N.C. Trooper Facing 10 Years For Knowingly Selling Firearms to a Felon

H/T The Truth About Guns.

Ten years behind bars is a good start but he should get twenty years.

Highway Patrol Trooper Timothy Norman, 47, of Browns Summit, NC, allegedly made a practice of selling ex-police firearms, sometimes directly from the trunk of his patrol car while on duty. While this is perfectly legal in most states — though I’m sure against department policy (at least the “while on duty” part) — selling firearms to a known felon is most assuredly not legal.

Trooper Timothy Jay Norman, 47, allegedly sold some of those firearms to 33-year-old felon Tommy Lee Hudson of Reidsville, someone Norman had known since they both graduated from basic law enforcement training in 2010, the DOJ said in court documents.

Greensboro.com has the story, detailing how Norman sold “many firearms” to his friend, Tommy Hudson, even after Hudson was convicted of felony assault back in 2016. Norman also sold pistols, while in uniform and on-duty, to an FBI informant including $3,200 worth of firearms and ammunition sold to both Hudson and the informant in a single meeting just six weeks ago on June 8th.

Norman is now being charged by the US DOJ in federal court and is facing 10 years in prison.