BEAST MODE: Barr Threatens to Have Trump Block Mueller Report If Dems Hold Him In Contempt

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Attorney General William Barr taking no prisoners and no shit from the Delusional DemocRats.

Don’t mess with the BIG DOG!

Attorney General Bill Barr won’t put up with nonsense from Congressional Democrats.

He was the absolute perfect replacement for Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice.

On Tuesday night it was revealed that Barr will have President Trump block the unredacted Mueller report from being released if Rep. Jerry Nadler (D) and company hold him in contempt, as has been threatened.

NEW: DOJ says that Barr will ask President Trump to invoke executive privilege over the full Mueller report subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee if they move to hold him in contempt of Congress tomorrow.

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NEW: DOJ says that Barr will ask President Trump to invoke executive privilege over the full Mueller report subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee if they move to hold him in contempt of Congress tomorrow.

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Here’s the letter sent to Nadler:

Here’s a clip from Barr’s recent Senate hearing:

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) shut down Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono (D) during her line of questioning to AG Barr.

She didn’t have much of a comeback.

Deep down, Mazie knows Lindsey is right.

From Daily Wire:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) interrupted and shut down Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) after she “slandered” Attorney General Bill Barr during his Wednesday hearing.

HIRONO: “Do you think it’s okay for a president to offer pardons to people who don’t testify against him, to threaten the family of someone who does? Is that okay?

BARR: “When did he offer a pardon to somebody?

HIRONO: “I think you know what I’m talking about. Please, Mr. Attorney General. Give us some credit for knowing what the hell’s going on around here.

GRAHAM: “Not really. To this line of questioning. Listen, you slandered this man!

HIRONO: “Mr. Chairman, I am done!

GRAHAM: “You slandered this man from top to bottom!” Graham continued. “If you want more of this, you’re not going to get it. If you want to ask some questions, you can.

HIRONO: “You certainly have your opinion. And I have mine.


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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) interrupts Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and shuts her down after she repeatedly “slandered” Attorney General Bill Barr at his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

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During his Thursday morning address to the media regarding the Mueller report, Barr shut down a reporter who implied he was “covering” for Trump.

It was a total boss move.

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Barr: “I’m not sure what your basis is for saying I’m being generous to the President.”

A reporter then brings up his use of the word “unprecedented.”

“Is there another precedent for it,” Barr asks.

“No,” the reporter answers.

“OK so unprecedented is an accurate description.”

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Barr consulted with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and both concluded there was zero evidence against Trump.


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Arthur Schwartz


Barr: “The Special Counsel found no collusion by any Americans.”

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Imprisoning Bill Barr is left’s new rallying cry: ‘Have him locked up’

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The House DemocRats are going to open a can of worms they are going to wish they had left closed.

I have contempt for these clowns and I do not have to appear before them.

The battle between congressional Democrats and the Justice Department over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report has reached new levels of vitriol, as some on the left call for Attorney General Bill Barr to be physically dragged in to testify or even locked up for defying congressional subpoenas.

The demands have escalated after the attorney general refused to appear before the House Judiciary Committee last week amid disagreements over the format of the hearing.

Though he testified a day earlier on the Senate side, Democrats on the committee still want to bring in the DOJ leader to answer questions on the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation. Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., also imposed a Monday morning deadline for Barr to turn over the full, unredacted Mueller report and additional files — a deadline the DOJ apparently missed, prompting Nadler to schedule a Wednesday vote on contempt proceedings against Barr.

Committee member Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., over the weekend urged the panel to specifically pursue “inherent contempt,” calling for Barr to be arrested by the Sergeant at Arms and be physically brought before the committee to testify—a tactic reportedly not employed since the 1930s.

I think they will stonewall at all costs,” Cohen told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, adding that the situation “leaves us no other alternative than to have our Sergeant at Arms bring him in. He is being utterly contemptuous of Congress. He lied to the Congress.”

Inherent contempt, which allows a person to be held until they provide testimony, is one of three contempt options available, along with criminal contempt (under which an individual is charged with a crime) and civil judgment (leading to a civil court process)

Cohen added: “You have to have him sit for a hearing and you have to have him locked up until he agrees to participate and come to the hearing.”

Cohen said that he did not know what the committee would do but argued that without pursuing that avenue, a congressional contempt citation would be “meaningless.”

The DOJ has not publicly responded to Cohen’s warning, though a spokeswoman fired back last week when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Barr of committing a crime by allegedly lying in prior testimony. The DOJ called the attack “reckless, irresponsible and false.”

Still, the scenario Cohen suggested has thus far not been entertained by higher-ranking Democrats. Cohen — who drew mockery last week for bringing a KFC bucket to the no-show hearing, eating fried chicken in full view of press cameras and placing a toy chicken by Barr’s empty seat in order to suggest Barr is, himself, like a chicken — even suggested the contempt scenarios might not produce much action.

“It shows we want to hold him in contempt, but that fact is, he won’t be held in contempt because the Justice Department is not going to enforce a contempt citation against their boss,” Cohen explained. “It’s just not going to happen. Trump and Barr would fire whoever tried to do it.”

But Cohen isn’t the only one on the left calling for such a drastic measure.

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich penned an op-ed last week titled “Congress should be ready to arrest Bill Barr if he defies subpoena.”

“[T]he House can order its own sergeant-at-arms to arrest the offender, subject him to a trial before the full House, and, if judged to be in contempt, jail that person until he appears before the House and brings whatever documentation the House has subpoenaed,” Reich wrote in the op-ed for Salon. “Congress hasn’t actually carried through on the threat since 1935 — but it could. Would America really be subject to the wild spectacle of the sergeant-at-arms of the House arresting an Attorney General and possibly placing him in jail?”

“Probably not,” he wrote. “Before that ever occurred, the Trump administration would take the matter to the Supreme Court on an expedited basis.”

Reich also said that Trump’s alleged “contempt for the inherent power of Congress” is “the most dictatorial move he has initiated since becoming president.”

Another column in The Week, titled “William Barr is in contempt. Congress should send him to jail,” discussed a similar scenario.

“And there’s a simple solution for the House to enact if Barr really doesn’t show up: Formally hold him in contempt of Congress, then send him to jail,” Joel Mathis wrote. “That’s a radical suggestion, but this is a radical moment.”

Meanwhile, most prominent Democrats have argued instead that Barr should resign amid the controversy.

“He lied to Congress. And if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime,” Pelosi told reporters. “Nobody is above the law. Not the president of the United States. Not the attorney general.”

Pelosi’s public comments came after she, according to Politico, told Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla., during a private caucus meeting Thursday: “We saw [Barr] commit a crime when he answered your question.”

She was referring to an April 9 hearing, where Crist had asked whether Barr knew what prompted reports that prosecutors on the special counsel team were frustrated with his initial summary. Barr said he did not.

But last week, The Washington Post first reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller contacted Barr, both in a letter and in a phone call, to express concerns after Barr released his four-page summary of Mueller’s findings in March. Mueller pushed Barr to release the executive summaries written by the special counsel’s office.

However, according to both the Post and the Justice Department, Mueller made clear that he did not feel that Barr’s summary was inaccurate. Instead, Mueller told Barr that media coverage of the letter had “misinterpreted” the results of the probe concerning obstruction of justice.

Pelosi, last week, was asked if Barr should go to jail for the alleged crime.

“There is a process involved here and as I said, I’ll say it again, the committee will have to come to how we will proceed,” Pelosi said.

Finally, A Real Attorney General

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I must admit I thought Jeff Sessions was a good choice for Attorney General until he got the job and proved he was a train wreck.

William Barr seems to be the man to get the job done that Jeff Session’s could not or would not.

It has been quite a while since Americans have witnessed an honorable and effective Attorney General serving in that important position. The two Attorneys General during the Obama administration were hopelessly partisan and extremely protective of the President.

Eric Holder famously claimed that he was “the President’s wing-man” who was “there with my boy.” Obviously, he worked non-stop to protect the President from any legal trouble and congressional investigations. Whether it was Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS Tea Party abuse scandal or the Benghazi terrorist attack, Attorney General Holder was insistent on shielding Barack Obama from any trouble. He was so committed to that goal that Holder became the first U.S. Attorney General to be held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to release documents related to the Fast and Furious investigation.

He was succeeded as Attorney General by Loretta Lynch, who continued the policies of Eric Holder. She not only protected Obama, but she also evidently believed it was necessary to protect Hillary Clinton. Right before the Department of Justice officially decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing in the investigation of the handling of her personal email communications, Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport. Supposedly, the two discussed golf and grandchildren among other inane topics for 20+ minutes while the investigation of Hillary never was mentioned. Of course, no one should believe such as ridiculous cover story, which just shows the measures that Democrats will take to protect one of their prominent party leaders.

When President Trump was elected, he decided to choose U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as his Attorney General.    At first, it was believed that Sessions would be a fine Attorney General. He was a stalwart conservative during his Senate career. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he was the first United States Senator to endorse Donald Trump for President.

Unfortunately, his utter ineptitude was only exposed after he assumed the position of Attorney General. His horrific mistake was to recuse himself from the investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. This one misguided determination overwhelmed any positive decisions he may have made as Attorney General. In addition, it was totally unnecessary since Sessions did not meet with Russian officials in any improper context during the 2016 campaign. His interactions were both formal and minimal, so the recusal decision was mind boggling.

The President was apoplectic and claimed he would have never appointed Sessions if he knew that Sessions would recuse himself from something so monumental. Obviously, Sessions bowed to pressure from within the Department of Justice. By recusing himself, Sessions allowed his Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, to oversee the investigation and make the determination whether a special counsel was warranted.

Not surprisingly, Rosenstein elected to launch a special counsel investigation and appointed Robert Mueller to oversee the probe. This started the $35 million two-year witch hunt which has distracted the Trump administration from its beginning and cast a shadow over almost everything the President has accomplished.

Sessions was a very weak Attorney General who could not stand up to the “Deep State” wing firmly entrenched in the Department of Justice. Fortunately, after the mid-term elections, President Trump forced Sessions to finally resign, and the search began for the type of Attorney General Trump supporters had been expecting from the start of his term.

After a search and a brief tenure by Interim Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, the President selected William Barr for this critical position. Barr had previously served for two years as Attorney General during the administration of President George H. W. Bush.

Both Democrats and Republicans expressed admiration for Barr and praised his unblemished record of integrity and his vast legal background. During confirmation hearings, Barr gave an impressive performance setting the stage for a tenure as Attorney General that has been both consequential and controversial.

Since the day his second tenure as Attorney General began on February 14, Barr has been subjected to unfair media attacks and congressional harassment. After he summarized the Mueller report, Barr was summoned to testify before Congress. Instead of joining the criticisms on president Trump, Barr actually claimed that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign. He also stressed that “spying on a political campaign is a big deal.” He is now investigating whether this unprecedented monitoring of a presidential campaign was warranted.

This announcement infuriated congressional Democrats and their allies in the media. It was similar to the rage that greeted Barr when he concluded that the Mueller investigation not only exonerated President Trump for Russian collusion, but also for obstruction of justice.

Mueller’s team officially cleared the President of Russian collusion charges, but not for obstruction of justice. This dereliction of duty by the Special Counsel’s office of partisan Democrat prosecutors forced Barr, assisted by Rosenstein, to make the decision. After examining the evidence and ten instances noted by Mueller, including some that Barr believed did not merit consideration of obstruction of justice, the President was exonerated.

At his stellar press conference on Thursday, Barr summarized the Mueller report and gave his reasoning for making the determination about the President. In doing so, Barr has withstood vicious criticism from the media and Democrats, who now claim that he is a Trump “stooge.”

In reality, Barr is no one’s stooge. As a former Bush administration member, he is also deeply rooted in the political establishment. Nevertheless, he has displayed remarkable courage to move forward with these decisions and finally end this nightmare for the country.

It took a few years for President Trump to get it right, but he finally found a real U.S. Attorney General, who insure that justice will be served.


Swalwell Calls on Barr to Resign: ‘He’s Lost the Credibility of the American People’

H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

In spite of what Representative Eric Swalwell(DumbassCA)says Attorney General William Barr is still credible to many Americans.

Attorney General William Barr does not need to resign.

Trump ‘acted guilty’