WATCH: Sleepy Joe Shows His Age SLURRING His Way Through His 1st Campaign Speech

H/T Clash Daily.

I think Slow Joe The Gaff Machine Biden like San Fran Nan is in the early stages of dementia.

What exactly is going on with Old Joe? Did he have dental work done? A stroke? The guy is making Pelosi look like Pericles!

Normally when Old Joe leaves us scratching our heads it’s because we can’t believe the stupidity that rolls off his tongue.

But in this speech, the problem isn’t that he’s spitting out dumb ideas (which, of course, he was, they’re not even worth debunking here) so much as the fact that he was barely able to spit out the words at all.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


If he’s trying to sound like an able contender to lead their team’s attempt to unseat DJT, he’s going to need to work on his presentation.

It sound’s like he put in somebody else’s dentures.

Or like he has taken up day drinking.

Or … who knows what?

Maybe our readers have some ideas.

Whatever he might sound like, what he is NOT sounding like is a competent political rival.

Not that we mind, really. Watching the wheels fall off the various floats in this parade of Democrat clowns will keep us busy for months to come.

Whoever makes it to the starting gate may think they’ve got Trump’s number. But plenty of others have underestimated him… only to crash and burn in the process.

Election 2020 is going to be a blast!

Standing up to the bullies was the one response the Left’s political machine was completely unprepared for… and Trump knew it. It’s why we elected him in the first place.