Three South Louisiana Men, Sentenced for Violating Federal Firearms Laws

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Will prosecutions under the Federal Firearms Laws fall off under Joe Pee Pads Biden like they did under Bathhouse Barry Obama?

LAFAYETTE, La. – -( Acting United States Attorney Alexander C. Van Hook announced that three men from South Louisiana were sentenced today for illegally possessing firearms by United States District Judge James D. Cain, Jr.

Jaquan Smith, 27, of Houma, Louisiana, was sentenced to 24 months in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release, for illegal possession of an unregistered firearm.


On October 10, 2018, law enforcement officers in Jennings, Louisiana stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in which Smith was a passenger. Officers found Smith to have a square-shaped object bearing a Glock insignia in his possession. The device is capable of converting a firearm into a machine gun. The machine gun converter device was not registered to Smith in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. Smith knew that the purpose of the converter device was to turn a semi-automatic weapon into a machine gun and was illegal for him to possess.

The ATF and Jennings Police Department conducted the investigation and Assistant U.S. Attorneys T. Forrest Phillips and Robert C. Abendroth prosecuted the case.

Jeffery James Sullivan, 24, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release, for making a false statement during the purchase of a firearm.

On August 18, 2018, Sullivan attempted to purchase a firearm while under indictment on felony charges in the 14th Judicial District Court in the State of Louisiana, including aggravated second-degree battery and illegal use of a weapon in commission of a crime of violence. While completing the ATF Form 4473 to purchase the firearm, Sullivan falsely answered “NO” to the question on the form, “Are you under indictment or information in any court for a felony, or any other crime, for which the judge could imprison you for more than one year?” Sullivan made this false statement intending to deceive the firearms dealer in order to purchase the firearm and was therefore charged.

The ATF conducted the investigation and Assistant U.S. Attorney Danny Siefker prosecuted the case.

Timothy Caudle, 43, of Oakdale, Louisiana, was sentenced to 2 years of supervised probation, for illegally possessing firearms at a federal facility.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on May 10, 2019, when Caudle went to the Fort Polk Community Based Outpatient Clinic for an appointment. When clinic administrators told Caudle they would not be able to order his medication because he was behind on his scheduled appointments with the Clinic, Caudle became upset and made threatening remarks to the staff. This behavior caused law enforcement officers to monitor Caudle and determine whether or not he had any weapons on his person or in his vehicle, which possession was strictly prohibited in the federal facility and on the federal property. Officers found that Caudle illegally possessed two firearms in his vehicle on the federal property.

This case was investigated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Leon H. Whitten and John W. Nickel.

These cases are part of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a program bringing together all levels of law enforcement and the communities they serve to reduce violent crime and make our neighborhoods safer for everyone. PSN is part of the Department’s renewed focus on targeting violent criminals, directing all U.S. Attorney’s Offices to work in partnership with federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement and the local community to develop effective, locally-based strategies to reduce violent crime. To learn more about Project Safe Neighborhoods, go to


Record Shattered: More Than 2-Million Guns Sold In January

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Joe Pee Pads Biden will soon eclipse his old boss Bathhouse Barry Obama as the nation’s top gun salesman.

The Great Gun Run of 2020 has definitely continued into the new year, and may even be picking up speed rather than slowing down now that Joe Biden and his Democratic cohorts have control of both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s adjusted NICS figures for January of 2021, there were 2,052,130 background checks conducted on firearm sales last month; a 75% increase compared to the figures reported for January of 2020. The unadjusted January 2021 NICS figure of 4,288,240 (which includes checks not related to gun sales) is also about 62% higher than the unadjusted total from last January.


Mark Oliva, director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, says it “can’t be discounted” that many of these gun sales were in response to Joe Biden taking office and the threats his administration poses to the right to keep and bear arms.

“Americans are continuing to purchase firearms at a blistering pace,” Oliva points out. “That’s undoubtedly connected to President Joe Biden’s plans to attack the firearm industry by undoing and rewriting regulations and executive actions to target the firearm industry, which started with freezing the publication of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s ‘Fair Access’ banking rule. The Biden administration interfered with an independent government agency to further an agenda and perpetuate the illegal Operation Choke Point by farming it out to corporate banks. That was just the opening salvo.

In addition to Biden’s opening anti-gun moves, the president has promised a number of additional actions targeting legal gun owners and the firearms industry, including the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), empowering the BATFE to (in Oliva’s words) “revoke licenses for minor clerical errors and ban entire classes of firearms from lawful ownership and tax or seize modern sporting rifles, or AR-15 style rifles, and magazines in a scheme that would cost those owners an estimated $34 billion for the privilege to own what they already lawfully own.”

According to the NSSF’s data, last month saw three of the ten busiest weeks in NICS history, as well as one of the top ten busiest single days in more than 20 years. Oliva calls that a “jaw dropping start to the new year,” adding that all but one of the ten busiest weeks and half of the ten busiest days in NICS history took place last year, when more than 21-million firearms were sold.

We’re on pace at the moment to shatter that record. Historically, January tends to be one of the slower months for gun sales, and there’s no sign that February’s sales numbers are going to significantly decline. In fact, with Biden and his anti-gun allies in Congress intent on partnering with gun control groups to place more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, demand for both firearms and ammunition is expected to remain at historically high levels for months to come.

Will the fact that Americans are buying guns in record numbers dissuade any Democrats to hold off on their push for new infringements on our Second Amendment rights? I wish I was confident that would be the case, but unfortunately it’s just as likely to spur anti-gun politicians to act even sooner than they might have otherwise.

I’m glad to see so many Americans joining the ranks of gun owners, but I hope they’re ready to defend the rights that they’re now exercising and are in contact with their lawmakers to urge them to reject any attempt to curtail our right to keep and bear arms.


Reality Check: Ammo Is Scarce And Prices Just Keep Jumping

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Joe Pee Pads Biden and his former boss Bathhouse Barry Obama set records for gun and ammo sales.


In a piece published by Fox35Orlando immediately prior to the Biden inauguration it was reported that people in search of ammunition are facing even an uphill battle.

People started lining up in front of the door at Academy Sports + Outdoors in Lake Mary as early as 2 a.m. on Monday waiting for the doors to open at 9 a.m.

When FOX 35 News asked several of those in line what they were waiting for, they all answered “ammo.”

And with perfect timing, several people in my social media feed have been posting pictures of long lines at gun and sporting goods stores across the country. All those lines are ammo-focused and in some you can clearly see the abysmally small pile of available ammo in the background.

Yes, demand and frenzy for ammunition has escalated with the inauguration:

Perkinson [owner of Volusia Top Gun] added that, since the pandemic hit, sales have been up 100% and every day feels like “Black Friday.”  However, he said the last two weeks, it’s been a “zoo.”

“I could have done 300% more if I had the inventory. I’m turning away a lot of people just for lack of inventory,” Perkinson explained.

Apparently some of the guys waiting in line for ammunition see no issue with with telling mainstream media journalists, well, everything:

“I just come here on Monday. Tuesday, I go to Buena Vista. Wednesday, I go to East Colonial. Thursday, Buena Vista. Friday, East Colonial. Sunday, I go to Millenia,” [David] Godkin said.

He is an avid hunter and marksman who uses about half of what he buys each week and stockpiles the rest.  Right now, he said Academy Sports will only sell three boxes of ammunition to each customer.  He was about 10th in line and wasn’t able to get exactly what he wanted.

“I got two 9s, which is the handgun, then I got the 223, which is the rifle. A good day. Would have been a better day if I’d gotten all 9s,” Godkin explained.

Well. Thank you for letting everyone know exactly where you shop, when, and how much ammo you’re using versus stockpiling, Mr. Godkin.

Something interesting in this news piece is the inclusion of prices and what sounds a bit like a half-assed excuse from a gun store owner:

A small box of 9mm ammunition that was selling for $14 maximum at this time last year, is now selling for $37.99 and [Volusia Top Gun] can barely keep it stock.

[Owner Ron] Perkinson tells FOX 35 News, even if he is able to get larger amounts of ammunition in later this year, he doesn’t see the price going down any time soon. Several of his manufacturers made him sign new contracts agreeing to pay more money for the product, if not, they won’t sell to him anymore.

Yes, it is true. Multiple major ammunition manufacturers announced price increases of as much as 15 percent per box. Oddly enough, every manufacturer I’m currently aware of that’s made that change has it slated to begin February 1, 2021.

Here’s the problem with gun store owners and dealers trying to push off higher ammo prices on the manufacturers: they have been hiking prices since the moment they saw demand spike. Manufacturers didn’t start increasing their own prices until relatively recently. Yet ammunition prices began climbing exponentially with no apparent ceiling back in, what, April of last year?

Supply and demand is a thing, but the way ammunition pricing has been handled has been…frustrating to watch in action. What do you guys think? Should ammunition prices be as they now are? Are dealers right to make the double and triple price increases in the face of spiking demand even when those increases were made months before manufacturers altered their own pricing?

Report Reveals Biden’s Intel Agencies Can Exploit Loophole to Get Tracking Data on Americans Without a Warrant

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Bathhouse Barry Obama weaponized government agencies against average Americans Joe Pee Pads Biden will do it also.

The Defense Intelligence Agency has a back door method of keeping track of Americans, according to a new report.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that America’s intelligence agencies needed a warrant to force phone companies to turn over location data on their customers, The New York Times reported that agencies have found a way to end-run that ruling, pointing to what it called an unclassified memo it has received on the subject.

Instead of having the intelligence community seek the information directly, agencies buy databases that are already available that have the location data intelligence agencies want.

As this power is being placed in the hands of the Biden administration, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon is trying to call attention to the practice and have it stopped.

The memo obtained by The Times, shows that intelligence experts do not believe the 2018 ruling, known as the Carpenter decision, matters.

“D.I.A. does not construe the Carpenter decision to require a judicial warrant endorsing purchase or use of commercially available data for intelligence purposes,” the memo stated.

Wyden last week denounced cases “in which the government, instead of getting an order, just goes out and purchases the private records of Americans from these sleazy and unregulated commercial data brokers who are simply above the law.”

He said the practice is wrong.

“The Fourth Amendment is not for sale,” he said. The Fourth Amendment protects the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

During his comments, which came during the confirmation hearing of Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence, Wyden said there is a “need to rebuild trust in the Intelligence Community, which is going to require an aggressive and sustained commitment to transparency,” according to a release on his website.

“A key component of that transparency is making sure Americans know what kind of surveillance the government is conducting on them. And they should especially be told if the government is using legal loopholes in the law and the warrant requirement in the Fourth Amendment,” he said.

Wyden said full disclosure is needed of what the intelligence community is up to.

“I intend to introduce legislation on this topic. But for Congress to tackle this topic, it is vitally important that there be an informed, public debate on what the government is collecting right now and what it believes is the legal basis for that collection,” he said.

Wyden said one issue with intelligence agencies is that “the government too often reinterprets a public law in secret and keeps the new interpretation secret under the pretext that reinterpretations must be hidden to keep us safe. The reality is that interpretations of public law must be transparent and public.”

The memo said that when agencies buy databases, the brokers do not identify who are Americans and who are not.

The memo stated that DIA agents must get special permission from the agency’s office of general counsel, office of oversight compliance and its senior leadership to access the records of Americans.

“Permission to query the U.S. device location data has been granted five times in the past two and a half years for authorized purposes,” the memo said.

GOP Lawmakers Concerned Biden Defense Sec Pick Will Be Rammed Through Congress

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Will retired general Lloyd Austin be rammed through Congress because he was was associated with Bathhouse Barry Obama and Joe Pee Pads Biden? Personally I do not think he has what it takes to be Defense Secretary.

Urge careful deliberation on Pentagon pick with sparse public record.

Republican lawmakers on the House Armed Services Committee are expressing concerns the incoming Biden administration will force through its selection of retired general Lloyd Austin to serve as the nation’s next defense secretary, according to a letter sent Thursday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) that raises questions about the nominee’s sparse public record.

Austin, the head of U.S. Central Command during the Obama administration, retired in 2016 and requires a congressional waiver to serve as the Defense Department’s top civilian official due to a law prohibiting military members from serving as defense secretary until they have been out of the service for seven years. Republican leaders on the Armed Services Committee urged Pelosi to grant “full deliberation for the waiver processes,” citing concerns his vote “may be rushed to the House floor,” according to a copy of the letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Despite his sterling military credentials, Austin does not have a lengthy public record, and lawmakers are likely to press him on matters ranging from the growing threat posed by China to his work in the Middle East as CENTCOM’s top official. The House granted retired four-star general Jim Mattis a waiver in 2017 after the White House declined to permit his testimony before the Armed Services Committee. At that time, Democrats overwhelmingly voted against the waiver, citing concerns he would sideline the department’s civilian leadership. Lawmakers are concerned Austin would do the same given his background.

“Civilian oversight of our armed forces is too important to expedite,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter led by Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.). The letter was signed by nine other GOP members of the House Armed Services Committee, including Reps. Mike Gallagher (Wis.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Jack Bergman (Mich.), Vicky Hartzler (Mo.), and Mo Brooks (Ala.).

Congress has only granted such a waiver twice in its history—once in 1950 and again in 2017, when President Donald Trump selected Mattis. The seven-year delay is in place to ensure a strict division between the Pentagon’s military and civilian leadership.

“Civilian oversight of our military is one of the things that makes our country great. If Speaker Pelosi fast-tracks the waiver without allowing the Armed Services Committee to even discuss it, she will have unilaterally abandoned another longstanding principle of our Republic,” Banks told the Free Beacon.

Biden’s transition team has yet to publicly confirm recent claims by the Armed Services Committee’s Democratic leader, Rep. Adam Smith (Wash.), that Austin has agreed to appear before his committee prior to any vote on the waiver.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted in early December that Austin would speak with committee members but did not agree to formal hearings in front of Congress.


“Secretary-designate Austin is looking forward to speaking with congressional leadership early on, including House leadership, and both Senate and House Armed Service Committee members,” Psaki tweeted.

Smith expressed concerns last year, when Austin was first selected, “about again appointing a recently retired general to be secretary of defense.” He urged Austin to “meet with the members of the House Armed Services Committee so they can ask questions about civilian control of the military, and to be assured that General Austin is committed to this important principle and understands what he will have to do to make sure it is upheld during his tenure as secretary of defense.”

Joe Biden has enjoyed a close relationship with Austin since his time in the Obama administration, and said in a December op-ed explaining his pick that the military official “will do an outstanding job.”

Austin led a push during the Obama administration to bring home some 150,000 American troops from Iraq. “Given the immense and urgent threats and challenges our nation faces, he should be confirmed swiftly,” Biden wrote.

Industry Execs Provide Update On Ammo Shortage

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Joe Pee Pads Biden like his former boss Bathhouse Barry Obama caused a jump in gun and ammo sales.

If you want to know what’s going on with the lack of ammunition at the moment, there are few folks with more knowledge of the situation than Jason Hornady. The vice-president of Hornady Manufacturing recently put out a video that helps to put the surge in ammo sales into perspective.

Hornady says that ammunition sales first spiked in March, when the company saw an 86% increase over March of 2019. That, in essence, wiped out the company’s inventory, and they’ve been making and shipping as fast as they can ever since.


“The stuff that goes out today was literally put in a box yesterday,” he explains. “We’ve made one-third more ammunition than we did last year. Unfortunately we don’t have an extra factory laying around or anything else. We’ve got ‘X’ number of people, and we’re certainly trying to add as much capacity as we can.”

Hornady also addresses some of the rumors around the ammunition shortage; assuring customers that there isn’t a government conspiracy to buy up ammo and keep it off the civilian market. Apparently some folks have even suggested that Hornady could be making more ammunition if they weren’t busy making t-shirts, but Jason Hornady patiently explains that the company actually buys their shirts, so there’s no production time being lost by focusing on fashion.

“We understand it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for us too,” Hornady says in conclusion. “Keep shooting, because we’re going to keep making more, we promise.”

Jason Hornady isn’t the only ammunition manufacturer who’s addressing the shortage. A couple of weeks ago Jason Vanderbrink, who’s the president of Federal, CCI, Speer, and Remington Ammunition, also released a video expressing his frustration with the hate mail and claims that the companies aren’t doing enough to keep up with demand.

Vanderbrink had to specifically say that the companies are not storing ammunition in “secret warehouses,” and that ammunition is being made and shipped every day in their factories. He noted that if the estimated 7-million new gun owners each purchased two boxes of ammunition, that would amount to an extra 700,000 rounds that would need to be produced. Factor in the ammo hoarding that’s been taking place for most of the year, and you can understand why the supply simply can’t keep up with demand.

Neither Hornady or Vanderbrink said anything about when they expect things to get back to some semblance of normalcy, but that may be because they simply don’t know. Will the record-setting pace of gun sales continue into 2021, or will sales begin to subside as the country hopefully begins to open back up in the coming months? Will the surge in violent crime lead to more Americans buying guns for self-defense? Will Democrats push hard for new gun control laws, which typically results in a run on guns and ammunition?

We don’t know the answers yet, so it’s hard to predict when the ammunition marketplace will regain a balance between supply and demand. Both Hornady and Vanderbrink insist, however, that their factories are going all out to try to keep American gun owners supplied, so unless there are unforeseen supply chain issues or factory closures because of COVID cases, I think the most likely scenario is incremental improvement in ammo availability throughout the coming year.

Investors Expect Stock Market Gains To Slow Under Biden, New Survey Finds

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The stock market under Joe Pee Pads Biden will be as anemic as it was under Bathhouse Barry Obama or even worse.

Investors and business leaders are largely pessimistic about the stock market’s prospects under a Joe Biden administration, according to a new survey.

More than 100 chief investment officers and portfolio managers were surveyed by CNBC, and two-thirds of them said they expected stock market gains to be lower under a term of President-elect Joe Biden than President Donald Trump. Many of them fear Biden will undo President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts, which helped spur record profits and increased stock buybacks, according to CNBC. 


The Trump administration’s regulatory rollbacks also helped the market to record growth, CNBC reported. The S&P 500 is up more than 60% since Trump’s inauguration in Jan. 2017.


Biden’s tax plan proposes raising capital gains taxes and reinstituting a higher corporate tax rate, according to CNBC. Among those surveyed, about two-thirds still predicted a strong 2021 for the market, as the Biden administration will likely be more focused on economic stimulus and COVID-19 recovery than addressing tax policy. They also predict some industries to outperform others, such as consumer goods, finance, and industrials, according to CNBC. 


Demand For AR-15s ,Greater Than Supply

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Joe Pee Pads Biden like his former boss Bathhouse Barry Obama will become a top gun salesman.

Ever since anti-gun lawmakers passed the assault weapon ban back in 1994, the AR-15 and similar pattern rifles have been among the most popular firearms in the country. Legions headed out to buy them well before the pandemic lockdowns or other fears sent additional legions out to the gun stores.

Now, with all of that, a summer of seemingly endless riots, and an election that resulted in an anti-gun president-elect, well, guns are going to be even more popular than ever, particularly the AR-15 which Joe Biden has pledged to try and ban yet again.


All of that means things are going to be interesting for AR-15 buyers.

Guns are selling briskly ahead of Christmas, wrapping up a record-breaking year for manufacturers who can’t make enough guns and ammunition to meet demand.

“Demand for guns and ammo is high,” said Steve Dowdy, owner of Bob’s Gun Shop in Norfolk, Virginia, who reopened his shooting range for mask-wearing customers on the weekend before Christmas. “Overall sales are comparable to past holiday seasons, but I believe we would be up 30% to 40% if we had more inventory.”

Gun shops are running lean on inventory nationwide, especially for ammunition. Customers who call Legend Firearms in Monroe Township, Pennsylvania, are greeted by a recording saying that the store is out of handgun ammunition until next year. The recording also says there’s only one Glock left, “but by the time you hear this message, it will probably be gone.”

Bailey Murphy, manager of Ammo AZ, a Phoenix gun store owned by his father Veerachart, said he’s been rationing ammo purchases, which he hates to do, because he doesn’t like telling people what to do, which is why he doesn’t require mask-wearing in his store, despite the deadly pandemic.

“We don’t have a mask policy,” he said. “We’re a free country, so people can wear one, or not wear one.”

He said he’s been able to keep AR-15s in stock, since he makes them through Zeus Arms, the manufacturer he owns with his father.

“We could fill our whole wall with own brand if we wanted to,” he said.

Assault rifles, the prime target in President-elect Joseph Biden’s gun control plan, have become harder to find. This scarcity of inventory has capped sales that could have been higher, if AR-15s had been better stocked during this period of unprecedented demand.

Now, this matters a great deal, especially if we’re talking about banning anything.

In the landmark Heller decision, it was ruled that a firearm couldn’t be banned if it was “in common use.” In other words, the test was in place to prevent overturning pre-existing machinegun bans, would probably allow bans of future and particularly dangerous weapons (in theory, at least), but would keep lawmakers from banning most anything currently on the market.

However, some have argued that AR-15s aren’t really in common use.

No, I don’t see how they make that claim about one of the most popular firearms in the nation, but they do.

With the continued surge in purchasing these weapons, a surge I don’t see slowing down anytime soon, how much longer can anyone delude themselves into believing these weapons aren’t in common use?

I’m sure plenty will continue to do so for years to come, and it’s going to be hilarious to behold, but as more and more evidence mounts, they’re going to find themselves on shakier ground than ever before.

What worries me is how much damage they can do before we get to that point.

Obama Still Whining about Gun Owners’ Political Power

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Bathhouse Barry Obama is a whining sniveling little bitch that needs to grow a pair bigger than his wife Michael opps I mean Michelle.

U.S.A. -( Barack Obama is still upset about just how bitterly so many Americans cling to their guns. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired November 17, the former president expressed his anger with the fact that gun owners successfully organized to defeat his radical gun control agenda in early 2013.

When asked by Winfrey about high-profile shootings, Obama responded,


I have to say, Oprah, gun violence is one of those issues that I think we are far away from the promised land on because it’s become such a cultural hot button issue. It’s become wrapped up with people’s sense of identity and the degree to which the country is divided.

Addressing the December 2012 high-profile shooting in Newtown, Conn., and the political aftermath, the former president went on to add,

But, I will say that was not only maybe the saddest day of my presidency, but when Congress failed to do anything in the aftermath of Sandy Hook was probably the angriest I ever was during my presidency. I was disgusted and appalled by the inaction… it was all viewed as politics…

Obama’s response was in line with his previous statements on the topic. In a July 2015 interview with the BBC, Obama noted that gun control was “one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied.”

For her part, Winfrey was in visible agreement with Obama as he responded to her question. Winfrey has been associated with gun control activism since the 1990s when the talk show host supported radical anti-gun group CeaseFire, Inc. Part of the group’s mission statement was to “educate Americans to view handguns as the inherently unsafe and dangerous products they are, and not appropriate to have in any home.” Winfrey also promoted the anti-gun Million Mom March and has expressed her support for a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms.

Obama’s chief complaint to Winfrey was that gun owners had the temerity to politically organize to defend their Second Amendment rights in opposition to his administration’s efforts. Moreover, in doing so, the former president attempted to portray the wisdom of his preferred gun control policies as so self-evident as to be beyond the scope of politics. To the former president, the rights and concerns of the firearms community deserve no political consideration.

Of course, there was no wisdom to Obama’s preferred gun control policy – the criminalization of private firearm transfers (sometimes referred to as “universal background checks”). Following the shooting in Newtown, Conn., the Department of Justice surveyed the efficacy of several gun control measures. In a memo dated January 4, 2013, a DOJ researcher concluded that the criminalization of private transfers would be ineffective absent further draconian gun control measures, including firearm registration.

Obama’s own DOJ told the administration that the gun control legislation he was championing would not be effective. Yet, the president persisted in pushing the ineffective policy until the legislation was defeated in the Senate on April 17, 2013. A reasonable person could conclude that Obama’s decision to promote legislation that would have harmed gun owners while serving no public safety benefit was pure politics.

With his grumbling about the organized gun owners’ political power, Obama is part of a growing list of powerful politicians who have lamented Americans’ attachment to their Constitutional rights.

Former President Bill Clinton has repeatedly acknowledged the devastating toll of pro-gun activism and the Clinton ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms exacted on Democratic incumbents in the 1994 midterm election.

Recalling the election in his autobiography “My Life,” Clinton explained,

On November 8, we got the living daylights beat out of us, losing eight Senate races and fifty-four House seats, the largest defeat for our party since 1946….The NRA had a great night. They beat both Speaker Tom Foley and Jack Brooks, two of the ablest members of Congress, who had warned me this would happen. Foley was the first Speaker to be defeated in more than a century. Jack Brooks had supported the NRA for years and had led the fight against the assault weapons ban in the House, but as chairman of the Judiciary Committee he had voted for the overall crime bill even after the ban was put into it. The NRA was an unforgiving master: one strike and you`re out. The gun lobby claimed to have defeated nineteen of the twenty-four members on its hit list. They did at least that much damage….

Later in the book, Clinton credited NRA with helping to defeat Al Gore in 2000.

In a similar vein, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton repeatedly groaned about gun owners’ political power in her book about the 2016 presidential election “What Happened.” In addition to acknowledging gun owners’ role in the 1994 midterm elections and Gore’s defeat, Hillary complained,

As for the NRA, it kept its promise to do everything it could to stop me. All told, the gun lobby spent more than $30 million supporting Trump, more money than any other outside group, and more than double what it spent to support Mitt Romney in 2012. About two-thirds of that money paid for more than ten thousand negative ads attacking me in battleground states.

With gun owners facing a possible Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential administration, gun rights supporters should take motivation from Obama’s statements. Obama’s continued whining on guns is recognition of the effectiveness of well-informed, well-organized, and politically-active gun rights supporters. Armed with the same dedication and effort that led to the victory over Obama in 2013, gun owners will be ready to confront the potential challenges of 2021.

American Hostage Rescued in Late-Night SEAL Team 6 Raid

H/T Western Journal.

These terrorist need to understand there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald J.Trump and not Bathhouse Barry Obama.

An American citizen kidnapped in the West African nation of Niger this past week has been rescued in a SEAL Team 6 operation in neighboring Nigeria.

Philipe Nathan Walton was taken from his farm in southern Niger early Tuesday morning by armed kidnappers who demanded a ransom from the man’s father.

The Defense Department confirmed the operation on Saturday, saying it took place in northern Nigeria.

“This American citizen is safe and is now in the care of the U.S. Department of State. No U.S military personnel were injured during the operation,” the department said in a statement.

President Donald Trump has promoted his administration’s focus on securing the release of American hostages held by militant groups abroad as well as others being detained.

“We delivered on that commitment late last night in Nigeria, where some of our bravest and most skilled warriors rescued a U.S. citizen after a group of armed men took him hostage across the border in Niger,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

“Thanks to the extraordinary courage and capabilities of our military, the support of our intelligence professionals, and our diplomatic efforts, the hostage will be reunited with his family. We will never abandon any American taken hostage,” he said.

Niger has faced a growing number of attacks by extremists linked to both the Islamic State group and to al-Qaida.

The kidnapping comes two months after IS-linked militants killed six French aid workers and their Niger guide while they were visiting a wildlife park east of the capital.

A U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said there were no solid indications that Walton’s kidnapping was an act of terror and that it was instead “trending toward a kidnapping for ransom.”

But the official said the U.S. government was concerned that the hostage could be passed to another terrorist group.

Walton is now back in Niger and no ransom was paid, according to the official.

Earlier this month, two Americans held captive by Iranian-backed militants in Yemen were released, along with a third person, in exchange for the return of about 250 of the Houthi rebels from Oman.