Drone Attack: Saudi Oil Facilities Set Ablaze, Iran Blamed — Here’s The 411

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Now we understand why President Trump has been pushing so hard to make us energy independent.

We need to get to the point we can tell the Saudi’s to drink their oil.

On Saturday, a critical link in Saudi Oil shipping and processing was targeted in a drone strike that could take geopolitics in a whole new direction.

Houthi rebels in Yemen tried to claim credit for the drone strike, but evidence points to another player… Iran.

This is just the sort of situation where having (or wanting for) energy independence REALLY matters. It’s fortunate that independence is something we’ve achieved since the last election, eh? We just might need it.

Not just us, either. It might be our reserves that keep the supply drops and world prices from wreaking havoc in the global economy.



Smoke billows from Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia after drone strikes set fire to the major oil facilities. Captured by a Planet Dove satellite today, September 14, 2019.

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The Trump administration is prepared to tap U.S. emergency oil reserves if necessary after drone attacks shut oil output in Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude exporter, a Department of Energy spokeswoman said.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry “stands ready to deploy resources from the Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserves if necessary to offset any disruptions to oil markets as a result of this act of aggression,” spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said.

…Perry directed department leaders to work with the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) “on potential available options for collective global action if needed,” Hynes said.

The IEA said on Twitter earlier in the day that it was in contact with Saudi authorities and other major oil-producing nations, and that markets for now are well-supplied.
Source: Reuters

Here is a description of the attack itself:

Explosions and towering fireballs struck the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil empire on Saturday in an apparent wave of drone attacks claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The blows knocked out more than half the kingdom’s oil output for days or more and threatened to drive up already high tensions between Iran and its foes in the Persian Gulf.

The predawn blasts on facilities of the state-run oil giant Aramco — which the rebel group claimed were carried out by a fleet of 10 drones — marked one of the most devastating strikes into Saudi territory claimed by the Iranian-allied Houthis in more than four years of war in Yemen.

…An Aramco statement said production of 5.7 million barrels of crude was suspended by the attack from “projectiles.” That represents more than half of the kingdom’s output and about 6 percent of global oil supply — a shortfall that could send oil prices sharply higher.

…An Aramco statement said production of 5.7 million barrels of crude was suspended by the attack from “projectiles.” That represents more than half of the kingdom’s output and about 6 percent of global oil supply — a shortfall that could send oil prices sharply higher.
Source: WaPo

Is Iran the regime our last president gave up so much trying to placate?

Does it really look like THESE guys are the kind to play nice?

What a difference we see between THEN…


House Panel Laying Groundwork for Impeachment Probe

H/T Breitbart.

The DemocRats will be shooting themselves in the foot with impeachment.

DemocRats have been pissed off about Slick Willies impeachment and have been looking for a way to even the score.

And now they think they have this chance to even the score by impeaching President Trump.

In spite of what San Fran Nan says this impeachment is entirely about partisanship and it has zero to do with patriotism. 

The House Judiciary Committee is preparing to lay the groundwork for its impeachment probe and may vote on a resolution as early as next week to define the boundaries of the inquiry.

While “impeachment August” ended as a bust, House Democrats are hoping to revamp their impeachment efforts in the fall, despite hesitation from moderate Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is calling it an “impeachment investigation” of President Trump.

The committee’s draft resolution is expected to make rounds Monday, with a vote possible by Wednesday.

A source told Politico that the resolution would add legitimacy and “increase the ‘officialness’” of the inquiry.

As Politico reported:

Though the language of the resolution is still in flux, some sources said it could incorporate elements of traditional impeachment probes, such as offering access to the president’s attorneys or providing for more time to question witnesses. There was discussion among some Democrats on Friday’s call about the strength of the language in the resolution, according to sources briefed on the call.

“Democrats are hopeful that explicitly defining their impeachment inquiry will heighten their leverage to compel testimony from witnesses,” Politico added.

As Breitbart News reported, the House Judiciary Committee is hoping to make the alleged “hush-money” payments that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen made to both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal a “major investigative focus”:

Cohen, who is serving a three-year prison sentence, has claimed that President Trump directed him to make the payments, although federal prosecutors declined to bring any charges against the president.

Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow said in a statement to the Post, “No campaign violations were engaged in by the president.”

 The Post described the plans as “a new chapter” in House Democrats’ consideration of whether to draft articles of impeachment against the president.
Moderate Democrats, however, remain skeptical:

More than 130 Democrats have come out in support of impeachment in some form, crossing the threshold of half the Democrat caucus. However, more than 100 Democrats either oppose or have not clarified where they stand on impeachment, many of them vulnerable Democrats.

Pelosi essentially deflated her party’s impeachment hopes during a caucus-wide call last month, telling them that the general public “isn’t there” on impeachment.

“The public isn’t there on impeachment. It’s your voice and constituency, but give me the leverage I need to make sure that we’re ready and it is as strong as it can be,” Pelosi said, urging Democrats to make their argument as strong as possible.

“The equities we have to weigh are our responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution and to be unifying and not dividing. But if and when we act, people will know he gave us no choice,” Pelosi said.

“If he cannot respect the Constitution, we’ll have to deal with that. It’s about patriotism, not partisanship,” she added.

Trump Erupts at Mainstream Media After WaPo Hit Piece: ‘They Are Now Beyond Fake, They Are Corrupt’

H/T Western Journal.

The drive-by media goes nuts because President Trump does not roll over and play dead when they attack him he punches back.

As an in-kind donation to the Democratic Party, it was a doozy.

The Washington Post, a once-proud journalistic institution that has followed the rest of the American media into the gutter of partisan politics, decided to celebrate the unofficial end of summer this weekend with a long and remorselessly negative postmortem of how President Donald Trump spent the past three months.

And Trump spent at least part of his Labor Day holiday firing right back.

The impetus for the president’s ire couldn’t be called a “news” story by any reasonable person. Nor was it an “analysis” in the sense that it approached a topic and weighed both sides before pronouncing judgment.

The article was a screed, a campaign volley as loaded and as disingenuous as any 30-second television spot at the height of an election season — and Trump’s response actually treated it with more respect than it deserved.

The focus of Trump’s initial tweet was the story’s reference to his supposedly “racist attacks” on the four freshman Democrats collectively known as “the Squad”: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Donald J. Trump


The Amazon Washington Post did a story that I brought racist attacks against the “Squad.” No, they brought racist attacks against our Nation. All I do is call them out for the horrible things they have said. The Democrats have become the Party of the Squad!

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It’s one of the more curious aspects of the Trump years that the mainstream media has no problem labeling presidential words as “racist” with no reason other than the fact that his particular political opponents happen to be minorities.

The reality is, the fact that the four radical faces of the new Democratic Party all happen to be women “of color,” as the saying goes today, isn’t the point of the president’s attacks, and it’s a good chance even The Post knows that.

But the point of The Post’s piece — like The New York Times’ coverage of Trump’s speech after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that started the month of August – was not to convey information.

It was to coddle the biased beliefs of The Post’s overwhelmingly liberal readership.

What else is there to make of headline like this?

“Trump’s lost summer: Aides claim victory, but others see incompetence and intolerance.”

The writing of the article itself was just as slanted:

“The two months between Independence Day and Labor Day offered a fresh and vivid portrait of the president as seen by Trump’s critics — incompetent, indecisive, intolerant and ineffective.”

It’s appalling, really. But at least it’s clear.

One of the many benefits of the Trump years is that the mainstream media outlets have felt comfortable enough to lower their mask of “objectivity.” No thinking American believes the media is giving anything like a fair picture of the presidency.

And that’s what made Trump’s responses Monday so effective.

“The LameStream Media has gone totally CRAZY! They write whatever they want, seldom have sources (even though they say they do), never do ‘fact checking’ anymore, and are only looking for the ‘kill,’” he tweeted. “They take good news and make it bad. They are now beyond Fake, they are Corrupt.”

Donald J. Trump


The LameStream Media has gone totally CRAZY! They write whatever they want, seldom have sources (even though they say they do), never do “fact checking” anymore, and are only looking for the “kill.” They take good news and make it bad. They are now beyond Fake, they are Corrupt..

Donald J. Trump


….The good news is that we are winning. Our real opponent is not the Democrats, or the dwindling number of Republicans that lost their way and got left behind, our primary opponent is the Fake News Media. In the history of our Country, they have never been so bad!

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That last part sums it up in a nutshell.

The president’s biggest opposition at the moment really isn’t the Democratic Party, which is in the middle of a fratricidal power struggle that’s likely to continue long past the time a nominee is named to run against Trump.

His biggest opposition is a news media — and an overall entertainment and cultural hierarchy — that has refused to accept his presidency since even before it began.

The good news for Trump and his supporters is that the news media has long since lost its power to convince Americans of the truth of its reports. Average Americans don’t trust the news media any more than the media trusts average Americans. That’s not a healthy relationship in a democratic society, but it’s the one the media created — has insisted on creating.

What The Washington Post story did was give all Americans a sharp reminder — in stark relief — of just what lengths Trump’s opponents in the media will go to attack him.

And by providing that reminder, they’ve blunted the power of the attacks themselves.

As in-kind donations go, The Post’s broadside was a doozy of a gift to the Democratic Party.

But as Trump’s response showed, it’s the kind of gift that could backfire very, very badly.

GOP Is Furious After California’s Latest Scheme To Keep Trump Off the Primary Ballot

H/T Western Journal.

I say if they do in Commiefornia manage to keep President Trump off of their ballot then they should forfeit their Electoral College Votes.

I do not think this law will pass the Constitutional smell test.

A California law that requires candidates to disclose their taxes to appear on the primary ballot seems to be aimed at President Donald Trump. However, Republicans in the Golden State worry that the real target could be the Republican Party in general.

The bill is called the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act. It was signed in July by Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom even though his predecessor — Democrat Jerry Brown, not exactly known as a closet conservative — vetoed a similar bill because he thought it wouldn’t pass legal muster.

The state is currently being sued over the implementation of the bill, which would require five years of tax returns to be made public for each candidate in order to appear on the state’s primary ballot.

At present, it doesn’t look like this is going to have any effect on Trump, who has refused to release his taxes while they’re under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

While Trump has two primary challengers for the Republican nomination, neither has gained any traction.

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld has attracted so little attention it seems likely he won’t even merit being the answer to a trivia question. Meanwhile, radio talk show host and former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh’s campaign spiel has to do with accusing the president of being an erratic racist, which is interesting because not too long ago Walsh was publishing Twitter posts that had his critics saying pretty much the same thing about him.

There’s also Mark Sanford, a former governor and representative from South Carolina, who’s dithered about being in the race so much he seems a bit like Hamlet, if Hamlet had ever hiked the Appalachian Trail. Altogether, this isn’t a promising bunch for NeverTrumpers, and even if Trump loses the California primary he’s still going to be in good shape when it comes to the Republican nomination.

The problem comes down-ballot, however.

Those of you who are familiar with California’s bizarre electoral system will no doubt be familiar with the concept of the “jungle primary,” where Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Democratic Socialists, Undemocratic Socialists, independents and everyone else running is thrown into the mix together. The top two candidates — regardless of party affiliation — end up on the general election ballot in November.

This wonderful system, put onto the ballot in 2010, has locked Republicans out of many general elections in a state that’s becoming bluer by the year.

The state Republican Party fears locking Trump out of a primary — even if the opposition is nominal — will lead to depressed turnout among conservatives in the primary, a shift which could lead to a further erosion of GOP representation, both statewide and at the federal level.

“We’re not talking about keeping President Trump off the ballot in the general election,” California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson told Fox News.

“But what this will do is make sure that Republican voters stay home for the primaries and give Democrats a big opportunity when it comes to the general election.”

Democrats continue to insist that’s not the case.

“While Donald Trump surfaced the tax return loophole that SB 27 closes, this isn’t about Trump,” California state Sen. Scott Wiener said in a statement to Fox, referring to the law requiring tax returns for candidates.

“Rather, it’s about all presidential candidates from all parties. When someone is seeking to become the most powerful person in the world, the voters deserve basic information about the person’s finances. That’s all we’re asking for.”

This isn’t about Trump, according to Wiener, who introduced the bill with state Sen. Mike McGwire.

But they might want to get their stories coordinated, because McGwire issued a statement saying the law was, in fact, about Trump.

“The people are on our side, over 60 percent of Americans want President Trump to release his returns,” the statement to Fox News read.

“Voters deserve to know, for example, if the president is putting America’s security at risk through his tangled web of business dealings with corporate interests and his dealings with foreign governments and foreign banks. Here’s the bottom line: What does he have to hide?”

However, there is a certain felicity to the law, particularly when you realize Democrats flipped six House seats in California during the 2018 midterms. And this is when you consider Democrats already have an advantage by having a competitive primary.

“You’re already going to see a big discrepancy in voter turnout between Republicans and Democrats because Trump is an incumbent without any real challengers in the primary,” Eric McGhee, senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, told Fox News.

“But if this does go through, it could have a big effect on the down-ballot races because of the top-two primary system in the state.”

And consider why even Jerry Brown thought this law was a bad idea when he vetoed it during the 2017-2018 California legislative session.

Today we require tax returns, but what would be next? Five years of health records? A certified birth certificate? High school report cards? And will these requirements vary depending on which political party is in power? A qualified candidate’s ability to appear on the ballot is fundamental to our democratic system. For that reason, I hesitate to start down a road that well might lead to an ever-escalating set of differing state requirements for presidential candidates.”

Judicial Watch is suing, arguing that the bill violates a number of constitutional precedents — most notably the Qualifications Clause, which doesn’t set out anything about tax returns when determining who can and who can’t run for president. The Trump campaign is suing as well.

If neither lawsuit succeeds, it’s hard to imagine something that’s more nakedly designed as a power-grab when it comes to down-ballot races. If this were a red state, the hue and cry would be immense.

Perhaps Republicans can play off of the backlash, but if this unconstitutional move isn’t rendered moot in the courts, the last remaining vestiges of the GOP could be wiped out in California — all from the party that moans like a stuck hippo about how gerrymandering is the only reason it doesn’t have a massive permanent majority in the House.

Chris Cuomo Criticizes Trump for Not Aging Enough

H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

Fredo Cuomo is worried because of President Trump not losing sleep.

President Trump sleeps well at night because he knows we have the best military in the world and it is run by adults.

Says president should ‘care more,’ ‘sleep less’.

CNN host Chris Cuomo’s Tuesday closing monologue on Cuomo Prime Time criticized President Donald Trump for not aging enough in office and urged Trump to “care more” and sleep less.

Cuomo’s comments came after Trump stated Tuesday that “nothing keeps me up at night” in response to a question about Chinese military strength. Cuomo compared these words to former president Barack Obama’s admission to ABC’s Barbara Walters in 2008 that “there are a lot of things that keep me up at night.”

“A leader feels the pain of those they lead,” Cuomo said, noting literary examples of leaders kept up at night by the burden of ruling.

“‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,’ Shakespeare, right?” Cuomo said. “And though like his Henry IV, this president, who often postures as a demagogic autocrat if not a king, frets openly about constant attacks. He also had an eldest son Hal, who kept poor company with a lousy lot. This president, however, seems not to worry at night as Henry did. And the point is presidents should have a lot of heavy burdens that weigh on them, and yes, keep them up at night.”

Cuomo then flashed images of former presidents Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton showing how much they aged over eight years in office. He also showed two pictures of Trump, one from when he won the election in 2016 and one current picture. Cuomo argued that Trump has not aged in three years the way his predecessors did in eight.

“It’s been almost three years since Trump won the presidency,” Cuomo said. “He looks exactly the same. His hair is—I don’t know what’s going on with that. But he may do things that presidents in the past haven’t done to augment their physical reality, but it could also be he doesn’t care the way others have.”

Trump creates “discord for no reason” and “doesn’t deal with the trying business of compromise,” Cuomo continued. He listed a number of areas where he believes Trump has neglected presidential duties, including a failure in “building unity,” a trade war with China, and a neglect of people “worrying at night about their place and their kids’ futures.”

“Now while I wish poor sleep on no man, maybe this president could use a sleepless night or two, less executive time, fewer hours in front of the TV and on the golf course,” Cuomo said. “Maybe he should focus on fixing things, carrying that burden. Because that’s the job, and it should get hard.”

Cuomo concluded by asking Trump to process the country’s pain and “lose sleep.”

“Can you imagine all of this on your shoulders and not needing a bottle of Ambien to just take a nap?” Cuomo asked. “How about this: Care more. Mr. President, you may sleep less, but the rest of this country may rest a little easier.”

Cuomo provoked mockery from Trump last week after a video surfaced on Twitter of the CNN host telling a man that calling Italians “Fredo” was “like the n-word for us.” CNN defended Cuomo’s claim, saying that the name of the weak brother from the Godfather films is an “ethnic slur.”

“I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN,” Trump tweeted after the incident.



Senator Mitt Romney Goes Rogue on ‘Climate Change’?

H/T Godfather Politics.

If Mittens Romney(RINO-UT)had gone after Bathhouse Barry Obama in 2012 half as hard as he is going after President Trump he would have won.

Just when you thought fake Republican Senator Mitt Romney couldn’t get worse, he has now announced that he believes in the fairy tale of “climate change” and that man has caused it.

Romney, who has fashioned himself the Senate’s chief anti-Trumper, made an appearance at a Utah group called the Sutherland Institute in Salt Lake City on Monday where he made the head-slapping announcement.

Even worse, he said that he wants to speak to young Republicans about global warming to get his propaganda instilled in them because older conservatives are resistant to his globaloney message.

“In some respects, (by speaking with newer conservatives), I’ll be able to make inroads with some of the young people coming along,” Romney said according to the Associated Press

Romney called the left’s Green New Deal “silly,” not because it is an idiotic, socialist plan that will utterly destroy the economy, but only because developing nations are exempt from its economy-crushing strictures. Apparently, Romney doesn’t mind the communist Green New Deal if the whole world is oppressed by it at the same time.

Then this traitor went off on the wondrousness of a carbon tax and said how great it would be.

Romney discussed the benefits of a carbon tax, a fee based on each ton of carbon dioxide emissions produced by fossil fuels that some major oil companies have adopted. He suggested a portion of the tax revenue could go to coal workers in rural communities that would suffer financially from the move to cleaner power alternatives.

After that, the left-wing Romney who parades as a Republican, attacked Donald Trump for “family separations” at the U.S. border with Mexico.

Romney has never been a conservative, and for the most part he’s never even been a good Republican.

During his own runs for office he was for abortion before he was against it, for high taxes before he was against them, and against the Second Amendment before he was for it. He took every side of every position depending on who he was talking to and what he was running for whether it was Mass. Senate, the Bay State’s governorship, or, later, president.

Mitt Romney was never to be believed. He is no conservative. Never was. Heck, HE is the guy that created Obamacare, for Pete’s sakes.

Then, during the recent presidential campaign Romney calculated that Trump had no chance to win the White House so he jumped feet first (or mouth first) into the establishment Republican #NeverTrump idiot camp because he thought that was the winning side. He spent months trying to destroy Trump’s candidacy and got absolutely nothing with his extreme efforts except accolades from those on both left and right who were working to get Hilary Clinton elected.

Trump: It’s ‘The People That Pull The Trigger, Not The Gun’

H/T Bearing Arms.

President Trump is correct it is the person that pulls the trigger and it is not the guns fault as the gun is an inanimate object.

We need to address mental health problems and how to prevent the mentally ill from buying a gun.

Just how far is President Trump willing to push expanded background checks? Over the weekend, Senator Joe Manchin told CBS News that there’s been “good dialogue” with the White House on the issue, but the president himself seemed more interested in talking about mental health reform on Sunday.

“It’s the people that pull the trigger, not the gun that pulls the trigger so we have a very, very big mental health problem and Congress is working on various things and I will be looking at it,” Trump told reporters on the tarmac before heading back to Washington after a vacation at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The White House, Trump said, is “very much involved” in the discussions Congress is having to address gun violence and while “a lot of things are happening on the gun level” he said “the concept of mental institutions” must be addressed.

“These are people that have to be in institutions for help, I’m not talking about as a form of a prison, I’m saying for help and I think it’s something we have to really look at, the whole concept of mental institutions,” he said. “I remember growing up we had mental institutions, then they were closed — in New York, I’m talking about — they were, many of them closed. A lot of them were closed and all of those people were put out on the street.”

“So I think the concept of mental institutions has to be looked at,” he said.

Gun control groups, meanwhile, are doing their best to focus attention on things like “universal background checks,” “red flag” laws, and sweeping gun and magazine bans, holding rallies in support of new anti-gun laws in cities across the country over the weekend.

Dozens gathered in Foley Square in lower Manhattan to pressure the Senate, specifically Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to take action on tougher gun safety laws, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

“Mitch McConnell has had that bill on his desk since February, over 200 days,” said Scott Pappalardo of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “We need that bill to be put forward. It’s a bi-partisan bill. It will pass the Senate. He just needs to put it up to vote.”

Dozens gathered in lower Manhattan? That’s it? I’m pretty sure “dozens gather” in lower Manhattan on a daily basis, which doesn’t say much for the engagement of gun control groups, even in an anti-gun stronghold like New York City. Still, the weekend protests were more about getting press attention. The real lobbying by Everytown for Gun Safety will be taking place on Capitol Hill and in battleground districts and states. The anti-gun group founded by Michael Bloomberg says it will spend at least one million dollars targeting Republican lawmakers in an attempt to get their support for any gun control legislation considered by Congress in September.

Now is the time to make sure your lawmakers hear from you. Even if your Senators have never voted for to strengthen or protect Second Amendment rights, or if they’ve never voted for a gun control bill in their life, they still need to know what you’re thinking. Be polite, be civil, but be heard.