpts) from the Flynn/Kislyak phone call, essentially Clapper infected the White House with a paper record that the Obama administration was aware of the FBI investigating the incoming administration. 

As in what did he know and when did he know it?

For those who have small businesses and reject the PPP, Payment Protection Program, send their checks to me.

I’ll get the economy going so quickly people won’t even remember Joe Biden and that includes members of his family.


None of the individuals can be considered credible as they are all, on the record perjurers.

Why is it important to understand the duality of purpose for the appointment of…

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Sports in the WWII Military

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1926 Army/Navy game ticket, Nimitz Museum

The relationship between sports and the American armed forces reached a climax during WWII The military broadened its athletic regimen, established during  WWI, and thereby reproduced a patriotic sporting culture that soldiers had known as civilians. The armed services provided equipment, training, and personnel rather than rely on private agencies, as had been done in WWI.  The entry of numerous prominent athletes into military service represented a public relations boon for the Department of War and cemented a bond between professional sports, athletes, and patriotism.

American football was glorified as everything masculine and befitting the U.S. military experience. As organized sports became even more closely linked with fitness, morale, and patriotism, both within the ranks and on the home front, football became a fixture on military bases at home and abroad. Football was the favored sport among the military brass, as Generals George Marshall, Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur…

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187th Rakkasans – part (4)

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Rakkasans for life!

In March 2010, the 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry Regiment (Mountain), Vermont National Guard, joined Task Force Rakkasan units in Paktya province as a battle space owning unit in AO Rakkasan. Task Force Avalanche conducted 65 major named operations, over 4,300 combat patrols and 9 air assault operations, including Task Force Rakkasan’s largest combined air assault operation of the deployment in support of Operation Champion Stone.

During OEF X-XI, Soldiers earned or were nominated for 132 Army Commendation Medals (Valor). 44 Soldiers were decorated with the Bronze Star Medal (Valor). Additionally, two Soldiers were decorated with the Silver Star Medal. Nearly 1,600 individual Task Force Soldiers earned combat badges for participating in direct combat against the enemy for the first time. Almost 1,100 Combat Infantryman Badges (CIB), over 1,300 Combat Action Badges (CAB), and 117 Combat Medical Badges (CMB). As a testament to the sacrifice, troopers from Task…

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Louisville protests descend into chaos when armed protester accidentally shoots members of his group, injuring 3

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Three people were injured in Baxter Square Park, police said.

Fox News

By Vandana Rambaran

July 26th, 2020

Kentucky Gun Laws[Source]

No need to look them up. Suffice to say anything goes, no restrictions.

Gunshots erupted during a planned protest in Louisville, Ky., Saturday, and three members of the heavily armed militia group, the “Not F—ing Around Coalition” (NFAC), were injured by shots fired from one of their own member’s guns, police told Fox News.


The shooting took place near Baxter Square Park around 1 p.m. and all of the victims weretransported to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD)told Fox News.

Protesters ducked behind cars and scattered to flee the area, a reporter from WHAS11 wrote on Twitter.

One of the members of the NFAC spoke to throngs of protesters and said“we…

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