Store Owner with Gun Channels Indiana Jones After Man with Sword Allegedly Threatens Him

H/T Western Journal.

The moral of this story is do not bring a sword to a gunfight.

Pro tip: Don’t try Indiana Jones villain stuff on store owners. You never know when you might run into Indiana Jones.

This appears to have been the unfortunate lesson learned by Theodore Scoville.

I don’t particularly want to see anyone getting killed. But if you’re the kind of person who thinks that swinging a sword in the face of a liquor store owner is a good idea, well, yes — you’re probably going to end up dead.

According to WCBS-TV, a man who tried this move on the operator of a liquor store ended up learning that lesson the hard way.

Police in Port Jefferson, New York, say the 50-year-old man in question was killed shortly after 2 p.m. on Thursday.

He had a sword beneath a poncho, it seems to be without saying a word, he pulled the sword out, swung it three times — at least three times — at a very close distance to the person behind the counter,” Suffolk County Homicide Chief Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer told WABC-TV.

“It’s unclear why the 50-year-old brought the sword into the store, but CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports that authorities have confirmed the store worker’s account of the shooting,” WCBS reported.

So, what did the store owner do?

Shoot him.

Officials said the incident does not appear to be a robbery attempt and the store owner’s gun was legal. He is not expected to be charged,” WABC-TV reported.

In case you’ve forgotten the scene I was talking about previously from “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” here you go: