Megyn Kelly Slams Kamala Harris on Debate Behavior ‘Take It Like a Woman’

H/T Western Journal.

Megyn Kelly tells it like it is about Harris Debate performance.

Making faces does not make the grade in Megyn Kelly’s book, an outlook she was happy to share as she evaluated Wednesday night’s debate performance of Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

Kelly’s irritation with Harris grew over the course of her debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

“Pence projects ‘gentleman.’ Tough to dislike. So far Kamala looks professional, calm. Should stop the head shaking,” Kelly tweeted live after the opening rounds of comments were made.


“Don’t smirk. Don’t shake your head. Don’t smile mockingly. Wait,” Kelly tweeted amid a series of Harris’s facial contortions that took place while Pence was speaking.


“Take it like a woman. Don’t make faces,” Kelly wrote at one point during the debate, later explaining to A&E anchor Elizabeth Vargas, “[i]nstead of ‘like a man.’ We can be stoic too.”



Kelly found other Harris mannerisms too aggravating to remain silent about.

“Omg the head shake,” she tweeted.


Harris’ tactic of trying to stop Pence from making points while she wanted to own the stage also earned a thumbs-down from Kelly as the night wore on.

“The ‘I’m speaking, *I’m* speaking’ thing worked at first. Now it’s getting old,” Kelly tweeted.

Many Twitter users agreed that Harris’ smirking was a negative, with some finding room to trash Kelly as well. Kelly, however, wanted the last word.






Wednesday’s debate was the only scheduled face-off between the two vice-presidential candidates.

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are scheduled to debate on Oct. 15, but plans for the event were rocked Wednesday when Trump denounced a decision by the commission that sponsors the debate to make the event virtual.