Hollywood Haters: ‘The Hunt’ Producer Says He Would ‘Take Out’ Trump

H/T Godfather Politics.

It is time the Secret Service pays this hate-filled producer a visit as he has threatened President Trump and his administration.

The producer of the shelved shock film, The Hunt, said that if it were up to him, he would kill President Trump and his administration.

The Hunt caused all sorts of controversy last week when people began to realize that the plot consisted of liberal elites kidnapping red state Trump voters and then releasing them on a preserve where the liberals can hunt and kill them for sport.

Here is the trailer:

A lot of conservative news sites and commentators were infuriated with the plot. Many of these commentators insisted that the movie proves just how much Hollywood hates Republicans, so much so that they wanted a death-porn film where Republicans are hunted down and killed.

By Saturday, film studio and distributor Universal canceled plans to release the movie at the end of September. The film will likely be shelved for a while, but you can be sure it will be released eventually, but perhaps straight to video or to streaming first instead of in theaters.

Now, to make the film’s future even murkier, the producer of the film, Jason Blum of BlumHouse Films, has admitted that he’d like to kill everyone in the administration. Blum was heard saying that if he could do one thing without consequences, it would be to kill Trump and his administration.

As Bleeding Cool noted, in 2017, when he was doing press for his film Happy Death Day, Blum was asked what he would do if he could keep reliving the same day without any consequences. Blum replied, “I would take out the current administration.” And he did not look like he was joking.

With this, we can see what Blum really thinks.

Granted, it appears that The Hunt started with the deaths of Trump supporters. But it also seems that it does a switch at some point and becomes a revenge film as the Trump voters rise up and turn the tables on the leftists killing them.

Clearly, Blum was in hog heaven in making a film where conservatives were murdered one by one.