Alyssa Milano, Reveals ‘Key to Beating Trump’, ‘Biden at the Top and a Harris Vice Presidency’

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Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden and Kamala “On My Knees” Harris what a team.

Alyssa had better prepared to be shocked in November 2020 when President Trump gets reelected.

Actress turned leftist activist Alyssa Milano revealed the “key to beating Trump” in an op-ed published in The Hill Tuesday evening: “Biden at the top and a Harris vice presidency,” featuring virtually every other candidate serving in tops roles in a hypothetical Biden administration.

Milano — who is, arguably, one of the most outspoken left-wing celebrities in Hollywood — indicated in her op-ed that Joe Biden (D) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) serve as the best duo to take down President Donald Trump in 2020.

“Imagine this: Vice President Biden is currently leading the field, so let’s start there. With Biden at the top and a Harris vice presidency we would speak to the majority of Americans who prefer Biden to any other candidate,” Milano argued.

She did not stop there, encouraging Democrats to embrace the majority of Democrat contenders in other capacities within her hypothetical Biden/Harris administration. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), for example, would make for a fabulous attorney general, in which he could “take on the NRA and the racial injustices he so often faced as mayor of Newark.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) could head up the Department of Education, Milano wrote, with the Massachusetts senator’s history as an educator likely in mind.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — a fierce advocate for overhauling the health care system for Medicare for All — could serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services and would “ensure every person in America could access health care we could afford,” the actress continued.

Milano even found positions within the “Democratic Dream Team” for lower-level candidates like Julián Castro (D), Andrew Yang, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D), who could serve as the “first Latinx Homeland Security Secretary,” “head of the Council of Economic Advisors,” and secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, respectively.

She continued:

Beto O’Rourke as chief of staff to the president would guide the nation’s most important decisions with compassion and ease. Kirsten Gillibrand as Commerce secretary. Amy Klobuchar as Agriculture secretary. Former candidate Jay Inslee bringing environmental issues to the level they deserve as the helm of the Department of Energy. Strong union supporter Tim Ryan as Secretary of Labor. Treasury Secretary Delaney. Recently withdrawn Congressman and Veteran Seth Moulton as Secretary of Defense. Bullock at FEC. Bennet at Interior.

Milano even recruited former First Lady Michelle Obama to serve as the Secretary of State in her fantasy administration, contending that our “reputation and luster around the globe would be instantly restored” the moment she took the role.

“The fact of the matter is that these candidates all agree on the ‘what.’ Their generally minor differences are in the ‘how,’” Milano argued, encouraging fellow Democrats to “get behind them all.”

“Our country cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump. Desperate times call for thinking outside the box with Democratic measures. If we want to beat Trump, we know whom to elect: All of them,” she wrote. “Or we can just keep proceeding with politics as usual and act shocked when he’s re-elected.”

‘Impeachment 101’: Alyssa Milano Promotes ‘The Steps’ to Oust Trump

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Alyssa Milano illustrates the saying liberalism is a mental disorder.

Actress and far-left political activist Alyssa Milano took just a few moments off from campaigning for unfettered abortion and open borders to share a slew of social media messages purportedly explaining the steps to successfully impeach President Donald Trump.

“A thread on the steps of impeachment,” Alyssa Milano announced to her 3.6 million Twitter followers on Wednesday.

Alyssa Milano


A thread on the steps of impeachment.

David Cicilline


Impeachment 101

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The “thread,” the insatiable star linked to is a series of social messages posted by Congressman David Cicilline (D-MA). The four-term Congressman laid out his five-step plan to oust President Trump thusly:

1. Opening an Impeachment Inquiry:
A formal opening of the process to consider whether the President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

2. Investigation:

Once an inquiry has been opened, evidence is gathered, witnesses are called and documents reviewed.

3. Articles of Impeachment:

Once the Judiciary Committee completes its investigation, it may vote for Articles of Impeachment if the evidence supports the finding that the President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. If not, it will decline to file such charges.

4. House Floor Vote on Impeachment:

If Articles of Impeachment are filed, the House will be asked to vote on these articles. Passage results in the official charging of the President for having committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

5. Senate Trial

Even once impeached by the House, the President is not removed from office, until such time as he or she is convicted by the Senate on a 2/3 vote of its members.

Milano, meanwhile, has been nonstop in her political activism, railing against the recent abortion laws in Georgia and Alabama, ripping the Border Patrol, and on Wednesday promoting White House hopeful Cory Booker’s latest campaign to fight abortion laws.

“How Cory will take immediate action to protect reproductive rights as President,” Milano said, linking to Sen. Booker’s tweet about how “Trump and Pence are leading a coordinated attack on women’s rights by denying individuals the ability to make their own health care decisions.”

Alyssa Milano


How Cory will take immediate action to protect reproductive rights as President.

Cory Booker


Trump and Pence are leading a coordinated attack on women’s rights by denying individuals the ability to make their own health care decisions. And we need a coordinated response to protect those freedoms. 

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