New York Democrats Push Bill to Release All Inmates Over 55, Even Murderers and Rapists

H/T Godfather Politics.

First New York votes to allow infanticide and now they want to release murders and rapists over 55.

Democrats in New York City are pushing a bill that would release every inmate over the age of 55, even if they are convicted of murder, rape, and other heinous crimes.

The bill would allow parole for inmates over the age of 55 if they have served at least 15 years in prison before that age, according to BizPacReview.

Republican New York City councilman Joe Borelli excoriated the Democrats’ “elder parole” bill on Fox & Friends FirstMonday.

“These are not people that stole a candy bar, they’re not people that smoked a joint and got caught,’ he said.

Borelli also said that if someone had already been in jail for 15 years, chances are the crime would have been “heinous.”

The councilman also worried that the bill would be little else but an “amnesty program” for every criminal over 55.

“So, when they say eligibility of parole, given the history of this state’s parole board, we should all be concerned that this is going to be almost an amnesty program,” Borelli said.

The bill was introduced in February by Queens Democrat David Weprin.

“If the legislation — which has already moved through crime committees in both the Senate and Assembly — becomes law, 900 convicts could have a chance at freedom, according to Hoylman’s office,” the New York Post reported.

The Democrats were touting the recent parole of convicted killer Judith Clark as a prime example of how the bill would work.

But Borelli said that “back here on planet earth and most of New York State, really,” Clark would “deserve to be, should be in jail for the remainder of their life.”

Assistant District Attorney John Ryan slammed the Democrats for not caring about those who are victims of these convicts. “The loved ones they lost are not coming back when the defendants turn 55 — they are never coming back,” he said.