Anti-Semitic Threats Stopped by Armed Samaritan in Florida

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Who knows what could have happened to this family if not for this concealed carrier.


U.S.A. –-(  A family from New Jersey learned the value of a legally armed population while vacationing in Florida. New Jersey is one of a handful of states where it is nearly impossible to obtain a permit to carry a gun for self-defense.  From

Eric Orgen said he, his wife, and his daughter, 16, had just left a synagogue in Bal Harbour and were walking on the sidewalk when a group of men driving by started shouting and throwing garbage at them.

“They just started screaming some derogatory things towards Jewish people out the window,” Orgen told WPEC-TV of West Palm Beach. “My first thought was just making sure my wife and daughter were behind me so I could take the brunt of anything that was going to happen.”

Orgen told the station the men said things like, “Free Palestine!,” “Die Jew!” “F– you Jew,” and “I’m gonna rape your wife.”

The family was helped by a driver who witnessed the attack and decided to intervene, Orgen said. Armed with a gun, the stranger defended the family and chased the group away.

“The guy in the car behind them saw everything go on,” Orgen told WPEC-TV. “I saw him pull a gun and get in between – I mean he was almost there as our guardian angel, just protecting us. I think once they saw him they just took off.”

The event is reported to have happened on 18 May, 2021, at 7 p.m. on Collins Avenue near Harbour Way in Bal Harbour, FL. The sun would not set until 7:44. It was partly cloudy, about 80 degrees F, with a strong breeze from the West at 17 mph.  Visibility was good. The windows on the SUV were open.

The family was grateful to the armed Samaritan who intervened. From the Blaze:

A driver of an Audi was right behind the SUV and allegedly witnessed the hateful harassment. The motorist, who was armed, got out of his car and “pulled his gun to protect us and chased them as they drove away,” Orgen claimed. “So thankful that a total stranger stepped up to protect us!”

In other reports, the armed Samaritan was referred to as a “guardian angel” or a “good Samaritan”.

The mayor, Gabriel Groisman, would not acknowledge it was an armed Samaritan which intervened, on his Twitter responses.

The family reported the incident to the authorities. Ordinarily, a description of the perpetrators is included in police reports. It makes it easier to find them and arrest them. From

They reported the incident to local law enforcement. Orgen said his daughter is back home safe in New Jersey, but she is still a bit shocked and confused.

This correspondent was unable to find any description of the four men in the white SUV.  Such a lack of obviously useful information does not happen by accident.  Did the men appear to be white? Hispanic? black? Were they wearing Islamic dress, KKK hoods, other?  For some reason, the police, media, and perhaps the Orgen family, are unwilling to tell us.

Orgen and another man were reportedly wearing traditional Jewish hats at the time they were harassed.

The police in Bal Harbour are not Second Amendment friendly. Here is a recent video showing  Bal Harbour police ignoring Florida’s open carry law.

Florida is one of only four states which prohibit open carry of holstered handguns in most public places. There are exceptions for camping, hunting, and fishing. The other three states which prohibit open carry are California, New York, and Illinois. South Carolina recently reformed its law to remove a ban on open carry.

Federal law currently prohibits visitors from other states from purchasing handguns and carrying them in Florida while they are visiting.  The law, in effect, is a conspiracy between the States and the Federal government to keep citizens of tyrannical states unarmed, even when visiting states who have greater respect for exercising Second Amendment rights.  It is a direct inversion of the intent of the Commerce Clause, which was to prevent the states from hindering the flow of commerce between the states.

The visitors from New Jersey were forbidden by law from carrying handguns for their own defense.

Exclusive — Sources: Alabama to Join Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Others in Eliminating Mask Mandates this Week

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Governor Eric Holcomb(RINO-IN)please take note.

Alabama will become one of the next states to eliminate a government-imposed mandate that requires people wear masks in public, sources close to the matter told Breitbart News.

A source familiar with state deliberations confirmed that as soon as Friday but definitely in the coming days. Alabama will join several other states nationwide in removing its mandate requiring masks in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

GOP Gov. Kay Ivey’s office has not yet confirmed what sources familiar with the state’s planning and deliberations are, but a spokeswoman for Ivey told Breitbart News she was never a fan of mandates to begin with—a sign of the coming move.

“All along, Governor Ivey has made clear that she prefers personal responsibility to government mandates. We are optimistic that our state is heading in the right direction, and we still have some work to be done. Governor Ivey will provide an update to the people of Alabama soon,” an Ivey spokeswoman said.

The governor’s spokeswoman would not deny that she intends to lift the mask mandate on Friday, when the order is set to expire–but would not confirm the news either.

While this statement does not confirm outright what Ivey has planned—again, sources familiar with the deliberations confirmed to Breitbart News that she is planning to scrap the mask mandate—this development is significant as it comes on the heels of several other states ditching their own mask mandates.

Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth also released a statement on Wednesday urging Ivey to ditch the mask mandate once and for all:


Ivey could always back down ahead of the forthcoming announcement, and if she does it will be seen as cowering to democrats like President Joe Biden in Washington without following scientific advice and the leadership of other GOP-led states. Alabama Democrats are pressuring Ivey to cave to Biden and keep the mandate:


This week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves—both Republicans—announced they are lifting their states’ mask mandates. They join 14 other states—Florida, South Dakota, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee—in not having mask mandates.

These red states’ decisions to ditch previously implemented mask mandates are a rebuke of Democrat President Joe Biden’s push to try to get Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days in office. Biden is not even through half of his first 100 days and already losing the confidence of a growing number of U.S. states rejecting his advice and guidance.

In response to the announcements from Texas and Mississippi, Biden lashed out at the White House on Wednesday falsely calling the people in those states subhuman.

“The last thing, the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime, everything’s fine, take off your mask, forget it,” Biden said about Abbott’s and Reeves’s moves.

One of the sources familiar with Alabama’s forthcoming decision told Breitbart News that Biden attacking the people of Texas and Mississippi is playing a huge role in Alabama’s move to nuke the mask mandate. In other words, this person said, Biden’s attacks on American citizens are backfiring as more and more responsible government leaders across the country reject his authority and are moving away from his recommendations as he shows disdain for Americans from states that did not vote for him for president.

“Joe Biden has fewer functioning brain cells than a Neanderthal and continues to listen to clowns like Fauci, who’s been wrong at every turn, but he’s got the nerve to criticize states who abandon mandates that aren’t supported by science? Screw him,” one source familiar with the forthcoming order changes in Alabama told Breitbart News.

Dry Tortugas

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In the almost 30 years I lived in Florida I sadly never went to Dry Tortugas.

Remote Florida islands have a history of sea turtles, sunken treasures, and one of the world’s largest coastal brick fortresses. 

JUAN PONCE DE LEON FIRST stumbled upon this stretch of islands in 1513, back when they were nothing more than clusters of coral inhabited by sea turtles. Upon his discovery, de Leon named the islands “Las Tortugas” (meaning “the turtles”), and is said to have subsisted off 160 of these very animals while on his journey through the high seas. (“Dry” was later added to the islands’ name as an attempt to warn mariners of the lack of freshwater in the area.)

After de Leon’s discovery, the Dry Tortugas became a fixture on Spanish ship maps for merchants and explorers going to and from the Gulf Coast. Seventy miles west of the Florida Keys, and in a prime location between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the Dry Tortugas soon became a popular shipping corridor.


Despite the passageway’s popularity, the Dry Tortugas also became the site of hundreds of shipwrecks. The seasonal shallow waters and hazardous weather conditions lent to the corridor’s infamous title as the “ship trap.” To this day, a large collection of sunken treasures still lies beneath the surface waters. Seventeenth-century vessel remains, cannons, and glassware are among some of the maritime relics.

Of all the Dry Tortugas treasures, though, Fort Jefferson perhaps remains the crown jewel. Once Florida was acquisitioned from Spain in 1822, the United States began plans to erect a naval station that would help combat piracy in the Caribbean. Eventually, the U.S. Navy agreed on the Dry Tortugas as the site for their fortress, arguing that U.S. shipping in the Gulf Coast would be in jeopardy if a hostile power were to take over the islands.

In 1847, after seventeen years of extensive planning, Fort Jefferson began construction on the Garden Key Island. The design plans called for a practically indestructible hexagonal fortress, complete with a massive 420 heavy-gun platform. Two sides of the fort measured 325 feet and four sides measured 477 feet. The structure stood 45-feet above sea level, surrounded entirely by a wall and a 70-foot wide moat. Though construction lasted for roughly thirty years, Fort Jefferson was never fully completed. Despite this, 16 million bricks were laid, making it one of the largest coastal forts ever built.

During the Civil War the fort was also used as a prison, mainly for Union deserters. The most famous inmate, however, was Dr. Samuel Mudd, who was convicted of conspiracy in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. After shooting President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth jumped from the theater box, broke one of his legs, and immediately fled to Dr. Mudd’s farm where he received medical assistance.

In 1865, Dr. Mudd was sentenced to life in prison and sent to the remote fortress. Two years later, a yellow fever outbreak occurred at Fort Jefferson. The outbreak took a number of lives, including the lone doctor who had been stationed at the fort. Dr. Mudd agreed to step in as a replacement and, as a result, many lives were saved. Consequently, the soldiers started a petition demanding Dr. Mudd’s release; a petition which President Andrew Johnson granted only four years into Dr. Mudd’s life sentence.

The fort was abandoned by the Army in 1874. In later years it served as a coaling station, a quarantine station for the Marine-Hospital Service from 1888-1900, during which the location was also used in the Spanish-American War and, in 1935, it was registered by President Roosevelt as a National Monument. Today it operates as part of the Dry Tortugas National Park. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, the Dry Tortugas are considered to be one of America’s most remote and least visited national parks.


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  Donovan Stewart was calm when this thug put his AK-47 in his face and pulled his own gun and killed the thug. 


A 60-year-old Miami man turned the tables on a robber, armed with an AK-47.  Now, the robber is dead.

So, what happened?

Donovan Stewart said that he shot and killed a robber after the man knocked on the door of his van while he was sleeping and became violent as soon as he opened the door, pointing an AK-47 at him.

The guy I killed last night, he put an AK-47 to my damn face,” said Stewart.

“I am from Kingstontown in Jamaica,” he said, “and I am not going to go out like a punk. So I emptied my Glock in his chest. This man tried to get in my van while I was sleeping and he was surprised to see what I did.”

He then demonstrated in the video interview conducted by Miami CBS what he did.

Take a look.

“Well, he opened the door like this and pointed his AK-47 and I reached around like this and got my gun. That is how I did this to him,” he said.

“So I thought you are you going to kill me so now I have to act quickly because I am trained,” he said. “You know I have a security license, I have a G license and I have a state firearms license and a concealed weapons permit and I have a gun and I am a member of the NRA.”

“I am going to defend my life and those I love,” he said. “My family is innocent and just don’t put an AK-47 in my face. I will not allow that to happen. This guy also hijacked a woman in a van and was found with her car key. He robbed another woman at gunpoint.”

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“You want to come looking for trouble,” he said. “Come to me. Come to me. I wouldn’t do anything like this to anybody and they picked the wrong person in this case.

The man who Stewart shot and killed had also allegedly robbed a woman  at gunpoint before making his way to Stewart.

Delilah Gaitor said she was “devastated” after the man had approached her at 6 a.m. on Saturday and taken off with her iPhone, her 2018 Volkswagen and $600 in cash.

“He had a gun and forced me to open my door,” she told the station. “He told me to open, so I gave him my cash right away. I feel very relieved now.  This was a terrible thing to do to me. I was devastated and I was emotional. This is crazy to rob this man. He has a family and to do something like that while he was living in a van is not right.”

Her boyfriend, Evans Chery, was with her and said, “Karma is something else. I mean this woman works hard for her money.”

Sorry, bro, it ain’t Karma.  God is watching.

Police took Stewart’s gun and van in an investigation into what took place.

“Everyone is cooperating,” Miami Police Officer Mike Vega said, “but we still need to receive more information. We need to put this all together and determine what happened.”