Video: The Racist History Of Gun Control

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Racism and gun control walk hand in hand.

Video: The Racist History Of Gun Control

All throughout the nation, people are calling for the destruction of anything and everything they can see that might even be minutely related to slavery and racism that permeates so much of American history.

While this racism is typically overstated to some degree, any honest look at our nation’s history has to acknowledge that racism has been a part of that history. It’s been there for far too much of our country’s time on this planet.

These days, the destruction of statues has been the predominant way of pushing back against that history, yet there’s another racist legacy that still exists in this country.

The funny thing is, the people ripping down the statues? They tend to support that legacy.

In particular, gun control. Check out this video from The Daily Caller.

None of this was new to me. I’ve seen it all before and it’s correct. Gun control rose out of a desire to see black men and women be unable to fight back against the racism that surrounded them.

Here in Georgia, up until 2010, it was illegal to carry a firearm at a “public gathering.”

The history of that law stems from an incident during Reconstruction. A number of black legislators had been removed from their offices illegally. In Camilla, Georgia–not too far from my own home, actually–a group of African-American men and women decided to march to a Republican rally as part of a protest.

In the woods along the march route, white men with guns opened fire, killing about a dozen people and injuring as many as 30 others. In response, many of the marchers got guns of their own.

The incident was known as the Camilla Massacre and, in response, lawmakers made it illegal to bring guns to any public gathering.

You see, gun control was passed in this era with a nod and a wink. It was understood that no white sheriff or prosecutor would go after a white man carrying a gun illegally, only the blacks. It was a decision meant to unevenly apply laws so they only hurt one portion of the population.

Even today, such laws still have a similar effect.

While police routinely apply the laws against anyone who breaks them–at least in theory–these laws have a disproportionate impact on African American men and women. They’re the ones who are typically hamstrung in their attempts to lawfully purchase firearms. They’re the ones killed because they couldn’t buy a gun to protect themselves and their families. And yeah, they’re the ones prosecuted for violating gun control laws when they step outside the system.

If these protestors are serious about destroying all of America’s racist legacy, then why don’t they join us in standing against this particular racist legacy? Some of us–the very people they typically call racist bigots, I should add–have been opposing this particular legacy for years now. We’d love to welcome them to the fold so we can eradicate this particular blight from our nation.

Somehow, though, I suspect none of them are interested. What a shame.

Taking Down the Biggest Lies of Gun Control

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Mark Twain once said there are three types of lies, Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.

I am going to add another type of lie Gun-Control Facts.

According to Sen. Feinstein, an AR-15 is a military weapon. No militaries use civilian AR-15s. It is most likely she is getting civilian AR-15s confused with M16s or M4 carbines.
According to Sen. Feinstein, an AR-15 is a military weapon. No militaries use civilian AR-15s. 

United States – -( One of the biggest frustrations Second Amendment supporters have is seeing how media double standards help spread the lies that are often pushed by anti-Second Amendment extremists. These lies, amplified by the press, have forced us to fight hard against unjust infringements being imposed upon our rights.

Some of these lies are about the ultimate agenda of anti-Second Amendment extremists. They are frustrating to deal with, but they are also easy to handle because knowing the facts can convince the vast majority of our fellow Americans about the fact they are being lied to on that front. Sometimes, anti-Second Amendment extremists give us a ton of help in that regard (thanks, Beto!).

For instance, when anti-Second Amendment extremists claim that “weapons of war” need to be banned, it’s easy to point out some key differences between the AR-15 and the M4 carbine that has seen wide use in the war on terror. For starters, the M4 is a select-fire firearm that gives its operator the choice of semi-automatic fire (in essence, one bullet per pull of the trigger), fully-automatic fire (the gun keeps firing as long as it has ammunition in the magazine), or safe (it doesn’t fire when you pull the trigger – but responsible people know never to trust the safety and to keep the finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire).

As a semi-automatic firearm, the AR-15 only fires once per pull of the trigger when the safety is off. It may look like a M4 carbine (or an M16 rifle), it may have some of the same accessories as a M4 carbine of M16 rifle, it may use the same magazine as a M4 carbine or M16 rifle, but none of those change how it operates. This is something that far too many Americans do not understand, and much of it was deliberate lying, as encouraged by Josh Sugarmann three decades ago.

Now, informed citizens, particularly Second Amendment supporters, should know that firearms like the M4 carbine and M16 rifle have long been under strict regulations under the terms of the 1934 National Firearms Act, not to mention the 1986 Hughes Amendment. But the fact that the AR-15 looks like those rifles makes it easy for someone like Beto O’Rourke to confuse people.

It goes beyond that. One of the famous lines used by anti-Second Amendment extremists has also been, “Nobody is coming for your guns.” Well, we have plenty of proof that there are those who do want to come for guns. Like Beto O’Rourke. Or Dianne Feinstein in 1995. Or Eric Swalwell. Or March for Our Lives. We can prove that is the intention of at least some of those who seek infringements – and they do not even try to deny it now.

Those are the lies that are relatively easy to deal with. The ones that are hardest are the ones that target our character. When we get called child killers, domestic terrorists, among other aspersions as to our character. At the very least, we get accused of complicity.

Proving that those aspersions are lies is extremely hard. But it can be done. With the right approach and being mindful of how we come across, we can prove those aspersions as the lies they are. With the right responses, and with the facts about the failures of gun control, we can make their harsh invective a liability for them, and allow the truth to come out – and the truth will make us free.

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