Illegal Immigrant Busted on over 100 Child Pornography Charges

H/T Western Journal.

We need to make this animal’s story go viral as the drive-by media will never let it been presented.

An illegal immigrant was arrested on over 100 gut-wrenching child pornography charges, including sickening allegations that he manufactured some of the heinous material himself.

Guillermo Antonio Bethancourth was booked Friday into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a mountain of charges, according to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Office.

The accused was living illegally in Baton Rouge before his arrest.

Bethancourth is charged with 117 counts of possession of child pornography, 50 counts of production of child pornography, as well as 50 counts of video voyeurism.

This means that Bethancourth wasn’t just allegedly viewing the sick material, but is accused of actively producing it.

The illegal alien’s arrest was the result of a coordinated law enforcement effort, the Louisiana attorney general’s office reported.

The Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Cyber Crime Unit, the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Fugitive Apprehension Unit, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Louisiana State Police all worked together to bring this alleged monster down.

With this many charges stemming from the massive and coordinated law enforcement effort, things don’t look good for Bethancourth.

Although leftist politicians would likely flock to defend this man over his illegal status in our country, he’s likely going to find that the state of Louisiana isn’t exactly full of bleeding heart liberals.

“My office and I are committed to doing all we legally can to protect Louisiana’s children,” Attorney General Landry said.

“This includes arresting a number of illegal immigrants who have inflicted damage on our state’s citizens.”

Landry says this is proof that illegal immigration isn’t just about the impact on border states, but that the pain and heartbreak it brings can reach into America’s heartland.

“Too many Louisiana families have been victimized by criminals who should never have been in our country,” he said. “Congress must join the President and secure our Southern border in name only.”

Homeland Security Investigations has placed a retainer on Bethancourth, and it doesn’t look like Landry or anyone else in the Louisiana criminal justice system is about to sneak him out of the back entrance of the courthouse.

If more officials were willing to draw a hard line on illegal immigration and the very real impact it has on Americans, our country would be a lot safer today.

Thankfully in Louisiana, justice lives to see another day.