Biden Says His Priorities Are Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants, Overturning Trump’s Executive Orders Affecting Climate

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If Joe Pee Pads Biden does give the illegals amnesty it will mean 11 million plus DemocRat voters.

President-elect Joe Biden said Wednesday that his priorities for the first 100 days of his administration will be “a pathway to citizenship” for 11 million illegal immigrants and overturning a number of President Donald Trump’s executive orders which pertain specifically to climate change concerns.

“I will send an immigration bill to the United States Senate with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in America,” Biden told NBC Nightly News.

“I will also be moving to do away with some of the, I think, very damaging executive orders that have significantly impacted on making the climate worse and making us less healthy, from methane to a whole range of things the president has done [that have] eviscerated the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.”

During the second presidential debate, Biden emphasized his commitment to to green energy and said that he would “transition away from the oil industry.” Biden noted Wednesday that his progress will “depend on the kind of cooperation I can or cannot get from the United States Congress.”

The president-elect also promised to deliver “immediate assistance to state and local governments to keep them from basically going under” as a result of economic pressures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden said he expects there will be “multiple things that are going to have to be taking place at the same time” but that he is committed to assisting “those folks who are always, when crisis hits, they’re the first one hit and when recovery comes, they’re the last one in: that’s basically minority communities.”

Recalling a story from his childhood when his father lost the family’s health insurance, Biden said he doesn’t want Americans to face a similar predicament today. “Think of all the people, all the people, who are laying awake at night staring at the ceiling thinking, ‘God forbid, what happens?”’ (RELATED: Report: Joe Biden Has Picked Tony Blinken For Secretary Of State)

“We have to act. We have to act. To guarantee them they have access to affordable health insurance. This is more than just a financial crisis; it’s a crisis that is causing real mental stress for millions of people.”

Biden has promised to expand the Affordable Care Act — or Obamacare — rather than proceed with the Medicare for All plan endorsed by some Democratic lawmakers.

Biden said very little about gun control during the presidential campaign but critics say his proposal to no longer exempt gun manufactures from liability caused by their products could cripple the firearms industry.

Biden’s Pick for Secretary of State Reveals Much About His Agenda: Report

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God help us if Joe Pee Pads Biden does become president.

I look for the terrorist become so embolden they will try another 9/11/2001 style attack in America.

The career diplomat who has been picked to serve as secretary of state under presumptive President-elect Joe Biden is a leading advocate for the U.S. to rejoin the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, according to published reports.

The former vice president is planning to nominate Antony Blinken as his secretary of state, according to Politico. Blinken, a longtime Biden aide from Biden’s days in the Senate, has also been an analyst on CNN.

The report also said Biden will name Jake Sullivan — who played a key role in crafting the Iran deal under former President Barack Obama — as his national security adviser.

Both come with Clinton connections. Blinken served on the National Security Council during the administration of former President Bill Clinton, and Sullivan was an aide to Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state and worked in her 2016 campaign for president.





Biden has indicated that in foreign affairs, he plans to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, continue U.S. membership in the World Health Organization and work to revive the Iran nuclear deal, from which President Donald Trump withdrew.

Blinken is an advocate of multilateral alliances, according to  The New York Times.

“Simply put, the big problems that we face as a country and as a planet, whether it’s climate change, whether it’s a pandemic, whether it’s the spread of bad weapons — to state the obvious, none of these have unilateral solutions,” he said in July. “Even a country as powerful as the United States can’t handle them alone.”

In August, Blinken said that if Biden was elected, the Democrat would “seek to build on the nuclear deal and to make it longer and stronger if Iran returns to strict compliance,” according to The Jerusalem Post

“And then, we would be in a position to use our renewed commitment to diplomacy, to work with our allies, to strengthen and lengthen it — but also we’d be in a much better position to effectively push back against Iran’s other destabilizing activities, because we would once again be united with our partners instead of isolated from them,” he said.

“There’s a lot of irony in what I’m hearing from the [Trump] administration, blaming the Obama-Biden administration for the sunset of the conventional arms restrictions, because much of that was actually put in place by our administration in the first place,” Blinken said. “And we could have probably extended those prohibitions from inside the deal through a unified front with our allies.”

He has gone on social media to defend the Iran deal and oppose Trump’s action to repudiate it.


Media reports also said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, described as a veteran diplomat, will be nominated as ambassador to the United Nations.

She comes with the backing of Wendy Sherman, a lead negotiator of the Iran nuclear deal.


In its reporting on Blinken’s nomination, which is expected to be announced Tuesday, The Washington Post also noted that “During the Obama administration, he advocated for American action in Syria.”

NSSF: Gun Control’s Playbook Calls the Shots for Biden

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If Pee Pads and Knee Pads get into office it is going to be a long hard four years for gun owners.

U.S.A. -( Voters roundly rejected gun control groups and their anti-Second Amendment schemes on Election Day. That hasn’t stopped these groups from searching for alternatives to advance their anti-gun agenda. Now failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s “news” site The Trace is giving former Vice President Joe Biden a playbook to use for executive actions, despite the will of the voters.


Executive Gun Control

While votes are still being tallied, a Biden-Harris administration is exactly what gun control groups wanted. Former Vice President Joe Biden let Everytown for Gun Safety run the traps on his selection of his vice presidential candidate, ultimately settling on U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). The two comprised the most antigun presidential ticket in history.

Sen. Harris was forced to drop out due to a lack of support before her home state’s primary. She had campaigned on a promise to strongarm Congress on gun control. Biden derided Second Amendment supporters and has vowed to eliminate the firearm industry. Voters sent a different message, electing pro-Second Amendment policymakers to protect their rights in Congress. The Election Day rebuff isn’t stopping gun control.

Faux News

The Trace brands itself as an “independent non-partisan, non-profit news site,” but that’s hardly truthful. An exclusive report by Guns America Digest shows 70 percent of The Trace’s budget comes from Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Everytown’s president John Feinblatt is listed as The Trace’s chief officer.

They’re now proffering a White House playbook full of executive actions, overreach, and ineffective attempts to reduce criminal misuse of firearms.

The Playbook

The Trace spoke with Chelsea Parsons of the far-left Center for American Progress and offered several actions Biden could take immediately. None are unfamiliar as voters already rejected these notions at the polls.

A potential Biden-Harris administration could immediately “reinvigorate” the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) by nominating a director who will “promote gun violence prevention values and prioritize a regulatory oversight mission,” Parsons said. The Biden campaign stated he’d use the ATF as an anvil to punish retailers for even minor clerical errors, threatening to revoke licenses and put them out of business. This option would require Senate confirmation of any nominee and for the time being, pro-gun rights senators hold a majority.

Parsons also suggested a possible Biden White House could use executive action to overhaul how the ATF classifies certain firearms according to the National Firearms Act. Taking such an action by fiat would instantly turn millions of lawful gun owners into criminals for possessing what was already legally purchased if they don’t fall in line. The alternative is confiscation.

Next on the list is cracking down on so-called “ghost guns,” unfinished firearms or unassembled firearm parts commonly used by gunsmiths and hobbyists since the nation’s founding. Some Democratic governors banned these firearms, but data on their use is already sparse.

Parsons added, “Ideally, we’d be able to pass legislation to take care of it. But in the absence of that, this is something that can certainly be addressed through rulemaking.”

Everytown is currently suing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in federal court in New York City to force ATF to define casts and forgings as a firearm frame or receiver requiring serial numbers, record keeping, and a manufacturing license.

The last major suggestion Parsons offered was for the administration to ban importing so-called “assault weapons.” Parsons specifies that executive action could only ban importing these firearms and that legislative action would be needed for Biden’s preferred avenue of banning the sale and manufacture of these common firearms. New data shows there are nearly 20 million Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) in circulation today.

For gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, a rock-ribbed pro-rights Senate is essential in backstopping against any future infringement on Second Amendment rights.

Biden Selects Deputy Chief of Staff Who Isn’t Shy About Wanting To Take Your Guns

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I have a feeling that the Biden administration will let a genie out of the bottle with gun control that he would wish he could put back in the bottle.

If Joe Pee Pads Biden does become president I can foresee a rough four years for gun owners.

If Kamala Knee Pads Harris helps remove Pee Pads under the 25th Amendment it will be harder for gun owners.

Sic Semper Tryannis.

Since the day major media outlets projected former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner of the election, the Biden transition team has been busy making personnel decisions for their new administration.

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, who managed the Biden campaign, has been selected to serve as the White House deputy chief of staff.

Second Amendment advocates are understandably worried about this choice because O’Malley Dillon has been a vocal supporter of mandatory gun buybacks.

Prior to joining Team Biden, O’Malley Dillon managed the campaign of gun control zealot Beto (Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15) O’Rourke. And, according to Fox News, she shares her former boss’ radical views.

In the October 2019 video below, after indoctrinating her twin daughters with the knowledge that Mommy is working hard to stop Donald Trump because “he’s bad,” she addresses O’Rourke’s participation in a forum on gun reform in Las Vegas.

“We are actually the only campaign with a plan … that supports mandatory buybacks of weapons of war. An assault weapon ban is very, very important, and we need to have it. But that only takes weapons of war off the streets in the future. It does nothing for weapons of war that are currently out there. And I think there’s 15 or 16 million.”

It’s never a good sign when a politician refers to firearms as weapons of war.

O’Malley Dillon picks up a report prepared by the group March for Our Lives called “A Peace Plan for a Safer America.” She emphasizes a passage where the group calls for “a federal ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, as well as a national gun buyback and disposal program.”

Her strong personal support of O’Rourke’s positions on gun reform are unmistakable as she animatedly promotes the campaign’s then-forthcoming event, “Weekend of Action.”

O’Malley Dillon’s views on mandatory buybacks of assault weapons are hardly unique among members of Biden’s inner circle, or for that matter, among many members of the Democratic Party.

During the 2020 Democratic primaries, California Sen. Kamala Harris advocated for a mandatory buyback of “assault weapons,” albeit a lesser version of it. Fox News wrote that Harris “estimated her version of such a program would impact only about 2 million weapons.”

The Fox article reminded us that “Biden’s campaign has called for giving owners of ‘assault weapons or high-capacity magazines’ the option to either sell their weapons to the government or register them with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives under an expansion of the National Firearms Act.”

Remarkably, Fox even pointed out that progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders has “criticized the idea of mandatory buybacks … calling them ‘unconstitutional.’” I am amazed Sanders possesses the clarity to realize that. It’s unfortunate that so many Democrats miss it.

Suffice it to say that very few members of “a Biden administration” will be standing up for our Second Amendment rights or even our First Amendment rights.

Rather, I believe we will witness a government power grab like nothing that has come before.

I will close by sharing a tweet from an “elected DNC member” that stopped me in my tracks:


Atkins’ musings fly in the face of former Vice President Joe Biden’s call for unity delivered shortly after the media declared him the new president-elect. Biden told Americans, “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify … Now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again. This is the time to heal in America,” according to The Washington Post.

Biden’s words, as lovely as they were, believe the reality that liberals have no intention of unifying with Trump’s supporters. Honest debate and compromise are not part of their plan. Their objective is to “eliminate” dissent, one way or another.

I realize that Atkins’ ideas sound radical and alarming and they are. But the truth is that most liberals’ thinking is more closely aligned with Atkins than with the lofty ideals Biden expressed in his “acceptance speech.”

Liberals do not seek unity with conservatives, they want us to abandon our principles and embrace their world views. They want to control us.

I assure you that the left has one goal; above all else, they want as much power as possible and they will do whatever is necessary to maintain it.

If Republicans fail to win at least one of the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January, Democrats will be free to pass their radical agenda

And coming after our firearms will be a top priority.

Proposed Biden Gun Tax Could Top $34 Billion

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How does Joe Pee Pads Biden propose to collect this tax?

Report: 20 million ARs, 150 million ammunition magazines would be taxed under Biden proposal.

American gun owners could face tens of billions of dollars in new taxes to keep the guns they already own under Democrat Joe Biden’s gun ban and tax plan.

At least 20 million rifles and 150 million ammunition magazines would be caught up in the sales ban and registration scheme Biden touted on the campaign trail, according to a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) report. The new taxes would cost Americans more than $34 billion, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

NSSF told the Washington Free Beacon the sheer number of affected guns and magazines could pose a significant problem for Biden’s gun-control plans.

“I think if [Biden and his team] were smart, they would look at those numbers and get an idea of where America stands on gun ownership and gun rights,” NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva said.

Biden wants to ban new sales of AR-15 rifles and similar firearms as well as any ammunition magazine holding more than 10 rounds—sizes that come standard on most modern rifles and handguns. He would pay some owners to surrender the affected guns they legally own and force everyone else to register the guns under the National Firearms Act. The proposal would require owners to pay a $200 tax stamp for each item.

The report said the kinds of rifles Biden wants to ban made up nearly half of all rifles produced in 2018. Oliva said the group’s estimates may actually be undercounts. While NSSF used the latest Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives manufacturer reports, those only cover up to 2018, and Oliva said AR-15s have continued to grow in popularity since then.

“That manufacturer’s report comes out [with] an 18 to 24-month delay,” Oliva said. “That number is probably significantly higher now.”

Oliva pointed to record sales in 2020 as evidence that the amount of ARs and ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds has only increased in recent months. He said the firearms Biden hopes to ban are popular because they offer modularity and customizability while being effective for hunting, sport shooting, and home defense.

The report, which was released Monday, also found that 11.4 million firearms were made or imported into the United States in 2018. A further 9.3 million were made or imported in 2019. That brings the total number of firearms on the American market between 1991 and 2019 up to nearly 214 million.

Oliva said those numbers, combined with the fact that Americans increasingly favor AR-15s and other rifles targeted by Biden and gun-control advocates, are evidence the country is not interested in strict new gun laws.

“America’s attitude on gun control is shifting more toward the idea that we need to protect our rights and away from the idea we need government control of our destiny,” he said.

The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


Another Poll Shows Gun Control Misread American Resolve

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If Joe Pee Pads  Biden does become president gun owners are going to need resolve of steel.

U.S.A. -( If polls are to be trusted any longer, there’s one out from Gallup that shows gun control zealots aren’t paying attention to America’s growing distaste for gun control.

Americans want less gun control laws now than they did in 2016 when Hillary Clinton campaigned and lost on a platform of enacting bans on modern sporting rifles and clamping down on Second Amendment rights. American support for stricter gun control laws slipped seven percent in just one year while firearm sales are breaking records and rioting and looting is wreaking havoc in American cities as gun control politicians called for, and actually did, defund the police. Forty-three percent of Americans want fewer gun control laws or for them to remain the same, according to the poll.



Campaigning on an even more radical gun control agenda than Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden wants to confiscate lawfully owned firearms and force states to adopt gun licensing and registration schemes to exercise God-given rights. Congressional election results showed Americans rejected this notion, with pro-gun rights GOP candidates gaining seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and already holding 50 seats in the U.S. Senate, with both Georgia races headed to runoff elections where the pro-gun candidates are favored to win.

This was a year a blue wave was supposed to usher in a landslide of gun-control candidates if pre-election polling was to be believed. The election post-mortem, however, is showing gun control elites a completely different picture. Gun rights candidates overperformed.

Americans are telling Congress and activist billionaires like Michael Bloomberg to leave their guns – and gun rights – alone. Bloomberg, financier of the gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, spent over $1 billion on his own failed presidential race and helped fund Biden’s campaign in Florida, Ohio, and Texas, states Biden lost handily.


Gallup’s tracking of public opinion spans 40 years, with 2011 being the low point for increased gun control, with just 43 percent of those polled in support. The findings also show a double-digit drop for wanting stricter gun control that peaked after the tragic murders in Parkland, Fla.

Digging deeper into the data shows several more findings. Support for a total ban on handguns is at historic lows. Democrats are more likely to support gun control than Republicans, which might contribute to the overconfidence in a “blue wave” that never materialized in Congressional elections.

Gun Owners Represented?

Gallup data showed 32 percent of Americans own firearms, a figure that’s suspiciously low. This year is a record-setting year for firearm sales, with more than 17.2 million background checks for the sale of a firearm. Nearly 7 million of those are estimated to be first-time buyers, a figure Gallup dismissed as insignificant and within the margin of error. This was proven by Everytown’s campaign ads against U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) who won re-election didn’t even mention guns. That’s called a “tell.”

However, this was the same polling organization that said America favored one-party rule just one month before the election. Election results showed differently. Democrats lost seats in the U.S. House of Representatives when they were predicted to gain, and Republicans are very likely to hold the majority in the U.S. Senate after the Georgia runoff elections.

The pollsters got it wrong then, and they’re getting it wrong now. NSSF estimates there are more than 434 million firearms in civilian possession today – the highest number ever – and many firearm owners own multiple firearms. Firearm production figures and background checks are on a continual and steady climb upward, yet these polls try to tell America that gun ownership remains flat. Well, that’s just flat-out wrong.

What is more likely the case is many gun owners are distrustful of pollsters and self-select out of these surveys, meaning pollsters are over-sampling non-gun owners. It’s hardly inconceivable that a firearm owner wouldn’t want to reveal their private firearm ownership information for concerns of theft or being targeted for political retribution and confiscation, as has been threatened by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Polling completely missed the 2016 election with President Donald Trump’s victory and blew it again this year by anyone’s account on Congressional predictions. It’s would be easy to dismiss the findings out of hand, but it’s worth noting that the polls that downplay firearm ownership in America are admitting, “Americans’ appetite for gun control is the lowest it has been since 2016.”


Schumer Calls on Biden to Cancel Student Loan Debt With Executive Order

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Would such an Executive Order by Joe Pee Pads Biden be legal?

Senate Minority Leader Chuch Schumer is urging President-elect Joe Biden to bypass Congress and cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt.

Schumer is calling on Biden to sign an executive order to implement an FDR-style agenda during his first 100 days in the White House.

Schumer said Biden should enact a plan that he laid out earlier this year alongside Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, which would allow the president to sign an executive order to immediately cancel up to $50,000 of student debt per borrower.

Biden previously called for forgiving $10,000 in student loan debt as part of a broader coronavirus relief package.

“Getting rid of student debt,” Schumer said during an interview with The Ink. “I have a proposal with Elizabeth Warren that the first $50,000 of debt be vanquished, and we believe that Joe Biden can do that with the pen as opposed to the legislation.”

Outstanding student loan debt has doubled over the past decade, nearing a staggering $1.7 trillion.

About one in six American adults owes money on federal student loan debt, which is the largest amount of non-mortgage debt in the U.S. It has been cited as a major hindrance in people’s “economic life” by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

Schumer said that Biden could use existing executive authority under the Higher Education Act to order the Department of Education to “modify, compromise, waive or release” student loans.


He estimated it would provide total forgiveness to more than 75% of borrowers and partial forgiveness for more than 95%.

Such sweeping executive action would almost certainly face a legal challenge, and it’s unclear whether it could survive.

Critics have argued that using such power exceeds the president’s authority granted by Congress.

Canceling student loan debt would also add to the nation’s already-ballooning national deficit, which totaled a record $3.1 trillion for the 2020 fiscal year.

Other actions that Schumer said Biden should take during his first 100 days in office include strengthening labor unions, changing the tax code so that it benefits workers rather than companies, passing a broad infrastructure bill, and adopting a “big, strong, aggressive climate agenda” during his first 100 days in office that “takes into account racial injustice.”

“It’s a big, bold agenda,” Schumer said. “My job is to get as much of that passed and get the votes for it, which obviously is not something I can snap my fingers and do. I want the boldest agenda that we can get the votes to pass.”

Experts have said that Biden’s ability to follow through on his agenda, including hiking taxes on wealthy Americans, could be severely limited if the GOP retains control of the Senate, a battle that hinges on two January runoff races in Georgia.

Democrats would need to win both races to secure a 50-50 tie; in that scenario, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris could cast a tie-breaking vote to move the Democratic agenda forward.

172-Million Reasons Why Biden’s Gun Ban Is Unworkable

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What will happen if Joe Pee Pads Biden becomes president?

How will his laws be enforced?

The biggest reason, of course, is that Joe Biden’s plans to ban and “buyback” legally-purchased firearms and ammunition magazines is that would violate the Constitution. As you’ll see in a moment, the latest figures demonstrate that all of the guns and magazines that Biden is hoping to ban are clearly in common use by millions of Americans for a variety of lawful purposes, and squarely fall under the protections offered by the Second Amendment.

Let’s set aside the constitutional issues with Biden’s desire to criminalize the possession of commonly-owned rifles and magazines for the moment, though, and just focus on the logistics of his would-be ban.


According to newly-released figures from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Biden’s ban would encompass well over 170-million items that would either have to be turned over to the government or registered under the National Firearms Act.

  • Since 1990, there are an estimated 19.8 million Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) in circulation today.
  • There are approximately 71.2 million pistol magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, and 79.2 million rifle magazines capable of holding 30 or more rounds in circulation.

Under Biden’s proposed gun and magazine ban, every one of these guns and magazines would be prohibited by federal law, and possession of an unregistered rifle or “large capacity” magazine would be subject to a violation of the National Firearms Act. Possession of an unregistered NFA item is punishable by ten years in prison or a $250,000 fine, so we’re talking about turning more than 170-million items that are currently in the lawful possession of tens of millions of gun owners into illicit substances that could land them in the a federal penitentiary for a decade.

Because the media never really brought up Biden’s gun ban on the campaign trail or the debate stage, the vast majority of Americans have no idea what his war on guns would really look like, but if Biden is sworn into office and starts making moves towards modern sporting rifles they’ll soon find out, because many of them would be turned into criminals themselves unless they handed over or registered their lawfully purchased arms.

Putting Biden’s plan into action would be a logistical nightmare, however. Biden hasn’t said how much money his compensated confiscation efforts would pay for each firearm or magazine turned in, but at $500 per gun and $10 per magazine, the cost alone would be more than $11-billion.

Obviously, a lot of Americans aren’t going to hand over their guns and magazines. Let’s say half of the current owners of these items decide instead that they’re going to register their rifles and various magazines with the government under the National Firearms Act. How exactly is the ATF going to deal with the flood of applications?

In 2016, the agency processed about 2.5-million NFA forms. If just half of the guns and magazines that fall under Biden’s proposed ban were to be registered with the ATF, they’d be faced with an avalanche of 86-million forms to process. It would take years to clear out the backlog, and in the meantime, what happens to those gun owners who haven’t been yet been approved to maintain possession of their guns and magazines when the ban would take effect?

There’s another logistical nightmare looming for gun-banners if they try to put Biden’s ban into effect. According to Biden himself, owners of “high capacity” magazines would be able to register them under the NFA, but he never explains how that would be possible. Magazines aren’t serialized, and there’s no real way to identify a particular magazine that would make it possible to register one.

According to Politifact, Biden’s team says they haven’t quite worked out the details.

The campaign told us that it defines high-capacity magazines as those that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. However, a spokesperson also said the campaign has not yet ironed out some of the finer details on magazines, such as if owners would be charged per unit.

There’s also a question of how a Biden administration would define “assault weapons” — and whether it would include all semi-automatic firearms, as the post says. A Biden campaign spokesperson told us that the precise definition of “assault weapon” would be worked out during the legislative process.

They’re going to define it as broadly as possible, and in fact any ban will most likely include not just modern sporting rifles but likely AR-style pistols and many pistol-caliber carbines as well. But Team Biden also still seems blissfully unaware of the fact that it’s going to be virtually impossible to register the more than 150-million magazines that would fall under their definition of “high capacity.”

As for the cost to gun owners (registering an NFA item typically costs $200 for each item), Politifact does note that, under the Gun Control Act of 1968, the ATF can issue a 90-day amnesty where individuals can register NFA items without paying the $200 tax stamp, so it’s possible that Democrats would waive the cost and sacrifice the $34-billion dollars they’d stand to gain if every firearm and magazine affected by Biden’s ban were actually registered with the federal government.

Personally, I highly doubt that anti-gun politicians would miss the opportunity to take money out of the pockets of legal gun owners, but the potential for an amnesty does exist, however unlikely the chances.

The real problem for Biden and his anti-gun allies, of course, is that the vast majority of American gun owners are unlikely to comply with either one of his demands. They won’t hand their guns in, and they won’t register them with the federal government. We’ve already seen evidence of this in New Jersey and New York, and I see no reason why gun owners across the country wouldn’t respond to Biden’s ban in the same fashion.

That leads us into the difficulties of enforcing an unpopular and broadly ignored law, but that’s probably a topic for an entirely different column. Suffice it to say that the logistic problems I just laid out if a large number of gun owners actually did cooperate with a ban are nothing compared to the issues that would arise with the massive and widespread non-compliance that we’re far more likely to see if Biden’s gun and magazine ban becomes a reality.



Pollster: It’s Curious How Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton In Every City…Except These Four.

H/T Town Hall.

How could Joe Pee Pads Biden under perform everywhere except four cities and still allegedly be the winner?

Until all the votes are counted and all the allegations of voter fraud are investigated, I think it’s too early to declare a winner in the 2020 race. You keep fighting. For now, the legal challenges are hitting snags in the courts. Still, President Trump should keep fighting to the end. We have dead people voting. We have allegations of ballots being illegally backdated. Everything should be looked at right now. 


Was this election stolen? Well, millions feel that way. The turnout numbers are odd in some states, like Wisconsin, which hit 89 percent. Now, is that figure impossible? No. Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel did the math, but it’s highly improbable given the turnout rates in the surrounding areas. It would require 900,000 people showing up for same-day registrations. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was blunter last Sunday, when he said, “I think he would have to do a lot to convince Republicans that this is anything except a left-wing power grab, financed by people like George Soros, deeply laid in at the local level, and, frankly, I think that it is a corrupt, stolen election.” He was commenting on Biden’s call for unity. Yet, he also gave a hat-tip to someone we have written about here: Democracy Institute’s Patrick Basham.

“We believe these people are thieves, we believe the big city machines are corrupt,” the former House Speaker said. “Interestingly Patrick Basham, who’s the most accurate pollster, he’s British, wrote in a British newspaper…that this clearly was a stolen election, that it is impossible to imagine that Biden outran Obama in some of these states.”

Indeed, Basham quoted Joseph Stalin’s remarks about elections, where the Soviet dictator mentioned something about how it’s not important who votes but how they are counted, which appears to ring “eerily true” with this race. Basham has more in his piece in the Sunday Express, where he first highlighted how his data was again on the money regarding Democratic turnout, the shy Trump vote, and how the president’s law and order approach prevented catastrophic bleeding with suburban women voters. Suburban white women and urban black males were the shy Trump voters of this year. The president drew 10 million new supporters in 2020. He also took aim at the 2020 pollsters as a whole this cycle as well.

“If you count the ballot fraud, most pollsters clearly failed. If you don’t include the fraudulent ballots, most pollsters failed on a spectacular scale,” wrote Basham. Yet, here’s where things get fishy in the 2020 race which he mentions at the end of his column. He cites Richard Baris of Big Data Poll who noted something funny about Biden’s numbers in the cities, how it lagged behind Clinton’s numbers, but shot off to the moon in these four cities. Just take a look at the states in which these cities are located as well:

How curious that, as Baris notes, “Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”

Robert Barnes, the foremost election analyst, observes in these “big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.” 

Trump’s victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were on target until, in the middle of the night, counting was arbitrarily halted. Miraculously, several hundred thousand votes – all for Biden – were mysteriously ‘found’; Trump’s real leads subsequently vanished.

The protracted, eventual outcome will determine the contemporary relevance of Stalin’s observation. No matter who wins, most pollsters already have lost their credibility and influence.

Trump is still very much in ‘Hail Mary’ territory regarding pulling this out, but it’s no longer about this election. It’s about the next one. If Democrats can get away with these shenanigans this year, do you think they’ll stop? 

I think you all know the answer to that question. You all know the kind of left-wing scum we’re dealing with here. 

Lindsey Graham Alleges 25,000 Suspicious Nursing Home Ballots Uncovered in Pennsylvania

H/T Western Journal.

How many of these 25,000 were cast only for Joe Pee Pads Biden?

I think I can say safely none were cast for President Trump.


New claims of potential voter fraud have emerged from Pennsylvania, according to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Graham appeared Monday night on Fox News’ “Hannity” and sniped at Democrats’ willingness to allow potential voter fraud to pass without investigation if it allows them to end up with Joe Biden in the White House.

“The law is a means to an end. If it doesn’t get you to where you want to go, you just ignore it,” Graham said, repeating what he termed as the Democratic philosophy.

“How many times do we have to see that when it comes to liberals and the Democratic machine, they want an outcome the law be damned.”

Graham said that there are new claims emerging from Pennsylvania that require a thorough investigation.

“I’ve got more information. We’re now finding potentially that 25,000 nursing home residents in different nursing homes requested mail-in ballots at the exact same time,” he said.

“You can’t ballot harvest in Pennsylvania,” Graham said. “What are the odds that 25,000 people in different locations of the same age group requested at the same time a ballot? Somebody is up to no good in these nursing homes.”

Graham said that justice demands all allegations be investigated, whether Democrats like the process or not.

“We don’t need their permission to look into these allegations. We owe it to those who voted for President Trump and the country at large to test this system. If we don’t deal with voting by mail in 2020, we will never win the White House again,” he said.

Graham said mass mail-in voting represents the biggest difference between the 2016 and 2020 elections, and Republicans need to bring order to the chaos that has been revealed.

“It is the wild, wild West at post offices and there are no rules and if we don’t come up with some rules pretty soon, we’re going to get killed in perpetuity in presidential campaigns,” he said.

Graham said with two runoff races coming up in January that could determine control of the Senate, getting to the bottom of any and every allegation of election misconduct is critical.

“Why do we want to run down every lead and count every vote? We’ve got two elections in Georgia that will decide the fate of the nation,” he said.

Incumbent GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia will each face a January runoff. With the Senate projected to be 50-48 Republican after all the Election Day votes are counted, those races will determine if the GOP keeps its majority, or if the Senate is split 50-50, giving the tie-breaking vote to the vice president.

Graham said the nation needs to thoroughly review mail-in voting.