Sen. Booker Claims His Gun Plan Would’ve Prevented Virginia Beach (But Won’t Say What It Is)

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Spartacus Booker(Delusional-NJ) tapped danced around Jake Tapper’s question about his gun control better than Fred Astaire.


Anti-gun-rights Senator from New Jersey Cory Booker, one of nearly two dozen Democrat presidential wannabes now running to challenge Donald Trump in 2020, said he has a plan that would have prevented the horrible shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal workplace May 31st, but when asked to explain his idea he dodged the question

Tapper asked, “You said yesterday that mass shootings in America — quote — “cannot just go on in our country.” And you have unveiled a comprehensive gun reform plan. Now, ATF says that the two weapons used in the attack were handguns, not semiautomatic assault rifles. And they say that they were purchased legally.  How would your plan have stopped this tragedy, if at all? ”

Booker put on his tap shoes and answered:

Well, Jake, again, this is a tragedy today, but you know that every single day in the United States of America, in the aggregate, we have mass shootings that go on in neighborhoods like mine. I live in an inner-city black and brown community. You were there yourself. Moments after you left, we had another shooting in my neighborhood.

Perhaps it was someone shooting himself because he couldn’t take Booker’s vapid response that didn’t answer the question?

Booker continued:

We are not helpless to stop this. This is a uniquely American problem. We have carnage in our country at levels that no other nation sees, more people dying in my lifetime due to gun violence than all the Americans that died due to gun violence in every single war from the Revolutionary now — war until now.  And so this idea that we are helpless to stop this is — the evidence points differently. We know that everything from licensing, like that Connecticut did drop gun violence in their — in their state by 40 percent, suicides by 15 percent.  We know that there are communities like Oakland that did things by treating gun violence like a public health problem and by investing in communities, empowering them. They were able to lower gun violence.  I have a comprehensive plan that… people say is bold, but I will tell you that — I will tell you what. It’s not bold. It’s common sense, evidence-based things that we can do to lower gun violence.  We are not helpless.

Tapper interrupted the monolog by Senator Spartacus and asked him to answer the question.

But you keep saying — I’m sorry to interrupt, but you keep saying, we’re not helpless.  So I’m saying, what would have prevented this tragedy? I mean, I think that’s one of the issues that people wonder about when there are these horrible tragedies. What steps specifically would have stopped the massacre in Virginia Beach?

The reality, as noted repeatedly by gun rights leaders such as Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, is that no law now on the books or that has been recommended would have prevented the Virginia Beach attack.

That’s because the killer had a clean record and he legally bought to the two handguns recovered at the crime scene by investigators, according to several published reports. He purchased one pistol in 2016 and the other in 2018, both legally, investigators said. Translation: He passed background checks.

Booker dodged Tapper’s questions either because he doesn’t really have a comprehensive plan, or because he really doesn’t want to speak the unspeakable: Gun prohibition. That may keep guns out of the hands of honest people, but it still won’t prevent criminals from being armed, people like Gottlieb would say.

The Washington Examiner said Booker “tiptoed” around Tapper’s question. That was too kind. He simply did not provide Tapper with a straight answer, just a lot of bull because he didn’t want to answer the question. Booker’s BS may have sounded okay to his far left base, but to the rest of the country, it was flash without substance. And like his fellow liberals, in the wake of the Virginia Beach tragedy, Booker got caught exploiting the tragedy.

In the end, Booker’s claim of a plan that would have prevented the Virginia Beach tragedy was just a pile of hot steaming campaign bull-turds.


Trump Willing To Consider Suppressor Ban

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Talk like this could throw a monkey wrench in President Trump’s reelection.

President Donald Trump was elected in part due to the support he got from gun rights activists. While he didn’t have a history of legislative support for the Second Amendment, he made the right noises and had one more big thing working in his favor: He wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

However, Second Amendment supporters trusted him when he said he sided with us.

Some of us were willing to overlook the bump stock ban. After all, we were looking at bump stocks being banned either way, but at least the route Trump took ended the legislative effort that would have been more far-reaching and broad in its impact.

However, President Trump has announced his willingness to consider banning a safety device because of the Virginia Beach shooting.

President Donald Trump said he’ll “seriously look” at banning gun silencers after last week’s mass shooting in Virginia.

“Well, I’d like to think about it,” Trump said in an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “I’m going to seriously look at it.”

While Trump said he didn’t “love” the idea of a ban, he also was unhappy to see the frequency and severity of mass shootings in the U.S.

Trump’s comments represent a potential crack in Republican opposition to stronger gun control measures.

They follow a shooting last week at a municipal center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in which a gunman killed 12 people. Police recovered a high-capacity magazine and a silencer mechanism from the scene.

Now, to be fair to the president, he’s not saying he’ll back it. He’s said no such thing.

However, even being willing to “seriously look” at such a ban is troubling.

Just think, we were so close to getting suppressors being sold over the counter like firearms. Now, a couple of years later, we have the President of the United States saying he’ll take a look at backing legislation to ban ownership of the devices.

Keep in mind that this is a technology that has been around for over a century. In that time, they’ve been used in one mass shooting. One. Further, it’s not like people in the building didn’t hear gunfire. They heard it and recognized it. There’s little to no evidence that even a single person died because of the suppressor.

Yet this is what we find ourselves talking about right now. It goes to show you how quickly the world can change.

So what are the ramifications of this?

In and of itself, not much. Trump says he’ll look at the possibility. With luck, he’ll look at it, realize there’s over a million of them in private hands and recognize what a nightmare an outright ban would create, and decide not to pursue it. Or opt not to pursue it for some other reason.

That’s the best case scenario.

However, if the president decides otherwise, we might see a problem. We know damn good and well that the House will have no issue passing a law banning suppressors. With the president siding with the legislation, this could change things in the Senate. Some Republicans eager to curry favor with the White House, coupled with Republicans who would view the president’s backing as political cover, could sign onto such legislation. While Republicans have firm control over the Senate, it’s not so firm that a few defections couldn’t change matters completely.

In other words, if the president backs a ban, the chance of such a ban happening skyrocket.

Let’s hope he decides otherwise.

Truck Owner’s Gun Fire Stops Property Theft



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God Bless Texas.

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self-defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right, and what we can learn from self-defense with a gun.

USA –-( The Denton Record-Chronicle reported on 05-01-19 in Denton Texas, a man fired one shot near two people who were attempting to steal a part from his truck on Tuesday morning. The police report shows the man heard a commotion outside his home, in the 500 block of North Loop 288.

He looked outside and saw the hood of his truck open and two people fiddling with it, so he stepped outside and fired one shot into the grass near the vehicle.

The shot was apparently enough to scare the suspects off, as they fled the scene without successfully taking anything.

The suspects remain at large, and the property owner and shooter was not charged with a crime.


I added this incident to remind readers that local law prevails. This is a likely bad shooting in any United States jurisdiction except where it took place in the Great State of Texas.

Texas law allows use of deadly force to recover property or capture fleeing criminals. Don’t try this at home, unless home is Texas.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

About Bob Irwin

Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KLEY 1230 AM, The Nevada Talk Network on Saturdays.

As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob frequently appears as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State, and local courts.




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Rep.Eric Swalwell(Dumbass-CA)mouths lots of anti-gun platitudes but they will not work.

Instead of passing new gun laws lets try something radical and enforce the laws on the books now.

The way I understand it there is 20,000 plus gun laws on the books today.

Out of all the Democratic presidential nominees, no one has been as serious to solve the gun debate as California Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell has such a comprehensive gun control plan, he can fit it on any 280-character tweet. The candidate has offered real and effective solutions, unlike all the other Democratic candidates. Swalwell has laid out his plans on Twitter to nuke America and ignore women he disagrees with to fix our gun crisis. It is no wonder with effective plans like that he has been polling at 0%.


Nuke America


Rep. Eric Swalwell


And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.

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The first solution is quick, easy and effective. Let’s just nuke America! Who needs to care about guns if there is no one left to use them?




Eric Swalwell


A beginner’s guide to owning trolls. Their BS noise doesn’t intimidate me anymore. They would rather flat LIE, e.g., “going house to house” than save your kids. Start checking them. @MomsDemand got your back.

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Show your dominance over a woman asking a serious policy question by responding with a meme of Judge Judy rolling her eyes and stating the person “doesn’t intimidate me anymore.” Show those evil moms who want to protect their children who is boss.


Ignore Questions


Dana Loesch


Can you explain to me the difference between assault weapons and semi-automatic rifles? Is .223 ok but 30.06 not? Why?

Rep. Eric Swalwell


Replying to @BenjySarlin

No different. I interpreted her question to mean semi-auto rifles covered under what’s considered an assault weapon. cc: @DLoesch

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It is fine to engage in debate, but you have to know when enough is enough. Here is a perfect example of specifically calling someone out by name to make a point and then running away when they ask a question. You don’t owe anybody anything, even if you are the one who called them out first.


Prosecute Gun Owners

The most serious proposal the candidate gave was to prosecute people who did not give up their guns and decided to keep their guns in their homes. This is good for his campaign because the sign of a true Democratic candidate is to throw out crazy unconstitutional ideas.




Eric Swalwell


👋🏼 Ms. Loesch — I see you’ve spent another day blowing up my Twitter. Thank you for following! But here’s the deal, you’re an @nra mouthpiece. I don’t aim down, so I don’t debate mouthpieces. But send me your president, @OliverLNorth. I’ll debate him anywhere.

Dana Loesch


Replying to @DLoesch

BTW — @ericswalwell has dodged legitimate questions about his gun confiscation-and-jail policy for quite some time: 

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Dana Loesch, a life-long advocate of the second amendment and national spokesperson for the NRA, was clearly not important or knowledgeable enough to debate someone with the intellect of Swalwell. However, he has declared he will debate a man “anywhere” because they are the only ones who should be involved in conversations about guns.

Connecticut Governor Signs Gun Control Bills Into Law

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How will any of the gun control bills signed into law by Gov.Ned Lamont(Delusional-CT)keep the residents of Connecticut safe?

It was inevitable. Even if Virginia Beach hadn’t taken place on Friday, there was no chance that Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont wasn’t going to sign three gun control bills into law. The only question was how long would it take for him to break out his pen.

Well, we now have an answer to that.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed three bills Monday that tighten gun control, including Ethan’s Law, which calls for the safe storage of firearms in households where children are present.

Lamont also signed a ban on “ghost guns,” which can be assembled at home by purchasing parts online, and a ban on storing unlocked guns in unattended vehicles.

The measures are all aimed at promoting gun safety in the state, and are acts Lamont previously applauded following their approval in the state House of Representatives.

“The overwhelming majority of Connecticut residents want us to close the gaping loopholes that allow guns to get into the wrong hands, and any measure that encourages safe gun storage to help keep children, residents, and families safe is an action I will always support,” Lamont said, after the House passed Ethan’s Law and the ban on ghost guns.

However, not everything within the bill was absolute garbage.

The bill also expands the age range for firearm safety programs to extend from kindergarten through grade 12, rather than grade eight. Lamont has supported the legislation since it was first introduced. It previously passed the House with a 127 to 16 vote.

I’ve advocated for firearm safety programs to be part of school curriculums. While this bill doesn’t go quite that far, it does put firearm safety in the schools at every grade level. Frankly, that will do far more to ensure the safety of kids than requiring parents to lock up their guns so they’re unable to access them in an emergency.

Of course, that’s where the hopes for anything non-stupid ends.

Banning “ghost guns” is beyond idiotic since the people you have to worry about are people who don’t care about the law in the first place. They may have to drive a bit further to get the parts in question. That’s at most.

The truth is, all of the parts are sold as replacement parts for existing weapons, except the lower receivers. All a “ghost gun” ban does is ban the selling of incomplete receivers that lack serial numbers. However, files exist out there that anyone with a CNC machine can mill one out of a block of aluminum all on their own. They don’t need a less than 80 percent receiver.

With the new law in place, the only people who will be doing that will be pretty much the very people the law is meant to thwart.

How many times do we have to explain to people like the legislators in Connecticut that criminals do not obey the law? It’s part of the job description, yet they keep creating rules that have, at best, only a minimal impact on the bad guys. Then again, it’s about all gun-grabbing politicians know how to do.

WATCH: 2020 Dem Proves She Doesn’t Have A Clue, Says NRA Sells Guns (2020 Dem Proves She Doesn’t Have A Clue, Says NRA Sells Guns

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Kristen Gillibrand(Delusional-NY)has put her ignorance out there for the whole nation to see.

Will Fox News stop giving these leftist loons free air time?

Fox News needs to END this nonsense NOW!

Fox News needs to stop this nonsense.

For some reason, they have repeatedly given 2020 Democrat presidential candidates platforms to spew lies and ridiculousness.

The latest to have her far-left voice heard was New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Not only did she blast the NRA but she said they care about profit from selling guns.


Kirsten Gillibrand: “The NRA is the worst organization in this country. They care more about their profits than the American people, they care more about selling guns to someone on the terror watch list or w/grave mental illness or who has a violent criminal background”

Here’s the problem…

-NRA is a non-profit & does *not* sell guns

-People opposed banning people who were on the terror watch list from buying guns because it would strip people of their rights without due process

-Violent criminals & grave mentally ill people are already banned from owning guns

More Gillibrand:

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand: “I will make sure we ban the bump stocks…the assault rifles, the military-style weapons”

-Bump stocks are already banned

-Assault rifles/military style weapons were effectively banned in 1987

Chris Wallace calls out Kirsten Gillibrand over her gun-control plans, noting none of them would have stopped the Virginia Beach tragedy: “Is there anything you could have done that would have stopped this terrible incident?”

Gillibrand: “Yeah, stop being beholden to the NRA”

Kirsten Gillibrand: “Remember, after the shooting in Las Vegas [Trump] said, ‘we’re going to ban the bump stocks.’ Did he ban the bump stocks? No! Because the NRA came crashing down”

Fact: Trump *did* ban bump stocks after the Las Vegas shooting

Kirsten Gillibrand: “The NRA is lying to the American people, it is not about the Second Amendment. … [The NRA] wants to make sure an abuser who has a restraining order against him can buy a weapon”

New York recently passed a bill allowing late-term abortions.

Therefore, it only seems right that a New York Democrat running for president would say she supports “X” as a third gender option.

From CBS News:

New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a 2020 candidate, endorsed federal implementation of a third gender listing for Americans who identify as non-binary. Speaking at an LGBTQ-focused meet and greet in New Hampshire on Friday, Gillibrand emphatically said “yes” about recognizing “X” as a third gender marker.

Will the other Dems running in 2020 come out now and echo Gillibrand’s words?

Does Gillibrand have a shot at her party’s nomination?

Kirsten was the fourth Democrat to enter the 2020 race.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand launched a presidential exploratory committee Tuesday night, joining the crowded Democratic hunt to win the White House in 2020.

The New York Democrat, a longtime advocate for women in politics and a leader in the #MeToo movement supporting survivors of sexual assault, announced her decision to run for president on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” saying she will “fight for other people’s kids as hard as I would fight for my own.”

Gillibrand is wildly anti-Trump.


Mom of 4 holds intruder at gunpoint for a terrifying 13 minutes until police arrive

H/T Yahoo News.

The gun this woman had made the difference between her and her children possibly dying.

A Tampa Bay mother held an intruder in her home at gunpoint for a terrifying 13 minutes until police arrived at the scene. Lauren Richards, a mother of four, initially made a call reporting a suspicious person on her property 21 minutes before police arrived.

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, Richards called 911 at 12:41 a.m., according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office representative.

“I tell [911] somebody just came into my door. He’s unfamiliar. I don’t recognize him,” Richards told WFLA.

While waiting for officers to arrive to the suspicious person call, Richards looked outside her home in Rolling Oaks Estates in Hudson, Fla., and noticed her mini-pig, Milton, had his nose to the ground. She realized the animal had picked up a scent and that someone either had been in her garage or was currently in her garage.

Richards, already afraid the man would break into her home, took her gun and entered the garage. Eight feet away was the intruder, identified as Devin Cooke, 25. Richards realized that her typically open garage door was now shut.

She placed a second call to police at 12:54 a.m.

In audio obtained by the station of the police call, Richards says, “I have a gun pointed and I need the police to show up immediately. I called 10 minutes ago and nobody has shown up.”

“The two calls were merged by dispatch approximately 90 seconds later, at 12:56 a.m., and additional units, including Air, K9 and a Sgt., were dispatched,” the representative of Pasco County Sheriff’s Office tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Given the priority of the second call, those units responded with lights and sirens, as opposed to the first unit, who was en route following normal traffic laws, given the fact that the suspect had left the area and the call had been subsequently downgraded.”

While waiting for police, a neighbor, Hector Nieves, grabbed his gun and went over to help. His wife, Melodie, also called 911 during the incident.

“I want to make sure the cops know my husband went… with a gun over there to protect her,” Melodie told dispatch.

Hector told WFLA: “I’m just like I gotta help, you know. She’s got little kids. We held him at gunpoint until the cops showed up.”

The first unit, a sergeant, arrived on the scene at 1:07 a.m.

“Had she not had a gun and been ready to protect herself or call the neighbors, she might not be standing here,” Melodie told the outlet. “Who knows what would happen.”

In a police report provided to Yahoo Lifestyle, the intruder was allegedly under the impression that his grandparents had been murdered and he was distraught. He was transported for a mental health evaluation.

“On May 29, upon further investigation, a probable cause order was issued for Devin Cooke for the burglary charges. The medical facility where he was staying was alerted to this and a police hold was placed on him. This means that when he is able to be released from the facility, the facility will notify PSO and he will be released to our custody, under the burglary charge,” the representative says.

The representative continues: “Our priority is ensuring the safety of all parties involved. On May 25, our priority was to secure the scene and ensure both the caller and the suspect were unharmed. Given the substantial amount of witnesses during the incident, and the fact that the suspect remained in medical custody during that period, the investigation could be completed at a later date than the incident date.”

Software Provider Salesforce Cuts Off Gun Industry To Hide Dirty Laundry

H/T Bearing Arms.

More backdoor under-handed gun control.

It’s been a while since anyone decided to turn their backs on the firearm industry, long enough that I thought maybe that kind of nonsense was finished. It turns out that it wasn’t. Not even close.

While the company Salesforce isn’t exactly a household name, that’s because the average American household isn’t their target market. Instead, they provide software services to the companies those households buy from.

Now, they’re the latest company to cut off the firearm industry.

Retailers like Amazon, eBay and Dick’s Sporting Goods have already banned or restricted sales of guns. Salesforce is taking that to a new level by banning retailers that sell certain guns and ammunition from using its sales management software.

  • The ban covers Salesforce customers that sell automatic and semiautomatic weapons, 3D-printed guns and a number of accessories such as magazines capable of accepting more than ten rounds and flash or sound suppressors.
  • A Salesforce spokesperson said the change affects new customers and a small number of existing customers when their current contracts expire.
  • Typically, retailers use Salesforce software as a database to keep track of customers and what they purchase.
  • The policy was updated in April, but first made public by the Washington Post on Thursday.

Worried about the ban, the gun industry says Salesforce is discriminating against gun owners. An analyst told the Washington Post it would cost one gun seller millions of dollars to switch to another platform.

Now, Forbes was quick to point out how Salesforce has a history with social issues, even highlighting a tweet from CEO Marc Benioff. It seems Benioff is a longtime supporter of gun control.

Which makes this move now rather curious. After all, there were plenty of companies adopting policies like this last year. If Benioff is so adamantly anti-gun, why didn’t he join the chorus then?

Maybe because he and his company weren’t looking like total scumbags back then?

You see, Forbes conveniently failed to mention one important fact about Salesforce, and that’s a lawsuit against the company. It seems that a group of 50 women is suing Salesforce for their role in facilitating human trafficking.

Fifty women have filed a lawsuit against Salesforce in a San Francisco court, claiming that the company facilitated “sex trafficking, negligence, and conspiracy” by providing tools to support the growth of

The suit claims that Salesforce provided a customized database “tailored for Backpage’s operations, both locally and internationally,” which allowed the site to “market to new ‘users’—that is, pimps, johns, and traffickers.”

It further alleges that Salesforce helped Backpage “survive and even grow,” despite contemporaneous efforts to shut it down. At the same time, however, Salesforce was publicly boasting about its work to fight human trafficking.

The 50 women who filed the suit, identified as Jane Does 1 through 50, were reportedly sold for sex across the U.S. They claim that they were sexually exploited and trafficked through Backpage. “The Jane Does were forced, coerced, and made victims of sex trafficking by means of force, fear, fraud, deceit, coercion, violence, duress, menace, or threat of unlawful injury to themselves and others, including family members,” the lawsuit reads. “Salesforce committed acts at issue with malice, oppression, fraud, and duress.” They are seeking unspecified damages.


Now, I’m not saying that Salesforce is responsible for what happened to these women. What I am saying is that the story broke two months ago, one all but guaranteed to give them a bloody nose, so now they’re suddenly virtue signaling about firearms?

Where was this moral outrage earlier?

The truth of the matter is that Backpage was long known to be used to connect people with prostitutes. It was the topic of countless articles, including how it may well be facilitating human trafficking. Salesforce opted to continue to work with Backpage despite these discussions, even as they bragged about combatting the very act they reportedly helped facilitate.

I can’t help but notice the timing and be more than a little bit cynical about their motivations.

After all, this looks like a public relations shell game. Look over here at how we’re not going to work with the lawful firearm industry rather than this lawsuit that alleges we helped facilitate one of the worst crimes humanly possible.

Why not cut off the gun companies last year? Because they didn’t have anything to really gain last year. Now, they desperately need to look like the good guys.

I hate to break it to them, though. It doesn’t. If anything, it makes them look worse.

After all, if they’ll cut off an entire industry that’s in compliance with the law, why not cut off a single website that had been linked time and again to sex trafficking?

I guess Benioff didn’t look at it that way, now did he?


MSM Ignores Arrest of Bloomberg-Funded, Gun Control Lobbyist Charged with Domestic Violence

H/T Gun Powder Magazine.

If this was a Second Amendment Advocate the story would be on a 24 hr cycle with the drive-by media.


A lobbyist for the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund has been arrested and charged with a slew of crimes, but chances are you haven’t heard about it from the mainstream media.

Stephen Green at PJ Media reports:

Robert Blaisdell, managing partner for Demers, Blaisdell & Parsol Inc. and a lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” gun control group, was arrested earlier in May on a whole host of charges in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was charged on domestic violence-related crimes of simple assault, false imprisonment, and criminal mischief. Police say Blaisdell “knowingly” confined a family member, trapping his victim by “holding the laundry room door closed over a period of several minutes.” Police claim that Blaisdell also stepped on the person’s hand during the incident, and also allegedly destroyed their cellphone.

According to, the organization’s focus issues include “background checks on all gun sales.” Everytown urges people to “kick out lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby” and “stop concealed carry reciprocity.” And according to Green, Everytown “has a $36 million dollar annual budget according to its most recent filing, and includes well-known subsidiaries Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action.”

It’s no surprise, then, that the left-wing media would be keeping the news of the arrest of a prominent gun control lobbyist off the front page.

Ammoland reports:

The New Hampshire Union Leader seemed to play down the charges, reporting that Blaisdell faces “three misdemeanor domestic-related complaints” that were “lodged against him” earlier this month. Other media referred to them as “domestic violence-related.” The charges reportedly include false imprisonment and in either case, it’s an embarrassing situation for the partner in one of New Hampshire’s top lobbying firms, especially one who represents not only the nation’s wealthiest gun prohibition lobbying organizations but also has represented law enforcement organizations.

Green’s PJ Media article quotes Steve MacDonald, who, writing for the Granite Grok, said Blaisdell is “someone who ‘advocates for the government disarming women, was arrested in Manchester… for domestic violence, among other charges.’

“The irony is delicious,” writes Green, “and exactly the kind of thing the left-wing national media would have a field day with… were Blaisdell not one of their own.”

Blaisdell is scheduled for a July 1 court appearance. GPM will continue to report on this case as details emerge.

Kamala Harris’ 2020 bid seems to fade as other Democrats bypass her

H/T Fox News.

You can not expect to gain much traction as a candidate when your central theme is I hate Donald Trump more than you do.

She also has a second theme I hate the NRA guns and gun owners worse than you.

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ star appears to be dimming as other Democrats rise past her while she struggles to gain a footing among likely voters.

The junior U.S. senator from California was one of the first Democrats to launch a White House bid, raising at the time an astonishing $1.5 million in just 24 hours while attracting tens of thousands of supposed supporters to a rally in Oakland.

The 54-year-old former state attorney general and San Francisco district attorney — who succeeded Democrat Barbara Boxer in the Senate in 2017 — was viewed as a frontrunner in the 2020 race thanks to her progressive bona fides and effective opposition to President Trump since moving to Washington. Meanwhile, her stint as a DA, while criticized by progressives, was seen as a way to appeal to more moderate voters.

But four months into her campaign, Harris is returning to Los Angeles for the annual state Democratic Party convention no longer as a frontrunner.

Political experts told the Los Angeles Times that part of the reason why Harris’ campaign has stalled is that she has failed to make a succinct case for her candidacy, beyond her background as a prosecutor and virulent opposition to the Trump administration.

“You don’t get elected because you’re a list of qualities,” Gil Duran, a former Harris adviser, told the newspaper. “What’s the big idea she’s carrying? That’s what she’s trying to figure out. She’s having trouble figuring out what she represents.”

“You don’t get elected because you’re a list of qualities. What’s the big idea she’s carrying? That’s what she’s trying to figure out. She’s having trouble figuring out what she represents.”

— Gil Duran, former Harris adviser

Latest polls were particularly troubling to Harris, with former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont fighting for the title of party frontrunner.

Both Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Pete Buttigieg — the mayor of South Bend, Ind., who’s surging despite being virtually unknown just a few months ago — are polling better than Harris.

In fact, according to the Morning Consult poll tracker, Harris’ support peaked just weeks after her announcement, with 14 percent of Democratic voters throwing their support behind her in a Feb. 3 poll. Since then, her support has halved to 7 percent.

But more evidently, the momentum behind her campaign has evaporated while other candidates have solidified their support and may be poised to expand further nationally.

Yet supporters of Harris suggest that her campaign is in the exact right spot at this time — still able to compete and fundraise without the burden of being a frontrunner.

“I don’t think anyone ever thought she would get in the race and blow away the field and be a frontrunner from January 2019 through Election Day,” Brian Brokaw, who managed Harris’ runs for state attorney general, told the Times.

“She needs to stay in the upper tier, which I think she is. Stay in striking position and you outlast everybody.”

Harris recently made a number of comments about policies that are supposed to solidify her progressive stances, including fining corporations that don’t take steps toward closing the gender pay gap.

The senator’s plan, touted by the Harris campaign as “first-of-its-kind” and “historic,” if passed into law, would mandate that large corporations obtain “equal pay certification” from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Companies failing to land a certification would face fines – for every 1 percent wage gap, they would be fined 1 percent of their profits.

In a separate proposal, Harris also said that she will use executive orders to mandate background checks on the private transfers of guns, revoke the licenses of gun makers and dealers whose guns are used in crimes, and ban the importation of many semi-automatic guns.